Caught: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

“Mom the soap . . it’s burning . . it’s burning inside my pussy . . oh shit Mom make it stop . . please . . make it stop!” I cried out!

“Les get in here and help us . . stand behind Susan and I will lift her legs up so the shower water will shoot straight down on her pussy!” Mom told us both.

I saw Les strip and move in behind me as he grabbed my shoulders. Mom bent over and began lifting my legs . . well shit I couldn’t believe it . . the way Les was holding me . . and Mom lifting my legs . . my father in laws cock was pushing right again my mouth!

“Mom,” I began to speak but Les pushed his cock on past my lips and into my mouth! I could only see Mom’s back and side as she was holding my legs and directing the shower head water down at my pussy!

I realized that she couldn’t see that Dad had pushed his cock into my mouth and was now even pumping it in and out! Finally I guess she turned to ask me if my pussy was burning any more when she saw Les’s cock in my mouth!

“Damn it Les,” She began to yell, “knock it off . . shit old man . . I told you to leave Susan alone . . you keep messing with her and I will forced to tell Bob . . you want Bob to come home and beat the shit out of you?”

All the time she was yelling at him and even for a few minutes after she had stopped . . Dad was still fucking my mouth then final pulled back just enough that his cum shot into my still open mouth . . then across my face . . and finally in my hair!

“Sorry Susan,” Dad told me, “you are just so damn sexy . . you can’t blame an old man . . shit you can’t even blame a young dog wanting to breed you . . I mean can you!” Dad all but cried out! I watched Mom moved around between me and Dad as she pushed me under the water again and began washing my hair.

Then she turned me around and began to wash my face . . but she kept bumping into me . . like why . . I figured out then that Dad was fucking her from the rear while she was still washing on me! She had such a pretty smile on her face . . a happy I’m getting fucked smile!

The next morning Dad asked me to help him walk the fences so right after breakfast off we went. With all the brush around I wore a pair of his old bibs and a tank top so at least I was covered but not so bad I would sweat to death! I noticed that since yesterday Dad was much more attentive to me and so much more open around me.

Like the first time I told him I needed to stop and pee . . he told me just to step out of my bibs and drop squat! So I did . . doing my pee right in front of him . . while he was watching me . . I mean why not. The first time he had to pee . . he must have waited until I was down and holding the fence wire . . so I couldn’t move away . . then he unbuckle his bibs and was just standing there actually pissing towards me . . shit some of it splashed from the ground and hit my face!

It was now early that afternoon when we stopped for lunch and then Dad said the pond is right here so why not take a swim. I started to say I didn’t wear a swim suit when he stripped off and walk into the pond! So I striped too and did the same! Once in the pond I began to float on my back . . which I do so easily . . which put my breasts up and out of the water! It didn’t take that long before Dad climbed out of the pond and laid his bibs out . . like a towel . . then laid down on them to rest! His cock was quite hard and was sticking up like a flag pole!

I followed suit again and put my bibs out too and then laid down on them . . on my stomach! Oh how great it felt just lying there and feeling the breeze flowing across my body. I looked over at Dad and caught him stroking his cock . . but with his eyes closed! But the Duke was the big dog in town and I was his bitch . . again!

“Damn it Duke . . get your ass off of me!” I screamed but of course he outweighed me and drove his doggie cock right into his bitches’ pussy! “Dad . . help me . . help me . . shit Duke has got me . . again . . pull him off!” I couldn’t believe it as I saw Dad just roll over on his side . . so he could see me better and then continue to stroke his big cock!

“Susan,” He began to speak, “Let’s get a few facts straight . . ok! First off Duke has already marked his bitch and you my dear are for sure his bitch! The way he fucked you yesterday . . even licking you pussy before you could get into the shower . . and now today . . being able to simply mount you . . and begin breeding you again . . wow; second I’ve seen other women who didn’t want to be turned into a dog’s bitch and . . trust me . . they could beat the dog off . . I mean stop the dog from taking them . . they didn’t give in so easily to becoming a bitch . . well like you have; third when I was eating you pussy yesterday . . you remember . . while you were stuck . . your pussy is quite loose . . I mean stretched . . and I know Bob’s penis is small . . so my guess is that other men have bred you . . you know besides Bob . . hell was Bob even there when you pulled your fuck trains . . or did you whore yourself out for cash love . . well which is it?”

