In The Old Barn with My Dog!!!

by D Thomas (Little Rock Arkansas)

Years ago I was living on a ranch in the mountains and there was 3 barns the corrals and the ranch house I lived in. I had a damn good cattle dog and he went every were I went.

No one ever knew about this and they still don`t. I have always had a huge anal fetish. As a young man I would finger my ass and stick things up my ass and once I figured out how to fuck myself I liked it so much that I would sneak around the ranch and I loved to get naked outdoors.

I would experiment with different things in my ass and the more I did this the more I wanted it. My cousin was the first to ever put a dick up my ass when we were 18.

Once he fucked me and came inside of me I was hooked and let him fuck me all the time. There were others growing up that I let fuck me and I was always finding new things to put up my ass and loved to be fucked.

All my life I have craved anal sex and it just feels good. When I was 20 somehow I was down on the creek one day just me and my dog and after a swim I was naked and my dog kept trying to lick and sniff my ass and nuts. I told him no a few times but it began to feel so good that I wanted to see what he would do if I let him have his way.

I got to my hands and knees and he went to work on my asshole and before long my chest was on the grass and my hands were spreading my ass cheeks for him to fuck my ass with his big hot tongue. Cum was running out of my dick like a faucet and I never wanted him to stop.

I put my cum in my ass and ate it out of my ass and licked me for a very long time and even mounted me several times humping my ass like crazy and now I had thoughts that I never dreamed of. At some point his dick came out and I felt it on my ass and he was all excited and so was I.

Once his dick touched my asshole a few times I wanted it in my ass and I helped him get his dick started in my ass and he stuck it in me all the way and started to fuck me hard fast and really deep and all I could do was scream and yell out loud as he fucked me and fucked me hard then a stinging bad pain came and he was dancing on his back feet ramming his dick up my ass and filling me with hot dog cum.

I figured out the pain was a big knot in his dick was in my asshole and we were hooked together for 15 or 20 minutes and once he pulled out of my ass cum poured out of my asshole like a stream. He licked my ass clean then licked himself clean. I just laid there thinking about what had just happened with his cum dripping out of my asshole.

I went for another swim to wash up and slowly got dressed and I couldn`t stop thinking about it and it was on my mind all the time. My life changed forever that day and he fucked me until he died then my next dog fucked me for 13 years and that takes us back to me living on the ranch.

The dog I had then knew what was going to happen when we went to the barn and I went in the back stall in the fresh hay and I started taking off my clothes. He knew it was time to fuck and he would fuck e good knot me cum in me and lick me clean. He fucked me a lot of other places and he always knew when I took my clothes off and showed him my ass he was going to fuck me.

I kept a friend of mines big chocolate Lab for a week one time and after he watched my dog fuck my ass one evening he fuck me right after my dog finished with me. He was a bigger dog with a bigger dick and bigger knot. For about 10 days both dogs fucked me quite a bit and it was quite an experience to be out in the woods naked getting fucked by two big dogs.

It is one of those things that once you start doing it you can`t stop. I mean if you really like getting fucked. I play with sex toys and my wife really like using our strap on toys on my ass and she knows about my younger years and how I enjoyed letting my friends fuck my ass and she would enjoy watching a man fuck me now but it has just never happened.

But she knows nothing about all the big male dogs that I have allowed to fuck me and all the dog cum that has been in my ass. I only tried oral on a dog a couple of times but didn`t really like it but never got enough dog dick up my ass, I let them fuck me in the house quite a few times but I liked it much better outside naked in the woods.

I am much older now but I do believe that if I had the opportunity to do it again I would. I am just not going to take care of another dog for years just to get fucked every once in a while. But I dame sure think about it.

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Jan 11, 2021
dog sex NEW
by: Anonymous

I once had a pretty big dog. He had a nice big cock. In the past I would jack off my wife family dog when we were alone. No one knew , I am pretty sure. When I got this dog ,after he matured he would hump my leg. I liked seeing his big cock. I am bi so I like anal but its really hard to get together with men I like. The dog was no such problem. I would show him my ass , he would lick it and mount me. I had to be careful when he tried to put it in because his bone would need to be guided into my hole. Loved his cock! No games , just cock whenever I wanted it. At first he would cum multiple times but as he got older he would only cum twice. He is gone now. when to the great doggy heaven in the sky. I miss his unconditional cock.

Dec 21, 2020
Hi Clair and hubby

Loved your story your husband is very lucky to be able to watch you have sex with your dogs .Had a girlfriend afew years back did it with her dads germansheppard he was huge he's cock was 9 inch
Igot mounted by him we both loved getting fucked .
He would mount her every chance he got she would get me to lick her out afterwards. Quite liked that.Father came home caught her with dog .That was that never seen her again. LOL HAVE SEXY CHRISTMAS .I will be thinking about you 2 and the dogs.Rosscock.

Dec 16, 2020
by: Anonymous

Once you get the taste of dog sex, there is no turning back. It is exciting, erotic, sexually satisfying and want more and more of it. I am into dog sex since I was 30 yo - still enjoy, in particular when the knot gets into my cunt and starts to grow more while throbbing against my g-spot and he starts to shoot hot load of cum deep into my hole. OMG, I am going to get him tonight!!

Dec 12, 2020
Just and old Slut , Rosscock
by: Clair

Hi Rosscock, Something like that happened to me many years ago when i lived on a farm out from Roma in Queensland, I was about 18. I,am 55 , We had a few farm dogs and when i played ball with them there cocks would come out and when i fell over at lest one of them would try and mount me and cum all over my jeans.My Father was away a lot , Just be and Mum and my Brother he was 19. One day i went into the barn and was playing with our dogs , And when his cock come out i started to feel very wet . I took of my jeans and got on all fours, Well he licked my cunt then mounted me so fast his cock went straight in , Oh god it felt so good, I was on fire. I started doing it more and more . Then one day my Mother and Brother sprang me at it. I won't go into it to much but my Mum got my Brother to fuck me while she watched and later made me watch her fuck my Brother, This went on for a lot of years ,My pussy got so abused. And i was still enjoying our farm dogs. I now have two dogs of my own and fuck them often , and my Hubby enjoys watching. Have a great Xmas Rosscock Clair Townsville Queensland.

Dec 06, 2020
Would love to

You are lucky enough to get naked with him i tried to get dog's we had on the farm .My uncle would come over two see mom he had black lab that he said to take care of when he visited it wouldn't
Stop licking me went to the barn i took of my clothing he went straight to arse licking me .He then mounted me i was in heaven my uncle caught me made me suck his knob so would come in me as well as the dog my mother would like to watch when I got fucked by both .This happens all the time.

My mum fucking me with a strap on and my uncle fucking mom i love my uncle and mom also blacky.

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