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Saving Mother Life

Saving Mother's Life
by Cody Ray (

A teenager accidentally fucks his mother as he tussles with her to keep her from driving drunk. (F/M-teen, nc, inc, alochol)

I had seen a lot of things. Some things a child should never have seen, but I did, as did my brother Skip.

My mom, Mae Frances, was 36 and very pretty. Mom stood 5'9''had long blond, curly hair and huge tits. She was slim and shapely.

Dad was tall like us. He was a good looking guy who earned well working as an aviation mechanic, repairing and maintaining aircraft engines.

Mom was a waitress and she had been fooling around on dad for a couple of years when he discovered it.

I was 17 the Sunday night when dad discovered her infidelity. Mom's men friends would call the house, let
the telephone ring twice and then hang-up on weekends when they wanted to see her.

And she would always have an excuse, something she needed to get from the store as she would down a few shots of liquor, then leave and come back all tired and would bathe and go to bed.

Well, dad who worked nights Monday through Friday, had noticed a pattern. And this particular Sunday evening, he followed mom when she left.

Within an hour they both had pulled into the driveway and came into the house, fussing, fighting like grown men, slugging one another and of course, mom got the worst of it.

She had two black eyes and a busted lip. My brother and I begged dad to stop beating her as she tried to fight back getting knocked against the kitchen door. I remember well, her trying to make it to their bedroom and dad punching her in the back of the head, knocking her to the floor, then kicking her.

It was all too much to imagine. We both grabbed a hold of dad, screaming and begging him to please stop. Everyone was in tears, even dad as he went over the line that night.

Finally dad stopped and he started blurting out that she was a whore, a stupid bitch and everything else he could say. Dad told us about mom's ruse, the telephone calls, and who he had caught her with.

Dad had followed her to a motel and watched as she went into a room. He waited about 10 minutes, then knocked on the door, telling them someone was stealing the lady's car, the car of the woman who had just entered the room, while muffling his voice.

The guy ran out pulling on his boxer shorts and mom was standing behind him totally nude. Dad beat them both, before forcing mom to leave, shoving her into the car.

It was totally embarrassing because the neighbors had heard them fighting and screaming in the driveway and they were listening at their windows. Me and Skip were in total shock too. It was a horrible scene.

This was the worse we'd ever seen it get. My brother felt bad because he was three days away from leaving for the Navy. I was in my first year at the local community college.

I must admit, seeing mom standing there with her swollen bloody lips brought on some anger towards my
dad. But I really felt like yelling at her, 'Fucking Whore!"

Why was mom doing something so stupid? Why didn't one of us say something early on about her behavior? I wished we would have stopped her early on, but she had been doing this so long, it had become second nature for her to just up and leave when she got ready, go fuck her lover and come back home.

After they had settled down, dad slept on the couch and mom went to their room, turning up that bottle of Wild Turkey. My brother and I talked about it in our room until late before we went to bed.

My dad was a good guy. He worked hard for his family and felt really hurt to have his wife messing around on him, especially with the frequency my mother was doing it. We forgave him because we understood what it was like to feel that kind of pain.

Skip told me, "Don, you've got to stay at home instead of the campus. If you're not here and he catches her again, dad's going to kill her. You've got to keep her from getting drunk and doing that again."

I told him I would live at home and assured him I would take care of mom the best I could.

The next couple days went on as usual, except mom had to take off work for three days until her eyes healed. Then Skip left and we all took him to the recruiter's office and waved bye as he entered the bus and they went away.

Dad went to work that evening, his usual 4 p.m. until 1 a.m.

Only minutes after dad left, the telephone rang twice and mom looked at me. Before I knew anything, I blurted out, "Mom, you'd better not. Dad's going to kill you the next time he catches you messing around."

Mom sat, stunned that I would have even figured out the code her lovers used. She asked what I was talking about and I reminded her of what had happened the night they fought. How dad had figured out her little game. I told her dad had neighbors looking out for him too and they knew to follow her when she left the house.

She looked to be in dismay and remained at the house. About 30 minutes later, the caller did the same thing. Over the next few hours it happened every 20 minutes or so.

