Dirty Dog

by Always Fucking Horny

"I'll be home in 2 hours," my dad called from downstairs. "Okay, see you later," I called, from upstair in my room, fully naked and ready to have the house to myself. I have been feeling incredibly horny all week, masturbating every chance I get.

This is the summer before college, the summer where I finally was able to do what i want.

As soon as I heard the door close, I open my bedroom door and laid in the hallway. I wanted to masturbate in every room before i left, because why the fuck not? I sat their and rubbed my clit as fast as i could with one hand, shoving a dildo in my tight pussy with the other. I moaned so loud and cummed so hard.

"Ahhh fuccckk," i moaned, trying to catch my breath before moving on to the next room, my brothers.

I walked in and stood with my back against the wall. Thats when i heard my dog come upstairs. I figured he had heard me yelling and came to check on me. I stood there with my eyes closed fastly rubbing my clit. It wasnt very long before i cummed, again yelling.

I stood there for five minutes, then finally opened my eyes. My dog had been watching me the whole time in the doorway. I had heard that dogs (especially boy dogs) will lick your pussy if you let them. I was curious.

"Come on buddy, i have a treat for you," i said, walking to my parents room. This was the last room upstairs, but i wanted to go to the kitchen and garage last.

I sat in the middle of the room and opened my legs wide. I was still very wet from the last two times. "Come here boy, come taste my pussy," i called tapping on my clit. He ran right over and started to lick right away.

"Ahh fuck boy, your making me so wet. Clean up all my juices boy." I said, rubbing his head. He licked me for two more minutes, then i squirted all over him and the floor.

"Fuckkk boy, that was so good. Who's a good boy? Do you wanna clean me up downstairs?" I said. I was laying on the floor, still shaking from the orgasm i just had. Just then, he walked back over and started licking again. I moaned so loud i was sure the neighbors heard.

"Ah fuck i'm going to cum again!" I screamed, shaking and lifting my hips from the ground. I didn't have the energy to squirt again, but i felt cum drip down my legs, then my dogs tongue licking it up. I think he understood my last question, because after he was done, we walked downstairs.

"Holy shit," i said, one hand on my pussy, then other in my hair. "That was fucking amazing, I should have had him do that earlier."

I laid on the floor for ten minutes, regaining the energy for another round downstairs.

I walked downstairs and saw him, sitting in the kitchen, licking himself.

"Huh, i must have turned you on, huh boy?" I said, as i sat in front of him. I opened my legs and started rubbing my very swollen clit. He looked up knew just what to do.

"Ah fuck, good boy. Lick me good, i wanna cum on you again." I said. This time he licked me all over, my pussy, my thighs, my ass. It was so hot. I squirted again all over the floor, and he started to clean me up again.

"You're such a good boy." I said, in between short breathes. "You can lick me anytime you want." I said.

I went to the garage for the last round. I left the door opened, hoping he come help me out, or at least watch.

He didn't, but that's okay, because i came so fast it wouldn't have been worth it.

I stood up, my legs feeling like jelly and my head spinning.

I had came so much that i was so tired. I walked back upstairs, cleaned myself up, and sat on the couch downstairs.

A few minutes later, my dog jumped up with me, and put his head in my lap. "You're a good boy, you made me feel so good" i told him, patting his head.

Not long after, my dad returned.

"I'm home," he called. "I'm out here with the dog, just watching tv," my dogs perked up when i spoke. "Not now boy, i'm too tired and dads home, later," i whispered to him. He laid back down.

"What did you do while i was gone?" My dad asked, i guess i even looked tired.

"Nothing much, just played with the dog for a while," i said, petting the dogs head.

"Oh okay, you both look exhausted," he said.

"Yeah, we played quiet hard, but he had fun, huh boy?" I said. He wagged his tail as i smiled down at him.

"Well, you'll both sleep good tonight then," my dad said, walking to the kitchen.

"Oh we sure will," i said to my dog, winked, making him excited again.

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Jun 26, 2019
by: PierreAnonymous

I love to see that must be so sexy ,I talk with my wife she said like to try it

Jan 26, 2019
A little short
by: Anonymous

The story was very good but the only thing is you should have had the dog Mount and knot you also I think the story could have got a little more hotter and little bit longer if you would describe that action

Oct 11, 2018
by: tiger

Hot story, I would lick you clean.

Sep 29, 2018
by: tiger

When are you going to return the favor and suck him off?

Aug 18, 2018
by: Anonymous

Ooh thats hot, but i think i could eat you out better than that dog ;)

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