My Wife And Our Dog

by Nobby (Australia)

My wife and I have a very active sex life and fantasize about all kind of things, she likes to imagine I am fucking a young girl without any pubic hair she also loves talking about threesomes and me getting sloppy seconds after another guy has cum in her.

We have a rather large dog and one day he tried to mount my wife's girlfriends leg, his cock was hanging down and we watched him lick it until it went back out of sight.

That night we were having sex when she said you know how we fantasize sexy thoughts I said yes, she then said you know how we get worried about acting out our dirty thoughts I said yes, she then said how about if we let our dog join in the fun to which I said a great idea.

Next day she gave the dog a bath and made special attention to his genitals, that night we both got naked sat on the edge of the bed and called the dog in, first up he started licking my just shaved hairless cock and balls, my wife said gee he really likes your cock she opened her legs he took a sniff of her hairless pussy and gave it a few licks, my wife layed on the floor and I slid my rock hard cock into her, the dog caught on quick as he licked our genitals while we were fucking.

We started rubbing his cock and after a few seconds the tip came into view, after a few minutes the huge 8 inch thick cock was hanging down wailing for some fun, my wife got on her knees and I helped him mount her and get this big cock inside her pussy hole.

Well he rode her like she had never been rigden before, that big cock was jammed all the way in and my wife was groaning with delight as she had multiple orgasms, he slowed down to short strokes and I noticed she had his knot shoved inside her.

We stayed that way for a while when this huge cock slipped out of her pussy with cum everywhere, I was so randy I removed the towels that we had put on the floor layed her on her back then slid my cock into her gaping doggy cum filled hole.

It was soaking wet and sloppy I had dog cum dripping all over my balls and my wife was having more orgasms as I spewed a massive jet of hot cum into her, we just layed there for a while with my limp cock still soaking in her dog and human cum.

We did this many times after that we also got very experienced with her sucking the dogs cock we even tried double penetration with my cock and the gogs cock side by side but thats another story.

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May 09, 2019
Girlfrind the dogs bitch. NEW
by: SM/CK

I had a girlfriend who was our dogs bitch. The dog would breed with her, some time several times a day depending on how horney she was. I always waited for the sloppy seconds I loved it and so did she.

Apr 21, 2019
farm slut wifeOne
by: Anonymous

My ex wife I found out started young (before pubic hair) saving her virginity until she married me.
Once she found out how great sex was she was insatiable. I only found out later in our marriage that she was fucking our dogs when i was at work,I surprised her late at night when her irish setter had tied with her and she could not get away. So from then on until our divorce I made sure any dog I owned could have her anytime. One day I had 6 of my farm dogs gang on her It was awhile before she recovered

Apr 17, 2019
by: asslick

I like animal cocks spc horse cocks i am a 41 male

Apr 12, 2019
by: Terri

We do this all the time with our doggy and its fantastic.

Mar 13, 2019
girls only
by: 2146934220

Any girls that have videos of the fucking or letting yall dog fuck send me pic or videos love to see them girls only

Mar 07, 2019
fucked by a dog
by: Anonymous

I would love to have the great feeling of having a dog sticking his cock in my vagina. I want to be granted my fantasy of being with a pack of wolves licking my pussy and sticking their big cocks in me and fucking me.

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