Then dad called home to check on us. He asked me if anyone had called. I lied and said no. We chatted a while and he went back to work.

Mom had already begun sipping her Wild Turkey after dinner and she was somewhat buzzed. She wanted to leave each time the phone rang. She began taking gulps of liquor and her eyes were turning red.

Then she asked me who was looking out for dad. I told her I didn't know. But I had heard him on the telephone talking to two people, saying when her car moved, follow her and call him when they discovered where she was going.

I took a bath and afterwards, heard mom talking low on the telephone, telling her lover how she wanted to
come, but dad was watching her.

I went to my room and lifted the extension and heard the rest of the conversation. The damn guy was
insisting that he sneak through the back door around 11 p.m. and that mom get me, her almost grown son, to go to bed! I was floored!

It was about 9 p.m. then. I put on my pajamas and went back to the family room, watching television with mom.

She kept looking at the clock when finally she said she had to run to the store. She picked up the keys and headed to the door.

I ran to the door, blocking it and said, "Oh no you're not. I know what's going on mom. That guy is going to get you killed messing around because dad is going to catch you."

She went on lying that she needed cigarettes. I told her she a carton in the refrigerator where she kept
them. She sat down, thinking of another lie. Then she took her bath, dressed in her nightgown and said she was turning in for the night.

I was relieved and went to my bedroom and laid down. I heard the telephone ring again and she answered it quickly. I picked up the extension and listened again.

She told the guy she would meet him in the parking lot of the Derby Lounge in a few minutes. I was getting tired of this shut, losing my rest to save her ass. It was 10:32 p.m. and mom peaked into my room, called my name and I said nothing, acting like I was asleep.

She eased the door shut and I got up and followed her down the hall. When she was about to open the garage door, rage overtook me and I pushed the door shut, grabbed the keys and she started a tussle, trying to get the keys back.

I knew whatever I did, I had to keep her from leaving because I knew Mr. Miller, who lives next door and who often beat his wife, had been telling my dad mom was messing around and that dad needed to 'whip her goddamn ass to stop that shit,' and would giggle that women didn't know you loved them until you 'beat sense in their damn heads.'

In the midst of our tussle, mom's gown popped open revealing not even a pair of panties. She was drunk and going at it for all she was worth.

Under normal circumstances, I would never have grabbed a hold of my mom. But the flashbacks of what had happened Sunday night made me do what I had to so long as it meant my dad didn't ever hit her again. The thoughts too, that dad would have killed her if we weren't there were too much. She couldn't leave and give dad reason to do it again.

I didn't want to hurt her, so I continued to let her flail around and reach for the keys when I got behind her, as she kept struggling.

The sight of her body and the feel of it rubbing against me was too much and I got an instant hard on.

Mom now seemed to be grinding into my body as my dick rested lengthwise along the crack of her ass. I knew she was feeling it because I had to hold her tight to try and control her until I talked sense into her.

Then she suddenly stopped tussling, pulled away from me and turned around and begged me, "please give me the keys darling? Please?"

I told her no, as she stood there breathing hard, her gown wide open and her hands on her hips, oblivious to the fact that she was totally nude for the first time in front of me.

Then she took off the gown, tossed it to the floor. "You want to know why I have to see my boyfriend? Your
dad doesn't do anything with this," she said, flailing her arms in the air, turning around for me.

"See, even you think I'm nice the way your thing is standing up," mom said as she looked at my dick. I was in shock hearing the words that my mother said, coupled with seeing her standing there nude. I'm telling you, I think about that moment every day of my life.

Then mom took a step closer and hugged me, then pushed me against the door and asked for the keys again.

I can't remember if I was crying, but I continued to beg her not to do it – please stay home because dad was going to find out if she left and he would go crazy next time. He was wounded. He already felt bad about having to wear mechanics uniforms to work, knowing that mom waited on men who dressed in suits, who had prestige and who obviously had been flirting with her.

Then she backed up and asked me again, "Please baby. Give me the keys. I won't be long. I just need to see my friend tonight," as she grabbed her hair in frustration.

Mom then told me, "Very well, then I'll walk," as she came toward the door. I spread my body across the door and yelled, "No mom, he'll kill you next time!"

