Dog And His Girlfriends: Part 2

by Hunter (Orange, California)

If you remember Chunk was knotted with my sister downstairs. I had just left to go over to Susie at her house. As I was walking down the street a few blocks from our house when I saw mom and dad driving towards our house.

I thought I hope she had gotten free from Chunk. I would find out later but first over to see Susie. Chunk had gotten me so hot that I wanted to be with my first lover. Susie and her brother were home watching TV.

Ben looked up at me with that look that said your next. Oh boy I wanted to be next. I have seen Ben in his room getting undressed to take a shower. Wow what a wonderful cock he has. Susie has told me all about it, and I would love to try him on for size. I would do my best to wear him out. But that isn’t who I came to see and Susie knew it.

So we went up to her room and in a few minutes her Great Dane trotted up stairs. Butch was his name. Butch was my first lover. He had no mercy when it came to exploring or pleasing himself.

Once when I was over and Susie left the room I was on the floor on my stomach reading when Butch came up behind me and rubbed his nose into my open legs. My jeans stopped him at first but he kept rubbing and rubbing.

I thought what a curious dog but I was beginning to feel warmth down there that had me wondering. I pushed him away cause I didn’t want Susie to come in and see what was going on. I called out her name and she answered she would be there in 15 minutes or so she was helping out Ben.

Butch just kept at it probably because I was becoming wet and he could smell my dampness under my Panties and jeans. He pushed harder to get at my pussy I pushed back, he was towering over me and I could tell he wasn’t about to stop until he tasted what he wanted.

So I thought give him a small taste and that would get him to stop and go downstairs. I loosen my pant and slid them down far enough to let him really smell my wetness, which he wanted. I didn’t pull down my panties thinking that would stop him, only it didn’t. His wet tongue found its way past my panties and slightly into my pussy. Lighting shot through my whole body. It was a bit rough but it hit the spot.

He kept licking away at me. The lighting melting me with each swipe of his tongue. Still no Susie I was thinking do I pull my panties and let him have free range. No I thought but the Lighting said different so I slipped them down exposing my dripping wet pussy which in turn just fired him up more.

He was full on going to lick me dry. Which I felt at this point he wasn’t going to be able to do boy was I wrong. He kept licking deeper and deeper, wetter and wetter I became until I just let loose pulled my pants off and ripped off my panties. Have me Butch I said trying to muffle the screams I wanted to make. He understood and turned on me as if the world was going to end in the next ten minutes and he wanted to go out on top.

I came and came. He had me where he wanted and I could see the look in his eye. He wasn’t going to stop. He nudged me which moved me in way that was going to expose me. When I heard Susie telling Ben if he needed more help just yell and she would be right there. I quickly put myself back together just a minute be she rolled in.

Butch still hot had a look as if he had been robbed, a sad look in his eye he went to the corner and began to lick his still exposed cock. Susie came in and said what’s going on? I was reading and Butch was over there doing boy dog things.

She looked at me then at him a small smile came to her lips. I told him when I come back next time he could have more of me.

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