French - My Black Lab Takes Me For The First Time: Part 4

by Anonymous

I felt a tremendous pressure as he tried to force the base of his dick, about the size of lemon, into me over and over, stretching my brutalized opening until, finally, it entered me.

An intense flare of pain blazed through my cunt. I heard myself release a low guttural scream as if I'd been struck. My breath caught in my throat and I struggled to breath against the sudden, overwhelming fullness in my belly. He continued to hump wildly, pushing his expanding fullness into me.

Then almost instantly the humping slowed to a jerky, slapping motion. His forepaws gripped me tightly, holding himself deep inside me. His unrelenting domination of my cunt was complete. I began to breathe.

He continued to swell. I could feel the base, the knot, he'd forced into me inflate to a tremendous size, its hot mass pressing tightly against the walls of my vagina. I could feel it pulsing. He was coming inside me. The thought of this consummation, this insemination triggered another orgasm. I shuddered and jerked with each contraction. He seemed oblivious to me now.

He suddenly became still, there was only the panting of his open mouth next to my ear and the pulsing of his knot. The streaming of his come from his cock.

The heat building inside me was intense. I could feel the bony tip of his cock pressed hard against my cervix as it spewed his semen into me. The sensation of fullness, already almost unbearable, continued to increased with every pulse, every jet of come filling me. He remained still.

After a moment the intense heat and pressure and pulsing of his knot against the wall of my vagina created yet another hot pulsing in my anus. I looked back under me for my vibe. It was between his feet.

I reached back to grab it but before I did, I moved my hand up to feel the opening to my pussy. I ran a finger between my lips and could feel the top of the smooth hot ball buried inside me. It was impossibly big and hard. My hand was instantly wet. His come was leaking out and running down my thighs and dripping onto the bed. I grabbed my vibe.

I placed it against my clit. The sensation was like flipping a switch. Almost instantly I could feel the tight fizzing ball of my orgasm begin to split open.

Deep, heaving contractions began to convulse me. It felt like a hole had been opened in my gut and an invisible hook began to jerk savagely at the raw fibers of every muscle in my body. My arms gave out and I lay on my face. My mouth opened to emit loud ragged screams with each arc of ecstasy.

My pussy squeezed piteously against French's hard, invading knot. It throbbed. He grizzled and yowled. His feet pranced and stamped, he tugged at the immovable knot.

Unable to hold my hand up anymore, I dropped the vibrator. The powerful contractions began to subside replaced by low rippling spasms of pleasure. I closed my eyes and focused on breathing through this. We held that position, French on my back, his cock buried and knotted in me, his come filling me, for what seemed like forever.

My legs began to tremble but I could not move. He started to stir. He slid off my back, his forepaws next to me. He tried to walk away but he was still tied to me. He waited, then tugged again but was held fast by the huge ball of his cock stuck inside me.

After about twenty minutes from the time he entered me, he pulled one final time. Slowly the knot began to come out. He continued to pull and suddenly it popped out with a sharp pain followed by the feeling of complete emptiness.

A huge volume of come drained out of me in a wet splash. A few long, thick ropes of spunk drooled slowly out of my wounded cunt. The smell of his effluence draining out of my pussy enveloped me and invaded my brain, it was the vital, musky smell of the inside of an animal, the inside of a dog. It was inside of me.

He turned his face toward my upturned ass and began to lick me. His cock hung between his legs. It seemed eight or nine inches long, the knot was the size of a baseball. I groaned at the sight of it, stunned at the understanding of what had been in me. My legs gave out and I slumped, unstrung, to the bed.

He licked between my legs a couple more times and lay down next to me. He grizzled and lay is head on the small of my back. I turned over and placed a hand on his head. We slept.

In the weeks and months that followed, French never again tried to lick me. Nor is he a crotch-sniffer anymore, funnily enough. The thought of trying to initiate something with him crossed my mind from time to time, especially if I was particularly horny.

That sensation of raw intensity and domination, of being completely and truly fucked by him will stay with me always. It still sends tingles through me at the thought of it.

Over time, I remembered that day with an odd mixture of fondness and arousal but it never happened again. Eventually it faded into something that happened once.

French and I carried on, pretty much as before. Best friends bonded to each other by the usual loyalty and devotion and love. And by something else.

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Sep 25, 2019
First Time?
by: Anonymous

Great story but the title suggest more than one time. Been a fan of these stories since the 60s even have my own collection of Pet Books. Pleased to see there are stories still coming.

Sep 24, 2019
need oral;
by: Anonymous

excellent story but we need her taking his shaft and knot in her mouth while getting face fucked hard while hubby watches or helps

Sep 06, 2019
I am too in it
by: Anonymous

I am into dog sex for more than 10 yrs with my Lab trained to fuck. At my mid-40s, doggie position - I still love it when he is into me pushing deep his knot almost brushing my g-spot, stop couple of minutes before ejecting his hot cum at great speed and his thrusts quicken. The shooting cums gives my uterus a burning sensation as I orgasm shaking my whole body. I hold his forelegs for few minutes so that he cannot turn around and I relish his slowly softening cock but still throbbing. Soon after he slips out and I turn on by back exposing my pussy to him. He laps it clean and I reach climax once again!!

Sep 01, 2019
by: Anonymous

Your story was and IS the best bestiality story I have ever read! We have tried to share our dog encounters on this site and don't feel we accomplished it as well as you have!

Thank you!

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