Cousin's Wicca Coven: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

“Susan you won’t believe what Varlett did to me again today!” I began, “She took me somewhere and all these woman . . well two women washed me nude . . I mean they were naked . . oh shit Susan . . something fucked . . I mean someone fucked me and I know it ripped my asshole apart . . I’m sure it is still bleeding dear!” I shared with a little scream! Susan had me stand as she pulled my shorts off . . she then pushed me over the arm of our couch.

“Bob you asshole looks fine . . I mean it isn’t torn or bleeding . . in fact it looks very much like it is more than ready for some breeding . . would you like that little boy . . would you me to fuck you sweetie?” Susan whispered behind me rubbing her finger against my pucker!

The next day I try to stay in our bedroom so I would not run into Varlett but then I heard the front door bell. As I opened the door I saw Varlett standing outside facing me. As before I found myself being cleansed by these two beautiful naked woman . . then of course back on my stone table!

Varlett began chatting . . growing the mystic cloud between her hands. I saw her direct the cloud towards my body and simultaneously my stomach began to grow larger . . and so did my chest . . hell my breasts! My God I have breasts so large I couldn’t see my giant stomach anymore! Then I saw the blackest fluid begin pouring out of my breasts as the women approached me they began drinking and bathing in these fountains of breast milk! Next felt something pushing itself out of my asshole . . like I was giving birth . . from my asshole . . oh shit! The next thing I knew I was dressed and setting in our house with Susan asking me how my day was!

“Bob why are you setting here naked in our living room?” Susan asked me. She just stood there looking at me as Varlett walked into the room to stand beside her. “Bob get up and get dressed . . we aren’t nudist here . . well at least not with almost perfect strangers sweetheart!”

“It’s ok Susan,” Varlett shared, “I’m used to little boys acting up around me . . almost like . . you know magic most of the time! I have a nice leather leash I could give you to lead him around with . . you know to train him like a pet . . oh yea a nice little doggy I’d say!”

“Well you two laugh all you want!” I said quite mad! “Susan, Varlett took me again and she gave me giant breasts . . they had milk . . well black water . . hell Susan I gave birth today to something . . I mean it came out of my asshole!”

“Susan has your Bobby always wanted to be a girl . . giving birth and nursing her new born baby dear?” She asked Susan.

“Well Varlett Bobby . . ,” Susan spoke with a strange look on her face, “I mean Bob . . he has always like breasts . . you know to suck on . . shit Bob you have even told me during sex that you wished you had breasts because you would play with them ALL THE TIME . . remember dear . . you’ve said that!”

Saturday evening I found myself being bathed by these two beautiful woman . . oh how I would like to have sex with both of them! Finding myself back on this stone table I saw all these woman standing around me in a circle . . but now wearing black robes that went all the way to the ground! They each had a fire burning torch in their hand and when I looked at Varlett she was wearing a goat’s head crown . . oh shit it had flames coming out of it!

What surprised me most of all was I when I saw Susan squatting next to Varlett with . . hell she had a dog collar around her neck and a leash running to Varlett’s waist! As Varlett began to chant I could see Susan crawling around in front of Varlett and she began licking her pussy . . oh hell no . . Varlett had a cock . . a real live fleshly cock that Susan was holding with both hands . . sucking big time!

Varlett began her chanting . . even louder than before . . and the cloudy mist began to grow . . but tonight it was beginning to glow red! I watched this devil of a beast appear from within the cloud that had moved to the foot of the table! Then all the women . . hell . . all these witches began to chant . . spinning around where they stood!

I saw and felt this devil creature move up onto the stone table and just as it began spreading my legs my cock began to grow . . you know to that same two foot length it had before! The beast took my monster cock into its mouth and began sucking on it as it pushed its own monster cock into my asshole! Just as before its monster cock was fucking me and when I felt it unload its giant load of beast cum my stomach AND MY breasts began to grow . . only this time the beast continued to fuck me on and on and on!

As if I couldn’t be surprised anymore I saw Susan stand up and approach me! She leaned over and began kissing me . . but instead of her tongue she began pushed a cock into my mouth coming out of her mouth! I could feel her cock pushing its way down my throat . . and then cum began flowing from her cock into my stomach! Shit was Susan now feeding . . I mean . . was she putting food into my stomach . . some kind of devil’s food?

Susan was now moved away and was standing at the end of the stone table. Varlett continued chanting louder than ever! I watched the devil creature pulled its massive cock out of me and it stood up at the end of the stone table . . and hell it began to chant also!

I watched Susan moved to the end of the stone table as I felt my asshole ripping apart as I was giving birth for real this time! Susan was there to catch this new devil creature that was just born! Susan walked around to put one of my massive nipples to the lips of this little monster and I watched it begin to suck and drink my black breast milk!

Before my very eyes I watched this devil baby begin to grow and grow as it finally stopped sucking on my nipple and it now stood ten foot tall! This thing was now glowing bright red and had smoke flowing from its mouth! I watched all the witches . . even Varlett being sucked into this devil’s mouth . . like they were its meal . . just like that they were all gone!

The next thing I knew Susan and I were back at our house . . but this time with evidence that SOMETHING had actually happened to the both of us! I could see Susan’s tongue pushed out of her mouth and it seemed to be leaking . . shit it was still leaking cum from its tip! And for me . . Susan began crying as she told me my asshole was bleeding and was standing open with a hole the size of a soft ball!

“My God Bob . . you were telling me the truth about what Varlett had been doing to you . . oh shit . . we need to get you to the hospital,” Susan screamed!

And just as she finished speaking her tongue had moved back into her mouth and she looked as normal as ever and my battled asshole had returned to its normal little puckered self!

“Susan,” I asked, “Did any of this really happen . . I mean did Varlett even come here to visit us?”

“Varlett’s not going to visit us for another month Bob!” Susan said with a strange look on her face . . I told you that just this morning . . right!

The craziest thing was when I went out to grill that evening . . in the center of our flower garden there was standing a large stone table . . .

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