Shop Soiled: Part 2

by (UK)

They watched her either as they worked with her, or on the video recordings after the day was done. The men in the area were loving her as were they Asian couple her legs always seemed to be on display, and quite often her tiny thong would be on show as she keenly worked around the shop serving on or stacking shelves. Put all this together with her pert young tits and pure white skin and the lust was understandable.

Something else the couple noticed after the first few weeks, that when they released either Blaze or Sabre into the shop when she was alone she had no fear and would pet and stroke both German Sheppard’s warmly. More importantly to Damali whenever the dogs nose disappeared up her tiny skirts she never rushed to remove the offending dog, in fact one time she’d seem to rest back against the counter while slightly opening her legs.

It was five weeks after she had started the job that they called her upstairs, a nervous Kathy was stood outside Asifs office door, Kathy a stern voice called her through, the couple stood waiting for her. Damali took the lead in the conversation while walking behind the young women “didn’t we look after you, are we not paying you a wage even giving you food. I think you realise we will have to report your discretions to the police.”

All the time the screen in front of Kathy showed her hands in the till, or food dropped into her bag. She pleaded with them tears flowing down her face, the pay was not enough I needed more hours I was just so hungry, please Damali I’ll do anything you want just say, I’ll never steal again please I’ll do anything I’ll work for nothing.

Damali was close behind her fingers stroked her hair, Kathy could feel herself relaxing. “You are a very pretty girl Kathy we love having you around those long legs and sexy white skin”, Damali’s hands were now stroking her neck moving towards the V of her breasts.

“Now we could make all this disappear just stand for us sweet thing...good” Kathy stood her back to the door “slip off your top Kathy” there was a slight hesitation her eyes making contact with Damali, who simply smiled and nodded.

Kathy obeyed it seemed the right thing to do, her hand nervously lifting the skimpy top over her head, she stood her tits clearly on view through her white sheer bra her hand went to protect her assets. “Don’t cover yourself you naughty girl take off the bra we can see it all anyway can’t we Asif” he simply smiled his face showing his perverted lust.

Damali led a silent Kathy towards the desk, naked tits swaying open to their lust filled eyes positioning her so she was leaning flat handed on the desk she forced her knee between Kathy’s thighs spreading her legs wider and wider, at the same time her tiny skirt ended up riding up her back all that kept her cunt from her molesters evil view was a thin piece of material her tiny thong was no real protection, and very unnoticeably to all three of them a very moist thong.

Kathy felt shame humiliation and excitement all at the same time and with it a strange sort of feeling of power, she could see her body gaining their admiration and hear the comments from them both comments which made her even hotter.

Asif spoke to her directly for the first time “naughty girls need to be punished Kathy, don’t you agree” punished what did he means her mind raced as she nodded in agreement.

She could see the couple moving round her she could see Asifs power she could see it pushing out from his kurta she had noticed it before when he’d been working near her and wondered about the size of his power.

Now she lost view of him he was directly behind her looking at her near naked body her cheeks spread wide and tits hanging like cows udders, then she felt his hands on her cheeks sending shock waves through her body “hold down her hands” Damali moved round the desk to obey.

“You do understand that you need to accept this punishment right now this corporal punishment to your bottom to atone for your mistake, you can just walk away and we call the police,” corporal punishment to her bottom Kathy took in a deep breath...the room was completely silent then Kathy whispered a barely audible statement I don’t want to go they al new and understood her decision.

The first blow shocked her so quick and so hard, then again woosh her other cheek it just went on and on Kathy yelped a little as the pain started to spread through the meat of her arse, although it was painful she felt elated having her employer beat her bottom, holding her still while he abused her.

She tried to look Damali who was holding her wrists in the eye, but had to look away in shame and humiliation. The spanking continued relentlessly only to be interrupted when Asif whisked her thong from her body, Kathy even helped lifting each foot in turn to help with the removal.

Her sex was on full show to a man she barely knew her sopping sex for indeed it was leaking now continuously and the odour filled the room….woosh crack on and on until suddenly he stopped.

“Come and look darling” Damali released her wrists moving round behind her “wonderful so red and hot” Kathy could feel the hand on her two sets of hands kneading and caressing her globes.

Then Damali spoke to her “nearly done I’ll take my turn now my sweet young thing, bend further over legs wider...yes wider still” thwack that wasn’t a hand she was being whipped the agony as the whip cut into her flesh welts appeared instantly one two three and finally ten and as suddenly as it had started it stopped.

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