Mom's Special Mother's Day Present: Part 2

by Rick

I moved over behind my sister had her get down on her hands and knees, facing towards mom so she could watch mom sucking that huge horse cock l raised her skirt up got behind her pull out my rock hard 8 inch cock from my pants.

My sister continue fingering her pussy and moaning l lined my cock up with her sweet wet pussy slit l pushed my cock head in past her thick pussy lips Oh her pussy was sooo Wet.

Wetter then ever she arched her back and push back her pussy hungary swallow up my cock l sank in balls deep in her hot tight wet tunnel, l fucked my sister as we both watched mom enjoying that horse cock.

My sister's pussy was leaking so much pussy juices my balls were soaked and every time l thrusted in she made squishing sounds l grabbed her hips and pounded her tight wet hole, it was Awesome fucking her and watching mom.

The horse started to stomp his hoofs his tail started twitching he was about to cum mom continued sucking and stroking the beast's huge cock, he let out a whinnie snorted his body tensed up, holy shit he was Cummmmming in mom's mouth mom was trying to drink it all down then he shot a huge load.

Mom choked horse cum came out of her nose she was gasping cum running out of her nose and mouth covering her neck and tits in horse sperm, Oh Fuck that was so Hot watching this, mom caught her breath and went back to licking that long thick cock licking up every of horse cum she sucked his fist size head and more cum shot out this time she was ready and swallowed all she could.

My sister and l both moaned at the same time she was cumming hard on my cock her pussy was squeezing down on my cock I could feel her insides pulsating on my cock between this and the hot nasty show mom was putting on l started cumming deep into my sister's sweet pussy.

l never came so hard or so much in my life, as the horse filled mom's mouth l just breed my fertile sister's pussy in a few days or weeks we will know if it also became a mother's day for my sexy little sister.

Mom wasn't done yet she stood up bent over grabbed the beast's huge fire hose size cock rubbed it over her super wet pussy lips wiggled her hips opening her pussy lips forcing the fist size head into her pussy.

She moaned the horse stepped forward unexpectedly forcing more of his cock deep into mom's pussy mom screamed out quickly pulling his huge cock out of her uterus he had hit her deep it didn't stop her she continued to fuck his cock.

This time keeping a firm grip on his huge shaft controlling the depth of his thrusts, dam mom's truly a nasty cock whore, l was hard again this time l lubed my cock with the mixture of my sister's and my own cum leaking out of her pussy and shove my cock in my sister's cute round ass, her ass hole finally yealed and let my cock head pop in.

l grabbed her hips again pushing forward l sank my cock deep in my sister's tight butt hole, l was fucking my little sisters ass like a mad man pumping and pumping that fine ass until l fed her bowls with another huge load of my cum.

Mom was moaning and grunting as she was getting stretched out by a cock as thick as a man's arm she was loving every minute of it then the horse snorted pushing deep into mom's well fucked pussy.

She lost her grip and he went deep again mom's screamed out again then cum erupted out around that huge cock and her stretched pussy lips, mom's womb was over flowing with horse sperm. Both my mom and little sister had gotten well fucked and filled with cum that day.

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Oct 07, 2020
horse sense
by: Anonymous

If you fucked your mom more, maybe she would not have to have the horse

Jan 21, 2020
Don't complsin

If u comment natively and say is sick of gross then y u in this site getting off

Aug 20, 2019
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by: Anonymous

these stories brought me back to my teen years when reading was suppose to be a bore but paper back novels from adult book stores made my day it seem reading the dirty books made me better in school in class so porn made me a great student.and I still love reading sex stories .

Jun 05, 2019
Awesome story
by: Tiger

Wow, love the action. More to cum I hope.

May 28, 2019
me 2
by: Anonymous

I love to go to my neighbors horse stall ,I enjoy giving that big horse oral love the taste of his cum my coochie gets so tingly l have the best orgasms with his dick in my mouth . I want to try putting his big dick inside me but I'm scared it will be too big for me to take . Wish I had a experienced friend to help me out my first time

May 10, 2019
Fucking sick
by: Anonymous

Putredly morbidly sick

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