Sindy And Her Son

Sindy and Her Son (Fm, ped, inc, 1st, oral)
by Colorado Kid (

Sindy finally gives in to her true nature when she discovers her sons fantasies...but how far will she go?

Feedback appreciated...

Sindy lay in her bed, trying to decide what to do. It had been two days since she'd found the stories under her son's bed. Part of her was shocked. He wasn't even fourteen yet. Finally, as the sun began its early rise, she got up, unable to ignore what she had found any longer.

She knocked on the door.

"Honey, are you awake? I'd like to talk to you."

"Sure mom," Tommy said, a little groggy.

She walked in looking at her son, still half asleep in bed. As she sat down across from him at his desk, her short robe rode up to her hips, giving him a view of her legs. One glimpsed only briefly through her shower door the few times he dared look.

She continued to sit there, partly to let him wake up, but mostly to give her time to decide how to continue.
Tommy woke up quickly, unable to take his eyes from her body. He admired the curves barely hidden beneath the thin robe, or her long shapely legs.

She looked down at the floor, unable to look him in the face, as though she were the one guilty of writing the words she had found.

"There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about."

Sindy reached into the pocket of her robe and pulled some papers out of her robe. Things he had hidden under his bed that he thought she did not know about. She set them on the covers in front of him, then sat back down, playing with the tie of her robe.

For several seconds that seemed like an eternity to both of them, the room was silent.

"I found them when I was making your bed the other day. I didn't know what to think at first. No. Don't explain, it's ok baby. I understand. You're growing up now. You're not my little boy." she continued to play with the tie of her robe nervously. "If you want to know anything, please ask me, ok? I'm here for you."

She uncrossed her legs, and leaned forward to ruffle his hair. In that instant, he didn't know whether to look or not. He gave in and looked, but he didn't know where... he could see down her robe, just glimpsing the nipple. And her legs...he could almost see all the way up, her robe sliding open. Then it hit him. This is his mom. He turned red immediately. If she knew what he thought, what he wanted. He went an even deeper red.

"What's wrong honey?" then she looked down. "Oh. It's me isn't it? I guess I should cover up." But she didn't move. She just sat there, her hand moving down from his hair. To his cheek, caressing.

He lay in his bed under the covers, confused. He looked up, trying to read her face. To understand.

"I read these stories. I don't know where you got them. But, judging by some of the stains, you liked them."

He looked away, not sure how to face her. Those stories were a secret he'd had for almost a year now. They were more than a little embarrassing to have her reading. Then he felt her hand, resting on his stomach, move lower.

"I even liked some of them. Do you know which ones?" Sindy asked him, while her hand rubbed at his crotch, pressing against his cock, hardening it almost instantly. She felt her hand tremble a little, but whether it was from nervousness or desire she didn't know as she watched his eyes widen in surprise. She smiled a little and continued.

"Mmm... and I think we liked the same ones. Like this one, where this boy's mom is hypnotized into being his sex slave. It was very... erotic. Is that something you'd like honey?"

He nodded, not sure he trusted his voice. "Tell me," she said. "Tell me which ones you liked. Which ones you wished you could see, or would happen." Then she stood up. Her hands were shaking a little as she untied her robe. Then she stood there, robe untied, her breasts almost visible, and the smooth skin of her crotch open to his view. My god, my mom shaves! He could get the barest glimpse of her pussy.

"Well, are you going to tell me your favorite? Or should I leave?"

"NO! Stay. Please... I uh..." Tommy had to think fast. He snapped out of it. He wondered if it was some kind of trick, some form of punishment. He decided to push the limits. "Well... yeah, the mom/slave one is one of my favorites. I like the part where she is coming out of it, and realizes she is doing not just her son, but the dog." he waited, looking at her face, wondering what she'll do or say.

She smiled. "Mmmm... I don't know if I'll do THAT for you. (at least not yet she thought) but I can think of a
lot of things I would do. And all you have to do is ask me honey. It's been a long time for me, and I think you could learn a lot from me." she stood there, trying to decide if she should take the next step.

