Caught: Pt 4

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Before I could answer . . Mom had pulled Duke away . . then lined me up better viewing with the Security Cameras. Then I heard her telling the men to step forward . . not to push and shove . . and she would suck their cocks hard and then . . they would each get to breed her little girl!

“Damn women . . so this is you little girl . . shit this is your own daughter . . wow . . she also lets dogs breeds her . . well I’ve never heard of any whore this open to wild sex . . damn woman!” I kept waiting for Mom to tell them I was actually her daughter in law but I guess it did sound sexy to tell them I was her real daughter!

“Don’t worry about this slut . . just get in there and breed her!” My Mom told them. The first man kept me on my hands and knees and fucked me doggie style.

“I figured this is the way you wanted it since we saw the farm dog breeding you when we pulled up!” He spoke bending over me. “You’re the first bitch . . I mean . . the first real bitch I have fucked! This is something . . I thought it was feel different pushing my cock into dog cum . . you know already in the cunt . . but you feel just like every other whore I have fucked!” He told me without any concern!

The second man tried to fuck me but . . he shot his load before he even got this cock into my pussy! Finally the third man came up to me . . but wanted me on my back! As soon as I rolled over . . he stood there and pissed aiming at my mouth . . shit!

“Hey good idea!” the other two men yelled and they two stood next to me pissing at my mouth! I tried to tell them to stop but every time I opened my mouth it filled up with their piss . . well shit . . I kept swallowing . . and these guys just kept on pissing . . it seemed like it became a game . . every time I swallowed their piss . . they would fill my mouth up again! Finally I saw Mom come over next to all of us . . shit she started pissing . . hell standing up . . pulling on her pussy lips to aim her piss at my mouth too!

Finally the three men were through and dressed to leave. I heard Mom telling them to come back anytime . . and to bring their friends too! Mom came back and told me to go to the basement and get cleaned up.

That night after supper we were able to Face Time with Bob again. He looked sort of upset . . even crying a little . . but he just kept asking me how things were going? I told him everything was just fine . . and I told him that Mom and Dad were quite happy too . . getting them in the picture now!

“Well,” Bob began speaking, “I just need to speak with Susan alone please!” So I asked Mom and Dad to leave . . but they really just moved to the other side of the kitchen table and could still hear Bob. “Susan . . I need to tell you that Captain Stevens . . my team commander . . well he approached me today and . . well he . . shit Susan he showed me his phone . . and playing on the screen . . damn Susan it was a video showing you getting fucked . . it was Duke fucking you . . right?”

I cut Bob off and began replying, “Bob, sweetheart you have to understand . . it was an accident . . I was trying to get into the house . . well I got stuck in the coal chute opening and . . well Duke came along and . . shit yes Bob your dog . . he bred me . . but don’t worry honey . . remember the Vet told us last time with Rag Tag . . I wouldn’t get . . you know his sperm . . Duke can’t knock me up . . so that’s good . . right honey!”

“Susan I understand that,” Bob quickly snapped back in, “but who in the hell was that UPS man that fucked you too . . shit Susan it looked like he really worked you over . . I mean his cock was giant . . he was black like Captain Stevens!”

“Bob my love,” and tried to answer, “That was an accident too . . I didn’t ask him to breed me . . you know that Bob . . shit he raped me . . and by the way yes his cock . . damn Bob his cock was the largest that has ever bred . . I mean fucked me . . Bob you have to believe me that I told him to stop fucking me . . I really did!”

“I’m sorry Susan,” Bob replied, “Honey I understand that both of these . . well what did you call them . . breeding's . . I’m just sorry that they happened! If you want you can tell Dad . . or I will tell him to shoot . . I mean kill Duke for you! And you called the Sheriff didn’t you to report the UPS Driver . . you’ll have charged him with Rape . . right sweetie?”

“Bob,” Susan answered, “Mom says she is working with Duke . . you know teaching him . . well helping him learn that he shouldn’t . . breed me . . I mean teaching him not to fuck me . . and she thinks he is coming along quite well . . she has been hard at it dear . . and Bob . . that UPS boy . . he sent us $500 for his getting to breed me . . so that was good . . right Bob . . getting extra money to help us once you return home . . the money is good . . yes?”

