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Brother Had No Pants On

Brother Had No Pants On
by Eager46
Edited by Bruce

16 year old Anita happens to see her 14 year old brother, Brad without his pants on, and is surprised by
the size of his young manhood. After watching him for a while she becomes very horny and makes a suggestion to him. (MF-teens, inc, voy)

Anita checked how she looked in the mirror of her bedroom. She was heading out to see her friends and
perhaps hang out down at the shopping mall and hopefully tease a few boys. Anita hoped that she would
do more than tease a few boys. She had not been very successful recently in the fuck stakes.

Somehow she had never come across a really nice boy who was interested in a long term relationship. Anita was not really into the one night stand sex sort of thing. She much preferred a long term relationship with a really nice boy, with plenty of sex.

Over the past few months she had just been very unlucky, and had been forced to make do with quick
groping sessions at parties, at school, and with the odd fuck when the chance came along, which was not
often. She had resorted to rubbing herself off at night when she was alone in her bed, to relieve the constant itch in her eager little cunt.

She closed her bedroom door and made for the stairs. As she passed her 14 year old brother Brad's room, she glanced inside as she quietly headed for the stairs. She stopped dead in her tracks as she noticed Brad dressed in a t -shirt, and very obviously nothing else. She could see that Brad was naked except for the t-shirt.

He was unaware of her presence in the hallway, as he moved around his bedroom tidying it up. He enjoyed the feeling of being half naked, as it excited him, and if he had been alone in the house, he would have stripped off completely naked. Anita watched wide eyed as her younger Brother moved around the bedroom bending and picking up items as he did so.

Every time that Brad bent over, Anita was treated to the glorious sight of his smooth, firm buttocks, and
the dark little crack between them and every so often, she would catch a glimpse of his tight anus and the
shape of his ball sac, with the suggestion of dark hairs. This caused an ever increasing itch to build in
her fanny and in her nipples. She also caught the occasional look at his young manhood, and took in a
deep silent breath when she saw that it was about 4 inches long and quite thick too, and it was still

"Jesus Brad, you were at the front of the queue when they were handing out cocks," she said to herself.

Yet again she saw right up his crack to his hole and balls, and she felt a distinct warm wetness deep in her fanny. It had been a few days since she had rubbed herself off, and many weeks since her last fuck, and she really was in need of some sex. As Brad walked around the room, her eyes fixed on his young cock as it swung free.

"Mmmmmmmm, I have had smaller than that inside my cunt," she said to herself. "I wonder how big it is
when it is hard."

How was she to make a move on her own brother? She knew that it was quite wrong for her even to suggest to him that they might have sex, never mind actually do anything. Her racing mind hatched on a plan. Without warning she walked boldly into his room and said, "Hi Brad have you got any change?"

Young Brad spun around to face his older Sister, taken by surprise, his small hands flying down to cover his penis. "What?" he stammered his young face flushed with embarrassment at being discovered half naked by his older Sister.

"I was wondering if you had any change, I am sorry, but I did not realize that you were half naked."

"Wait a minute I will look," he said and reached down for his schoolbag which was just beside him on the
floor. As he bent over, Anita caught sight of his lovely trim cheeks and the crack between them. She
could not help herself and reached out and touched his naked cheeks, her fingers just for an instant teasing down inside his crack. Anita expected Brad to straighten up with shock, but instead he just remained where he was, his naked buttock pointing to the sky.

"Mmmmm, your touch is nice," he sighed, slowly straightening up, but standing very close to his Sister. Anita nearly passed out with shock. Far from being angry with her, it appeared as if he was game for
something, although exactly what, she was not sure. She stood still beside her Brother, and smiling at him she let her small hand stray round to the front of his body, and took his slowly thickening cock in one hand.

"Ooh yes,” he sighed as her small hand began to caress his thickening cock.

Brad opened his young thighs to allow her exploring hands greater access.

His young cock was hard and rigid, and Anita estimated that it was about 7 inches long, which for a 14 year old was nothing short of a miracle. She looked down at it as it sprouted proud and straight from its little nest of black pubic hairs. She pulled back the foreskin and marveled at its large smooth shiny head. Her pussy was oozing hot juices by now and her nipples were rock hard and tingling. Brads face was very red, and his breathing was quite labored as well.

