Dog And His Girlfriends: Part 5

by Hunter (Orange, California)

Mom and dad had just home. We were cleaned up and safe from being discovered. But we wanted more. Amanda was hot and ready for round two. But how to be rid of mom and dad.

I know I said let’s take Chunk for a walk that will get us alone with him again. Go tell mom we are walking Chunk. I told mom and off we went. Where do I ask Rebecca. No worries I have a place.

We walked 10 minutes and came up to this old run down house. We went inside and Rebecca took us to the far back room. When inside I saw a mattress on the floor and it smelled of sex in there. Chunk jumped over on the mattress and seemed ready. How do you know this place? Ask questions later get undressed now.

Amanda and I took off our clothes and I watched her beautiful tits, that nice round ass and inviting pussy. I wanted her myself. But we came here to love Chunk. Amanda came up and gently kiss me and slowly rubbed my pussy. I was starting to get wet. I could tell she was too.

We moved to the mattress holding each other and kissing. I said now see that chair with the straps on it lean on it and offer Chunk your sweet pussy to lick. As I did what I was told Rebecca took the straps and fastens me to the chair. Chunk was licking me and making me hot. I loved him licking me.

Rebecca said she would be back in a minute. She left the room and I was starting to crave Chunk in the worst way I wanted him to mount me and use me. His choice my sweet pussy or my tight ass. Chunk moved closer and was about to mount me when I heard Rebecca come back into the room. I also heard Susie and Ben. Then I saw Butch.

What’s going on? I couldn’t move strapped to the chair. Well Susie said we are going to let Butch and Chuck give you a night to remember. While Rebecca and I fuck Ben in front of you. Hey what’s going on? Well this night you are going to love Chunk and love Butch.

Then Susie and Ben took off their clothes. Butch was now licking me along with Chuck two tongues inside me driving me wild. I could see their cocks start the buildup. What was going to happen?

Ben took his now hard cock after watching me with the digs and he put it in my mouth. I was going crazy with the thought. I looked up and Rebecca and Susie were on another mattress and their tongues going in and out of each other’s mouths. Kissing as if that was no tomorrow. Ben was beginning to moan and I was getting wetter and wetter. Two dogs licking my Pussy and Ben fucking my mouth.

When I heard Butch move forward and began to mount me. I could feel his cock poking away at my pussy. Then he hit the spot. He was bigger than Chunk and he stated to hammer me. Chunk more away and darted over to Rebecca as she was beginning to taste Susie’s wet hot pussy.

As she was on her hands and knees tasting away Chuck started lick her pussy. I could see drips of wet cum slide down her legs. She was hot my sister eating her best friend while her brother was fucking my mouth and don’t forget Butch.

All this going on and I am cumming away.

Butch starts to pound me harder I feel him growing inside me. He relentlessly pounding away and I am starting to pound back. Ben pulls out and sprays my face with his cum. I can move as I am still strapped to the chair. He moves over as Butch is reaching his ready point.

Ben rubs his finger in his cum on my face get a good glob and quickly shoves his finger deep in my ass. It sends me over the top fuck I start yelling fuck me Butch and he pushes his knot deep inside me. I shake and scream and almost faint.

Rebecca is now so involved in Susie’s pussy Chunk begins to get his spot on top of her back and is probing away at what is his. Hammering away at her backside getting closer to hitting home. When wham Rebecca arches back and he is in. He starts pumping harder and harder. He takes over the business now Susie is left on the mattress soaking wet from her adventure with Rebecca.

But it’s not for long as Ben takes his cue moves in and turns Susie over and begins to put his tongue in the ass. She arches up as he eats away putting his fingers in her wet spot. Then in his mouth. She tells him now fuck my ass, brother fuck me good.

Ben takes his 9 inch cock and jams it deep in her ass. Pulls her up on her hand and knees like Butch and Chunk and starts hammering his self. Two dogs fucking us two sisters while Ben fucking his own sister. I can’t believe this is going on. What a night.

Rebecca is pounding back on Chunk with each of his thrusts matching him stroke for stroke. I feel Butch start to lose his knot a bit. Ben telling Susie I am going to our last Chunk this time. I got you this time you old fucker. Chunk looks up and doesn’t lose a beat.

Butch slips out and I am stuck to the chair. He does go after my pussy again licking it clean. It feels beyond this world. I am begging someone to loosen the straps. But they are all in their own world of pleasure.

Chunk drives home one more push and he is knotted with Rebecca. Her cries of pleasure are music to my ears. Ben pushes deep into Susie and says there I beat you Chunk. Ben unloads and pulls out.

Rebecca say Chunks not done he is stilling cumming a load into me.

It’s a tie.

Susie reaches over loosen me up and says how did you like that.

I have never been so excited so hot so willing it’s a dream.

Have you done this before? Yes says Rebecca but someone is always sort of left out. There had only been 5. Now with you we can match up, changeup do all sorts of combos. Are you in?

When can we meet again?

Amanda call mom tell her we are staying the night over at Susie’s we will keep Chunk with us.

After that who is with whom next?

I want you Butch says Ben.

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