"Do I?" she thought. She looked down at her son, looking at his face, so expectant, hopeful. What she wanted was so wrong. To serve her own young child like this was just wrong. Yet she wanted it. She wanted to serve her son the way she served the father, so long ago.

She remembered those nights as a young girl, barely thirteen. How she had gotten there was not important. But she had found her way into the home of a wealthy man. A virile, perverted old man, who kept her only as a slave. But he was wealthy. And when he passed away, part of his wealth became hers. If nothing more than to keep her quiet.

Now, 15 years later, their son was turning out to be just like his father. Or was he simply being what his mother needed? All of these thoughts went through her mind in the time it took for her to reach up to the top of her robe, and pull it off her shoulders. She almost beat its fall to the floor, as she went to her knees, kneeling before her son's bed.

He lay there expecting her to leave the room, or to wake up from this dream. What he did not expect was to see her naked, standing there, before him, her nipples hard, small waist. To see her hips flaring out to those legs. And for an instant, before she hit the ground, the moist lips he had come out of as a child.

Then all thought left his mind as he felt the covers pull back. She knew she'd have to take the lead at first. She was his mother, used to her being in control. in charge. And that was still true in many things...but here, now...she existed only to serve him. To serve his lusts. All of them.

Even the one he had asked, if he were serious, and he had still wanted that of her, after she had shown him all she could do for him. Sindy knew that she would do it. If only because he asked her to. But first, she had to show him he was in charge. She was his in the bedroom. She was his toy. So she showed him the only way she could think of.
Sindy pulled his shorts down away from his hard cock, and took the tip into her mouth, looking up into his eyes every second, as she let him slide deeper, until the tip reached the entrance to her throat. She smiled around as cock as she heard him groan, then she pulled back. Her hands searched out his own, and she brought them to the back of her head, as she took him back into her mouth. Then when the tip reached her throat again, she took a deep breath through her nose, and pressed his hands on the back of her head.

The tip pushed deeper, into her throat, choking off the air. Her eyes watered. Choking noises came from her throat, but she pressed his hands onto her head, driving his cock deeper, until all she could do was make gulping noises, her mouth and nose buried against the smooth skin of his crotch.

Her throat, convulsing, caressing his cock, it was only then that she closed her eyes, lost in the feeling of
submitting like this. Her hands fell away from his to rest on his thighs, gripping, to leave her sons pressed
on the back of her head, gripping, gently. She turned over control to her body, to her very ability to breathe, to her son and his needs.

Meanwhile, Tommy had his own wide eyes glued to her lips tightly wrapped around his cock. He was panting, his cock flexing inside the warm, wet, sucking cavern of his mother's mouth. He held her there, until she looked up at him.

The expression on her face was almost unreadable lust, desire and need. She wanted this. She actually LIKED having this done to her. Then it was replaced by one of worry, imploring him, begging. He wasn't holding her down hard, but she wasn't going to come up unless he let her!

He held her there for a moment longer, then released her head, moaning again as the tip of his cock rubbed against first her throat, then her tongue, then her lips as she pulled off him completely.

She gasped for air, pulling up onto her hands, braced against his legs, pulling air into her lungs. Then she
smiled at him, her chest heaving, her breasts open to his hungry stare.

"My god baby...I didn't think you'd let me up there for a moment!"

"I'm sorry mom... I didn't know... I just..."

She went back down, talking between licks. "No, it's ok honey. I don't mind. You can do whatever you want. careful ok? You don't want to break your toy before you've seen everything it can do, do you? And I can do..." she went down, all the way again, humming until his cock again choked off her air, then slid him back out, " much more for you."

He moaned, hands gripping her shoulders, lost in the feel of his first blowjob. "Ohgodmom...d-doesn't that hurt? I mean...I see tears in your eyes...and it can't feel good to you!"

"Oh have no idea what feels good for me. I used to have to do this all the time for your father. I'm just not used to's been a long time since I did this. But I knew you'd like this," she said as she again went down on him "...mmmm... ulg... uhn... mmm... GASP!"

She came back up from the root. "It'll just take me awhile to get used to it again. You don't mind if I
practice on you? Besides, now we can both find out what you like as we go alo-" she gasped in surprise as she felt his hand on her head, pulling her back down, his hips driving upwards into his mothers throat.

