My Dog Lover

by Jenna (Washington)

Ever since I got a dog when I was 23 I have turned into his whore. For some reason I find it super hot to be degraded as a human and turned into a dog's bitch. It turns me on everytime by just thinking about it. Gets my pussy wet.

I don't think I'll ever release a video of the things I do with him but I will gladly talk about it here anonymously.

He is a Great Dane, I made sure I bought a huge dog with a huge dick, and he gives me literally the best sex I've had my entire life. Which is the reason I've decided to be his one and only.

Almost everyday after coming home from work I call the dog to my room and undress infront of him. Then we shower together and sometimes I stroke him a bit. After a shower I sit at the living room and watch Netflix while my dog either sits next to me or licks my pussy.

He just never stops and its amazing! His rough dry tongue sliding accross my pussy lips almost gives me orgasms just by it alone. When we sleep I of course sleep naked with him on the bed. I cuddle him and try to spoon him but he rarely stays still for a long period of time.

Mornings usually go by with me trying to french kiss him. His saliva goes all over my face. I send my tongue all over him and my tongue sometimes battles his to show who loves who more. He watches me as I get dressed and I let him get a lick off of my pussy or ass from time to time.

Some mornings when I'm super horny I fuck him and he just goes to town with me! Rocks me harder than any guy was able to. And oh my god talk about his load! Fills me up till the womb. Almost everytime I've fucked him in the morning I get late for work so I just pull up my panties and head off while there’s still dog cum deep inside me. To be honest there has been times where his cum was splattered all around my pussy and I could feel the sticky cum on my thighs as I walked.

Weekends are when I have the most fun. If I'm ever free, all we do is fuck. We fuck till he can't. Even if I can't, I'll still let him fuck me because I am his bitch and I do what he wants.

Usually a sex sections goes with me first licking his balls and sheath. Once the dick comes out I start licking that. I deep throat it, sending it smashing into my throat. I have choked on it and I've even choked on it while he was spewing cum.

I let the cum fall directly into my throat. I would lick his dick clean. For 30 minutes straight I would be just sucking his dick. Then only would he be licking my pussy. And whenever his tongue goes into my pussy I climax. Dogs are the fucking best!

Once the foreplay is over it’s up to the alpha male to do his duty. I'll bend over and let him jump on me and fuck the living shit out of me. He always starts fast and hard and keeps his pace for about 5 mintues then the huge knot gets stuck in me. We stay stuck for around 20 minutes and then he will slowly try to pull his massive cock out of me.

When the dick falls out, a river of white thick cum oozes out of vagina and its sooo warm! Before he used to lick his own cum from my pussy but I managed to teach him not to. So now I get the cum for myself. Any cum that falls on the floor is licked off clean by me and I collect any cum that oozes out of me into a cup. Then I drink it slowly and seductively infront my dog.

I do all this on a regular basis and all I have to say is, I fucking love my dog and am thinking of having a wedding with just me and him. I'll dress up and dress him up with a bow tie and well get married in the living room. Then I'm truly his and only his. We can fuck and do whatever we want! I only wish I could get pregnant with his puppies!

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Oct 12, 2019
Super Hot NEW
by: Anonymous

Just fantastic! Lucky girl.

Oct 08, 2019
This I find kinda hot too.
by: Anonymous

If this ain't hurting anything, which it doesn't seem to be, then party on! :)

Sep 24, 2019
hot mama
by: joebee

I think it s hot, love to see you in action, my kind of women...…..

Sep 20, 2019
U r very sick mentally
by: Anonymous

U wish u can have his puppies!!! Lady he is only a dog!!! And u women call us men dogs!!! Good luck with that!!!

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