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A Mother Temptation

A Mother's Temptation

A young mother finds that her 15-year-old son is a sinful temptation and that his girlfriend is even more
so. (F/fm-teens, ped, 1st-bi, inc)

Dana tried not to look at her son the way a lover looks at her companion but it was difficult. It had been
three years since her husband died and all she had was Randy.

He was the spitting image of his father and this jolted her on many occasions. Try as she might she had a
difficult time keeping it together.

She knew she was still young and fit and some would think beautiful but she could not bring herself to date
again. She had been approached several times at work by men she would have jumped at the chance of dating but her mind could not, would not consider it. Maybe when Randy was in college she would think about dating again. But at the moment she had a child to raise. A very handsome young man who at this time was dating a very hot looking little girl by the name of Kim.

Kim is a High School cheerleader and quite a little slut. Dana did not care much for the girl since she was
all over her son every time she came over the house. She could understand why her son liked her. Short with long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. Nice pouty lips and an ass to die for. She remembered leaving them alone in front of the TV. while she went to bed upstairs. Soon after hearing she could hear the moans and groans associated with sex.

The next day she discussed condoms with her son. He was embarrassed but that was too bad. She didn't need to raise another child. But he took the advice to mean that sex was ok and then soon after both Kim and her son had sex regularly. She was then embarrassed by all the groaning and fucking just below her in the living room.

One night she snuck quietly down the stairs and peeked through the stair rails to see the both of them
fucking. Randy was sitting and Kim was riding him like a bronco. Her small breasts were bouncing and her ass was pounding downward on her son's very large cock. He was gritting his teeth in pleasure as she moaned in ecstasy sliding down his wet pole. She could see her sons cock and how huge it was. My god, she thought, it's so much bigger than his fathers. It must be ten inches at the very least.

She felt her body stir with erotic feelings and knew it was time to leave. She shouldn't be having such
thoughts. Especially about her own son. Kim cried out and she heard the wet squishing sounds of orgasm. She quickly went to her room and shut the door.


The next day Randy came down to breakfast and sat at the table while his mom did the dishes at the sink.
Randy stared at her for a long moment and Dana felt herself flush. Dana was beautiful and she knew what men liked. She had long auburn hair and dark brown eyes. Her body was still very trim and toned and she kept it in shape at the age of thirty better than most.

She wasn't tall but she had great legs and a firm heart shaped ass that many men wanted badly. Today she wore faded tight jeans that fit her perfectly and a snug t-shirt without a bra. Her breasts were large and firm and her nipples poked against the fabric.

"Would you like something to eat honey?" Dana looked over her shoulder at her son.

She caught him staring at her ass and turned away quickly not wanting him to see that she knew. She heard the chair scrape on the floor and his footsteps behind her. At fifteen he was big and tall like his dad. She felt his arms go around her waist as he hugged her close to him. Her hands in the dishwater she did not turn to face him but felt his closeness and that made her redden further.

"God mom, you're so beautiful you know that?" He squeezed harder making closer contact of his body to
his. She could feel his groin pressed hard to her ass. She fumbled her words back to him.

"Urr ah... thank you honey, that's... nice to hear..." Her voice shook a bit and he brought his face close to
her neck.

"You've got to be the hottest mom around. Even Kim thinks you're hot. She talks about you all the time."

Dana didn't know what to say. They talk about her. About being hot? She was beginning to really be self
conscience about her son's body behind her now and moved forward a bit sinking her hands deeper into the suds. Her breathing shortened and she knew she was getting a bit excited. She closed her eyes as she felt his breath on her neck.

"Yeah, Kim thinks that you're incredibly sexy. She can't figure out why you're not dating. She knows tons
of guys that would love to date you. I told her that my mom doesn't date. That she stays home alone a lot."

Dana felt a bit out of the loop realizing the conversation these kids were having about her and her life. But she could not deny the truth in it all. Yet it was terrible to think that her sex life was all but gone.

"She thinks that you should be out there fucking everything in sight. She says your body is great looking and that any boy or girl would love to have it."

At this Dana closed her eyes and bit down on her lip.

"I think Kim talks too much son and that kind of talk is not nice especially with your mom." Replied Dana in a more emphatic tone.

She felt his hands slide over her stomach and his groin press against her harder. Oh God she could feel his hard-on pressing between her tight jeans. Her breathing quickened and she felt herself losing it.

