Cousin's Wicca Coven: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Susan shared that her Cousin Varlett was coming to visit us. I asked her what she knew about Varlett and Susan said very little. In fact it appears that Varlett was her new name and her given name was Mary! Susan finally shared that Mary . . or Varlett left High School at about 16 and began traveling with a group of girls doing Self Studies of The World. Susan finally told me that she had only her rumors about this group and . . well let’s say that the term Wicca kept coming up!

Varlett arrived and quickly she and Susan went out to party on the town. While this wasn’t unusual for Susan that fact that it was a work night . . hell Monday night did seem quite strange!

While they were out I got on line and started researching the term Wicca. Here is what I found at first: Wicca, also termed Pagan Witchcraft, is a modern Pagan religion normally Covens, consisting of normally 13 witches, were formed. Scholars of religion categorize it as both a new religious movement and as part of the occultist stream of Western esotericism. It was developed in England during the first half of the 20th century and was introduced to the public in 1954 by Gerald Gardner, a retired British civil servant. Wicca draws upon a diverse set of ancient pagan and 20th-century hermetic motifs for its theological structure and ritual practices.

That night when she did return home Susan said she had so much to tell me but most important was that Varlett shared she was the High Priestess of her Witches Coven and she was coming here ahead of the Summer Solstice to prepare for their rituals; specially the Gardner’s Great Rite, which would involve nudity, scourging and sexual intercourse . . black magic!

“Bob just be careful tomorrow when you speak to Varlett . . I mean don’t piss her off . . just let her do her thing and don’t get in her way! As the day progressed Susan went to work and I . . since I worked from home . . was still puttering around before getting down to business! As I was heading to our basement I bumped into the Varlett and besides thinking she was a living beauty . . shit she . . she was totally naked!

“My god Varlett why are you naked?” I asked her, standing there with my mouth open and my eyes about to pop out of my head!

“Bob,” Varlett began to reply, “I require your assistance in several ways today so I hope I can count on her dear . . I can count on you right?” I tried to respond to her but all I did was mumble out something while I was still starring at her nude body! I mean she had the perfect body in her dimensions but she also had the perfect breasts . . they had just that perfect little sag and oh so pointed nipples . . but her amazing jet black arm pit and pussy hairy stole my mind’s ability to even think straight!

“Bob you to come with me . . I require your help . . as a male . . you are a male correct . . you possess a cock and two testicles . . yes?” Varlett asked me. Again I have no idea what I might have told her but we left our house and drove several miles out into the country. There I followed her into an old building . . I mean it really looked more like a castle of sorts! Let me also share that Varlett left our house completely nude and traveled all the way to this new location . . nude!

“Bob,” She told me, “Now I require these two here to help cleanse you!” Almost appearing from nowhere two additional woman . . again both nude . . lead me to a sort of communal bathing area with an open water fall and several pooled areas of standing water. They placed me on an edge of this pool and began using sponges and their hands to completely wash my body. Strangely there was absolutely no response to my erection . . which was quite impressive if I may say so . . but just the opposite response to my ass! As I was bent over by one woman the other woman began blowing mouthful after mouthful of water into my bowels! What a strange feeling . . but none the less she did fill me full of water . . which was later allowed to be removed through a normal toilet experience! Once my bathing was completely over I was lead to a different room . . one quite large with a single stone table in the center. There I was told to lie upon this table and relax!

So here I was naked as the day I was born . . lying on a stone table . . with only my erection seeming to make any kind of statement! As I watched I counted 12 women coming in and forming a circle around me. Varlett appeared next to me and began speaking some kind of language. I never would have known she was speaking in some form of Wiccan Tongues as she starred into my eyes! Call it hypnosis or whatever you choose but I began to realize I couldn’t speak or move . . only my mind was aware of what then began to happen!

I could hear Varlett continuing to chant something and while doing so she started to develop a cloud like image of something between her hands! As she continued she brought her hands down to my cock and when the cloud engulfed it I actually saw my cock become . . like . . well hell two foot long! My cock head was as big as a grapefruit and my balls had increased to a size that forced my legs apart to the max! Varlett continued to chant as she told ahold of this new monster cock and began to kiss and lick it! I couldn’t even feel any of this but then I watched her then take a very long needle and begin pushing it through my cock . . now this I did feel . . oh shit! My screams went without any response from any of these women yet I continued to scream!

One by one I watched each of these woman walk up to this stone table and push their large needles through my enlarged cock . . only to see once they finished what appeared to be a pin cushion made out of my cock! The next thing I knew I was dressed and setting back in our house with Susan asking me how my day was!

“Susan you won’t believe what Varlett did to me today!” I began, “She took me somewhere and all these woman . . I mean witches . . anyway they stuck large needles into my cock . . and my cock was . . I mean Jesus Susan . . it was two foot long!

“Bob go easy now,” Susan moved up close to me and pushed her hand into my shorts grabbing my cock and feeling it! “First off your setting here in your normal shorts and even I can see . . well even feel . . your cock is just as it always is . . I mean it’s ok . . yea you know maybe 6” hard but . . I mean not bad for a white man . . sort of . . but not even in the same class as your average black master cock . . now you know this dear . . right?”

That night as we slept I swear I felt a thousand tiny fingers touching and pulling on my cock . . and it would get harder than ever before . . then it felt like it actually disappeared . . like I had no cock at all . . next I felt massive loads of cum shooting out hitting the bedroom ceiling . . then I would wake up and all was as normal as any day ever!

The next day started out just the same, Susan left for work and then I ran into Varlett on my way to the basement. I found myself being cleansed by these beautiful woman . . yes naked as ever . . then of course back on my stone table! Today Varlett began her chanting . . but this time she seemed to be calling something . . or someone to appear! As the cloud grew between her hands I could see a large man . . with horns . . what the hell . . coming out of the cloud and then climbing on top of me. As if all of this wasn’t enough . . I began feeling something larger than I could describe pushing into my asshole . . my God it was opening my ass to a totally new dimension . . then I felt it fucking me . . . on and on . . the fucking continued what seemed to be hours! Finally I felt a Fire Hose of cum open inside me and I watched my stomach grow as if I was 9 months pregnant! The next thing I knew I was dressed and setting in our house with Susan asking me how my day was!

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