Me, Buster, And Paddle

by Bill Austin (Omaha, NE, USA)

Training horses is hard work, and even harder when it is part time work.

You can only work a horse for about 10 minutes before he loses interest.

This needs to be done several times a day, and with a full time job, I couldn't get it done.

Well, I did the best I could, so on with the story.

I would ride one horse and lead one, to keep them in shape.

There was a large tract of land across the road from us and there is where I took the horses.

I would ride for several miles, then take a little rest.

Then I would swap the saddle to the other horse and ride back to the barn.

I had a mongrel mutt that would tag along most of the time.

One morning, the neighbor dog came with us. He was a large hound.

Maybe a blue-tick or black and tan, when we stopped, I unzipped to take a leek.

The hound was standing right in front of me, so I turned to the side.

He turned also.

Every time I turned, there he was.

I got the job done but not without some trouble.

I must have pissed on him some but I didn't mean to.

When I was shaping the last drops off, he reached out and licked my dick.

At first I was shocked, but then the idea hit me and I let him lick me some more.

It really felt good and I was starting to get aroused.

I dropped my pants so he could have a better lick, then I turned around with my back to him.

He started licking my ass crack.

I got on my knees and bent over so he could really give me a good licking.

Looking back I could see he was starting to poke out form his sheath.

Bongo, another good idea hit me.

I pulled his front legs over me and he got the idea right away.

He was poking and humping all over the place.

Hot jiz was dripping down my ass and thighs.

I had to reach back to help him enter me.

At first a dog's dick is a small bone.

After he is fully aroused it turns long and fat.

I could feel it growing longer and fatter and his knot was banking into my hole but I clinched it down tight so he couldn't get it in me.

His cock was hitting my prostate and it didn't take long for me to climax also.

When he pulled out, his cock was throbbing and dripping.

Every time he throbbed, more juice would squirt out.

I knew he enjoyed it as much as I did.

I pulled my pants up and we rode home.

Now that Buster and I were lovers, we had many many more tides and other get together.

I will expand on them at a later date.

Look for Me, Buster and Paddle II.

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