Caught: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

My husband was on assignment for another year overseas so I headed down to his parents farm in Central Missouri. On about the fourth day I went for a walk and since it was mid-summer I just wore a peasant dresses and of course no panties!

After walking for a couple of hours I returned back to their farm house and to my surprise Mom and Dad were gone and the doors were locked. I tried every door window then I remembered they had an old coal chute on the far side of the house.

I found it unlocked and got the latch to work and opened the door. The opening wasn’t that big I felt sure I hadn’t gained that much weight and could surely slide through. First my head and then I had to slide in one shoulder and then I pushed to get the other shoulder through this old iron opening.

I then tried to push myself in further with my tips of my tennis shoes but . . I was stuck! I couldn’t move in and because of my shoulders and I couldn’t push myself back out either! I had no idea how much time had pasted but I did finally feel something more that the wind had pushed up my dress!

“Oh shit . . Duke get away . . bad boy . . sit . . you sit down!” I began yelling at their 2 year old black lab! He wasn’t listening to me . . but was sure following his nose! Duke had pushed his nose against my asshole and was licking deep inside my pussy!

“Jesus Duke,” I screamed again, “Leave me alone . . bad dog . . bad dog!” But he didn’t stop because now he stepped between my legs and I felt his doggie cock push against my asshole!

“Duke . . STOP . . BAD DOG!” I screamed. I knew he wasn’t stopping as his cock pushed into my pussy! I couldn’t believe that I was HAPPY . . with a dog now fucking me . . but at least he didn’t push is cock into my asshole!

Duke continued to breed . . his cock was growing larger and larger! I was amazed how go this cock actually felt . . I mean he was . . so much bigger than my husband’s tiny penis . . what the hell am I thinking . . shit I am being raped!

Duke continued pounding my pussy until I felt him lunge one last time and . . my God . . his knot . . it was in my pussy! I started to yell again but I realized his dirty deed was done . . I had been bred. . and he had made me his bitch too . . yes a bitch that could feel hot cum flowing deep into her uterus!

Duke’s knot had finally shrunk so he pulled out of me but that didn’t help me get unstuck! I started yelling again I hoping that Mom and Dad were home! I have no idea how much longer I had laid there but I do remember feeling my ass checks were getting sun burned! Then I felt a hand . . a real human hand begin rubbing my ass cheeks and then slip down . . and . . someone was fucking my pussy with their fingers!

“Who’s out there . . damn it . . stop fingering me . . stop it now!” I yelled again! But just like Duke this person wasn’t stopping and in fact now was pushing a couple of other fingers into my asshole! “Jesus, why are you doing this . . can’t you see that I need help . . help get me unstuck . . help!”

Nothing I said made any difference . . as I then felt this person push my legs apart and then . . shit it was a cock . . was it a man or a boy out there . . my God what a monsters’ cock . . who the hell has a cock this big!

“I beg you . . please stop . . this is rape . . do you know who I am . . I am Susan Watergate . . who are you . . Dad is that you?” Shit it surely wasn’t Bob’s father fucking me . . his daughter in law! Whoever it was had great staying power . . fucking me 20 . . 25 minutes . . shit cum already I thought. . get this over with before Dad and Mom get back home!

I finally felt him ramming harder than ever feeling hot cum emptying into my pussy! Again I was happy . . for the moment . . because his cock wasn’t long enough to reach inside my cervix. No baby making cum sent all the way home! Finally this person pulled out and I didn’t feel anything again!

My ass was really hurting now from the sun burn I was getting when I felt a dog . . it had to be Duke right . . well its tongue was lapping up the human cum from my pussy and this time his tongue was even pushing into my asshole!

“Duke . . Duke what are you doing . . bad dog!” I heard Mom yelling at Duke! “Susan is that you . . oh my dear . . how did you get stuck in there?

“Oh Mom thank God it’s you please help me get out of here so Les won’t see me like this . . stupid me! I felt Mom push in between my legs and as she began pulling back on hips.

“Susan my God . . how long have you been here . . shit Susan each time I pulled back on your hips cum pushed out of my pussy! Susan so much cum. . I mean who fucked . . whom did you have sex with young lady?” Mom asked me!

