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A Mom And Her Son

A Mom And Her Son
by Jimbo2 (

A mother invites her 14 year old son into her room to watch TV after seeing him masturbating. She teaches him all about anal sex. (Fm, ped, inc, voy, mast, anal)

This is another story for the ladies out there that has ever thought about having sex with their young son or daughter. It is a story about Debra, a divorced middle aged lady who finds a hard young cock. Some of this is true as she asked that her story be told.

It starts with her finding her son masturbating as she spies on him. After nights of her thinking about seeing him masturbate, she decides it is time for her to try out his big, young cock. Not only does she get it in her hot pussy but she discovers that she likes it other ways as well.

To start with, I will let you know a little about me. I am a 38 year old woman with a strong sex drive. I love
to masturbate and do so almost every night, sometimes several times a night. I am a little over weight and
have both a plump ass as well as plump thighs. I keep my pussy shaved so I can watch myself in the mirror as I masturbate. It gets me so hot as I watch myself playing with my toys as I climax. I enjoy sex and since my husband left a few years back, I get very little cock, so I have turned to masturbating.

I am a good mother and have a 14 year old son that lives with me named Bobby. I have suspected that he was also masturbating since I had found a few tell – tell items in his room, such as used tissue paper and his stained underwear under his bed. It was a little exciting to me to know that my son was masturbating!

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One night as I lay there in my bed, I heard him go into his room. I waited a few minutes and thought that I
might catch him as he masturbated. I got out of bed and eased towards his door which was slightly open. As I crept towards the door I could hear faint sounds coming from inside. I knew the sounds! They were the same ones I made when I was masturbating.

As I peeked through the doorway, I could see only part of him lying on his bed. I eased the door open a little more so I had a better view of him. Sure enough, there he was, laying on his bed naked, his cock in his hand as he was reading some sort of girly magazine. He was stroking his cock as I watched.

His cock was so big! His hand would not go around it as it was so thick and the cockhead was poking out of his fingers that were coiled around that huge, young cock. My God! He was hung like a horse! The sight of him stroking that huge cock was getting me so hot as my hand dropped to my panties as I slipped my fingers inside as I watched him.

He started to pump it faster as I too, began to rub my pussy faster. I was beginning to cum as I watched his big cock start to spurt his young cum from the thick head. I was so wet as a huge wave of pleasure swept over my body as I climaxed, my pussy on fire as I rubbed it so fast. I watched as he took some tissue and caught his erupting cum into it as he moaned out loud, him still pumping his hot cum from that hard cock as my own climax subsided.

My juices were flowing from my wet pussy as I turned and went back to my room, getting my toys out as I
climbed into my bed. I slipped my panties off as I spread my thighs, bringing my favorite dildo to my clit. I lay there and watched myself in the mirror as I eased the thick head of that plastic cock into my hot pussy, all the time thinking of Bobby and his huge, young cock.

I was fantasizing about my son fucking me with his huge cock as my climaxes rocked my body, time after time as my entire body quivered. I came so hard and so much as I visualized his cock in me, the huge cockhead so deep in my cunt as my cum started to flow from my wet pussy. I slept like a baby that night as I must have cum 8 or 10 times before I went to sleep.


The next day after he had gone to school I went to his room and hunted for the magazines he had been reading the night before. I found one of them under his bed as I sat back onto the bed and opened the book. It was a fuck book about older women and it was entitled “MILF”. He had been jacking off to the pictures of older women being fucked by younger boys!

As I lay back onto his bed, I began to look at the pictures and read along as my fingers found my wet
pussy. Had he been thinking about me when he was reading this magazine? Was he picturing his cock
sliding to me as he fucked me? My fingers going so fast as I thought about his big, young cock. My clit was twitching so bad as I rubbed it, making it feel so good as I my thoughts were about his huge cock and seeing him stroking it the night before. I knew right then that I had to have his hard, young cock in me. I was going to find a way to get that monster cock in me!

I began to cum so hard as I fingered my wet pussy, my puffy cunt lips so red as I rubbed my clit in small
circles as I climaxed for the second time. I was throwing my pussy to meet my probing fingers as I came
so hard one last time. I put the book back where I had found it and set about a plan to get him into my bed. I went to my room and found a big vibrator that was just waiting to be used.

I lay there with my legs spread wide, my smooth pussy so wet as I watched it take the vibrator as played with my puffy pussy lips, dragging it up and down the entire length of my horny slit. I opened my butterfly a little wider as I inserted the vibrator and began to rub my enlarged, red clit. You can imagine that it did not take me too long before I was cumming like crazy as I milked that vibrator with my pussy. I wanted some of that huge, young cock that I had saw tonight.

