Clothes Ripped Off

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

I was out for a walk along the road one day, I decided to wear a very tiny thong which barely covered my pussy, I also was wearing one of those bras that pushes my breasts up and creating a large cleavage.

I was also wearing a blouse with a very low cut neckline exposing my large cleavage, the skirt i was wearing blew up every time the wind would blow, as i was walking along the highway just out getting some exercise.

Just as i was going across to the other side a sudden heavy breeze came up, the wind not only blew my skirt up in the air my skirt was ripped off of me by the heavy gust of wind.

My skirt was ripped off by the wind just as a van came up the road, the driver stopped to help me when he saw my skirt come off, he offered me a lift back to my house.

Well i accepted his offer, i got in and sat down in the passenger seat, i thought he was giving me a lift back home, there was a curtain closing off the back of the van from the front.

You couldn't see what was in the back or who was in the back, a little bit after i had climbed in and at down all of a sudden two arms came from behind the curtain.

One hand went over my mouth so i couldn't scream and the other one reached down and ripped off my thong, now i was naked from the waist down, the hand that ripped my thong off and the driver together ripped my blouse off.

Finally the driver reached and ripped off my bra exposing my huge 46cc breasts, the seat that i was sitting in turned around, so the hand from back of the curtain turned the seat around and i was facing backwards, my pussy wasnow against the curtain, a hand once again came through the curtain and began touching my pussy.

Then fingers went up in my pussy and finger fucking me, after a while the seat went behind the curtain that is where i was force fucked, the driver parked way off the road and came back.

Now the four of the men and two big dogs raped me repeatedly, i was even raped by the two dogs, the men was making my pussy very wet, so they lef the two dogs lick my pussy getting my pussy juices.

That even made my pussy even wetter, they in turn allowed the dog to continue licking my pussy i was enjoying the dogs licking my pussy, many times the dogs tongues went up my pussy hole that made me feel wonderful.

I made up my mind and told the men that i didn't want to go home, that they could take me where ever they wanted to take me, so they took me up to a tiny cabin on top of the mountain and kept me there.

I asked them if they would leave the two dogs with me for company, i stayed in the cabin with the two dogs for three months and i enjoyed the dogs licking my pussy and putting their tongues up my pussy hole.

One of the dogs was a male so i allowed him to enter his big long doggie dick up in my pussy hole and hump me until i had three orgasms, it was the most wonderful time i had with the two dogs, when the three weeks was up i didn't want to leave.

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Jun 08, 2019
Hottest story NEW
by: Anonymous

I wish it was me who was kidnapped and fucked by those two men and the male dog while the other one licked my pussy until I came and then the male got me pregnant with his puppies.

Apr 02, 2019
Pussy suckimg
by: Anonymous

I wish I could suck the dogs cum from your pushy and then fist ypu

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