Dog And His Girlfriends: Part 6

by Hunter (Orange, California)

Well mom said ok we can stay at Susie but be home early.

She had plans for a girls day.

I giggled with excitement at having the rest of the night to do whatever we pleased.

Ben had a smile on his face too. Butch and Chunk were just hanging loose.

What do you want to do Susie asked me?

Well I would like to feel your naked body rubbing up against me to start. Susie and I removed each other’s clothes. Her nipples were just so inviting that I started to lick them. What a feeling.

I squeezed them then began to pinch them. I thought I might be hurting her but she said harder pinch them harder. I gave them such a powerful pinch and all she did was moan yes yes more.

When I felt her hand rub my pussy. I jumped a bit. But kept pinching. She inserted her two middle fingers in my growing wet pussy and I sighed

I looked back at Rebecca and she was sucking on Chunk’s now getting ready cock. Ben was playing with his own cock and Butch was licking Rebecca’s nice round ass.

I could see his tongue getting inside and her moving with excitement. She was now completely taking in Chunk his cock growing to full length.

When I felt Susie lower herself to the floor I followed.

She started licking my pussy and tasting my wetness. I was getting hotter and hotter. I shifted and got my head buried between her legs and tasted her sweet wet tender pussy lips.

They tasted beyond what I have ever tasted before. Rebecca said hey sis save some for me you know she is my best friend.

But I kept lapping away. Susie didn’t slow down either. It was one of those moments that all freedom is there for the taking.

When I heard a quick shift in bodies. I looked back and Ben had moved over and took Butch’s cock in his mouth. Wow that was hot.

He played and teased it with such expertise that I wanted him eating me next. Butch barked a bit and it was almost a command Ben moved free got on his hands and knees and butch moved over to his exposed ass.

He started licking away at his ass as if he had ideas of what was next. Ben’s ass was all wet from Butch’s attack on it that what happened next took me off guard. Butch mounted Ben and started to poke at his asshole.

1 push 2 push 3 he was pushing harder and faster. Then bang it hit home and went inside not deep but definitely inside. Ben let out a ah and Butch started pounding away. Ben was getting fucked in his ass by his own dog.

Susie said look Rebecca Butch’s mounted Ben. Rebecca stopped sick on Chunk looked at Butch and said good boy fuck Ben show his who is boss. Butch heard that and proceeded to another level.

Chunk moved over and stood in front of Ben. His cock still hard Ben took his que and started licking Chunk’s cock. All of us girls were now watching when we heard a sound from behind us.

Our neighbor old man Jim came in and said nice going kids. But you must feel left out girls. He opened the door and four more dogs came in. Each one smelling what was going on and wanted his.

OMJ said girls come here. We crawled over to him. He pulled out his cock and we just sat and looked. It was big and strong solid from tip to base. He said if you want this the first one to knot with one of my boys will get it.

Rebecca jumped up grabbed the shepherd Susie the Doberman I was left looking at the other two which one would I take. Then I thought why not both and I moved closer and they seem to understand.

Sounds were coming from all around the room Ben getting hammered by butch and he was pounding away hard Chunk pounding his mouth. Both in a frenzy to feed Ben their cocks.

I looked at Rebecca and she was now on all fours with the shepherd probing to find her hole pussy or ass he just wanted to fuck. Susie on the other hand was bent over a stool with the dobby licking away and getting hotter wouldn’t be long and he would be mounting her.

OMJ was smiling away his cock still big and strong.

Well as for me.

Next time.

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