A Walk On The Other Side

by Elwood (Kentucky)

As I returned to take care of all the critters this evening. I was met by antsy bunch. I fed all of them. Walked to the minis mares pen and was watching them again.

I couldn't hardly think of anything else when I saw them everyday except how good their cunt felt on my tongue or dick. I had so far had 3 of them show me they were horny, to simply put it... and yes I licked, sucked and fucked all 3 of them. It amazed me, the way they were helping me give them pleasure.

Being loose in the pen an all, they could walk away anytime....what really convinced me is the way she pushes back to me as I put my hard dick in her pussy. I had a hard on again, and looked to see who was knickering at me an realized it was the mini stud.

I started thinking of b4 when I first played around with him. This time I looked at him his dick was hard already. I'm wondering if it's the girls or me that caused it...so I walked by his pen and instead of staying looking at the girls ..he followed me.. I stopped and scratched his ears.

Then watched....he stayed there turning in a small circle making his dick smack his belly. Rock hard he seemed. Sudden thoughts entered my mind and instead of thinking ..I stepped to the gate an went in the pen.

I dropped my shorts an he started smelling me..I know he smelled the mare I fucked earlier on me. I dropped my shorts a n went to pick them up and he tried to awkwardly mount as my side was toward him.

Though I did feel his dick rubbing on me dripping precum on me ...so I sat down by side his feed box an he passed it by as I fondled him turning around. He stopped and I pulled his dick to my mouth an licked the head all over, him soaking my face in precum it had dripped from my chin and ran down to my cock an then around my balls to the Crack of my ass.

I read an slid a finger in my ass as I was slippery enough. As I did I put his head in my mouth and then another finger in my ass ..then he filled my mouth as I did...then he pulled away as I let the mouth full run out on my dick ..an ass .

He is still there rock hard .. I wondered if he really was thinking of fucking me..so I turned my ass to him an he snorted and hopped on my back..I barely felt his weight..I sure felt his hard dick pushing around my ass soaking me more an I reached backed an guided him to my ass I felt his dick quivering in my hand and as soon as It touched my tight hole he shoved it in ...like 6 to 8 inches right now.

I raised up to control how far he could go and he seemed to double in length an girth an was grunting and making strange sounds squirting enormous amounts of cum in me ....slowly he relaxed a bit as did I an he kept his dick in me still Cumming as he shrank an came out of me.

Cum was running down my leg minutes it seemed .. not sure exactly cause I was sucking his dick still kneeling where he fucked me swallowing what he was still able to squirt in my mouth. I couldn't believe I thought of doing him...just didn't think I'd let him.. thinking of doing it .......2bcont...

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Aug 28, 2019
4 rick NEW
by: elwood

Glad you enjoyed it...I did😆

Aug 27, 2019
OH Wow that's awesome
by: Rick

My cock got so hard reading this I had to pull it out and stroke off I came so hard thinking of hard throbbing horse cock ,I have never tried it but now I really want to . both my mother and sister love horse cock , Please share more about your encounter

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