by Wrulf (Pueblo, Co.. U. S.)

Marvin, a handsome, white and dominant 26-year-old, had long been aware that Chelsea, his blonde, submissive and 24-y/o wife was twisted.

That pleased him because it allowed him many opportunities to satisfy her gluttony for rough sex, water sports and extreme derogation including verbal abuse.

A sexy wench, she had large, firm udders, great legs and a non-flabby bottom – while her husband received a $100,000 annuity from his wealthy parents each year and could afford a posh lifestyle.

After playing golf one Wednesday evening in May, he went home and found Chelsea watching a video of a male dog screwing a light-brunette on her computer.

She jumped when she realized he was standing behind her in the living room.

'I'm sorry!' she blushed.

'Are you interested in bestiality?' the husband inquired.

'Uuuh – yes, sir. I've fantasized about that ever since I can remember, sir.'

'Good, considering you belong to the planet's most inferior species!' Marvin chuckled while an idea occurred to him.

Next, he conducted an online search lasting a month before he was able to recuit 4 kinky local men: The 21-y/o Neal, 22-y/o Lew, 24-y/o Slim (a nickname), and 27-y/o Joseph.

The guys then chatted until Marvin requested his white acquaintances to meet him at The Wagon Wheel Restaurant.

'What's up?' Slim asked.

'Are you ready for this?' Marvin said.

'Sure,' Slim answered.

'Okay. My wife, Chelsea, wants to try intercourse with the dogs,' Marvin smiled.

'Whoa!' Neal responded,

'Really!' Lew said.

'Maybe she'll whelp some puppies,' Joseph grinned.

'Not quite. You see, I plan to transform her into a polyandrous wife,' Marvin explained.

'She already has a husband – oh, you mean she'll marry a dog - right?' Slim asked.

'Right,' Marvin said.

'Two husbands! That's crazy!' Lew remarked.

'Well, I'm going to buy a dog and rent a chapel tomorrow. I'll send you guys the address later,' Marvin replied, then: - 'I'll perform a fake ceremony this Sunday night at 8.

'We'll be there,' Joseph promised.

The next day, Marvin went to a pet store and bought a German Shephard which he took to Lew's house and told the younger man, 'I'll call him St. Peter to mock my wife's religious sensibilities.'

'She's marrying a saint, huh?' Lew said.

'She's a dyed-in-the-wool sinner needing forgiveness!' Marvin jeered.

At 7:45 that Sunday night, however, he asked Chelsea, 'Would you like to attend a wedding?'

'Whose, sir?'

'Yours, bitch!'

'Mine?' she exclaimed.

'Yeah. Dress in nothing except these fishnets and high-heeled shoes,' Marvin commanded.

'Yes, sir,' - and the vixen obeyed before he drove her to the chapel, where according to his earlier instructions, Joseph, Slim and Neal had stripped.

'Crawl down the aisle to the altar,' Marvin next ordered.

'Oh, my god!' she blasphemously whispered.

Nonetheless, she'd scarcely reached the altar when Lew and the crop-tailed dog entered the chapel.

Startled, she stared at the canine until Slim intoned, 'May heaven NOT bless your unholy union!'

'Yeah, slut!' Neal snorted,

'You're unholier than shit!' Lew smirked as he undressed. After which Marvin said, 'Prove you're his worthy mate by kissing St. Peter's ass!'

In utter disbelief, the tart began licking her 'mate's' rectum.

'Oh, my god, is right!' Joseph declared before Lew clutched Chelsea's tresses, jerked her backward, knelt and gouged his 12-inched penis into her dripping vag.

'Fuck me!' she implored.

'Fuck such a filthy beast?' Lew snarled.

'Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, yes, sir!' she panted while Neal thrust his 9-inched pecker into her mouth and said, 'Gnaw my juicy bone, mongrel!'

'Hear that, you brainless mutt?' Joseph inquired.

'Uh-hmm!' she nodded.

In a bit, Lew pulled his dick out and poured his seed into a communion goblet Marvin was holding for him, as Neal also did.

Lew stepped aside; Joseph crouched and drilled his 11-inched tool into her anus.

'Eeeh!' she yelped.

'Stop barking!' Slim shouted, then dug his 10-inched rod into Chelsea's throat.

Soon, Joseph came in the goblet, while 10 minutes later, Slim did likewise.

However, Marvin astonished Chelsea by whipping his 13-inched cock across her pretty face hard enough to spill his into the receptacle.

Having done that, he pushed her under St. Peter's belly, wrapped her finger's around his pizzle-sheath and said, 'Masturbate him!'

'Yes, sir!' she moaned as she started to comply.

Once the dog's 7-inched erection had slid into the open, he turned, reared and mounted her snatch.

'Copulate, animal!' Neal snickered.

'Isn't this glorious?' Joseph observed,

'Yeah, I think the angels are singing hallelujah!' Slim answered.

Meanwhile, St. Peter continued knotting her until the dirty whore had an orgasm, followed by him shooting his load into her muff.

'Now, harlot, do you take St. Peter as your second husband?' Marvin asked.

'I do, sir,'

'Then, seal the union,' Marvin directed before he and his friends pissed into the goblet.

Marvin then gave it to the 'polyandrous wife' who drank the rank-smelling fluid.

Though Marvin didn't mind her committing bestial adultery whenever the mood struck her, he kept reminding her that 'she belonged to the planet's most inferior species.'

The End

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