Caught With My Young Daughter

Caught With My Young Daughter
by Jinbo2 (

A man is caught with his pre-teen daughter in bed. (M/g, ped, extreme, inc)

I had married a lady, Sue, a couple years ago and was quite happy with her. She looked after my needs, especially my sexual needs. She had a daughter, Nicky, who was 14 years old. We had became very close over the past few months. She liked me and I liked her which made things better for her mom and I.

Her mom was a little on the plump side and kept her looks about her, even down to her shaven pussy. We had a wonderful sex life and she loved to please me in every way. She was great at cock sucking and liked anal sex sometimes, depending on her mood. We always slept in the nude, even when her daughter was in the same bed with us on certain occasions.

This was one of those times. Her mom and I had a real good time that night as we made love to each other. After about a good hour of straight fucking, I opened our door to the room in case the daughter got up and wanted to get in bed with us. We had always told her not to come into the room if our door was closed and she obeyed our requests.

I awoke as I had felt the bed moving a little and slowly opened my eyes. Then I felt Nicky's hand as she slipped it over my hips. She had cuddled up to my back and her little body was against me. I could feel the heat from her body as she cuddled to me. I was getting a hard on and was laying towards my wife as she was laying there with her back to me.

After a few minutes, my cock started to grow harder as I felt Nicky against me. I eased my thick cock to Sue in between her thighs, just barely touching her pussy as I slowly started to pump it to her, all the time thinking Nicky was asleep.

That was until I felt her throw her leg over my thigh and felt her little pussy as she started to rub it against me! She was awake and rubbing her preteen pussy on me! This was too much for me.

Withdrawing my cock from my wife's thighs, I made a movement as though I was still sleeping and turned over onto my back, my cock sticking straight up. Nicky stopped for a few minutes, not wanting to wake me. I lay there with my large cock hard, waiting to see if she would start rubbing against me once again. I was not disappointed.

She once again she threw her leg over mine and started to slowly hunch her small pussy over my upper thigh areas. I could tell that she had her hand on her own hairless pussy as I felt her moving. I knew she was masturbating and was thinking about me when she was doing it! This just made my cock rock hard as it swelled up, sticking straight up like a tent under the covers.

She reached over and again began to feel my cock as she played with it. Her small hand was slowly moving up and down as not to waken me from my "sleep". I could feel her as she turned towards me a little as she masturbated with her other hand.

"Oh, daddy. I want this so bad. I want your big thing in me." She started to whisper to me, not knowing I was fully awake.

Every time she would whisper to me, her hand would go that much faster over her own hairless pussy. I could tell it was very sensuous to her to feel my cock and whisper to me while she played with herself. I could feel every move she made, both on herself and my cock. It was driving me wild!

"I want this lovely thing in me. Would you like to fuck me with this big dick?" she whispered to me again as she slowly stroked my cock.

I raised my hips to better feel her little hand as she stroked my hard cock, moaning a little, still pretending to be sleeping. This time she did not stop, instead she gripped it tighter in her hand. Then she whispered again.

"You like me playing with your thing? Do you want me to do it some more?"

"M-m-m-m," I answered as if I was asleep.

"Will you put it in me?" she whispered, "I want it so bad!"

I knew I shouldn't do it but all at once I reached down and took her small hand in mine, covering it as I showed her how to stroke it. She was surprised at my being awake and tried to stop but I held her hand tightly over my cock as we both moved our hands up and down over it.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, trying not to wake her mother, "I didn't mean to wake you. You just felt so good and I could not help playing with it."

'That's OK baby. I love you doing this." I told her, "It feels so good to me!"

"Is it Ok if I play with it some more?" she asked quietly.

"If you let me play with you too" I said, moving my hand to her smooth little pussy,

She spread her small thighs for me as I touched her mound, feeling her as she stroked my hard cock. Her little twat felt so hot as I rubbed my index finger over her tight slit. Her hips were moving upwards as she started to pump at my fingers.

"Don't wake up your mom." I whispered to her, "She would be real mad at me if she saw us doing this."

"Don't worry. I will be quite and besides, he would not mind us doing it." She said softly as her hand stroked my pole.

"Turn over towards me and I will slip it between your legs" I whispered, "You can rub on it with your hot little bottom that way."

She turned to face me as one of her hands went straight to my cock. It was touching her small pussy with my thick head as she moved it along her slit. I took it and started to rub the big head over her sweet little pussy as I took her plump little ass, pulling her against me.