When Bobby was younger, he would sleep with me at night, watching the TV until we both dozed off. I was scared t watch a horror movie by myself and looked at the TV guide to see if I could find one on that night. That was how I would get him into my bed! I would invite him to watch a horror movie with me tonight.

That night I went upstairs to my room and took a hot bath, putting on one of my flimsy gowns as I readied
myself for him. I left off my bra and panties as the thin material outlined my huge breasts, my pussy open
with the top of the gown just above my plump thighs, exposing my thick, puffy pussy lips as I sat down. I
thought that this was what I needed, something that would be inviting to him, something that would catch
his attention. As I heard him come up the stairs, I called to him. He came to my door as I lay there with
just a sheet covering me.

“Bobby, there is a scary movie on TV tonight and I wanted to watch it.” I told him, “Remember when you
were little and used to climb in bed with me and we would watch TV together? If you don’t mind too much,
would you come watch this movie with me? I need someone so I won’t be frightened.”

“Sure, Mom. I would love to watch TV with you. Give me a couple of minutes so I can get ready for bed.” He answered, “I will be there shortly. I need to put on my pajamas I guess since I will be in the same bed as you.”

“No way! You don’t have to get dressed for your mom! It’s not like I haven’t saw everything you have many times in the past.” I kidded him, “Just come to bed with your under shorts on like you usually do in your own room. I’ve seen you that way many times”

My pussy twitched at very thought of my son coming to bed with me. I knew that tonight would be the night for me, the night I got to fuck my son’s huge, young cock!

He was at my bedside in his boxer shorts as I patted the bed for him to sit down, telling him that he could
get under the sheets. I saw his big cock through the small hole in his boxers as the tip of his cock hung
out the bottom of them! He propped his head onto the pillows to watch TV. I looked down to see his big bulge under the sheet and wanted to just grab it right then, to take it and make love to it my way. I had an idea as I rose up onto the bed.

“I will be right back.” I said to him as I got up from the bed, my entire ass showing as I made sure he was
looking at it, “I have to go to the bathroom. Keep my place good and warm until I get back.”

I took my slow time getting out of bed and knew he was watching my wide ass and my plump thighs as I eased towards the bathroom door. I even gave him a little extra wiggle with my ass as I knew he was watching me. I did not have to use the bathroom and this was only to let him see that I had no panties or bottoms on. I waited a couple of minutes and decided it was time. Time to try that huge cock in my starving cunt!

I knew he would be hard when I came back into the room and sure enough, when I came back into the room I glanced towards his covered cock. There was a big tent standing there that he was trying to hide from me. I knew then that I excited him and he was thinking about me as his cock told on him. I pretended not to notice as I slid back under the sheets, moving just a little closer to him as I lay back.

I had a great view of his tent from the way I was laying and could see his hand over his cock, trying to
hide it from me as e held it down. I then took the lead and reached over to his tent as my hand felt his huge cock beneath the sheets. I began to massage it for him as I felt it twitch under my touch.

“Umm. What is this? There seems to be a big bulge under here. Did I do that to you?” I asked him as I rolled over towards him, my hand wrapping around his stiff cock. “My, My! You are big! Do you mind if I feel it? It seems like it needs a little attention and I would love to play with it!”

I pulled the sheets back off both of us as I took his hot young cock into my hand as I took it completely out of his boxer shorts, his hard young cock standing at attention as I held in it my hand. It was so huge that my fingers would not go around it and he must have been 10 inches long! My God!

As I slowly stroked it up and down for him, I could feel his hot, young flesh coming to life, growing even
larger under my touch as I stroked it. He had a good view of my pussy as I opened my thighs and slid my
pussy along his upper thighs, my wet pussy lips sliding along his thigh. He turned to me and put his knee
between my legs as he rubbed my pussy with his knee. I reached down and took his hand as I guided it to my wet cunt, taking the tip of his fingers as I began to show him how to touch my smooth cunt.

“Mmmm. Baby! You are doing it so good! You have your mommy so hot!” I whispered to him, “Does it feel good as I play with you? Is it as good to you as it is to me?”

“Oh, Mom! You are making my dick feel so good! Keep doing that! I love it!” he said as I pressed his
fingers to my pussy, “And you feel so hot! I love your smooth little pussy! I never dreamed that it would feel this good! And you have it shaved!”