"He learns fast!" she thought as she felt the shaft fuck into her mouth, deep and fast. She thought about
resisting a little at first, so she could draw out his pleasure. But she decided against it. This was his first
time...if this was how he wanted her, she would not refuse him. So she gave in completely, surrendering to his hands, his hips and most of all to his cock, which left and entered her throat so fast, she was able to only get short gasps of air between thrusts.

"I am his, this is for him, I am his, this is for him," she thought in time with his thrusts, over and over. She
looked up into his eyes, and saw the lust, the need. "God I love him so much. He looks just like his father right now."

Then she closed her lust filled eyes, not wanting the fear of choking to stop her son, to dissuade him from
taking her like this. He would cum soon she knew and if she came close to choking, then she would accept that. Just like she did with his father.

Meanwhile, her son was lost in a frenzy of lust, his needs finally overcoming the awkwardness of suddenly
finding his own mother a sextoy. He watched her eyes on him, watched her surrender her mouth to his cock, as he continued to thrust. He took her like any 14-year-old boy would on his first time. Hard, fast, as though she would disappear, or stop before he could cum.

He drove his cock into her mouth repeatedly, fast, deep strokes, moaning and panting the whole time. He felt her body tense, as her eyes closed, but never having done this before, did not realize that he was strangling her slowly. Every second that he used her, every second that brought him closer to cumming also brought her closer to unconsciousness.

She opened her eyes, and saw dark circles in front of them. "Cum baby, please cum baby," she thought over and over, hoping. As though from far away, she heard him cry out, and felt the pulsing of her boys cock as he drove it all the way, leaving it deep in her throat. Only then did she resist his hands, and only just this once. She desperately wanted to taste his first cum. To taste the cum of her sons first orgasm in a woman, the cum of her new lover. Her new master.

Then she collapsed on top of his stomach, resisting the urge to cough up what her son deposited inside her, breathing slowly through her nose, despite her bodies desperate need for air, her head spinning.

When her heart had stopped racing, she ran her sons cum across her tongue, savoring it, tasting it. Then she turned her head, to look up into her sons face, opened her mouth so he could see the remains of his cum. When she was certain he had seen, she closed her mouth, smiled, and swallowed, letting it join the rest of his cum.

He lay there, panting as well, his hand resting limply on her head, his cock twitching in the cool air as his
mothers saliva dried on his still hard cock. He twitched a little as he felt her fingers play over the shaft,
feathery touches gently caressing him.

"So what did you think of your first blowjob," she asked, her voice little more than a husky whisper.

"I liked it a lot."

"Really? I couldn't tell," she said, teasing him.

In response his hand briefly gripped her hair, as though pulling her mouth back onto his cock.

She smiled, and in a trained reaction immediately opened her mouth to accommodate him. Then she stopped. "Again so soon? You know, there are other things you can do with me honey." she snaked her tongue out, licking up the last bit of cum from the tip. "You have my whole body to play with, any way you want."

She watched him as she spoke, seeing the realization slowly sink in.

"Anyway at all?"


"I don't get it mom w-" his question broke off into a moan as he felt her mouth gently nurse on the tip of his cock, her tongue tracing circles on the underside of the crown. After several seconds of cock hardening mouthing, she pulled back to look at her son.

She sat there a moment, her hands on her throat, remembering what had just been there, then she moved them down, to caress her breasts, pinching the nipples, pulling them, rubbing the hard nubs, sending shivers down to her pussy.

"I want you to know what it is like to have a woman who will do everything you could ever imagine honey. There are not many women who would do that."

She leaned forward, until she was crouched over his head, her breasts just inches from his face. She held herself up on one arm, and rubbed the side of his head.

"There aren't many women out there who are willing to do whatever that lusty little mind of yours can come up with. You might ask her to do something that she finds disgusting. But I'm pretty sure you won't find any limits with me."

Then she sat back completely, and almost looked like the mom he knew, giving him lectures. Which, combined with her being naked, and her dripping wetness onto his bare leg, just made it even more erotic. " I just have two rules."