My cock was between her thighs as I eased it in and out, touching her pussy with the top of it as it moved along her small slit. She was starting to move her cute twat also as it slid over my cock. Hell, she was loving it!

Then I felt her mom move! I stopped at the movement of her body next to me. I felt her as she turned over to rub against my back with her big tits.

"Damn!" I thought, "Just when it was feeling good."

But to my surprise, Sue threw one leg over my hips and started to rub her pussy against my ass. There I was, my cock between her daughters thighs and Sue wanting to fuck! Had she caught me trying to fuck Nicky?

Then I was surprised again as Sue reached around with her hand and took my cock as I withdrew it from Nicky's thighs. She had her hand on my cock at the very entrance to her young daughters pussy!

"Let me help you with her." Sue said, "She is so small for your big cock. We will have to be easy with her."

"Oh, mom! I didn't know we woke you up." Said Nicky, "We were just playing. He did not even try to put it in."

"We have to be easy, baby. We don't want to make it painful for you." Said Sue, "He is way too big for your tight little pussy. Its not the same as your father's"

As Sue guided my cock to her hairless pussy lips, she started to rub it against her little slit once again. Then as we were letting her feel my cock on her pussy, Sue told me that her father liked to play with her and that he had learned her how to suck his cock while he would lick her pussy.

"She has missed it so much since he left. I am glad you like her young pussy." She said, "We were afraid you might not approve of it if we told you before."

"Oh, yes. I approve of it. I love her tender, young pussy!" I replied as my cock slid in and out of her thighs.

"Her father had a small cock and but he did get it in her a time or two." Sue said, "But his wasn't anything like yours. He just loved to lick her pussy as he fucked me."

"That doesn't sound bad to me." I said as I felt her pussy humping my ass.

"Good! Then we can all fuck each other!" Sue said, "We can get her used to having your cock playing with her little slit. Then we will have her taking it before long"

"Oh, mommy! That sounds so good! I would love to have his huge dick in my little pussy. Can we make it fit in there?" she asked.

"We have to practice first. I think he would like to put his tongue in you too." She told Nicky, " Would you like him or me to do it to you?"

"I want to have him lick me down there." Nicky said, "Would you like to taste my little pussy for me?"

Without another word, I turned over and got my head between those small thighs as her mom got onto my back and started to rub her pussy against my ass once again. She was fucking me with her hot cunt as I licked at Nicky's sweet twat!

I reached my tongue to her as she opened her tiny slit for my probing tongue. I slid the tip into that beautiful little pussy as she worked her hips up to me. She took my head and pulled me tight against her, making my tongue enter her small opening. Her mom was humping my ass with her pussy as my tongue went deeper. I had about two or three inches of it in her as she fucked it with her hot box. She was loving it! And so was I.

Sue told us to turn over and for me to lay on my back as Nicky would sit on my face, so she could fuck my cock as I ate out her daughter. Again, we switched to the position Sue had asked for and Nicky sat down onto my face, her hairless pussy wanting more tongue.

I felt Sue as her lick pussy sank down onto my big cock, taking all of it with one downward push. I was in her all the way! I turned my attention to the little pussy I was eating as my tongue went back to work over her puffy lips.

After that night Nicky would sleep with us almost every night. We would rub her little pussy over the head of my big cock and try each time to put the head in.

We would use some KY jelly and other lubes as we practiced putting the head in. It took us about three weeks before I did get the head in her tight pussy. I shot such a huge load of cum that we had to give her a douche to clean her tiny pussy out.

Then we would try putting it deeper in her each time after that. Sometimes she would let me sit her on my cock as I stood up and slide her over the length of my long cock. Then she would also like to sit in my lap and rub her little pussy and ass all over my cock as she put her arms around my neck, kissing on me as she moved. She was a little sex machine! She loved to have her mom and I lick her pussy and we took turns with her. She was also a great cock sucker and finally got to where she could take some of my cock into her hot little mouth.

Sometimes I would be fucking Sue and she would climb on my ass and rub her smooth pussy over my ass as I fucked her mom. She loved it when she learned to cum and would rub her little pussy on me every night.

That was 6 years ago and we still love to do the same things with each other. Only now, Nicky can take all my cock and we now have plenty of toys for us to play with. Her mom still loves to fuck and we love to have her joining in with us.

Did I mention Sue and I teaching her about anal sex? No? Well that is another story. So be watching for it..


I hope you enjoyed my story and if you did, let me know. I had to stop a couple of times to masturbate and hope it had the same affect on you. Let me know and email me at: and I will answer you.

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