Our Potter’s Studio Fun

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

It was Saturday morning and Susan and I had just finished making love. Oh how I enjoy eating and fucking her delicious hairy pussy! Smelling her hairy pits is great too! We had to get a move on because of an appointment with a new potter we had just met at a Street Market Sale downtown St Louis, MO.

We jumped up, got dresses and quickly left. The drive to this potter’s house was wonderful as he, Jeffery, lived south of St Louis off of Hwy 55. Jeffery lived on about 20 acres and his studio was attached to his house out the backdoor.

Jeffery met Susan and I at the front door along with his two large mastiffs. Both were black but what was more impressive was that one had pushed his nose into Susan’s fresh fucked pussy and the other was pushing his nose into her butt cheeks!

I know I for sure could detect the smell of a just fucked pussy! Jeffery must have also as I detected a little smile on his lips! All three of us continued to stand there, just talking about our love of pottery, not acting as if any of us were aware of what his dogs were doing to Susan’s pussy and butt!

Jeffery finally told us to follow him and he would take us out to his studio. He showed us all around, even taking us into the side area which he was using as his store front to sell his finished works!

Finally Jeffery set down at his potter’s wheel and threw on a large piece of clay. I was standing there talking to him about his clay, which turned out to be a Cone 10 he would wood fire once finished. As Jeffery and I continued to talk about his throwing technique, Susan seemed to disappear.

I had really lost track of her, when I realized Jeffery was looking up and away from the wheel. What did I see . . . a TV screen showing Susan in his Pottery Sales Room, sitting on a chair with, as is turned out to be, Rowdy standing between her legs licking her pussy! Susan had one hand holding her dress out of the dog’s way, and her other hand on Rowdy’s head.

I didn’t know what to say, when Jeffery looked up at me he asked if it was ok, we should take a break and watch to see what happens between Susan and his dogs! I looked at Jeffery and told him that was fine with me, that I had never, ever, had seen Susan interacting with dogs (at least not that I was aware of), or even talking about having a desire to have sex with dogs. Jeffery, laughing, shared that SOMETIMES things just happen and for me not to judge Susan but to allow her to enjoy the moment!

Jeffery and I watched Susan for another ten minutes when she pushed Rowdy away and got up, looking around quickly, then got on her hands and knees on the Sales Room floor. We both could see she had found a rug she placed under her knees; it appeared for her comfort for what was to come.

Too my TOTAL amazement, Jeffery and I both watched Susan wiggle her butt at Rowdy and him move back in to continue licking her pussy AND asshole. In the next moment, Rowdy jumped up on Susan’s back and started humping away. While there was no sound on this TV screen, there was no doubt that Rowdy was now fucking Susan!

Jeffery suggested we move to the Sales Room! As we entered Susan was facing away from the door, so she had no idea anyone else was there. Jeffery squatted down to see better then looked up at me and mouthed PUSSY! Jeffery also saw that I was rubbing my penis through my shorts. While I was hard, my tiny penis was nothing to write home about. Jeffery unzipped my shorts and tried to pull my penis out. I told him I was quite tiny and there was really nothing there! He laughed at me and told me it must be a real disappointment to have a sissy boi penis.

Then he pulled down his shorts and revealed a good size cock, which was now about 8 inches. Without having to be told I dropped to my knees and took Jeffery’s cock into my mouth. I had only been giving him a blowjob for a couple of minutes when he pulled his cock from my mouth and told me to get up and follow him. He then walked over in front of Susan and told me to get back to giving him head. As I dropped to my knees I could see Susan on my right as she was looking up and seeing this large cock sliding in and out of my mouth! Although she was watching with some amazement, I didn’t know if it was seeing me sucking a cock for the first time or the fact that she was still being fucked by this large dog.

“Oh OH OHHHH . . .” Susan cried! “God his cock is great . . . so hot and big, I feel his hot cum . . . so much cum!” She moaned.

Jeffery had great timing because just as he shot his large load of cum down my throat, Rowdy dropped down off Susan and turned around, still tied with her now butt to butt. Jeffery pushed me away and placed his cock to Susan's lips. She opened her mouth and took him in! I sat there for over 20 minutes before Rowdy pulled out of Susan and walked over to the side of the room to lick himself! I heard Jeffery call out for Bud, his other mastiff. Bud came running into the Sales Room and started licking Susan’s dripping pussy! It didn’t take Bud long before he too jumped up on Susan’s back and slammed his doggie cock into her pussy.

I actually watched Susan’s eyes roll back into her head as Bud started her breeding; now for the second time this morning! I also got to watch Jeffery empty another cum load into Susan’s mouth!

