New Home In The Woods

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

I decided to move out of the city, I went out and began looking for a new place to live. I was getting so tired of living in a big city.

I went into the mountains and began to look for a place to live up in the mountains. I decided to rent a cabin looking for my new home, while I was walking through the woods I came into a beautiful meadow.

I found there was plenty of wild strawberries, black raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and elderberries, there was also a beautiful lake in the middle of the meadow, this is where I chose to live the rest of my life.

I had someone to build me a big beautiful log cabin. I had some hand built rustic furniture. I stayed in the little rental cabin until my house was built, the rustic furniture was placed inside.

Finally the day came that I could move in my new cabin, the only things I brought with me from my old house in the city was my dishes, jewelry, the other things I need to live, well now that I am finally moved into my new home.

I also made my final decision that from then on I no longer wear clothes, on days when it is extremely hot I take a swim in the lake. It felt so great swimming naked in this lake, after I was settled in I decided to build a guest cabin where when any of my friend come to visit.

I also had a big fence put up, the fence encircled around twenty acres of land which include the big meadow, lake and all the fruit in the woods.

I made a trail through the woods leading to my meadow, there is a parking area at the beginning of the trail that will hold up to three vehicles, when my friends do come they remove all of their clothes and leave in their cars.

I even built a little building where we can have our sex games, when I don't have my friends visiting me it was very peaceful and quiet.

One day as I was going for a nice relaxing swim in the lake what looked like a dog appeared by the lake, it never ran off when I came out of the water, the animal was very friendly and allowed me to pet him.

I suddenly realized that it was not a dog at all in fact I had made friends with a wolf, but I didn't care because he was friendly and very beautiful.

One day as we were playing in the meadow he began sucking on my nipples, I didn't care it made me feel good, the next day as we were playing he began licking my pussy, sometimes his tongue entered my pussy hole.

Again I was feeling wonderful, that was when I realized that I had made a wise choice when I moved from the city and up into the mountains where I feel so much at home.

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Apr 02, 2019
Awesome story
by: James

I would love to see a continuation of this story. Possibly make it into a mini series with 3 to 5 chapters in it.

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