Mandy Special Relationship

Mandy's Special Relationship
by Anonymous

Mandy, a vivacious and growing 14-year-old, loved her father very much. Theirs was a special relationship, Mandy always liked cuddling with her father. Every time daddy was watching TV Mandy would snuggle next to him. She liked it when it was cold at night, and they would wrap up in a blanket and daddy would put his arm around her and hold her tight. Mandy's mother worked at night so Mandy loved spending time with her father. Mandy was out of school for the holidays, it was 6:00 p.m. and mommy was getting ready for work. John saw, his wife standing there in a pair of panties and bra. "Hi sexy." John said.

Marie was bent over as John slipped one hand between her legs cupping her mound. John slowly started rubbing Marie's pussy when they heard Mandy ask, "What are you doing?"

Marie pulled John's fingers from her wet pussy. and said "Nothing Mandy dear. We were just playing". Turning around Marie told John, "I have to leave or I'm going to be late I'll see you in the morning." Marie finished dressing and kissed her husband and daughter good bye and left.

"What do you want to watch on TV dad?" Mandy asked.

"Well, sweety you find out what's on and I'm going to take a cold shower". Her father said as he adjusted his raging hard-on, left over from his wife's "play". John had just laid down in the tub and was soaping his dick with his hand when in walked Mandy. Her father removed his hand from his penis but not before Mandy saw what he was doing. Mandy being a polite and shy little girl pretended that she didn't notice her father's long hard cock and preceded to tell him what was on TV. Her father listened to Mandy and notice that his daughter kept looking at his cock. Not being able to will himself to relax, John let the water out of the tub and turned on the shower.

Mandy asked her father if she could join him in the shower. John not wanting to appear strange to his daughter told her to grab her night clothes. While Mandy was gone John thought he could jack off. But just when he was about to cum the curtain pulled back and in stepped Mandy. John released his cock and turn toward the shower. While reaching for the soap Mandy's hand brushed across John's hard penis, Mandy pretended she didn't notice John groan.

"Are you all right daddy?"

"Yes honey."

Mandy handed the soap to her father and asked him to wash her back. When John turned around his long hard dick rubbed across her back. John moaned again and noticed how cute Mandy's body was. He could see the tan lines on her cute ass and felt ashamed at being turn on by his nubile little daughter.

But Mandy loved the feel of her father's hands washing her back. And when she stepped back she could feel his pole rub her back. It was exciting to feel it rub on her, so Mandy pressed further back toward her father and ask him to wash lower. Her fathers breathing was becoming faster as he started rubbing the soap on Mandy's hips, gradually he found his hand sliding on Mandy's soft buttocks, he couldn't seem to stop himself. His fingers slipped between the cheeks of Mandy's cute little ass... her breath caught when she felt her father's fingers rubbing against the opening of her ass, while all the time she felt his hard penis rubbing against her back.

Mandy became excite at being rubbed; she spread her legs apart to let her father wash her better. Mandy moaned as he continued rubbing, he began exerting more and more pressure. Before he knew it he was rubbing his fingers across the lips of his little daughters pussy opening. He could feel the cleft as one of his fingers slid through the opening. John loved how soft her pussy felt and started sliding his finger deeper between Mandy's little pussy lips.

As he continued rubbing, exerting more and more pressure until his finger slipped between the folds of her tender young pussy lips. Mandy moaned and arched her hips slightly forward, causing his finger to continue into her tight little hole. He finger fucked her for several minutes, gently inserting his finger up to the last knuckle and then slowly pulling it almost all the way out. He felt the muscles in her little cunt tighten just slightly, her whole body seemed to tense up for a moment and then relax.

As Mandy's little pussy adjusted to her daddy's finger, John started pushing his finger into her faster, all the time pressing his dick into her back. And Mandy just leaned against the shower with her legs spread so her father could push his fingers into her, she didn't really know what was happening, all she knew was that she trusted her daddy, and that he was making her feel really really good.

When he heard Mandy moan John felt his hard cock explode on Mandy's back, John pressed his dick hard against her and shot his sperm against her soft young skin until the last drop squeezed out. Then slowly John removed his finger from Mandy's cunt. He felt ashamed for what he had done to his sweet innocent little girl. He turned way with troubled thoughts and dried off and left the bath room after slipping on his robe.