“YES YES YES!” Cried Susan. “Don’t let him stop fucking me!” She yelled!

Jeffery left the Sales Room and came back a few minutes later. He had a camcorder in his hand and started filming Susan being fucked by his large dog! I watched him move in for some good close ups behind and in front of Susan getting ALL the good shots of real life bestiality! Jeffery and I both watched Bud finish breeding Susan and pulling his knot out of her pussy; it was baseball size for sure. Evidently Susan was now too loose and too wet to hold his knot inside her pussy like she had done with Rowdy!

None of us were in any hurry but Susan and I did finally get up off of the floor and pulled our clothes back into place. Susan was first to say how sorry she was for succumbing to such unbelievable lust! She then told me she was sorry and that must have been so horrible to watch! I told her no, it was actually quite interesting to say the least! Jeffery told her sometimes things just happen and we should both be ok with it.

Susan looked me directly in my eyes and asked me about sucking another man’s cock? Before I could answer Jeffery spoke up and told Susan that he tried to reveal mine but since it was SO TINY he knew it was me that needed to suck his cock! I watched Susan laugh as she shared with Jeffery that she always knew I had a tiny penis since it was only about 3” erect and most funny of all was soft it would pull totally within my body and look like I had NO PENIS at all.

Susan also shared that at our Saint Louis Area Swingers Club parties, I really couldn’t make love to any of the other women, so they would fuck the real men there and then come and have me suck the cum out of their pussies. Additionally she shared that a couple of the men started calling for a 3-some so they could HIDE in a bedroom with another woman (not their wives of course) and fuck my boi pussy in secret! Susan then told me to speak up and I told Jeffery that it was all true and I did really enjoy sucking cock and being a fucking boi toy. Susan said if she had known I had wanted to be the sissy cock sucker too, she would have set up a glory hole and had me service all the men at those parties!

Susan and I got around and drove back to our house. Once home Susan stripped and told me to get between her leg and lick up the dog cum that was still dripping from her pussy! It tasted so good, I told Susan that I was really impressed with how large both dog cocks were and how much cum they both loaded into her pussy. Susan told me that while she was STILL SURPRISED that she fucked these dogs, as she really enjoy the pounding they gave her! Best of all Susan told me she would really like to be fucked by additional dogs and quite often if possible!

It was a couple of weeks before we heard anything from Jeffery. Susan said he first wanted to know if she was ok, and she told him exactly what she had told me, that she loved the bestiality and that she definitely wanted to do it again! She told me that Jeffery was very pleased to hear that she had enjoyed fucking his dogs and that they were available ANYTIME she wanted them! He also shared there were other owners he knew with large dogs that would love to breed her too! Hearing Susan share this news gave me an erection, as small as it was, and I shared with Susan that I too thought it was VERY EXCITING getting to watch her first two breeding's!

Susan shared that Jeffery told her there was a VERY GOOD MARKET for the video he had made of her bitch breeding’s, using camcorder and spy cam videos. He asked her permission to market her videos and of course he would share all monies made from this venture! I was so surprised when Susan told me he could get even more for a video of his dogs fucking me and of me sucking their cocks! He said the GAY market was going wild at this time!

Susan didn’t have much else to share but that weekend in bed she told me to get on my hands and knees because she was going to fuck me with the FIRST of several strap-on dongs she had purchased; to GET ME READY for my breeding dates! I can only share that it felt SO GOOD having Susan fuck me with that first strap-on dong!

It was very interesting that the entire time she was fucking me, she would bark and even growl at me if I wasn’t pushing back on her hard enough! Susan shared with me there were other breeding dates being scheduled and that Jeffery had others he was coordinating with to ensure I enjoyed my breeding TOO!

All this from just wanting to see another potter’s studio!!!! And we thought selling our pottery was going to make us some extra money!

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Nov 18, 2019
Pottor's studio fun
by: Nick The Greek

I would think that you would write another story about how one dog in your ass and one in your pussy hole or your little dick husband getting it in the ass and mouth bye both dogs just saying sincerely Nick the Greek

Sep 05, 2019
I Loved Your Story!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for this and other stories your posting. I enjoy bestiality stories the most since I beat off my neighbor's dog for many years!

I have a friend that is a potter and I shared this story with him. I saw him get excited and he told me he needed to close up shop! I told him I was excited too and if I could help I would give him a blow job! He locked up and let me blow him, again as he read your dog stories over and over!

Sep 03, 2019
Sometimes things just happen!!!!
by: Anonymous

So enjoyed the statement of: "SOMETIMES things just happen and for me not to judge Susan but to allow her to enjoy the moment!"

This statement sure sums up so many different sexual events for sure.

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