He looked up at her, crestfallen, knowing this had been to good to be true. "What are they?"

"Well, first, whatever we do sexually, I am still your mother in all other things. If your homework slips, if
you don't do your chores, I am off limits. And if you rape me, you will never have me willingly again. And
believe me baby, you'll want me willing." She ground her pelvis into his knee, moaning quietly as she did so, closing her eyes.

"And second?"

She opened her eyes, and a pleading, almost begging look came over her face. "Nothing that would leave a mark, or hurt me. If I tell you it hurts, or to stop, obey me, ok? Your father liked...he liked to cause pain. And while I don't mind a little discomfort, even a little pain, I won't go through that for anyone ever again."

Even as she said that, she knew that she might well give him even that. Her husband had trained her very well. She could only hope that if she continually dissuaded him, that he would not go down that path.

"So, as long as I don't hurt you, and don't mess up, you'll do whatever I ask?"

"Well, one other thing. No one can ever find out about this. But I promise. I will do whatever you want me to, and more. I may have a few surprises for you that you haven't thought of." she moved up his leg, letting the wetness from her pussy trail up his thigh, until she was on all fours above him, legs and arms spread on either side of him. Her entire body lay bare before his hungry gaze.

His hands moved up her legs, along her thighs as they straddled his hips. They moved up to her waist, and stopped, marveling at how soft she was. "I dunno mom. I've thought of a lot of things." His hips moved upwards a little, the tip of his cock rubbing along her inner thigh.

"Well, judging from what you've read, I'm not surprised," she leaned down, pressing her breasts against his chest, and spread her knees wide, rubbing her pussy along the top of his shaft, until she ground it against the root. He could feel the wet heat of her pussy against his cock as she whispered in his ear, licking the lobe," what does my son want me to do for him now?"

She felt his hands clench her waist, and knew that her words excited him. Which was exactly what she wanted. She rubbed her clit against his cock, rocking her hips, her own breath coming in short gasps, allowing her own excitement to build, letting her senses absorb the smell, feel, and taste of her son. His hot hard cock against her pussy, his hands gripping her, the taste of his cum lingering on her tongue. All these things worked on her, drove her closer to cumming.

Then she felt his hands lifting her up, away from his cock. She pouted for a moment, wanting so badly to cum, to get off, to experience what she had already given her son. Then she moaned as she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her pussy.

If she hadn't been so wet, so ready, he wouldn't have entered so easily. His angle was just slightly off. But
because she was so wet, it only added to her pleasure, the shaft pressing against her clit as he slid home, and deep into the woman, into the pussy that he came out of.

She buried her head into his young shoulder, her body trembling, the excitement of taking her sons virginity hitting her hard and fast. She did not expect to cum so quickly, had never cum this quickly, but she welcomed it as her body shook above him, her legs unable to hold her up as her hips twitched on his cock.

She moaned, screaming in ecstasy into his shoulder as his hips drove his cock over and over into her. Her hands gripped the headboard, as she pressed against him, driving his cock into her as deep as it would go, extending and intensifying her orgasm.

Then as it began to pass, she collapsed on top of him, knees tucked up under her widely spread thighs, her hot moist breath against his neck cumming in deep heavy gasps, mewls of pleasure escaping from her mouth.

He started to thrust up into her, and she tensed. "Oh god baby," she begged through panting breath. "Not yet. Please! Let me... recover. Oh my god. I've... never DONE that." She arched her back, to hold him deep inside her. He watched her face, seeing it flushed, sweat sheened, her eyes half closed, mouth open, still panting.

"I didn't expect that honey. You... you have quite an effect on your mother, you know that?" She bent her head down onto his chest, trying to catch her breath, resting on her elbows. As her pulse slowed, she pulled back, ever so slowly, watching her sons cock come into view as it left the tight wet confines of her pussy.

Slowly, she watched as she felt his cock leave her pussy, until she could make out the flaring head just outside her lips. Then she looked into his face, and pushed down, watching him as his cock slid into her, filling her. He moaned as the hot, wet, tightness of his mother gripped him, her small frame pushing down onto his young body.

