I Bought A Sheep for my Husband

by bestoverall11

Hi my name is Meg I am thirty years old and married. I been married to my thirty-one-year-old husband Seth for six years. We try all the new sex toys and love finding unusual kinds of porn. He loves watching zoo porn with women and animals. He asked if I would do that. I said yes if it would turn you on I would.

I came across men and animals porn and it turned me on so fucking bad. I showed him and asked IF he would do that if I wanted him to. I said if I seen you fucking like that my pussy would explode. All I could think about after that was what it would be like to see him doing something like that. I thought a female animal in heat with a nice looking pussy.

I thought about getting a dog we did live on an old farm place with sheds and a small barn. I was looking in the paper at the classified when I saw a add. Sheep for sale and I called the number. The man I talked to said he raised them and had several for sale. I said I wanted a female that was in heat for a small farm I had.

He said he didn't usually sell the breeding ewes. Then he said he had one that had just come in heat for the first time he would sell. We made a deal and I said I would pay him when he delivered her. He said he would bring her out around ten tomorrow morning. I thought about it all night about how to get Seth out of the house before she arrived.

At nine the next day I asked Seth if he would bring my car in for a service. He agreed and I knew it would take him a while. The guy didn't show up till ten forty-five. I could hardly wait to see her as the truck pulled in the drive. He got out and opened the back of his trailer and led a sheep around on a rope. I paid him and he said has been trimmed and her wool was just coming back.

He left and I led her to the barn to get a better look at her. I looked around behind her and dam what a pretty pussy. It was black and stuck out from her body. The slit was wet as hell and the pink inside was visible. I had to see what it felt like and pushed a finger in her thick pussy lips. It was so hot and throbbed around my fingers.

My pussy got so wet as I imagined Seth's thick long cock pushing in her. I was nerves as hell when I heard Seth pull in and get out of the car. I stepped out and said hey honey come see what I got for you. We went in where the sheep was standing facing us. He said what the hell you got a sheep for me thank you I guess and laughed.

I said not just any sheep and went and turned her ass toward him. She's in heat just look at how wet and swollen it is. I said come feel how hot it is and pulled him to her. I took his hand and pushed his finger in her and looked at him. He got a strange look on his face and said holly shit that's really hot. I moved his finger in and out and said go ahead finger her for me.

He started fingering her by himself and I pulled apart her swollen lips. The sheep stood there humping at his hand. She wants it bad I said and reached down and felt Seth's dick. He was rock hard and he blushed a little. I said oh something needs to be let out. I undid his pants and pulled them down. His cock sprang out and bounced in the air as it throbbed.

Oh, that pussy made you so hard baby you want it don't you say it. I don't know he said as he blushed red. It does feel good and I said I would if you wanted. I knew he was just embarrassed and I just had to get him started. I said just try and grabbed his dick and put the tip against her wet slit. He put his hands on her back and pushed.

He moaned out loud when the head of his dick slid in her. His mouth dropped open and he pulled back and pushed all his dick in her. OHHHH FUCK MEG ITS SO GOOD IT SO GOOD. he slid his hands from her back and grabbed her hips. He started fucking the hell out of her making her pussy juices flow. Her juice was dripping off his balls and running down inside his legs.

He was moaning loud and his balls were smacking her pussy loudly. SMACK,SMACK,SMACK I cum in my pants before I could get them down. He said MEG I FELL LIKE IM GOING TO CUM OOOOHHHHHHH SHIT. He slammed in her like a mad man and his ass clenched tight and he started to jerk.

MEGGG IM CUMINGGGGGGGGG IN HER OOOOOHHHHH SHIT MEGGG ITS SO GOOD IM CUMINGGGGGGGGGGGG. It made me cum again knowing he was shooting her pussy full. He looked at me like he was in shock and pulled out his cock. His cum oozed from her pussy and dripped from his soft cock head. I said do you like my present baby was her pussy good.

He smiled and said it's so fucking good Meg I never thought anything could feel so good. I said I love watching him and saw his dick bounce and start getting hard again. I never seen him get hard so fast after coming and not even touching it. He looked at me and smacked her swollen pussy with his hard cock. He slid the tip thru the slit several times teasing her and me.

He held his dick at her slit and pushed in her to his nuts. I watched and cum many times as he slammed her pussy so hard. He fucked her longer than he ever fucked me it was like it brought out something in him. He stiffened up like he was shot and said OOOHH YESSSS YOUR PUSSY IS SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD AAAAAAAA IM CUMINGGGGGGGG IN HERRRRRRRRRRR.

We have enjoyed having a new pet and sex toy for Seth. He fucks me better than ever but he can't get enough of the sheep's pussy. I came home a few days ago and he wasn't in the house. I walked out to the barn and seen him fucking the hell out of her. It was such a turn on catching him fucking her by his self. I hid back and watched as he fucked her till he could hardly move. Then he screamed AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOU LIKE THAT DONT YOU AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH SHITTTT.

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Nov 18, 2020
by: Anonymous

What did the wife get for being a good girl

Nov 16, 2020
by: Anonymous

ewe made me cum so hard with your story

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