My Black Lab In Heat

by Bill Austin (Omaha, NE, USA)

A friend of mine had a male and female black lab. He said two was too many and asked if I would like the female. I have always enjoyed labs so I said yes. I lived on an acreage so I took some hog wire and made an enclosure. Built a dog house and put out water and food dished.

The lab arrived. Large for a lab but very friendly. We bonded right away. I loved having her with me. I took her on walks, taught her to heal, sit, roll over. I pheasant hunted in the fall and wanted to use her to flush birds.

As the weeks went by I noticed several male dogs hanging around and realized she was in heat. Late one night there was some barking which woke me up. I went out to the pen to see if everything was all right. Five male dogs were scratching and pawing the ground trying to get to my female.

Jose was her name. I really felt sorry for the boys. One was really friendly and came right up to me. After scratching behind his ears and letting him sniff me, I reached under him and felt his sheath. The bulge and already started and the tip was sticking out.

I think that stage is called lipstick. I rubbed back and forth and he started humping. The sheath slid back, exposing his cock and the knot. I watched him cum while still stroking his sheath. The other four dogs were all watching with rapt attention. Watching him buck and cum made me horny as hell.

My cock was rock hard and I knew I needed to cum or I would have blue balls. Then I really got this good idea. I opened the gate and all five dogs followed me in. O was only wearing shorts with no underwear as I had just woken up from the barking. I took the shorts off so I was total nude.

Jose was all excited along with five dogs. I let them sniff her cunt then, when they were all excited, I lay over the top of Jose to see what would happen. One dog was more aggressive then the others, maybe the alpha dog. He mounted me and I could feel his bony dick poking around back behind me.

Cum was dripping and splashing all over my ass and legs. I had to reach behind me to guide him into me. As soon as he entered me, he started fucking for real. Fast, short strokes, really hard. I didn't want the knot going in because I didn't think I could take it. His pumping slowed down and he just layed on top of me.

After a while he slid off, and another dog mounted me. My hole was well lubed from the first dog's cum. Kind of the same thing. I had to help him to enter me. My cock was dripping pre cum and I knew I was not far away from climaxing also. I relaxed my sphincter and his knot popped inside my ass hole.

There was a shop of pain and at first I thought I was going to pass out. As my ass hole closed down over his cock with the knot inside me, the pain turned into pure pleasure. I could feel him pushing and pulling inside me. It was pushing on my prostate. I came like I have never cum before. Gobs and gobs of cum came shooting out all over the ground.

We were still tied, I could feel him pulsing inside me. I assume he was spurting with each pulse. He threw a leg over so we were ass hole to ass hole. We stayed that was for what seemed like a long time. He kept trying to pull out but had to wait until the knot went down. I played with the other two dogs for a while because I was spent from cumming.

We played for about thirty minutes, then I was ready for round two. This time I lay on my back with my heals on top of the dog house. One of the boys I had been playing came up and sniffed my ass. I grabbed his front legs and pulled him on top of me so his hind legs were on the ground behind me and his front legs were on my chest.

I had to raise my butt into the air by pulling myself up with my heals on the dog house. Now it was a straight shot to my hole. I reached behind me and stroked my sheath to get him started. Again, as soon as he knew he was inside me with his small bony dick, he closed the gap and started hammering away.

This time I knew what to expect and as soon as I relaxed, his knot went inside me. At first the knot and dick are small the thin, then after he really gets going, both swell up. After he was full size inside me he was pulsing and squirting. He was between my legs so he couldn't turn around. We just stayed that way for a long time.

Finally, his knot receded and he pulled out. When he pulled out my sphincter shut which send shudders through me and I came again. By the time I came twice I was all pooped out. There was dog number 5 but I just could take him. I called him over and gave him a hand job to finish him off. I can't wait for Jose to come into heat again!

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