"Oh god mom, I'm not a virgin anymore," he half whispered, half moaned.

She smiled down at him. "Yes you are honey. You're a virgin until you cum in me right...(she ground her hips into his pelvis, sending the last fraction of an inch inside her) there! Until then though, you're still a

She writhed above her son, rocking her body over him, pumping his cock in and out of her, showing him what a woman can do to bring him pleasure, feeling her sons shaft rub along her sensitive clit, bringing her yet again towards another climax. But more importantly, she knew she was bringing him closer to another climax, drawing out another load of her son's cum, which excited her even more.

She always came so easily during sex, but never had it been this easy. Already she had experienced one mind-numbing orgasm, and her body was on its way towards another. Perhaps it was because it had been so long since she had had a lover.

Perhaps it was because in her mind, she was a slave again, surrendering to her lover's needs. Or maybe
because it was the fact that her lover was her own son, and the depravity of it was what she enjoyed. Or, maybe it was all three. Either way, her body was responding in a way it had never responded before, not even when she was 14, and learning from her first master.

Tommy gripped her waist, and he watched her move above him, her body jerking and trembling on his cock, sending wave after wave of pleasure along his shaft, his own hips rising to meet her thrusts.

He listened to her mewls and pants, and felt her hot breath on his chest as she gasped for air. But most of
all, he felt her pussy, wrapped so tightly around his cock. He too was getting close to cumming, turned on
beyond belief that his own mother was letting him, her own son, fuck her.

Sindy could tell her son was almost ready to cum. She knew that if she let him cum inside her, it would trigger her own orgasm, which she so desperately wanted. But she wanted something even more than her orgasm: for her son to lose his virginity on his terms. Not hers. She wanted her son to take her, to be the one to mount her and use her until he came. She wanted him to take control of her body. She wanted him to fuck her. Gently or brutally it did not matter, as long as he was the one in control.

So as he reached the point of no return, before he could take those last few strokes, she pulled off of him, and slid down his body.

"Mom! Why? I was so cloooosssse!" As he said the last word he again felt her lips move down his shaft, taking his cock deep into her throat. His hands went to her head, gripping her hair, smashing her lips against the root of his cock.

He didn't know why she stopped fucking him when he was so close, nor did he care as long as he had someplace warm, wet, and tight to place his cock when he came. Holding her head firmly in both hands, he thrust up into her mouth, her lips and throat milking his shaft as he started to cum. She surrendered to his thrusts, this time letting him use her mouth and throat completely.

As she struggled for air when his cock left her throat she got the barest hint of the taste of cum mixed with
her own juices, as his pussy coated cock deposited his cum deep in her throat where she could not taste it. Sindy felt her son's shaft pulsing against her lips, then again in her throat as the head expanded with each spurt, coating her throat in its viscous slime.

Long seconds past, his cock still spasming inside her, as her son held her head tightly against his cock. Muffled sounds began to come from her throat as she tried to breathe, to suck air past his shaft. But she couldn't. She knew she could hold him here for several minutes, but it had been so long and she was no longer used to having something deep in her throat. But she also wouldn't give up. Not until her son released her, not until he was sated and his lusts satisfied.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to her, and far to soon to him, he let go of her head. She pulled
back, and gasped, sucking air into her oxygen starved lungs. When she had finished panting, and her breathing had returned to normal, she went down again, and sucked on the tip, drawing one final bead of cum to wash over her taste buds.

"I wanted to cum in your pussy mom. I thought that's why you were letting me fuck you. So I wouldn't be a virgin anymore."

She lay her head down on his thigh and looked up at him Her voice was nearly gone, her throat no longer
accustomed to the abuse that it was put through, so she whispered to him. "I promise honey, next time, you can cum wherever you want. You can have me however you want. But next time, it'll be you fucking me. I just wanted to show you that you really could have my body. I want you to understand that there really isn't much that I won't do. Do you understand?"

"I guess so."

She rolled off the bed, and picked her robe up off the floor, letting it hang in her left hand. "Then, if you
are through with me for now, shall I go make breakfast?"

