Shop Soiled: Part 1

by (UK)

Kathy sat in her tiny bed-sit head in hands, she’d checked her purse yet again £2:20 things couldn’t get much worse.

Kathy had stupidly moved to Chester when she’d met Robbie when he was on a weekend break in her home town of Brighton, she had simply packed her bags and jumped in his car. Oh it started off great he was good looking good fun, and he was the first man who she’d been to bed with and she loved it. In four months she’d blossomed as a woman and felt she could do anything for her Robbie, that’s when things began to change.

Robbie had got Kathy a job in the town’s large market hall and when she’d starting earning he thought this was a good time for him to stop. First he started on the beer then onto something stronger that was the week Kathy moved out finding the bedsit on the other side of town. She contemplated going back home but what too a mother who was so tied up with her stepdad she didn’t notice her stepdad who she was sure just wanted to get in her thank you very much.

A little about the girl Kathy almost twenty one, 5’ 4” pretty face with dirty long blonde hair, dark brown eyes and full red lips. A trim hourglass figure with 34c tits and firm hips her legs seemed to go on forever and were almost always on show. Kathy more or less had one style of dress especially during the summer, tight skimpy tops and short, short skirts normally denim, and those legs were normally left tanned and bare.

The last few weeks had begun to take their toll, made worse by Lock down and losing her market job. she’d had a little help but right now she had two weeks rent and the money in her purse.

Kathy started to drag her weary body towards the local mini-mart, they were cheap and closer than the big super markets. Asif watch Kathy as she entered the door then turned towards the camera bank below the counter to watch her progress through the shop, he watched this young white women many times in the last few week and today was no different.

He loved the way her arse swayed as she walked her tits bouncing within the skimpy top she wore, and when near the freezer section her long hard nipples would protrude firmly. But best when she bent low or got down on her haunches those tiny thong panties riding tight up her cheeks or hugging her young cunt lips.

Asif owned the mini market along with two others managed by his oldest son and greatest friend. At fifty two and standing 6’ 4” with a thick set frame over his long kurta gown he cut a handsome frame. As he watched Kathy Damali his wife approached him silently, when she was by his side her hand slid into his kurta firmly grabbing him and pulling softly while smiling down at Kathys image on the screen.

Damali the second wife of Asif was only thirty four and was as her name suggests a beautiful vision her outfit this morning just like any other hugged her figure showing of her 36 d tits and firm arse, her long glimmering black hair framing her glowing smile with dark eyes and slender nose over ful succulent red lips.

They had met at a mutual friend wedding while Asifs wife struck down by illness was in a rest home. Asif had loved his wife but found after time he had other needs, and that night and for the five years since he had relieved them with Damali.

Damali was an excellent and experienced lover and adored sex, and we mean sex of all kinds. Asif would always be a good catch for Damali and it made good sense to please him in every way.

Quite happily within the first month of their marriage she had been fucked by both his two sons his best friend and best friend’s son, all this while Asif watched on or sometimes joined in. Both had a very high sex drive and both were lusting after Kathy thinking she could heighten their sex lives.

Before the lock down there had been Jenny a university student of nineteen, a weak easily led girl who they had blackmailed to do the most obscene thing with whoever or whatever they had demanded.

Kathy approached the counter with a watery smile, so little in her basket tinned tomatoes, rice, bread and peppers.

When Asif totalled it up it came to £ 2:22, Kathy felt herself blushing knowing she was two pence short, a tear appeared in her eye before sliding down her cheek. Damali took her opportunity and within ten minutes Kathy had a job replacing Jenny on Friday and Saturday morning Damali intended she would replace Jenny in lots of ways. Kathy left the store with a smile and a bag food basket to tide her over till the weekend.

The couple realised it wasn’t going to be nowhere near enough money for her to live off but it would help draw the succulent young white girl into their web.

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