"For God’s sake don't cum yet," she said to herself, as she reached down and took his thick balls in a hand.

"Oh, I like it," he moaned.

Anita looked her brother straight in the eyes and asked, "Will you help your big sister out, Brad. I need
something very badly, right now, please."

Before he could reply, she took one of his hands and guided it to her skirt hem. Brads eyes were bulging in their sockets, as he slowly realized what his sister meant. He slowly slid a hand up under her short skirt, on up over her tiny panties, until he found her smooth naked skin at the top. Pulling at the waist band, he tugged the panties down over her trim bottom, and she kicked them off, and opened her slim thighs as wide as she could, allowing his trembling young hand to move onto her hot sopping fanny.

Young Brad had hardly ever seen a naked girl fanny, even in pictures, far less ever touched one. His
searching young fingers found the slippery hot inner lips, and the twitching hole near he bottom of her
slit, and her little clitoris, as he was told it was, by a mate at school, up near the top. Gently he explored her eager cunt, sending strong shock waves all over her body.

"Rub my clit Brad, make me cum. Oh please, please make me cum. OH YES!" she purred.

She felt Brads fingers begin to move faster and faster over her slippery swollen clit. She was still stroking
his throbbing big prick, and she was really surprised that her little Brother had not cum yet. Deep within
her belly she felt her orgasm start, and soon her whole body was on fire, as it took her.

"OH MY GOD, that was fucking great." She turned round and bent over his bedside chair and pushed back her naked cheeks at him, revealing her open fanny to him. He knew what he had to do, and taking hold of his huge tool, held it to her sopping cunt. For the very first time in his life, he felt hot wet cunt walls close around his manhood as it slid inside of her.

"OH BRAD, FUCK ME HARDER!" Anita panted, her body consumed with lust and horn.

Brad eased his slim hips forward, sending his rigid tool into his sisters sopping hot cunt. He slid in about half way, paused, then withdrew out almost to the tip then with another flexing of his firm buttocks thrust all the way in until he felt his skin on her skin.

"OH JEEZUS FUCK BRAD!" She cried out, as her sopping horny cunt was stuffed full with the thickness of her little Brothers, huge boyhood.

He began to fuck her, slowly at first, then with ever increasing speed. Never in his life had Brad ever
experienced such intense and pleasurable feelings.

"Oh god, oh god, yes," he panted and gasped as his huge tool pistoned in and out of his sisters cock hungry little cunt.

"Brad, oh Brad, oh Brad, you are so good, fuck me, oh I need it oh yes. Oh yes, Oh yes, OH MY GOD!" she sobbed as her fanny was stuffed with her Brothers organ.

Brad reached under her short skirt and finding her naked trim hips, gripped them as he thrust in and out
of her hole. Deep within her she felt her cum begin. It built up and built up, finally exploding from her
sopping squelching cunt.

Brad felt her tight cunt walls, spasm around his thrusting boyhood, and this sent him over the edge. His
boy seed, was freed from his young balls, and erupted time and time again from the tip of his no longer
virgin cock, filling his older sister’s insides with its volume. Brad collapsed over his sister’s back, gasping and panting for breath, after the most intense orgasm of his young life.

Anita had never felt so fucked, so stuffed, so fulfilled, so satisfied with any fuck she had ever had. With a loud plop she felt her Brother withdraw his cock from her still throbbing cunt hole, his seed dribbling down her naked legs. She turned to him and kissed him on the mouth.

"Thank you, oh thank you Brad, you are fucking amazing." Brad looked a bit embarrassed, but was very
pleased that on his first ever outing into the tunnel of love, he had performed well, and had satisfied a girl , albeit his older sister. He got some tissues from beside the bed and wiped his still dripping tool, and handed some to his Sister so that she could wipe her fanny.

With another kiss, Anita left the bedroom and going into the bathroom, had a pee, and washed and dried her fanny, and then returned and retrieving her panties, pulled then on in front of her still dazed younger
brother. Then with another kiss on the boys mouth she headed downstairs and out to meet her friends. Only now she was not really caring if she met a boy today or not, as she was not sure if she could take another fuck now, and she most certainly did not feel in need of one, after what she had just experienced.


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