I couldn’t believe what Dad was saying to me . . shit Bob says my pussy is tight . . and why is he telling me about eating my pussy . . shit that should just be a secret between the two of us . . and calling me a whore . . yes I have fucked other men . . and yes and every one of them were much bigger than Bob . . sorry my love . . but I didn’t think that made me a whore . . hell Bob has even seen a few of those men fuck me . . yes right in front of him . . you know at the swingers party . . did I just say that out loud . . shit! But all too soon I was brought back to the present as Duke had tried to dismount from me . . only to find himself knotted again . . leaving me ass to ass as his current bitch!

Dad stood up and moved over next to Duke . . and like down in the garden with Rag Tag he started rubbing Duke’s balls and cock and . . of course my pussy and asshole! But this time he started pushing his fingers into my asshole . . and shit now he was finger fucking my asshole . . damn Dad . . just give me a break! But then I felt Duke’s cock finally pull out of my pussy . . just as quickly Dad was between my legs as he began fucking me . . I mean fucking me . . his daughter in law!

“Susan,” he began speaking, “there is no need to get excited or worried . . I mean yes I am fucking you . . and yes Mom knew what I was planning to do today . . but it’s alright . . why . . because I won’t tell Bob that you put out for Duke . . you know Rag Tag’s son . . so now you are a bitch to the Daddy doggie cock and the Son’s doggie cock! I bet you had forgot that Bob installed Security Camera’s around our house last year . . so I have new footage of Duke breeding you and . . just because your head was out of sight . . you know stuck inside the basement . . that cute little fairy tattoo on your right butt cheek is more than enough to identify you . . yes that you are Duke’s bitch! Bob doesn’t have to see that tape and for sure doesn’t need to know that you have sucked his old man’s cock . . right in front of his mother! No little girl . . so let’s just say that this fuck is a freebie . . you know one for the house . . so to speak . . and I know my cock is bigger than Bob’s so . . we can just chock this up to . . well let’s say ongoing maintenance . . yea that’s it . . Scheduled Maintenance on your pussy . . how about that you sweet young thing?”

I was now pretty far out of it for the moment . . I mean being bred a second time in two days and . . now getting fucked by my father in law . . hell what’s next . . I mean does Mom have a strap on cock she will fuck me with . . oh shit . . I wonder if she does have one now . . and why?

“Oh . . oh yes . . oh shit . . oh Susan here it comes . . oh shit little girl . . oh yes . . baby girl!” Dad was screaming as he pumped his cum into my pussy . . again just like the UPS boy . . while his cock was big around it wasn’t nearly as long as Duke’s member! So now I have three different male cums in my pussy in two days . . God how I want Bob to get back home . . hell before I have multiple bastard kids and . . well I don’t know how many litters of puppies . . God that would be scary . . well hell even exciting . . I mean they would have to nurse on my breasts . . I only have two . . would I grow more breasts . . I wondered?

Dad and I made it back to the farm house and Mom had supper waiting on us. “You two took your sweet time . . stop for a swim in the pond did you . . anything else happen you two . . huh? She asked us! I know I wasn’t going to say a word and I hoped Dad wouldn’t either!

Finally Saturday rolled around and Dad told me I needed to come to town shopping with him. I gave Mom a kiss goodbye . . did I feel her push out her tongue . . anyway off we drove to town. After a short while doing the shopping I was beginning to feel sick . . like I was going to throw up. So Dad saw a neighbor and asked her to drop me off on her way past out house! Quite an interesting ride listening to her questions about living with Les and Marcy . . how were the treating me . . was Les acting correctly or . . were the dogs leaving me alone . . just what did this woman know about their farm sex life anyway!

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