“Susan,” Bob asking now, “You told Mom and Dad to leave correct? Well next in the video . . after Duke bred you . . I watched Mom trying to help you . . you know pulling back on you . . but I saw her touching your . . hell your pussy Susan . . shit was mom fingering you . . and then I saw Dad trying to help . . shit Susan it looked like he was eating your pussy . . did he eat you out Susan?”

“Bob,” I started crying, “Things were just so crazy that day . . I was screaming for Mom and Dad to help me and they both . . Bob they both did everything they could to help me! Yes Mom touched my pussy . . but only to check to see if Duke had torn my pussy lips while he bred me . . and Dad . . well hell Bob he was trying to pull me out so much . . yes he moved in so quickly . . yes Bob he bumped his face into my creme pie pussy . . it was an accident . . he even told me that Duke’s doggie cum didn’t taste good . . I mean he said that it didn’t smell good at all! Anyway Bob, Dad told me he was really sorry for getting up into my pussy that day . . that he didn’t mean to eat me . . Bob like I am telling you . . everything here is ok . . just fine love!”

That ended the Face Time chat with Bob that night and we all went to bed. Mom came in to make sure I was ok . . she heard me crying . . and she did help me get to sleep . . fingering my pussy as I drifted off to sleep. The next evening I talked to Mom and Dad while sitting in the living room.

“Mom,” I started, “Bob knows about the videos online . . hell even his Captain found me online . . I need you to show me the videos too . . you didn’t put my real name or address . . shit am I now known all over the web Dad?”

“Susan,” Mom replied, “I told you that Tom has helped dad . . well you and me too . . setting the Security Camera feeds up to show online. Remember I told you that Tom is sharing all the monies the people are paying to watch your breedings! But we’ll have to ask Tom about the information he put up along with the actual videos themselves. If he added you name Susan . . I’m sure it was just an accident!”

“But Mom,” I now was openly crying, “What is Bob going to think when he sees the video from today . . shit with Duke breeding me again . . shit I wasn’t trapped or stuck this time . . I mean he will see that I freely allowed . . shit I invited Duke to breed me . . and on camera on less! He’ll just die when he sees those three black men breeding me right after Duke was finished . . and what about all the pissing . . shit Mom he’ll see that you pissed in my mouth too! What if he can see me even swallowing your piss . . I mean it didn’t hurt me . . well the taste was different . . but not horrible . . but I know Bob won’t begin to understand me drinking piss . . how could he?”

“Susan,” Dad then spoke, “Because Bob has seen the breeding videos’ Mom and I have started a letter to Captain Stevens asking that Bob can be discharged from the Army . . under the Family Emergency Act . . telling him that you are under extreme stress and that your entire mental well-being is at risk!”

“What if Captain Stevens doesn’t believe your letter . . what then . . oh poor Bob . . he will be hurt so badly seeing that his Susan has become . . hell a breeding bitch and whore getting fucked for money!” I questioned their plan.

“Susan,” Dad spoke, “we thought about that too . . so we’re including a standing offer . . you promising Captain Stevens . . well that he can visit and breed you too . . hell even bring his fellow black officers . . and never have to pay . . we know that will work . . no man will turn down getting to breed you little girl!”

Well Bob was discharged and sent back home . . but not before Captain Stevens showed Bob 17 more videos of more men breeding me and even 6 neighbor dogs claiming me as their bitch too! Our first night was to be so special . . and it was . . as Bob was making love to me missionary style . . Dad lead Duke into the bedroom and helped him jump on Bob’s back and start fucking him! Shit how Bob screamed . . at least for a while . . but . . like me and his Mom . . quickly came around to the realization that dogs are allowed to claim their bitches . . and then continue breeding those bitches as they desire!

That was all it took for my Bob to come around . . well that and all the money! Our part of the online dog and interracial breeding videos had already brought in over $73,000 . . and that was even before the entire new category of GAY Breeding was introduced! Turns out that after the first time that Dad bred his son . . Bob asked him to breed him all the time! Turns out that Bob is much more interested in being a sweet little pussy gurl dressed up and having her makeup in place . . well Bob has asked to make love to his wife in 3 months now! But that is ok . . Mom keeps lining up black men . . hell even Arab and Indian men with their giant black cocks to continually breed me!

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