“Oh Mom,” I cried out, “I don’t know who it was the second time . . I mean the man’s cock . . a giant man’s cock . . I mean oh shit . . Duke fucked me first . . oh God Mom . . he actually fucked me . . Dad’s not out there is he . . shit don’t tell Bob please!” I felt Mom continue to pull back on my hips and then I felt her fingers on my pussy . . fingering me . . why did she get cum on her fingers . . was she smelling it . . oh shit . . was she tasting the dog and man cum combined!

“Susan honey,” She began to speak, “I can’t get you lose so I have to get Les . . but I pulled your dress down so he won’t see your pussy. So Duke did breed you Susan . . he did . . I can taste . . I mean . . I can smell his sperm . . you know his cum.” I felt her fingers back inside my pussy now! “Susan did he knot you . . you know push his knot inside your pussy . . were you locked with him . . oh shit! Let me check you and see if he tore you pussy lips . . no I don’t see any blood . . no you are lucky honey . . his big dog cock would have torn any normal . . I mean some women’s pussy are larger than others . . so you’re lucky to have been bred . . I mean Bob’s cock must have really opened you up sweetie! It has only been Bob’s cock fucking you . . right Susan?”

Before I could answer Mom . . oh my . . I could hear her actually licking and sucking on her fingers . . my God Mom has really become lots more sexual this last year or so . . I wonder why?

“Susan Mom told me . . hell girl how did you get stuck in the coal chute?” Dad asked me but before I could answer him I felt him push the hem of my dress up over my ass cheeks!

“God little girl it looks like you have been rode hard and put away wet . . fucked hard . . right little girl?” I felt Dad grab my hips and begin to pull back . . then he told me he would have to try to get a grip on my shoulders and mash his arms back through! With that I felt his hands move up my sides. . shit doing this brought his mouth up right against my pussy!

I thought he would pull back or at least say he was sorry for the fix we were in . . him having to get his mouth on . . shit licking and sucking on my pussy and I couldn’t feel him pulling back on me at all . . what the hell!

“Les,” I heard Mom begin to talk, “So is that working . . you pulling back on her shoulders . . is she moving back at all?” Mom must have been standing right there . . with a clean view of her husband eating my pussy! My God in all these years I been coming down here . . he . . Dad . . my father in law has never even touched me! Yes he as seen me naked several times and . . yes he did pull Rag Tag off me when he bred me in their garden . . shit when was that . . like two . . no three years ago . . but even then he only had his hand pushed against my pussy grabbing the knot in me!

“Dad,” I can’t feel you pulling on me . . are you getting any more of me unstuck . . Dad . . can you hear me . . Dad?” I began to ask.

“Les,” I now heard Mom, "at least pull back on her some . . Jesus at least make it feel like . . you know like your trying . . Les you know she can feel your tongue in . . I mean you eating her pussy . . damn you need to finish up and get her out of that hole . . now!” I don’t think Mom knew I could hear her but I sure could feel Dad eating my pussy . . shit I hope he never tells Bob . . Damn my own father in law eating my cum filled pussy!

Dad finally did get me pulled out and Mom helped me walk around to their basement to shower off! She told me to stand still as she pulled my dress off over my head.

As I was standing there Duke quickly pushed his nose into my pussy . . AGAIN . . and after several minutes . . I mean . . just as I was going to yell at him I heard Mom speak up!

“Les come on . . put Duke outside . . she has been through enough today . . I mean fucked twice . . who the hell was the man that fucked her? Who was on the farm today . . I didn’t think any of the hired hands were going to be here right Les?” Mom continued.

“Come on boy leave your bitch alone and get outside!” I heard Dad yell! “Mom no one was to be here today but remember there was that UPS package on the front porch!

Shit was it the UPS man . . how young do you think your boyfriend was today Susan . . you asked him to stop fucking you right sweetie . . right?”

“Les shut up . . you dirty old man . . of course Susan didn’t asked that man to fuck her . . shit she was stuck in the coal door and couldn’t help herself . . could you Susan?” Mom asked me. I was in the shower now and she was washing my back and had just worked her way down to me butt cheeks. “Spread your legs dear so I can get all that old nasty cum off your ass . . no . . spread wider honey! Now turn around and let me finish you up sweetheart!” With that Mom had squatted down and began to wash my pussy. I felt her fingers . . yes several push in and out of my pussy . . shit I could even feel the soap burning now!

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Dec 13, 2020
love it
by: k9chick

great story

Oct 08, 2020
by: tiger

Poor baby, her pussy is so wet.

Aug 25, 2020
so sexy
by: Anonymous

Lovely darling!

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