Shop Soiled: Part 3

by (UK)

“Come and look darling” Damali released her wrists moving round behind her “wonderful so red and hot” Kathy could feel the hand on her two sets of hands kneading and caressing her globes.

Then Damali spoke to her “nearly done I’ll take my turn now my sweet young thing, bend further over legs wider...yes wider still” thwack that wasn’t a hand she was being whipped the agony as the whip cut into her flesh welts appeared instantly one two three and finally ten and as suddenly as it had started it stopped.

Kathy dare not move, she felt the fingers again soothing fingers on her badly beaten bottom, her cheeks were spread and held open were they inspecting her now looking at her pink rose bud anus and smooth cunny. The hands were on her thighs running upwards the others delving between her cheeks a finger by accident or purposely slid across her puckered hole.

“She as wonderful legs we must get her some stockings and heels, look at her arse perfectly formed and so hot to the touch” this wasn’t punishment now they were using her she knew it but couldn’t and didn’t want to resist.

Those hand felt so good oh her anus again she could hear herself breathe erratic sharp breaths, the hands on her thighs moving ever upward skirting her pussy lips on each pass.

Then her firm nipples were being held firmly and rung between fingers “rest your head sweet Kathy relax this is fun isn’t it you enjoy being beaten and stroked don’t you Kathy” she did acknowledge but no words seem to come, finger were opening her swollen lips and pushing beyond.

She was in heaven heightened even further when something wet hit her pink anus a tongue she had a tongue licking her arse “yes, yes so good” all her pain forgotten apart from the fact she knew it had led to this making it all seem so worthwhile.

Three fingers now exploring her inner body and the wet tongue forcing it’s way deeper into her arse, her nipples felt painful with their size expanded and hard, while Asif worked on them rolling each one between his fingers then pulling them harder and harder …..”

God fuck don’t stop so good punish your naughty girl hurt her do it all to me” but she did stop “you are enjoying this Kathy, you are a naughty white slut aren’t you” “no please I” it came as a whisper s she didn’t like being called slut.

“You like this though” her tongue returned sliding between her cheeks searching out her pink glowing anus “and this” her fingers played gently with Kathys clitoris. Oh god yes wonderful so wonderful.

Damali smiled at Asif “she’s ready for you come and fuck her, this white slut wants to be fucked tell us Kathy” her clitoris a rock hard button between those tantalising fingers. She watched Asif beside her she watched him as he lifted his kurta over his head, he was naked beneath it Kathy could see him, see his cock he was massive, she shivered as she looked at him, was it fear or lust he was much bigger than Robbie...her tiny hand reached out to touch him it felt so hard and so warm.

Her fingers ran along his length it bobbed in her hand, could she thought dare she so big “Well Kathy” Damali more insistent now “so big never had anything so big please be gentle please”

Asif was behind her now hand in the middle of her back holding her steady spreading grease all over his shaft, Damali took pleasure spreading her lips for this giant powerful meat.

Asif rubbed his mushroom head repeatedly along her labia lips teasing her knowing she wanted him needed him, and when he felt her start to push back that was his signal. He pushed forward slowly but insistently, he watched her open like the flower and the massive head disappear followed by another three inches.

Asif stopped listening to her moans of pleasure and pain allowing her to get used to the girth fully four inched at the root. “Please I can’t take it pull it out please it’s too big” Kathy rolled to try and release herself... “More give her more” Damali was entranced watching this spectacle unfold.

Then he pulled back only animal noises escaped Kathys lips god she felt so full yeeeeeees was that her voice she was taking it so good so full she thought her eyes were rolling into the back of her head. He pushed again faster this time her juices were coating more than half his length he was almost there.

Once more he pulled back right to just behind the mushroom head then woosh he was all the way in the young white slut had taken all nine inches her cunt lips were stretched obscenely over that ludicrously fat cock. “Oh yes fucking hell yeeeeees more” she shuddered to her first orgasm Asif spanked her beautiful red arse cheeks as he pulled back and entered time and again.

“lick me” a voice entered her brain “lick me” her eyes opened wide Damali was spread eagled on the desk she had shuffled her cunt right under Kathys nose, her fingers were stretching her labia lips fluid was pouring from her gaping chasm. Kathy without thinking was licking another woman for the first time, while her cunt was being beaten to a pulp by a monster lump of Pakistani cock meat.

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