Me, Buster, And Paddle: Pt 2

by Bill Austin (Omaha, NE, USA)

I let Buster have his way with me, although I had to give him a hand.

We owned a lot of land that was almost one block in area.

One corner was carved out for my neighbor, and that is where Buster and Paddle lived.

A young couple lived there with their children.

During the day, they both worked and the kids were in school.

I would walk past their house, the dogs would bark, and I would wait to see if anybody was home.

They had a detached garage that was used for storage.

If they were gone, I would let myself in and invite the dogs, Buster and Paddle.

They would get so excited when I took my pants off, jumping and panting.

I found out that if Buster's sheath didn't get past the knot, the knot would swell early and cause him pain.

After several weeks of this went by, Buster would mount and enter me unassisted.

Those were the most fun, he would cum all over my butt before he hit the spot.

Naturally lubricating my hole.

He had a really large knot so I clamped my asshole tight so he couldn't get it in me.

Paddle, a Golden Retriever, had a smaller knot, he went second so I was loosened up and lubed.

I loved it when his knot slipped in.

It went in before it got too large.

Then it would swell up trapping him inside me.

Every time he throbbed, he would squirt out a little more cum.

After a wild fuck, rapid like a bunny, he would just lay there on top of me.

Now and then he would test me to see if his knot had gone down.

That was best, him trying to pull out and me trying to hold my asshole shut so he couldn't.

We did this several times a week.

One afternoon I walked past, the dogs barked, the cars were gone, and I invited me inside the garage.

I hand stroked Buster a few times to see if he was receptive, and of course, he was.

I took off my pants, and lay on my back with me heals on the bench top.

Buster came between my legs with his paws on my chest.

I heard the door knob rattle, and there was no lock on it.

I took my foot off the bench which was right next to the door and held it shut.

I shouted, "Just a minute!"

Hopped up put my pants back on and opened the door.

There stood a stranger, come to find put they had company.

The guy was asleep in the house when the dogs started barking.

That woke him up.

It took me about 90 seconds to get dressed and I was wondering what he was going to say.

He acted like it was normal to find a neighbor in the garage.

He didn't say anything and I didn't try to explain anything.

That is the closest time I was ever caught.

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