Doggy Daycare Part 1

by Pink Thing (Hollywood, MD)

About a month ago, my wife's parents asked us to dog sit their dog while they go away for the weekend. As u know from previous stories, my wife is very open minded to my sexuality.

I had been floating around for 2 years of wanting to have sex with a dog. Her parents dog is a male dalmatian, so I'd get a lot of options. It should be noted that a year prior, I tried to get him to lick me to orgasm, but he was having none of it.

We decided to make it a weekend affair for us & with just getting a new camera off of Amazon, I'd have plenty of my own zoo vids to get my cock off too soon.

We got there on a Friday afternoon....and of course if I was getting a mouthful, I was dressing up in my best crossdressing outfit. After making sure everyone was gone, we locked the doors & closed the curtains.

I called him on the couch next to me. I was already horny, so there wasn't time to dress up and go around, but I'm sure there'd be a few more. Off with my clothes. I was so hard that it hurt.

My wife instantly noticed. I wasted no time rubbing his belly while he was in front of me on the couch...and slowly moving down to the prize. I began jerking him quicker & quicker till he was poking out.

Wasn't long before I had him out to the knot. My wife was in the other room & I told her to bring the lube in. From my position, my cock was right at his virgin hole.

"Can u lube me up with a lot of that?" She never hesitated.

"Patch" the dog started squirting as I jerked him. All over the couch, but I didn't care.

She soaked my cock in lube & I wasted no time pushing against his hole. Slowly....slowly sinking the head in.

Soon, I was in another galaxy. I was all the way in & he didn't seem bothered....could've been the handjob he was getting.

He was also all the way out & still cumming for almost 2 minutes now! "Feel good?" wife reads my body language & facial gestures very well. I had already told her I wasn't pulling out before we got there.

"Show me how good it feels." That was it...I absolutely exploded up his ass.

And, as I found out, a dogs hole can't take a much of a load as a humans. It came pushing back out....and again, all over her parents couch.

He pulled away, but I kept jerking myself for about 10 seconds afterwards. He dripped out all over the floor too. She had to let him out or we'd still be there cleaning up.

Hope everyone likes the 1st part of my story.

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