She grabbed the keys from my hand and turned as I reached for them. We wound up tussling again and
somehow fell to the floor, where her gown flailed open again.

As I reached for the keys, she stretched out and I was reaching for her hand, the same position with my dick resting along the crack of her ass. The waistband of my white athletic shorts slipped and I felt the head of my dick penetrate her.

Mom stopped moving and sort of jumped, we both stared at each other. It was a mistake, and I thought "oh shit!" but before I could back away and apologize, mom pushed backwards onto my dick.

Mom hollered, "Oooh baby, Damn!"

She thrust back farther and I was getting deep inside of her. I begun thrusting in and out of her wet, black
hair covered pussy. She turned to kiss me passionately as I lay there thrusting in and out of her.

After a few seconds, probably less than a minute, I got scared and jumped up, apologizing.

Mom pulled me back onto her -back onto the cold tile floor.

She grabbed me tight around the waist, guiding my dick back into her as she lay on her back, her legs laid alongside mine and she started to work her body, jerking in spasms. Then she moaned, "Aaaah," as she came the first time within minutes.

I got up, kneeled between her legs and began taking long laps on her pussy, sucking her clitoris as my
fingers played with her big brown nipples.

She moaned and moaned and I felt her cum again. I backed off just enough to see her fluid coming out of
her. I began again delicately licking her pussy, giving full attention to each component, the lips, the clit,
the space between her pussy and her asshole.

Then I rimmed her asshole, sending more sparks through her. I got back on top of her and her red eyes were glazed over now. Mom wasn't saying anything as I re-mounted her, taking her long nipples into my mouth alternating them, as I slow fucked her.

She closed her eyes and moaned, holding me around my neck. Then I began to kiss her again as I fucked her deep, making her say, "Aaaah, oooh," with every other thrust.

After about 10 minutes, I was ready to cum. I grabbed mom's thighs, lifting them as high as I could get them and began to ram deep and hard into her.

She acted like a possessed child now, biting my lips and cussing, 'Dammit, oooh shit, you motherfucker!
Fucking me... like this... my... son... fucking... ooooh, fucking me like this!"

I jammed into her as my cum fired. She started shaking and talking loud. "Ooooh my pussy... Soooo good baby... my pussy... so good... Damn!"

I lowered her legs and laid there continuing to fuck her for all I was worth. The tile floor was a mess
beneath her ass. It was wet and slippery and she was sliding around on the cum that we both had loosed.

I got up, pulled her up and we took a few steps to the edge of the couch. I put her on her knees and placed her gown beneath her knees to cushion her. I held her ass up and entered her from the back. This time it was a mercy fucking. I had to cum again to make my dick soft.

I reached around her, playing with her tits, then playing with her clit. She was talking loud, cumming all over again.

"Dick so big...dick... so... dick... dick... dick so good baby," mom was saying.

"I'm so weak baby... wore me out... mama's weak baby," she said as she lowered her head, looking around at me.

I kissed her, sucking that tongue and picked up the pace, grabbed the hams of her ass and started lifting
her slightly as I fucked her hard from the rear. I came again, holding her close to me, ensuring every ounce of my seed was as deep into her as I could place it.

I laid there on her back, kissing her neck, us both breathing hard, sweating like hell. Mom giggled.

"Baby, I can't believe what happened. Can you?"

"No mom. I can't believe it either. But I've wanted it to happen for a long time. And I hope it continues to
happen," I said.

"It will baby. It will happen," mom said as we laid there, my dick still lingering inside of her as she wiped sweat from my face.

We got up, headed straight to the bathroom and she cut on the water. I took a quick bath first as she prepared a bottle of Massengill douche.

I watched as she squatted over the toilet, injecting the douche into her pussy. She sat down on the stool
and released the douche that filled her.

"Look at all the young cum that was in me," she said laughing. I looked into the stool and was surprised at
the whitish liquid that came from her. She repeated the process several times and my dick was hard again.

She told me I had to keep that one to myself because it was too late. She got into the tub and bathed while I sat there admiring her body.

We talked about what had happened and set the ground rules for what was to come. We wondered if a mother and son anywhere else in the world had ever had sex. It was strange for sure.

