K9 Lover

by Anonymous

I am a 36 year old married woman of 12 years to a hard working businessman who is away a lot, and who tries to provide me with all the comforts. WE have an enjoyable sex life when he is at home, and I have to admit, I am highly sexed. My demands have always been much higher than his, and has been the cause of much contention between us for a number of years.

In recent times I have employed the use of a dildo in trying to obtain a degree of relief and subdue some of my frustration. It doesn't, however, have the warm and throbbing feel of a man's stiff cock in my mouth and in my cunt. I needed more than a dildo could offer.

I happen to be an avid gardener, we have a lovely yard and lawn area in which I spend much of my time. I am out tending the plants most afternoons, sometimes until after dark, especially in our greenhouse which houses my collection of orchids, of which I am an enthusiast.

We have no pets of our own, however, in recent times the neighbours'dog, a German shephard cross, a fine looking male, has been wandering into our yard. An animal lover I have paying him some attention and spend some time petting him. He is a fine and friendly young dog.

I have been spending time at night surfing the internet looking at porn and masturbating over the lovely cocks in action. I knew I wanted some of those cocks! I wanted my husband's cock! There needed to be an answer to my frustrations, but what?

One night I surfed onto porn sites which showed women being fucked by dogs....wow! I never, and hadn't thought about such things. I had heard about such things years ago when I was younger, when the talk was all about one of the local girls who was reportedly fucking her family dog. However I had never given it much thought until now. The thing was that some of the girls in the videos seemed to really enjoying it.

Particularly when I began reading the stories of personal experiences from contributors. I was getting wet between the legs, very wet in fact! And getting very hot...AND, starting to have thoughts about Charlie (the neighbours'dog who regularly visits our yard).My mind began think about the possibilities. Would I be frustrated enough to pursue this form of sexuality? It seemed from the internet that many women were enjoying themselves in this way. I would sleep on the idea. Just maybe.

Two afternoons later, as I was tending the garden, Charlie wandered in again, friendly and wagging his tail. I Charlie boy I called and he came romping over. I began petting him, getting some over my face in return. He continued to stay around and as he did I continued to pet him as the thoughts of what I had seen on the net came racing into mind in a big way. Would I dare to try it? Would Charlie, indeed, be interested? What would feel like afterwards?

The sexual frustration which had been building up over recent times suddenly began to rule my intentions and I called for Charlie to follow me into the greenhouse. What was I doing? Right now it didn't seem to matter. I was more than ready to explore new horizons. I was actually quite excited at the possibility. I wanted to know what dog cock felt like. I wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked by a dog. Would Charlie fuck me? I surely hoped so! I wanted his cock!

A young dog, full of adventure he followed me when I called and we entered the greenhouse and went a grassed area where I knelt down and began petting him. I rubbed my hands all over him. He felt lovely to touch and I focused on his underbelly, which seemed to excite him. I lightly cupped and stroked his sheath, and at the same time showered some kisses around his muzzle.

All of a sudden I was feeling strangely attracted to my newly intended lover. To my delight he was welcoming responsive. It wasn't long before his rather thick and wet cock poked itself out and into my hand. The feel of it was strange at first but it didn't take long to begin to appreciate it's magnificence. It's size and firmness, yet softness. I couldn't help myself when I bent my head down to run my tongue over the tip.

It was moist and tasted quite pleasant so I slipped more of the dog cock into my mouth. I couldn't believe I was doing this, yet I was completely at ease with what I was desperately hoping to achieve. I continued for some time to savor my new lover's penis as more and more protruded from it's cover. Charlie was getting excited and began to step around from side to side.

I stood up and dropped my pants to my ankles and invited Charlie to taste my pussy. He came over after a small amount of coaxing and started to sniff my aroused sex. His tongue didn't take long to get to work as I spread my legs willingly. More and more his lovely moist weapon slipped into hungry cunt.

And it was the strangest, yet most wonderful feeling, taking me further and further into the state of wanton arousal. It was lovely and I was going weak at the knees. I found myself leaning back against some shelving and spreading my legs as wide as I could. I kicked my feet completely out of my slacks, bending my knees slightly to allow his tongue greater penetration.

