French - My Black Lab Takes Me For The First Time: Part 3

by Anonymous

I reached between my legs to run my finger tips over my pussy lips. They were so swollen and tender and wet. The tight fist of orgasm was fully charged and fizzing again at the base of my spine. I needed to quench this. I was thinking unthinkable thoughts.

I opened my eyes. French sat looking at me. His head cocked quizzically, again. His mouth was open, panting.

"You're a good boy." I whispered, and scratched him behind the ear.

I went to the bedroom and opened my nightstand. I found my vibrator and dildo and lube. I lay back with the big rubber dildo in my hand dribbling lube onto it, coating it, stroking it slick.

I placed the shaft between my legs, rubbing the length of it over my swollen cunt, teasing the orgasm. I needed this one to cleanse me, to spend all the force that was cooking inside me. I closed my eyes and played.

As the orgasm began to swirl and gather force I turned over on all fours and placed the base of the long dildo on the bed under me, rubbing the head through my slit, lining it up. I pressed the head to the opening of my cunt, spread my knees further apart and began to rock back onto it, slowly pushing it inside me.

When it was halfway in I reached for my vibrator and flicked it on. I placed it on my mound just above my clit and could feel the buzzing waves tantalizingly close to my clit. As I rocked the dildo deeper, I moved the vibe to my clit creating a shower of tingles that traveled down my thighs and up my spine.

The sparks and tingles were beginning to gather in my anus and at the base of my skull, release was near.

And then, suddenly and without time to think, French was on the bed behind me. Adrenaline ricocheted across my diaphragm. I dropped the vibrator and planted my hands on the bed and began to pull my knees together. The dildo slipped out of me onto the bed. And in an instant everything changed.

Suddenly French was on my back, his forepaws over my hips, gripping me. His surprising weight and a frozen moment of panic pinioned me in place.

His rear walked toward me. I could feel his haunches flexing almost spastically, searchingly. In a split second I felt it. A hard, hot tip about thickness of a man's thumb jabbed into my ass cheek, then against my anus. He was searching for my pussy, for the genital entrance he'd been smelling all morning.

Then he found it. The tip jabbed into the opening of my cunt. French's weight and motion pushed me forward, off balance, and I dropped to my elbows. His movement's became violent and furious. I looked back under me and saw his haunches flicking wildly, his legs and feet jerkily pushing forward. His forepaws gripped me tighter as he held in me in place for breeding.

Time slowed as my mind tried to understand what was happening. French was inside me. He was fucking me. How could this be?

The next flurry of thrusts went deep, as deep as I'd ever felt anything, the girth had ballooned to the thickness of a hammer handle. The hard tip banged ruthlessly against my cervix. Pulses of pain shot through my gut with every thrust. The base of his cock banged hard against the tender, swollen lips of my labia as if trying to squeeze inside, threatening to split me open. The force of his thrusts were tremendous and unmerciful.

I cried out in ragged, involuntarily bursts with each thrust and the depth of penetration he was inflicting on me. I felt hopelessly panicked, trapped. My mind tilted out of control with signals urging me to escape.

I struggled to get away from him, shifting my hips and pushing with all my strength to move away. Then he slipped out of me, his hot thickness jabbing against my ass again. He dismounted and began sniffing and licking between my legs.

I rolled over and sat up, facing him. I took his face and neck into my hands and began to stroke him. My heart was in my throat, racing wildly, tears welled in my eyes. "It's okay boy. It's okay." I said. He sat in front of me and licked my face and whimpered. "It's okay." I said. I put my head against his, tears rolled down my face.

I leaned back into a stack of pillows, my hands covering my face as I tried to catch my breath and slow my heart. He began walking around me, whimpering and nudging me with his nose. His tongue licked my face and neck.

I pulled me hands away from my face and looked at him. My legs and arms ached. My cunt was on fire and soaked with the fluid I could see now dripping from the bright red tip of his penis. The lips and walls of my vagina had never felt like this. I reached down to run my fingers through the folds. I looked at my fingers trying to understand the sensation I was feeling. My hand was slick with French's emissions.

His head moved forward, his tongue flicked out and began licking my hand, lapping warmly over my fingers. He lowered his head, moved forward and began licking between my legs again. I brought my knees together and rolled over on my side.

My cunt was on fire, my mind was on fire. An orgasm was boiling in the base of my spine. French licked my ass cheek and whimpered. I looked back him panting, the red tip of cock protruding from his sheath, eager to breed. Eager to breed with me. And in an instant, I decided.

I rolled over onto all fours, my ass in the air. I took a deep breath and exhaled. All I could think was that I needed to come. I needed him to take me. I wanted to cum under the brutal onslaught of his instinct, his savage cock. I would figure it out later. He sniffed and licked at the crack of my ass. I spread my knees apart and patted my ass.

"French." I said, my voice quavering. "Fuck me. Fuck me now, French."

As if commanded, he was on my back again, so heavy. His forepaws gripped my hips tightly, pinning me to his hot body. He walked his back legs forward and his haunches began to flex. I dropped to my elbows and extended a hand back under my legs to guide him.

The tip of his cock banged against the top of my ass. I grasped it and pulled it down to the opening of my cunt. The tip entered me and his hips exploded in a flurry of motion as he drove himself instinctively into his target. I released him and gripped the bed bedspread bracing myself against what was about to happen, letting him take me wherever he was going to take me.

His cock swelled to gigantic proportions almost instantly, the tip hammered at the bottom of my vagina over and over drawing shocked and involuntary cries from me. Everything became involuntary as he drove into me. My orgasm released and I felt the world start to spin away as my body reacted to the massive stimulation it was receiving. My convulsion were violent and mixed with his frantic, painful strikes. I could only breath and grip the bedspread, sharp, involuntary groans barking from my mouth.

The hammering of the huge instrument was overpowering. Stroke after furious stroke pounded me with overwhelming fullness, stabs of pain resolved in blinding succession into waves of pleasure and became indistinguishable from each other.

I cried out in shock. Short, ragged breaths flowed out as loud, panicked whimpers. My body wanted to move, to escape. I remained frozen in place, absorbing the withering punishment of the mass invading my belly.

Minutes passed and still he continued to flex and hump at an inhuman pace. He walked closer and shifted the angle of his hips. The next flurry of thrusts went even deeper, bashing brutally into my cervix. His cock seemed to swell with each thrust.

The pain and shock and surprise forced a loud yelps and grunts from my mouth. I squeezed the blankets and dropped my head to the bed to steady myself against the violent hammering of his hips and cock. My scrambled mind raced, trying to process the sensation but I could not. I started to go blank and simple follow my bodies reactions, almost watching myself from outside my own body.

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