New Home In The Woods: Part 2

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

Now that I have been living in my new home in the woods it has been so peaceful and quiet.

I don't have to put up with those people in the city, while living in my old house in the city some of my neighbors kept complaining because I love to walk around naked.

Now I don't have put up with all of those idiots that used to be on either side of me and across the alley.

Up in the mountains I don't have any neighbors around me, the only neighbors around up in the mountains are the wild animals and they don't complain about me being naked.

The animals are very friendly, they all come to visit me when I am outside getting sun tan in the meadow, the squirrels, chipmunks, fox, deer, coyotes, wolves all come to visit with me.

Some even join me when I go swimming in the lake, while I am outside sunbathing a few squirrels come over to check me out and while near me I feel a squirrel or two licking my pussy.

Another time I feel a buck which came over using his tongue and licking me and his tongue going up in my pussy.

The main animals which I share the mountains with are the wolves, they are all coming over and playing with me like I am part of the pack, the alpha male loves to lick my pussy, he also loves sticking his tongue up in me.

He also loves and I enjoy it when he places his long cock up in my pussy hole, I love and enjoy getting fucked by a wolf.

He is always gentle with me even though he always pump extremely hard, fast and going quite deep, he does this every time until I have many massive orgasms.

Once in a while a couple of the pups come over and begin sucking on my nipples, the pups continue sucking my nipples until my pussy gets so wet that a female wolf smells how wet my pussy is getting and comes over to me.

She sniffs my pussy and begins to lick my pussy cleaning up all of juice coming out of my pussy.

Two of the pups continue sucking on my nipples and the mother wolf continues licking the juice coming out of my pussy.

I absolutely love how all of the animals in the woods accepted me for the way that I choose to live. I now live naked and free in the woods for the rest of my life.

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Mar 27, 2019
living naked
by: Anonymous

I also live naked in the mountains of Montana. There is only a small opening where I might be seen from the road. I don't care, and neither do the neighbors.
I purposely take men to where we could possibly be seen, and give them blow jobs. I want to let the word get around that the guy down the road sucks cocks.


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