We kissed as she fetched up the soiled towels and cleaned the tile on the floor where our cum was still in liquid form.

She placed the items into the washing machine and cut it on, then we kissed as she laid on her bed. I bent down, kissed each breast one more time and then placed a long kiss onto her pubic mound and onto the lips of her pussy.

I went to sleep as soon as I hit the bed and dreamed of our lovemaking throughout the night.

Next morning mom was up moving around, getting ready for work as I rose. Dad was asleep on the couch.

Mom and I spoke and I headed to the table to get the oatmeal, toast and bacon she had prepared.

We waved each other goodbye and she headed off. I got dressed and went to school.

Later that day, when I arrived from school, dad was getting ready for work.

He and I talked. Dad asked me if anyone had called, if the familiar cheaters telephone rings had occurred. I told him no. I said mom had sat there all evening, reading a book, watching television and chatting with me before we both went to bed.

Dad told me he wanted me to stick around the house more if I could because it might deter mom from wanting to "get loose in the ass."

I told dad if I thought mom was about to cheat on him, I would say something to her or call him and let him
know. Dad lit up from ear to ear and hugged me, saying, "Boy sometimes a man got to be a man and stand up to a woman regardless of who she is. She knew better than doing what she did. I hope she doesn't do it again or one of us is leaving this house."

"Dad, neither of you are going anywhere. You need to spend more time together and just get back to the way you used to be. She loves you. She just made a stupid mistake and I don't think she'll do it again," I told dad.

He was happy, "Boy I guess you're right. Anyway, just sort of keep an eye out for me and if something
happens, you know to call and tell them to come and get me right then."

I said OK, and as dad was sitting at the table eating, mom walked in and spoke. She walked to dad and kissed him on the cheek and passed him a new lunch box, red with a nice thermos.

Dad smiled a little more, then returned the peck on the cheek. He got up and left, heading to work.

As soon as dad had been gone for 10 minutes or so, mom and I raced to each other, kissing and feeling each other up.

We were in the family room, next to the kitchen and I pulled mom's blue skirt up, exposing her panties and
panty hose. I pulled down them both and inhaled her musky scent. She asked me to let her bathe first. But
it was too intoxicating.

I could not wait, so I began licking her pussy as she stood over me. Mom got me to let her sit on the couch where I continued my assault on her pussy lips. Then I sucked in her clit and held the long thing in my lips as I sucked and flicked it with my tongue.

She got off immediately. I pulled down my pants and pulled her onto the floor. We fucked like that right
there for the next 15 minutes or so until I came.

We got up, both showered together and fucked in the shower. We ate dinner, and lost all inhibitions as we
spent the rest of the evening fucking in my bed.

Mom quit drinking days after our first encounter. Over a period of months, she got more lovely because her skin on her face filled out and became clearer.

We continued the same kind of fucking for the next five years. After I graduated, I was still a fixture there
until I got married. By then dad had changed and started to treat mom better. So she's satisfied with her life.

Now and then mom and I will still fuck because she's still a hot blonde headed woman with a lot of curly
black pussy hair.

Now we don't spend as much time as we used to. Mom comes over and sees the grandkids or I'll go there and for some reason, dad always feels better when mom is at our house or I'm visiting over there. It's been years and they've made up. But I don't think dad ever really trusted mom to be alone after that Sunday when he caught her in the motel room.

My wife enjoys mom and dad's company. But she especially enjoys it when mom comes over to relieve her of babysitting duties.

It allows my wife the time to spend chatting and hanging out with her sorority sisters.

I don't recommend what happened in my life to anyone else. What happened with me was an evil thing – to commit incest. But it was the right thing to do at the time. It's a decision on the part of me and mom that
saved their marriage and probably saved her life after she got busted by my dad.

I have no doubts had my dad caught her again, he would have killed her or the person she was with. It took him some time to get over the fact that she had been cheating. But I helped him through it with small talk and by giving my mother in private, what she had going out into the streets to get.

I don't regret it. But as I said, I don't recommend anyone else do it. It's certainly not the activity of a normal family.

It has affected me somewhat because it's a secret I carry everywhere I go and it's something that I have
thought about every single day of my life.


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