Behind The Barn Surprise

by Elwood (Kentucky)

Getting back from town, a 40 mile round trip to the small farm I was caretaker for friends of mine. Their jobs kept them gone all the time. And I get free rent ..well not free. I feed and take care of their animals and the farm. So to me that's free.

Anyways I get back and a note is penned to the gate the owners of the place had received their surprise gift ....from some one they knew.... that she is behind the barn. So curious I went there 1st to see.

There is a palimino colored like a barbie doll with a tan. Completely tanned all over the same color except for her tail and mane. This platinum blonde Shetland pony. Very pretty animal.

She happily came over to the fence knickering and such silly mess. Made me laugh. I handed her some treats and she took them and chomped them down. I went and put the supplies from town away and this pony called to me over an over the whole time.

I laughed as I went in to change as it was getting hot out. I got a cold one and lit one on the way to the barn to fix the newest one a stall. Feeling good putting it out. Drinking a cold drink.

I went to work 20 min later I had an old stall back up. Went to the wall an opened the door. The pony was standing there. Winnie came on in big as ya please. I couldn't get over the coloring. Same as tanned skin on the beach, with the platinum trimmings.

Made me think of the joke about ...does the carpet match the drapes... I had set a bucket of feed down for her an she found it quickly. I watched her as she walked by she lifted her tail an I could see her cunt, and she looked as tanned there as the rest of her, til she winked her pussy.

Just as pretty pink against her tan looking skin made me shudder. I'd changed earlier into swim trunks as it was hot. Now my dick was pushing them out getting hard checking out this mare.

As I stepped closer she turned her head to me, by then I had pulled my shorts down a bit playing with myself. Looking at me she winked her puss at me again, it made me hard almost to solid.

I eased forward angling behind her to see what she would do. I reached and pet her sliding my hand close to her pussy and touched her lips, they opened on my finger. I turned toward her more aiming to put my Dick in her wet little pussy.

To my surprise she raised her tail as I got behind her and winked her puss at me and I slid my cock in, we'll she pushed back burying me as soon as the head touched her hole.

She stood the right height to fuck to. Had to spread my legs apart a little an slid right in. Instantly her pussy muscles squeezed me so perfectly as I pumped her full of cum inside 15 seconds getting a nut so intense my skin was tingling all over and my cock squirted more and more cum as she squeezed me.

Best pussy I ever had even better as I went down on her as I pulled out a slight drip of cum on her, I put my mouth on her and she winked her pussy against my tongue while squirting cum to fill my mouth to flooding and running down my chin. Love meeting the new ladies......😊

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Nov 01, 2019
by: Anonymous

Lucky skunk

Aug 28, 2019
Yummy 🤤
by: Cricket

Geez, Elwood… It seems as though your reputation precedes you! You said you love to meet the new ladies? It looks as though the ladies have already been chatting! Then again, a mini that pretty might even be used to getting her pussy licked and fucked. I do prefer, however to think that she was Told by the others how good you are with your cock and your tongue and that she was just waiting for you to get there so you could make her come. I think I’ll have those pretty colors in my head for quite a while now… Soft tan, platinum blonde, and hot bubblegum pink! Mmmmmmmm😋

Aug 22, 2019
by: Anonymous

Lucky You lol

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