Alien Fantasy

by Carol (Florida)

I’ve always been fascinated about UFO’s and possible alien life.

I have a very wild imagination so it only figures that I would fantasize about it.

Well here is my fantasy.

I’m laying by the pool naked and it’s such a beautiful day here.

I put lotion all over my body, squeezing my big tits and then putting lotion on my pussy.

I close my eyes enjoying the hot sun all over my naked body, when I hear a strange noise that sounds like a motor running.

I open my eyes and look up and it’s a spaceship.

I stand up and all of a sudden a beam of light carries me up into the ship. I’m in this tube in a very dark room.

A small light is on in the tube and then lights go on outside and there’s an alien standing there.

He’s tall naked and he has a huge cock.

He comes over and opens the tube and grabs my hand and helps me out of the tube. He’s actually checking me out and now he’s licking his lips.

He gets close to me and pushes my head down. Oh no does he wants me to suck his alien cock.

He grabs my hair as I open my mouth and take his huge cock into my mouth. He’s now fucking my mouth and his cock is getting harder.

He now bends me over and I know what he wants so why fight it as he plunges his huge cock inside me fucking me doggy, which I love.

He puts half of his cock in and then he feels my wetness and pushes the rest inside me.

OMG hes huge as he’s stretching my pussy wide open. Oh how I’m enjoying being fucked by this alien.

Now he picks me up and is now slamming me on his cock. Oh how good he feels inside me as I cum all over his cock.

We are now walking somewhere and his cock is still inside me. We get to this door and he opens it and it has the huge bed inside.

He lays me on the bed and starts to pound my pussy. I’m squirting and cumming all over the place.

He feels so good fucking me. I scream fuck me alien fuck me. I just keep cumming as he just keeps fucking me.

I’m wondering if he’s going to cum. He rolls me over on all fours and is rubbing his cock on my ass. Oh no does he thinks I’m taking his huge cock in my ass.

I feel him probing my ass and then I feel the head go inside my ass. Oh god he’s pushing more of his cock in my ass and now he’s all the way in.

Mmmmmmmm I love anal and he’s now fucking my ass hard and deep. I cum again and I feel the alien cum in my ass and he’s filled my ass completely full of cum.

He pulls out his cock and turns me around and puts it in my mouth. I suck him dry as I’m also cleaning his cock.

I’m amazed his cock is still hard so he climbs on top of me and sinks his huge cock inside me again.

I’m loving the fucking I’m getting from my alien lover. He’s fucks me until I pass out from all the pleasure he’s giving me and when I wake up I’m laying by my pool again.

I asked myself was I dreaming, but my pussy and ass were full of cum. Please come and take me again Mr. Alien and fuck me out of this world.

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