"You mean we're done?" He asked plaintively.

"Only for a little while honey. Let me get my strength back. You wore your old mom out. But just give me until after breakfast ok? Then if you still want to, you can play with your new toy some more."

He grinned. "I like it when you say that."


"When you say you're my toy."

"And that's what I am honey. Your toy. Your toy slave," she said as she left his room, still naked.


As she stood at the kitchen stove cooking their breakfast, her words came back to haunt her.

"Your toy slave" kept echoing in her mind. She knew it was far to late to go back. Even though technically her son was still a virgin, she had already gone to far to deny him. She had gotten on her knees and taken her own sons erect cock into her mouth. She had sucked him, had taken his shaft down her throat, and used her lips, tongue, and most of all her throat to make her own son cum.

Then she had used her body once again to bring him pleasure, letting him feel the inside of a woman's body as it gripped him, and enticed one more cum from his body. And as she stood there, clothed only in a thin robe, her own juices running down her leg, she knew that she had enjoyed it. She wanted it as much, if not more, as he had wanted it.

She pulled the eggs off of the burner, and began buttering the toast, as thoughts of what she had done,
felt, and even tasted ran through her mind. No, after tasting the seed of her son, she knew she would not be able to stop, not unless and until HE wanted to stop. Until then, she was his. His completely, to learn from, to learn on, to use...and yes, even abuse.

She set the plates down on the kitchen table, and only when the task of making breakfast was finished did she give in to the temptation. She reached down between her legs, and felt her body's reaction to her own son, and felt no regrets, only a desire for more.

She sat at the table, wondering how far her son would really want to go. Was he serious about the dog? Even his father had never gone that far, although in some ways, he had gone further than she believed her son could ever go. He had reduced her to nothing more than a thing, even less that a pet. When compared to that torture, she felt she could submit herself to anything her son could come up with, because she would always be his mother in all other things.

And that was the real difference. In all other things, she still was in control. Only in this one thing did she
surrender, did she vow to give him all that he wanted. But a dog? Slowly uncertainty filled her, as she began to consider what her son had said, and what she had read. In the story, the woman had been hypnotized, and found herself being used as a sextoy by her son, even to the point of being shared with the dog.

She had no problems with being his "toy" to play with sexually. But she just wasn't sure she could do the same with an animal. What would it taste like? And to allow him to mount her... she just didn't think she could to it. She sipped at her coffee, then got up to go tell her son that breakfast was ready.

Meanwhile, after his mom had left Tommy lay there, in a daze, the air cool on his damp and twitching cock. "I can't believe that just happened. She actually sucked, and then fucked me", he thought. And she would do whatever he wanted. Whenever he wanted. Just thinking about it was enough to make him hard again. Everything he had ever read about he could now find out about first hand.

In just one morning he had learned more than he ever dreamed. Would she let him tie her up? Or what about her ass? He also wondered what that felt like. Her throat felt fantastic as he came, would her pussy feel even better?

One thing was certain. He would find out before the day was through.

"Tommy honey, time for breakfast", he heard her call out. He scrambled for pair of sweats, and ran out his door, skidding to a stop at the kitchen table. She couldn't help but laugh at his eagerness.


"Yes honey?"

"After breakfast, can we... you know, do some more?"

She tried to hide her smile behind her cup of coffee. After slowly sipping she replied," Well...I don't know.
There are the dishes that need to be done, and your room to be cleaned."

"How about just once after the dishes...please mom?" he pleaded with her.

"Fine. After you do the dishes, we can do whatever one thing you want. Or after you do both...we can do whatever you want for the entire weekend."

He sat there, and thought about it for a few seconds. "Ok" he said slowly. "But do you really mean that mom... anything? Anything at all?"

She broke his eye contact, and stared into the cup of coffee. She feared she knew what he was implying. That he would want her to serve the dog. But she also knew that she couldn't break her promise to her son so quickly. She took a deep breath, sighed, and looked back up into her son's eyes.

Wordlessly she nodded her head. "Now you go ahead and eat. I'm going to go relax in my room. When you're finished cleaning your room, then we can talk about what you want to do next."

"Ok mom."

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