I opened my legs as I took his hand and whispered to him to put his finger inside my wet pussy. As he
started doing what I had asked, I opened my thick, puffy pussy lips so he could get to it better. His hard, young cock was so big now as I stroked on it. It was so hot to the touch as he would hunch up to my hand
as I began to go a little faster. I wanted to taste his hard young cock! I wanted his monster cock in my mouth!

“Let me turn around so I can kiss on it for you.” I told him as I slid my head towards his groin, “Would
you like for me to kiss on it a little?”

Without a word being said, I lowered my mouth to his giant, young cock. It was too big to take in my mouth as I pressed my lips along the sides and head as I kissed on it. I took his hard incestuous cock and began to lick the entire length of his long cock, by lips sliding ever slow as I made love to his wonderful cock. I felt his hands on the back of my head as he slowly pushed my head downwards to his huge, young cock.

I took the thick cockhead and tried once more to put it in my mouth as I sucked on just the huge head. I
slipped my tongue to his pee hole as I licked it while sucking on his cock. I loved it, his hard young cock
going in my wet mouth as it popped into my hungry mouth! I could barely get my lips around that huge
cockhead as it pried my jaws so wide. I sucked it in as he held my head. But I had he thick head in now as I began to swirl my tongue over the head as I sucked it.

I then felt his hot mouth as he kissed my wet pussy, his thumbs parting my puffy pussy lips as he started to lick my cunt. I rolled over so he was on top of me, not losing a bit of his hard cock as I grabbed his ass
cheeks with one hand as I still had that huge cock in my other hand. His kissing became a licking as his hit tongue searched for my wet pussy, licking my thick pussy lips as he began to eat me.

I had his cock as far in my mouth as I could get it and still could not get it in. I then raised my mouth off
his thick cock as I felt his tongue sliding into my wet pussy.

“Bobby, I want this big cock of yours in me! I need to feel it in my pussy.” I told him, “Would you fuck your mother? Would you slide this big cock to my wet pussy? I want it so Bad! I want you to really fuck me!”

As Bobby took his mouth away from my cunt, I took his hard cock and positioned him on top of me as that thick cockhead touched my puffy lips. I reached down and opened my pussy for his hard, young cock as I felt the huge cockhead started to enter my hungry pussy. He took my legs and put them over his shoulders as he pulled my ass to him, sinking that long, hard cock to me as I felt it pushing its way deeper.

“Oh, Baby! Oh, Yes! Yes! You feel so good!” I cried out, “You are making my pussy feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock of yours!”

I gasped as I felt that thick cockhead working its way inside me, pushing my pussy walls apart as it slowly
sank deeper with each thrust he made. I had that hard young cock so far in me as he filled me with that huge cock. I was completely full of his cock as the huge head was bumping my womb. Every time he hit that certain spot so deep in my pussy, I would shiver. I loved it as he thrust that cock to me!

There I was, a mother lying under her own son, my legs over his shoulders as he fucked her! What a slut I was! Fucking my own flesh and blood! But all that was forgotten as he pounded that huge cock to my wet pussy. He loved it as much as I did. We were really fucking each other now as I thrust back to meet his every hunch as that cock slammed into me.

Bobby was really fucking me with that huge dick as he touched bottom each time he thrust so deep in me. I was moaning and groaning so loud as he fucked me with his huge, incestuous cock. I had needed a good fucking for years and now I was getting what I had wanted. Even if it was from my son!

“Oh, Bobby! You are driving me wild!” I said as he pulled my hips up to him as he jammed that cock to me. “My legs are getting tired. Let me get on my hands and knees. I want you to fuck me doggie style! Do you want to fuck me that way? Would you like to fuck your mom doggie style?”

Bobby released my legs and withdrew that lovely cock from my hot cunt as I turned over onto my hands and knees. I felt so empty when he removed that big cock from me. But It wasn’t long before he had it back in me. I felt him take my hips as he spread my pussy with that thick cockhead once again. It slid in a little easier this time as he shoved it home! His huge, young cock was filling my dripping pussy so full as he fucked it to me. He was so good this way and I loved him fucking me doggie style. I glanced into the mirror to watch him sinking that lovely cock to me as he seemed to know what I liked.

