Lockdown With Zero: Pt 1

by Maria (Brazil)

I live alone in a rural suburb in Rio since my divorce several years ago. I work in my small farm that pays me well. I also have a big Lab named Zero, my watch dog since I am alone most of the time.

I am in my early 40s, a little on the heavy side as I have a wide ass and plump thighs – a typical Brazilian form. My breasts are very large almost 40D with sensitive nipples, and I love to play with them, particularly using nip pumps. My pussy fat lips are pierced at mid-section with a pair of rings snugly attached.

I am always into masturbation and love to make myself cum every day, sometimes even several times a day while massaging my pussy lips using sweet chili lotion all along my pussy slit in order to leave hot sensation for almost a whole day.

I have a good selection of vibrators and also use veg, like cucumber and corn-web and my cunt is able to stretch to 12x3 inches. My pee-slit is also stretched quite a bit and it has got a slit-plug.

I have a large adjustable mirror near my bed at an angle allowing me to watch myself masturbating as it turns me on to see my fat shaven pussy taking toys into my stretched cunt, or pumping my pussy lips or clit. When excited my clit gets about an inch long that peeps through my engorged pussy lips – result of frequent use of clit pump!

In this worst lockdown situation here I do spent lots of time online anonymously exchanging sexual stories and videos with mostly women. I love to see another woman masturbating as I do it with her. Two lesbian women I have known are into dog-sex. I do like a nice cock and love to masturbate to a lovely cock in a few videos I have.

At home I walk around naked, and in most nights this is how I go to sleep. My boobs are too heavy to contain any bra for a longer time and for the same reason I find it difficult to wear thong or fitted panties. Whenever I am free, I love to sit on my sofa and will watch sex videos on TV as I play with my big breasts, pussy lips and clit. I love to massage them and can suck on my nipples as I play with them.

Recently Zero often joins me as I playing with my tits, and he will nuzzle my open thighs to lick my pussy lips and lick along my boobs. I usually leave him out and go to my bedroom and lay back to masturbate as I get online. But today I was too wet and had started to play with my fat engorged pussy.

Zero gave me good licking as I held my pussy lips spread out with my fingers to enjoy his lapping that brought me 3 orgasms!! As I wanted more, I decided to get up but as I started to rise up, Zero came over and tried to put his nose deep between my legs. It was something I never paid any attention to until now.

As I pushed him away, I got up and turned around, and Just as I bent over a little, Zero reared up onto my back and pushed me forward onto the chair, knocking me to my knees on the floor with my ass towards him as I felt him grip me around my hips in his big paws and he very quickly mounted me.

I was saying "no" to him but he had other ideas. He never slowed down as he must have smelled my pussy juices from my wet cunt. Then I felt his big doggie cock around my ass hole as he was trying to put it in my right place. Instead of getting up, I bent over a little more spreading my thighs wider to feel his cock sliding in my warm pussy.

I could feel his cock searching for my wet pussy as I reached between my legs and found his slimy doggie cock as I took it into my hand. I wanted his cock in me now, and I guided him to my cunt as I eased forward and spread my thighs more for him. I felt his hot thick cock plunged into me, filling me in a way that took my breath away. It had been several years since I had something this big of a real cock in me as his cock filling me as I pushed back my bum to him.

Zero was slamming his hard cock into me, ramming it so deep in my hungry pussy as he began to really pound my cunt too hard. He held me tight to him as he sank deeper each time he thrust into me. His cock was so thick as he filled me with his massiveness… all I could do was to take his monster cock in my puffy pussy tight around his cock. His cock was better than any of my toys and I was wishing my pussy be plowed well, sliced to the end and battered into pulps ….. I was almost out of mind for this mindless fucking!

The feel of his huge, throbbing cock so deep in me made me start to cum as he kept ramming his cock deeper. I was gushing as he fucked my wet pussy as waves of climax swept over my body. My pussy was on fire as he virtually raped my hot cunt, pushing it deeper and deeper, and suddenly he stopped as his knot slid in to my well stretched cunt.

Then I could feel his cock inflating all the way to the end in my cunt, as my pussy continued convulsing again and again and I started to sweat profusely. He had began to cum as I felt his cock start to throb against my g-spot, and began to shoot his hot cum almost burning my cervix - I could feel the heat of it as it flooded my cunt hole all the way to the entrance of my womb.

As he pumped that hot doggie cum to me, I was having another orgasm. The pure heat of his cum being pumped to me made me cum over and over as he was giving me such a good fucking. His cum mixed with mine was running out of my pussy as I felt his huge knot still in me, so big and swollen. He was whining and breathing heavy and at that moment I knew he was finished with me and waited as his cock began to shrink. The knot slipped slowly out of my well fucked pussy, his cum dripping out of me.

Suddenly my pussy felt so empty as he slipped that massive doggie cock from my dripping pussy. I gasped looking at his softening cock that had been stuffed in my pussy for nearly 20 minutes … I rubbed my clit a little more with his warm cum still flowing out of me with my pussy juices.

I had just been a hard fuck with my big dog and had loved every minute of it, and may be wanted more … as I continued rubbing his cum all over my swollen and throbbing pussy. He had made my pussy sore and I had trouble even getting up to go to bathroom to pee. Zero had really given me a good, hard fucking and my fat pussy remained almost sore for the rest of the day. He had scratched my hips with his paws, but I had loved it even with the scratches. I was careful around Zero after that day and made sure I put on some old socks over his paws next time he was around me.

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Jun 30, 2020
Zero pt 1 NEW
by: tiger_t

Great story, as a guy, my dog has to use other places of entry but I believe I have as much fun as you do.

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