Oh the delight! This was wonderful! My head was spinning and I was in a state that I never been in before. I had enjoyed some wonderful sex with my husband in the early years of my marriage but this was different. I had never been orally violated like this before! After five minutes or so it was time for further exploration, I turned around and bent over against the shelving for support, allowing Charlie to lick my arse, something I really enjoy. Charlie seemed to as well!

He went to work giving my behind a thorough cleaning. How wonderful this was! He kept it up as a bent over more and more, allowing him to push his tongue further into my appreciative rectum. After a few minutes of this canine treatment I went weak at the knees and soon found myself on all fours allowing Charlie the opportunity to mount me and sink his lovely cock deep into my thoroughly wet and waiting pussy.

I wanted his cock. I wanted it bad. I couldn't wait to feel dog cock deep inside my sex starved hungry cunt. He danced around a bit, uncertain of what to do perhaps, or perhaps he was just excited. Just excited as I was. I couldn't wait to feel the sensation. I took hold of his front legs and assisted him to mount me. By this time he was humping the air and I moved my left arm around to help him into position.

Suddenly he found the right spot, and after about a half a dozen thrusts he found the hole. Then it was a couple more thrusts and was in my welcoming vagina. It felt different but good, real good! He started humping vigorously, once he'd found himself where he wanted to be, and I where I'd wanted him to be. He wrapped his front legs around my waste and thrusted and fucked like crazy.

I just relaxed after the initial introduction, which was filled with uncertainty, uncertainty which gave way to sheer pleasure. His thrusting continued for a time which I couldn't determine due to my transportation to a state of ecstasy. That's the only way to describe it. A state I'd never been in before. Then as the thrusting subsided, the throbbing continued as I felt him filling me up with his dog semen.

He had his knot inside me with his front paws now down beside me but his cock continued to pump away, filling me with his seed. It was plentiful, and it was warm and nice. It was filling then overflowing and running down my legs. We stayed like this for a time of probably twenty-five minutes, but it was lovely.

The feeling of this beautiful dog inside me, breeding me, pleasuring me in way I've never been pleasured before. But also in a way that I knew I would be wanting more of. Eventually his cock popped out of my well-spent love nest and he spent time cleaning first of all me, and then started on himself.

When I saw how big and beautiful it had grown to during the fucking process I couldn't help but move down under him and take that lovely organ into my mouth, sucking it right in and savoring it completely, licking along each side of the shaft and swallowing as much of his juices as I could. It tasted lovely, much different to a man's, not as salty and much different. Nicer.

I spent a long time doing this, until it started to go soft. Then I allowed him time to clean himself. I lay down beside my new lover and wrapped my arms and legs around him as we both rested from our fucking. After about half an hour I got up to dress and allow Charlie to return home and myself to return to my home and have a hot shower.

Mixed thoughts travelled through my mind for the rest of the night as I went about my evening but I knew one thing was certain, I WANTED CHARLIE AGAIN...and again....and again! I loved the experience and I wanted more. I had Charlie again the next evening, and the one after that...all just as beautiful, I was hooked. Charlie and I have been lovers ever since, even many times in my house, in the spare bedroom.

And I hate to say that I have cheated on Charlie with another neighborhood dog who I met down by the river in a secluded place in the woods, also my sister-in-law's Doberman when I dog sitting when they were on vacation. (That will be happening again soon). So you see I have become pleasantly hooked on the most wonderful experience of K9 sex. Cheers.

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Nov 26, 2020
by: Alma

Ooh how i want to experience this but im scared. My pussy running a river its so hot to read

Nov 22, 2020
Love K9 sex!
by: Anonymous

I'm 23 now, and I've been a K9 lover for a very long time. My first time was many years ago after my parents divorced and I was given my first dog to help with the separation in my life. A little over a year later I experienced K9 sex and I still love it to this day. My husband has no idea I love doggie, and he would probably leave me if he knew I've been this way since I was a little girl. Here's to many more secret doggie adventures!!

Nov 21, 2020
by: Anonymous

Hope your story was real. I am into K9 sex for nearly 10 yrs now, since in my mid-30s! I enjoy more than the sex with my bf. My lab dog is quite well endowed 9" with good girth in the mid-section so that when he enters me I can feel the slippery girth inside my cunt and then the ultimate - the knot slips in as he cums unloads hot torrents adding more inches to his cock almost smashing my cervix!

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