"Come on mom. Kim's alright. She cares about you. Besides she thinks you're cool. Letting us fuck all the
time without saying anything. Name another mom who allows that? Besides she's right about you getting sex again. Your way to hot to go to waste. It's a whole new world out there mom."

He kissed her neck and left her in the kitchen her hands soaked in soap and her pussy drenched.


In the early afternoon she knew she had the place to herself with Randy working at the grocery store all
day. But as she was settling in to read a good book the doorbell rang.

She answered the door to find Kim standing there with a bag in hand and a cute smile on her face.

"Hi Dana. Just thought Id come over and spend some time with you. You know get to know you better. I brought some goodies too."

Dana watched as the girl all but bounced through the house in her tight jeans and tighter t-shirt. Her cute
little body all but emitted energy. Dana didn't know what to say. This was the very same girl who she saw
fucking her son like a dog in heat. Who took his ten inch cock all the way inside her trimmed little pussy.
She stopped thinking and sat back down. Kim came back into the room with two drinks in hand. She handed one to Dana who stared at it.

"Don't worry Dana it's alright. My mom & dad let me drink sometimes. I don't drive when I do. Besides I
like drinking and talking."

She smiled at Dana with her cute pouty lips and sat close to her on the couch. She smelled clean and musky at the same time. She smelled of sex. God this girl was a walking aphrodisiac. The long blonde hair fell in waves about her shoulders.

"What would you like to talk about Kim?" Dana began knowing that the conversation would be wholly unique.

"You of course. Randy and I talked about your predicament."

"My predicament?" Replied Dana now very confused.

"Yeah you know... sex."

Dana looked at her with shock and surprise. They were trying to get her to do something about her sex life. Two teenagers. One her son.

"Kim I don't think that's any of your business," Dana replied more forcefully.

"Don't get angry Dana," laughed Kim her body sending vibes like crazy. "It's just that we figure you really
need some hot sex right now. I mean I saw you looking at us fucking the other night. You were hiding but
watching. God it just made me hotter knowing that you were seeing me fuck your son."

Dana almost spilled the very strong drink. Her mind reeled in panic at the thought of this girl knowing
this. She was at a loss for words. An apology. Anything. But Kim continued.

"It's alright Dana. We liked knowing that you were there. Especially Randy. Drink up Dana. We have so much to talk about."

Dana did just that. She downed the drink and handed it right back to Kim who refilled it to the brim.

"That's it baby drink up. Nothing like a hot drunk girl to get the party started."

Kim stared at her with those lovely eyes penetrating her soul. So young and so sexy. My God what was she thinking? Here was her son's girlfriend getting her drunk and talking sex.

 "Whole new world out there Dana. Lots of hot sex to have. God I want to do it all too. Don't you?"

Dana just nodded feeling her little world tilt a bit as she started to feel the drinks take their toll on her body.

"Tell me, what's the best sex you ever had? C'mon, play this game with me." Kim smiled at her and moved closer her body close enough so that her legs were barely touching hers.

This was unfair Dana thought. First her handsome son this morning at the sink and now this beautiful girl.
God was she going crazy. She didn't like girls like that but here was a very, very sexy thing and she was
getting quite wet. Kim downed the drink and refilled hers again. Her body lithe and sexy moved like a snake.

"I've only had sex with Randy's father no one else," she said in a soft voice.

Kim's eyes widened and she laughed a small laugh. "God Dana! Only one guy ever! Shit I've had at least a dozen. Some hot girls too. Even some other experiences that are too hot to tell you about yet. Was he good in bed?"

Dana smiled at her and nodded. "He was fucking amazing."

Kim slapped her knee and let her hand rest there. "I think I would have liked to know him then."

"I think you got the better deal Kim. Randy's dad wasn't too big in the penis department." Both laughed
at that one.

"Yeah, Randy's got a real big cock huh? Feels so good when he fucks me. You like the looks of it Dana?"

Kim gave her a sly mischievous look that said it all. Kim swallowed hard not sure what to say but the drinks were definitely loosening her up. Her pussy was really wet now. And Kim's hand rubbing her knee wasn't helping.

"It's beautiful..." was all she could say.

"Damn right it's beautiful. I'm trying to get it all up my ass. God it's tight but it feels so great back there."

She knew that Kim was baiting her trying to goad her into sex. She was slowly succumbing to her sexy will.

"You take cock back there? I could never do that. It always hurt too much." Replied Dana heading straight
into Kim's web.

