Caught: Pt 3

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

As I entered the house I called out for Mom but didn’t get an answer. So I walked out of the basement and looked down at the garden. I didn’t see Mom anywhere down there so I walked out to the barn. As I entered the side shed and could see towards the feed bin; WOW . . I saw what I didn’t think was even possible!

There was Bob’s Mom . . on her hands and knees . . with Duke up on her back . . fucking her . . well as hard as he had fucked me . . shit bred me over the past two days! I could hear Mom crying out . . moaning with passion . . telling Duke to keep breeding her . . shit telling him she wanted him to knock her up so she would give birth to litter after litter of cute little puppies! Then I about shit my panties when I hear Mom continued talking!

“Oh Duke . . you are the stud . . wouldn’t it be great to be able to just keep breeding me and that little bitch Susan! Oh she is such a hot little whore . . I know why you have to breed her every chance you get . . you want her to conceive and carry your puppies . . oh yes . . oh God Duke . . you can get me and Susan both pregnant with your puppies! Oh yes . . everyone in town would know that you bred us both and would marvel at our prego bellies carrying your litters!” Mom was crying out. I watched Mom cum like a wild animal . . with Duke still knotted with her . . now ass to ass!

I went back to the house . . leaving Mom to enjoy her breeding with Duke in private . . well sort of private! I guess Mom knows about the security cameras around the house so she brings Duke into the barn to fuck! NOTE TO SELF: Tell Bob to install hidden cameras in the barn . . tell him that Dad said that some folks had been sneaking into their barn and stealing hay and tools! That a way Dad would see that Mom is also a dog’s bitch . . yes a bitch like me . . wanting to . . hell needing to be bred by Duke and . . hell any other dog that comes around here . . oh yea!

That night I was able to Face Time with Bob and even his parents were able to say hi to him! We did get a few minutes to ourselves and Bob asked me how things were going . . and I told him pretty good . . that I was getting to know his parents much better! I thought I should at least tell him that much . . I mean his mother has tasted my pussy . . his dog had bred me twice . . shit even his Dad has eaten my pussy . . had me suck his cock . . and now has even fucked me . . filling me with his cum . . my God Bob what an sex adventure this has become!

That next week I overhead Mom talking to Dad as they were discussing the Security Cam Footage from the day I was stuck in the coal-hole opening.

“Les,” She continued, “I don’t think we should tell Susan that it was in fact the UPS man . . well young man that fucked her that day . . nor should we tell her that he was black . . with a giant cock . . how old did that say that driver was . . 19 . . wow! I mean what’s the odds of him coming back here . . surely he wouldn’t come back to fuck her white bitch pussy again . . would he Les? Remember Susan mentioned that person’s cock was a monster . . and now we know why! That was one prefect cock . . so big and black . . oh my . . sorry Les I just got carried away . . so big!” So that is why his cock felt so good . . I mean big . . black and big . . I thought on!

Things continued pretty much the same over the next few weeks . . I mean both Mom and Dad were being much more sexual towards me . . and loving towards me. The best example was the day that Mom came to me . . after Dad went out to bail hay . . lead me by the hand into my bedroom . . and told me she needed to show her love for me. Mom striped me naked . . had told me to lay on the bed . . she spread my legs and climbed between them!

“My God Mom . . oh yes eat my pussy . . oh shit . . Mom that cucumber is so big and hard . . did you just pick it that morning?” I was moaning as I tried to speak! She worked on me for over an hour when she climbed up over my face and told me to lick up her cum . . so she wouldn’t smell when Les comes back in! Wow she was so wet . . and she really tasted good . . I mean so good! I’ve eaten my share of pussy over the years and until now it was a tie between my next older sister Saundra and my Aunt Sue . . but now Mom had taken over first place! She was moaning so loud . . moving back and forth between having me eat her pussy and her asshole . . which is now quite clean . . I loved it!

“Shit Mom!” I tried to speak, but then I was consumed with swallowing her pee . . the piss she was pushing out into my mouth!

“That’s it little girl,” she whispered, “drink down Mommy’s love . . swallow good . . don’t waste any sweetie . . Duke has made you his bitch . . the BLACK UPS boy got his reparation breeding . . yes another white bitch . . hell even Les has bred you . . shit he so wants to get you pregnant . . and now . . your mine . . drinking my piss . . you little whore . . you slut!”