An hour later, Mandy came into the living room and wearing a very short little play outfit, sat down on the couch with her father. John was glad that Mandy did not act as if anything untoward had happened.

"Daddy my thing burns"

John asked what thing? Mandy stood up lifting her gown pointing at her pussy.

"Did I wash you to hard?"

"No daddy, but it just feels funny."

Her father not knowing what to do told her to bring the KY jelly off his dresser. When Mandy returned, her father told her to remove her panties and lay down on the couch. John kneeling on the floor started rubbing the jelly on Mandy's pink puffy little pussy, before he knew it he felt his dick growing hard again and it started peeking out of his robe. As he was rubbing his fingertip between the lips of Mandy's little pussy he asked her if the burning had stopped.

"Yes Daddy the lotion makes it feel good."

For the second time John couldn't believe how soft Mandy's pussy felt. Easing her little pussy lips apart John slowly inserted his finger again. Gradually going deeper until he felt her hymen, he slowly widened Mandy's hymen until his finger was buried to the hilt.

Mandy just lay there with legs spread wide because she could tell her daddy was making her feel better. Then catching himself her father stopped in mid-stream, pull-ed his finger out and told his daughter to get dressed.

Later that night Mandy climbed into bed next to her father who was watching Late night TV, lying on the bed.

John always laid in bed nude and Mandy always liked to sleep with her parents. John's dick was still hard from rubbing Mandy's pussy, he turn on his back to keep from rubbing it against Mandy. When all of sudden Mandy who was behind him placed her hand on her fathers stomach. John could feel her hand barely touching the head of his dick. Mandy involved in watching the bedroom TV never moved her hand. After a couple of minutes, John reached over and took a sip of coke, when leaning back Mandy's hand accidentally slid down until the head of her father's dick was against her hand.

Mandy gasp when she realized that she was actually touching her father's penis. Mandy not wanting to get in trouble left her hand where it was, hoping he wouldn't notice, but every time her father's dick twitched, it lifted her hand, and her hand slowly wrapped around his stiff dick.

John could barley breathe as he felt Mandy's hand wrapped around his member. John was scared, here he was laying in bed his rock hard cock and his ten year old daughter had a firm grip on his dick. John slowly started to move his hips very lightly, Mandy not knowing what to do tighten her grip on her dad's dick. John feeling Mandy's grip tighten increased the force of hips. Mandy being naive, started stroking her hand up and down her father's dick not really knowing what she was doing. It felt strange to her tiny hand, her father's dick was soft yet very hard and hot. he started stroking her hand faster and faster in rhythm with her fathers thrusting hips, she was glad that her father seem to enjoy it when she squeeze his dick tight, before she knew it her father wrap a towel around her hand and started moving her hand faster up and down on his dick. Mandy felt her hand getting wet under the towel when all of sudden her father removed her hand.

Mandy thought she was in trouble, but her father pulled her close and kissed her goodnight. She felt relieved that her father was not mad and snuggled up close to him and went to sleep.


John at first felt bad that he let his little girl jack him off but was determined not to let anything like this happen again.

But two hours latter John awoke with a raging hard on, he was still groggy from sleep he snuggled closer to his 'wife' and placed his dick between her legs. She was all curled up in a ball with her back to him. John groan when he felt how wet she was, his long dick was sliding against her pussy lips, it felt very tight with her legs closed.

Mandy woke up when she felt her father's hard dick slide between her legs. She had left on the KY and it was very slick between her legs. She felt her fathers dick rubbing between the lips of her pussy and didn't know what to do. Mandy did not move for fear of waking her father so she stayed very still and let her father rub his dick against her.

Meanwhile, John started moving his dick faster against her pussy, when he felt that he was about to cum he gripped Mandy around the waist and tilted his hips placing the head of his cock right at the opening of Mandy's little pussy.

John pushed his hips forward and felt his cock slip into his 'wife's' pussy. The entire head of his cock was slick with pre-cum. He took his cock and ran the tip of it up and down the hairless folds of his daughter's tiny young cunt until he couldn't stand it any longer. He positioned himself at the entrance of her tender pussy and gently pushed in an effort to get into her tight little hole. The outer lips of her cunt separated and surrounded just the very tip at first, but as he continued to push he felt the tight walls of her tiny pussy begin to give and watched as the head of his cock slowly slipped inside.