"That's because he wasn't doing it right baby. You gotta take your time. Start slow and take control. Get
nice and horny and then let him finger your ass till its loose and wet. Then baby its fun time. I can get at
least half of Randy's big dick in there. I cum so hard when he starts to fuck me. I bet you would love ass
fucking. God Id love to see you get it back there. You've got a great ass."

Dana swallowed hard taking another sip. Her body was taking over. It had been so long since she fucked that the conversation with this girl all but set her off. She needed to cum badly. She was so horny.

"Thank you honey. You have a great ass too. I know, I've seen it." Both laughed and Kim moved even closer. Her face but inches from hers.

"You like my ass Dana? Bet you like the looks of my pussy too?"

Her musky perfume filled Dana's senses and she leaned into the girl till their lips met in a torrid hot kiss.
Their tongues swirling inside each others mouths like hot little snakes.

"Yeah that's better," came Kim as they broke off the hot kiss. "I wanted you for so long Dana. God your so
fucking hot."

Kim kissed her again her hand reaching up to cup Dana's breast sending her into sexual oblivion. The girl was driving her insane with pleasure as she slid her hand under her t-shirt grabbing her breast fully. Her nipple hardened immediately. God this child was making her melt. Soon Kim was unzipping her jeans and sliding a hand inside her panties.

"You're so wet Dana. God you're so hot and nice. Randy's gonna love this cunt."

Did she hear correctly? Her son wanted her sexually. As Kim slid in two fingers deep inside her wet pussy she came quick and hot. She knew what she wanted now. She wanted her sons bid cock inside her. She wanted to fuck this girl too. She felt her pants sliding off to the floor and her wet panties following behind. Kim's spread her legs wide looking at her body in what she could only say was pure lust.

"God baby your so beautiful. Look at that hot open wet pussy of yours. I cant wait to see Randy slide that
monster inside this."

Kim moved down between her legs on the floor on her knees and pressed her beautiful face into Dana crotch. Dana all but swooned at the feel of this girl's lips against her pussy. Then her tongue sliding over her engorged clit.

"Ohhhhh! Kim Arghhhhh! It feels so good!" She cried out making the young girl lick harder and deeper. Dana cried out as she began to cum hard. She felt her hot juices flow and splash onto the girls face.

"Yummmm baby, that's so good. Id love to see you fuck two cocks at once. Two big cocks opening up that hot pussy and that tight ass. God that would be so hot."

Kim kept getting her hotter with her dialog and the thoughts of doing such things as, "Two cocks at once."

Oh God could I do such a thing? I want to fuck my own son. With that thought anything was possible. She
settled into the fact that she was perverted and wanted to do dirty things with her body. Things that she only fantasized about. This lovely girl was only bringing it to the fore. Kim was eating her pussy making her cry out over and over. Soon two fingers entered her cunt and she came quickly with squirts of hot juice running down her legs to the couch below.

"Oh yeah baby, that's it, cum for me. I love the taste of your pussy Dana. I want to make you do so many dirty things for me. I want to fuck you so bad. I want you to fuck everything with me. Everything!"

Dana her eyes closed her mouth open wanted all the girl offered.

"Yes honey! YES!" Cried Dana as she came again into the girls open mouth. She had never cum this good before and it had to take a teenage girl to do it. Hopefully ten inches of her sons cock too. The thought made her tighten up for another orgasm. Kim slid another two fingers into her tight cunt making her groan in pleasure at the intrusion.

"Ohhh yeah baby, you like that huh? Like all those fingers inside that pussy. God your so wet. I want to
see you fuck so many cocks and suck lots of pussies. I even want to try a big dog cock baby. Randy talks about it all the time. Makes me so hot. Want to try that with me? Feel that huge cock slide inside that tight pussy and stretch it wide."

Dana's mind was wild with erotic perverted pictures of herself fucking everything. She even imagined a dog fucking her. Oh god she was so bad so wrong. Yet her body told her otherwise. The thought of a beast fucking her sent her over the edge and she came hard and wet flooding the hand inside her and the couch beneath.

"I knew you'd like that picture huh baby?"

Kim's mouth went over Dana's pussy again sucking and licking as she slid her entire hand inside her cunt to the wrist. Just as she was cumming loud and hard she heard the door open. There was Randy all smiles and a hard-on that was about to break through his jeans. Kim moved back from Dana's pussy her face sticky and wet from endless orgasms.

"Welcome home baby. Look what I have for you."


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