Naked In The Wild

by Sarah Larson (USA)

I am a 33 year old divorcee. Its a long story but my husband has custody of the kids and since then I've given up on the whole life as a normal.

Few months after the divorce I had decided to at least try living my myself alone in the woods. Away from family and friends. Since I had no responsibilities anymore, the idea seemed logical at the time.

So I chose a place, that was far from any towns or villages and decided to build myself a little home. Surround by fruits, vegetables and wildlife. It was the perfect place, not to mention the river that was probably 3 or 4 minutes walk away from the hut.

About 3 weeks after settling in to my new lifestyle I decided to fully embrace the "wild style" and go nude. There was no one that I would be disturbing so I went with the idea.

Since then I've been nude where ever I went. Still I kept my clothes safe in case I needed them.

One day, when I was taking a bath in the river, I spotted two wild dogs taking sips from the river. One was snow white and the other was brown with white spots. They looked super cute so I whistled them over. But I kept my guard up as they were wild dogs after all.

Once they came over to me they started licking my legs. I was crouched down and they licked my feet and knees and one tried sticking his head under my ass and got a lick off my ass cheek. I gasped and jerked up. To be fair I was a bit creeped out about the whole situation.

Nonetheless I missed having company so I led them back to the hut. I named the white dog Sugar and the brown one Cookies. I know its not the best name, but it was the cutest I could have thought of at that time.

Everyday since then has been a bit of a struggle. Two very energetic dogs living inside my tiny little hut. Although this wasn't the craziest thing, like one time I woke up to find to bugs crawling around my pussy.

Anyways, skip a few days forward. I was out sun bathing in an area where the trees didn't cover the sunlight. I was half asleep and felt wet licks on my pussy. I thought it could be the dogs so I truly didn't mind and let it be. But after some time I felt more licks on my legs and hips. With my confusion I sat up to see what was going on....Sugar was licking my pussy, Cookies was licking my legs, a deer was licking my hips and a snake was slithering over the pussy. The snake wasn't a poisonous one, I knew by a show that I used to watch long ago.

I felt extreme lust and a warming sensation inside my pussy. I decided to let the shenanigans continue. I laid back and let the animals take their time with me. This thought made me wet. Now my pussy is crowded by the snake and the deer. All licking away my juices.

I never fucked them back in those days. Only let them lick me. The time when they fucked me is for part 2.

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May 25, 2020
like it NEW
by: Anonymous

I really enjoyed this and so looking forward to reading part 2 when it is realised

Aug 29, 2019
by: Rick

Now that's what I call getting in touch with nature . Can't wait to read part 2

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