My mind was racing with Mom speaking all these nasty things to me . . I think I am a good little girl . . one that is just encountering different kinds of love from others . . right . . they all love me . . they have too! Mom was still setting on my face when Duke came into the room and jumped on the bed . . well it must have been Duke . . I couldn’t see if it was Duke . . anyway this dog . . driving his nose into my pussy . . ramming his tongue in deeper than I have yet felt!

“Looks like Duke needs to breed you again Susan . . so why don’t we allow him to fuck you again outside . . what just your third breeding from Duke . . so Dad can watch too . . I bet he didn’t even tell you our neighbor Tom has helped him . . setup a live-triggered feed . . since so many people are contacting Tom about enjoying the bestiality . . well enjoying your bitch breeding . . shit Susan Dad and I are getting a nice secondary income and . . you and Bob will have quite the nest egg established with all the new money we are getting from the fees the internet folks . . hell from around the world . . are willing to pay!

I no sooner dropped to my hands and knees when Duke jumped me . . and started humping wildly! Duke was a wild dog this morning . . so wild . . he was breeding me like . . well like he knew he would impregnating me . . his puppies . . just like Mom was dreaming of before!

I know you feel like Les is your real Dad . . breeding you so well! We’ll talk later when Les gets back home . . but Dad and I would like for you to consider going off your Birth Control Pills . . just a couple of months before Bob gets back home . . you know so Dad can knock you . . I mean impregnate you . . he has always wanted another child . . a daughter this time . . you know so he can breed her too . . continuing his blood line . . straight from the source . . and not through Bob!” Mom continued to drill me as Duke was driving his large doggie cock right through my cervix!

“Oh God . . Mom . . uh uh . . shit Duke is pushing . . oh yes he is pushing!” I tried to speak before Mom started kissing me . . tongue and all!

“Yes Susan . . Duke is driving his monster cock right into your uterus . . oh yea . . I see your eyes rolling back in your head . . he is filling you up with puppy making doggie sperm!” She was now whispering in my ear . . Susan, Dad and I have heard from a Vet in Russia that has made advances in a Chemical Infusion for bitch women . . you know young bitches like you dear . . to accept their doggie master’s sperm to . . well to actually impregnate their bitch . . oh yes . . this doctor is telling us that with these Chemical Injections you would carry real puppies . . no cross bred freaks . . but real puppies! With the Experimental Chemicals in place . . the doctor injects female dog eggs into your ovaries and they are then released by the new chemicals . . so they are available to meet up with the sperm from the dog . . well for you from Duke . . you know . . his sperm you love and desire so much! So what to you think little girl?”

My mind was just spinning . . a million miles an hour! Shit Dad wants to have me carry his baby . . being bred by Duke . . our family dog . . Mom eating my pussy and now . . shit people watching me getting fucked . . my bitch breeding . . live on the internet . . and they pay to watch me . . who are these people? But now Mom is asking if I want to get pregnant with REAL PUPPIES . . shit what give birth to 5 . . or 8 . . hell just how many puppies would it be?

Duke has just turn ass to ass with me when I heard a big truck pull up. I asked Mom who in the world was pulling up to the house . . she told me not to worry . . that she would check it out! I could then begin hearing several voices getting closer and closer to me . . oh shit . . now what?

“Susan,” Mom began, “These men are from St. Louis and they have driven over 2 hours just to come fuck . . I mean visit you! It turns out the our UPS Driver . . you know the one that fucked you when you didn’t know who it was . . you remember that day . . right Susan? Well Curtis here is his Dad, and Marquise is his uncle and Jermaine is his brother in law. Anyway Susan these men are quite taken with you . . well they just told me that Jeffery . . the UPS driver told each of them just how sexy your body was . . and just how tight your pussy was . . even for a Doggie Bitch Girl . . you know like you!

“Well guess what sweetheart . . these three men have agreed to staring in your online breeding videos in exchange for not having to pay any cash . . . but they did bring $500 from Jeffery . . you know for his breeding . . I mean he did breed you quite well . . didn’t he Susan!

Wow . . sweetie, just think of the extra money we’ll all get from expanding into Interracial Sex Shows on the internet!” Mom was telling me . . but what was I to do with this informatiaon . . I mean fuck these complete strangers . . my Bob wouldn’t want that would he?

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