Dog And His Girlfriends: Part 4

by Hunter (Orange, California)

Well we all got up off the blanket Butch nudged Susie I don’t think he was done. I was very happy at the pounding he gave me but I was wondering about sis?

Ben smiled at me and said next time it’s my turn to pound you Butch can’t always come first. Susie looked at Ben and said you and I aren’t done mom and dad won’t be home for hours. Let’s take Butch upstairs and finish this the way it should be. He already challenging you for a second round and my pussy wants you both.

So I got dressed and headed home. When got there my parents car wasn’t around. Damn I hope they didn’t find Rebecca knotted with Chunk? That wouldn’t be easy to explain for either of us.

I went in called out mom dad are you home? No sound I called again. Nothing then I called Rebecca and I could hear her in her room. I went up to the door knocked and she said come in.

I did and she said she was almost caught. They came in the door and someone stopped at the stairs but didn’t come down as I was fighting to get my clothes back on time.

I stayed down there until it was clear to come up unnoticed.

When I got upstairs there was note on the door mom and dad going out for dinner will be out late. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do be safe girls.

Wow that was close. So Rebecca how long have you been loving Chunk more than me?

Oh a year or so now. Did you like it? He is wonderful.

We will have to be more careful. Would you like to have him again?

Lick your pussy and pound his cock into you?

Yes I think I would. How long before he is ready again. I must have drained him dry cause when he finally released me what seemed like gallons on dog cum poured out of me. Does it take him days to produce more cum? So he can have another go at it.

Well to be frank with you he is probably ready now. Want to try again?

Yes I can’t stop thinking of his pounding. Better than any boy/man I have ever had so far.

Can we go at it again you and me?

Call Chunk meet me downstairs I will be right there.

I called Chunk and he bounded up to me in a second when I opened the downstairs door he took one look and dashed down the stairs. I think he had ideas.

I went down and waited for Amanda she came down and said what are you doing with your clothes still on. He could have been sampling your pussy and had you started on your pleasure. You have a lot to learn. In this relationship Chunk comes first. I was and now we will be his bitches.

Strip off your clothes as you can see I came down naked. I am ready.

So what do we do? Well you sit there offer him your pussy he knows what to do. In the meantime as he is licking your sweet pussy I am going to crawl under him and work some magic on his big cock.

What do you mean? Just knee down enjoy his licking and watch me.

As Chunk licked away ay my pussy I saw Rebecca open her mouth and begin to lick his balls. In a second his dog cock appeared out of nowhere and it kept growing. Rebecca shifted her body and began to take his cock in her mouth.

He gave out a small whimper then mounted his attack on my pussy even harder. He was enjoying this I could tell. My pussy was soaking wet from my starting to cum. Which he lapped up with vigor. His cock grew bigger and bigger.

Amanda going to town on it. Small drips on dog cum slipped out of her mouth. She was eating this up. I was getting g hotter and hotter myself. I could feel him tense up and Amanda said now offer him your ass. Without thinking I did it and he mounted me with such force I almost fell to the floor.

He jabbed at my ass over and over. I not realizing just what was going to happen and then it did. He found the hole my asshole. He started thrusting harder trying to get in as deep as he could the pain was monstrous but at the same time out of this world.

Rebecca began saying give it to her boy fuck her ass fuck it hard.

Don’t stop till she is your total absolute bitch. He growled and kept jamming his cock in my ass. I was becoming faint. How long can I hold up to this relentless fucking? I screamed out fuck me fuck me.

When all of the sudden that knot appeared again and pushed through my asshole and lodged just inside of me. I came so hard I can’t remember how many times it was. I could feel his cum pouring into me with such force.

Rebecca was behind me now panting herself at what just happened, watching her older sister get hammer by our now Alpha dog.

She waited with me for 25 minutes for his knot to release me. I wasn’t going anywhere. After we cleaned up we went upstairs to shower just as mom and dad came home. Mom said hello and you girls didn’t get into any trouble did you?

No mom just hanging out.

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Feb 19, 2020
hot NEW
by: tiger

Great story.

Dec 31, 2019
I love dog stories
by: Anonymous

Dog stories are so hot

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