Each time he would take my hips and pull me back to him, I would rotate my ass and wiggle my cunt back to his huge, young cock. Each time he would drive it into me, I would cum! That boy knew how to make me cum! I wanted to feel his hot cum also as I worked on milking his huge cock with my pussy muscles. I would squeeze his huge cock the best I could with my pussy, which was hard to do since he filled me so full. I felt his huge cockhead as it began to throb, knowing he was ready to fill me with his cum. I worked my cunt back to his cock as he just held it there for me to fuck. That thick cock felt so good as I worked it into my womb.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder! I want you to cum in my pussy!” I was shouting as he drove that huge cock deep into the entrance to my womb and held it there, “Oh, YES! YES! Fuck me! Fuck your mother with that big cock! Shoot your cum to me! Fill me with that hot cum! Yes! Yes! Oh, Fuck me!”

I then felt his big cock as it swelled up deep inside my cunt, that huge dick throbbing now as he began to
spurt that hot young cum to me. His cock was shooting me full as he held it tight to me as I trembled with
pleasure as wave after wave of climaxes flowed through my fucking pussy. The feel of his hot cum was making me cum like I had never came before. He flooded my pussy with his hot, incestuous cum as I fucked my ass back to take all I could of that cock. My son was filling me with his hot cum and I loved it as we fucked.

I felt him start to soften as the cum flowed from my dripping pussy. He had filled me so full of cum as his
cock slipped from my cunt. I had that empty feeling once again as his huge young cock withdrew from my well fucked pussy. He still had my hips in his hands as his cock rubbed against my tight asshole. Was he wanting to fuck my ass? Was he trying to get me wet back there so he could slip his cock to my ass? Could I take his huge cock up my ass?

“Oh, Baby! Hold it there! It feels so good to me!” I told him, “You were so great! I have never cum so much in my life as I did then. Dou you like my ass?”

Oh, Mom. I love it! I have always loved your nice ass.” He said as he rubbed his soft cock against my tiny
opening, “I have dreamed several times about of me fucking your hot ass. I have cum so many times to the thought of your lovely ass!”

“Lets see if we can get you good and hard again. I wan to try it too! You are so big though.” I told him as I
reached for his hardening cock, “Please be gentle with me as you put it in. I am so tight back there. It has
been a very long time since I have had a cock back there. So go easy until I get used to your big cock.”

I placed the thick head at my ass as I help guide him to me, his cock slick with my pussy juices as the huge cockhead popped into my tight ass. Bobby just held it there or me as I became accustom to its huge size. It wasn’t long before I began to move my ass around as I took a little more of that fat cock up my ass. He had my hips in his hands as he slowly pulled my tight ass to his huge, young cock!

“Oh, Mom! You are so tight! Your as is so fucking tight!” he said as he slowly rammed more of his he cock
to me. “I have e a couple of friends at school who say they fuck their mothers too. I know they have big cocks too.”

“Would you like me to bring one home with me? I know they would love your smooth pussy and I would love to be fucking your hot ass as you took another cock in your pussy. Does that sound good to you? Would you like to have two young cocks fucking you?”

“Just fuck my ass, baby and we will talk about that later. Now fuck me! Fuck your mother's ass!” I cried as
he slammed that huge, young incestuous cock to my ass as I felt him once again begin to swell. “Pump me full of that hot cum. Fuck me! Fuck my ass, baby! Shoot me full of your hot, young cum!”

I turned towards the mirror to watch as Bobby, my son pumped his huge cock to me, his mother. What a sight to see, a young hard cock sliding in and out of my ass as my son was giving me a good ass fucking. I was watching him fucking me as I began to cum, once more, that lovely young cock so deep in my ass as my body trembled once more. I felt his big cock as his hot cum began to shoot deep inside my upturned ass, filling me with that young cock juice. His cock was pulsating as it erupted that huge load of hot, incestuous cum so far up my fat ass as we both came together at the same time.

I am still fucking my son, Bobby and we sleep together almost every night. He has even brought home a young girl for me to have as well as one of his well hung friends. Did I mention that I love a hot, young pussy! Almost as well as I do a hard, young cock. I still have trouble taking his large cock in my mouth and my ass but we have been working on stretching both as I take that hard, young cock. He really knows how to please his mother with that magnificent cock.

I have also since, found an interest in our new neighbor, a lady who is about my age and says she likes
sex when we talk about it sometimes. She tells me about some of the internet sites she visits, like Beastforum and Kristen Archives. Mmmm. I guess I'll find out soon just how much she likes sex.


This is not the end of Debra’s story as there is another part in which Bobby brings home some of his
closest friends to service his mom, both male and female. Remember that some of this story is true and I
hope you liked this story so email me and let me hear from you. My address is: and I will answer your mail.

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