Dirty Dog: Part 2

by Always Fucking Horny

If you haven’t read my first story, Dirty Dog, I would suggest reading it before this one.

In that, I told the story of the first time my dog ate me out. It was the summer before college and to be real with you all, the horniest summer I’ve had.

After the amount of pleasure my dog gave me that day, both of us were begging for time alone, but with a big family, it’s really hard to find that. One afternoon, I was feeling especially horny and I knew my dog was too. I decided that it was now or never, if I didn’t get something now, I was gonna explode.

I decided the best “excuse” was to say I was taking him to a dog park.

“Come on boy, we are gonna go have a real good time!” I said, calling him into the back of my car. I needed to find a place that I could take him and we could both get some pleasure. I drove about 15 minutes up the road from my house, playing with my already wet pussy the whole ride there.

I stopped in an almost empty parking lot, put the back seats down, and took off my soaking wet panties. My dog immediately knew what to do, and within 5 minutes, I was cumming harder and faster than anyone has ever made me. I knew that he would enjoy his dick being sucked, so I rolled him over on his back, took his hard red dick in my mouth and sucked better than I ever have.

Within minutes, he was cumming in my mouth and I was soaking wet again.

“Hey boy, do you wanna fuck me before we head home?” I knew he understood, because he got on all fours and went right for it.

It took a few seconds to get his dick inside of me, but once it was, he was fucking me hard and fast, and I was moaning so loud anyone outside my car could hear.

Within a few minutes of us fucking, I came all over his dick and he did a few seconds later. I fell back, so pleasured and dripping in cum. I closed my eyes for a few seconds to catch my breath and he went straight to eating me out one more time.

He licked me completely clean and I was so exhausted from the amazing pleasure i received. I got dressed and cleaned up the mess, fixed my seats and headed back home.

When I walked in the door, closely followed by my dog, I realized my mom had taken my siblings to the store and my dad was asleep.

“You ready for round two?” I looked down at him, and he started to wag his tail. “Let’s go upstairs.”

As soon as we were in my room, I completely undressed and laid him on his back. I sucked his dick until it was hard again and this time let him fuck me in the ass.

I was rubbing my clit fast as he was fucking me from behind, and this time we both lasted 15 minutes. He came in my ass, I helped him take his dick out and again he licked me clean.

Just as we were finishing, I heard the garage door open. I quickly got dressed and cleaned up, and let my dog out. He immediately went to his bed to sleep, and I was about ready to do the same.

I helped my mom with the groceries and then went and took a nap.

I was leaving in a couple days for college so I made sure that me and my dog were alone everyday leading up to that day. I was grateful I was able to pleasure him after all the times he has made me cum.

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Aug 31, 2019
by: Sassynsweet

I so want a dog to do this to me. My pussy gets so wet thinking about it.

Jul 22, 2019
dogs that lick
by: elwood

Loved your story. Turned me on so much I had to try suckling dogs dick just for shits an giggles. Yes it was a blast. Literally 1st time a cocks been in my mouth. And he blasted a load in my mouth an didn't stop squirting for a couple minutes. I've 4 dogs now an a mini stud to share. Hollerat mehere

May 21, 2019
Hotter than hell
by: Anonymous

I would love to watch a lady be fucked by a dog, I’d be cumming so bad. Any ladies interested in letting me watch

May 08, 2019
Pet lovr
by: Anonymous

I had a girl friend that seemed overly affectionate with her dog. I accidentally found out why when I came back to the house and her telling him how good he was .I looked in and had to shake my head at what I witnessed. Her on all fours and her dog mounting her like a jackrabbit! Juices were flowing down her legs steadily. He was all over the place and started to lap at her flooded pussy when he saw me and kept licking. She looked up totally embarrassed trying to make excuses. Finally she said we need to talk. She confessed she had been doing it for years. When she lived at home about 18 she played with the family dog.. Crazy world we live in!!

Apr 29, 2019
by: tiger_t

Great wrapup chapter.

Apr 22, 2019
Dirylty dog
by: Anonymous

Anyone knows where to find a good dog that know how to eat a pussy and fuck real hard.

Apr 15, 2019
so hot
by: Anonymous

Love the story l want to find a dog to lick my pussy now

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