Being A Sub For A 70 Year Old Man

by Joseph (Pikeville, KY, USA)

I knocked on the door of brick house 3 counties down from where I lived.

Met this 70 year old man on a dating site we chatted there and then on the phone and i agreed to come to his house and be his sub.

Which meant whatever he wanted me to do I would.

He opened the door and kissed me French style smacked me on the ass said go to the bed room and get naked boy.

I lay across the bed he walked in and I felt the belt across my ass after about 10 licks, my ass was stinging.

He said look up at the mirror over your head boy I could see my red ass with a few welts.

Next I was on my knees sucking his big 8 inch thick mushroom headed cock.

He put his hands on the back of my head and throat fucked my mouth.

He was surprise I could deep throat his big cock.

He said well boy happy you are a experienced cock sucker then he bent me over a table lubed up 2 fingers and put them up my asshole.

I grunted as he worked my asshole over.

He said the way you move that ass you wanting fucked boy, beg boy, beg me to fuck you.

I said fuck me please put that big cock up my ass.

Then I felt that mushroom head spreading my asshole open and it hurts but he just said take it boy beg for it, said please put it all in, make me yours as he plowed me all the way to his balls.

I let out a squeal, oh damn, it felt so good.

Bent over that table I hear another voice says, time to suck this cock.

I just open my mouth and he starts face fucking my mouth.

Nothing like being fucked at both ends then the old man unloaded in my ass and the other man unloaded in my mouth.

I tasted hot cum going down my throat.

The old man pulled out of my asshole walked around the table said clean it.

Ass to mouth time as I was sucking his cock he said how your ass taste boy.

When he was done getting sucked all he wanted was to make me eat his asshole out.

Finally said watch me take a fucking you can watch and rest boy as I sat there I watched the old man get fucked by a 7 inch thick cock.

When the old man got his ass filled full he said now boy clean my ass hole now, lick it clean.

As I was rimming his ass he said good boy, now back over the table.

This time I was tied, I said what now.

He just laughed and said one more ass fucking and we will be done.

Then a blanket was put over my back then it happen.

I had a great dam dog fucking me in the ass.

The old man just laughed and said beg boy.

Then it happened, he knotted up in me and fill me full of dog cum.

When the dog finished he said you real bitch now boy.

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Apr 17, 2020
a fun time
by: john dean


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