Mandy gasped and her eyelids closed slowly. Her head was tipped back and her mouth was open slightly. She was breathing very rapidly. He continued to push his way inside her. The walls of her cunt gripped tightly around his cock making the journey very slow. At that moment, fully awake, John realize his dick wasn't going into his wife's sexy pussy, but his little girl's pussy. John was too horny to stop and kept pushing his dick deeper into Mandy.

Mandy bit down onto her hand to keep from screaming when she felt the fat head of her father's cock split her tiny pussy open. Mandy didn't want to wake her father so she gritted her teeth and let him fuck the head of his dick into her. John not being able to go in any deeper decided to pretend he was screwing his wife.

"Loosen up Marie, I can't get my dick into your pussy."

Mandy was shocked that her father thought it was her mother. Mandy in pain with such a large dick in her little body slowly lifted her leg, John was thrilled when he felt his sweet daughter lift her leg and slammed his dick into her. When he did... three solid inches of his dick slid into her pussy ripping her hymen to shreds. Mandy yelled before she could stop herself, John felt his dick erupt into Mandy's tight pussy. As he un-loaded spurt after spurt of his hot cum into his darling little daughter's pussy.

In the moment of passion John thrust an inch deeper, Mandy held her breath as she felt her Daddy's dick throbbing in her. Mandy was glad when she felt her Father's cock soften inside her. John, after shooting all his sperm into Mandy was afraid of what he had just done he couldn't believe that he had just fucked his little girl.

After getting his thoughts together, John put his arms around Mandy and asked her if she was okay. Mandy whispered that yes she was OK, just sleepy, and snuggle into her father's arms again and when to sleep.

John awoke early the next morning and found his wife at the table. "How was your night Marie?"

"It was okay. Marie answered, "But John why is Mandy's panties on the floor next to the KY?"

"Mandy said her vagina was burning so it was all I had to put on it.

"Did you get a hard on John."

John sheepishly look down and told Marie she did leave him with a hard on. Marie was just about to suggest a blow job when Mandy came down stairs and hugged her mother. John was glad that Mandy was acting her same old self but was horrified to see dried cum between Mandy's thighs. As Mandy walk away to get dressed John and Marie could see her cute little ass showing.

"That little minx does not care about nudity does she, John."

John choked out a no and was glad Marie hadn't mention anything about the dried sperm between Mandy's legs. Marie turned and went to bed.


Later that day, while laying in bed Marie start-ed rubbing John's big hard cock, Marie turned to John and asked him about the dried sperm on the bed, John tensed at the question. When Marie ask "Did you get turned on by Mandy's naked little butt rubbing against your big hard dick?"

John didn't answer as Marie squeezed her hand up and down his dick. Marie had bent over and was licking the head of his cock when they heard Mandy standing by the bed asking if she could sleep with them. Marie took her mouth off John's dick but kept her hand wrapped around his shaft. Running her hand up and down the shaft of his cock where Mandy could get a good view.

John became embarrassed having his dick stroked only inches from Mandy face. John told his wife that she should not be doing this in front of Mandy. Marie asked Mandy if daddy's penis bothered her, Mandy blushed and shook her head no. Marie told Mandy to place her hand around her daddy's dick.

John started to protest when Marie placed her daughter's small hand around her father's fat dick, John gasped at her touch, he couldn't believe Marie was doing this. Mandy started stroking her hand up and down her father's dick.

John felt that he was about to cum with Mandy's hand squeezing his dick. He whispered into Marie's ear that he wanted to cum, Marie told him that they would finish after Mandy went to sleep. John groaned and said okay.

While walking Mandy to her room, Marie asked Mandy if her pussy still burned like last night, Mandy blushed and said just a little. So Marie pulled Mandy's pajamas out and told her to remove her panties. After slipping on the nightgown Mandy laid down and spread her legs. Marie was shocked at how puffy Mandy's vagina lips were, but preceded to apply a generous amount of KY all over Mandy's little pussy, once just to see, Marie slipped her finger between the lips and was shocked to see her finger slid in all the way. After applying plenty the KY jelly into and around Mandy's pussy, Marie told her daughter that she wanted her to go into their bed-room and lay on top of her daddy and show him how much she love him. She explained that little girls should always be nice to their father's and hug them tight, Marie told her not to get off of him until her father told her too.

Marie climb into bed beside her husband and kissed him goodnight but not before stroking his dick a couple of times and making sure he was rock hard. Mandy being a loving child did what her mother said and climbed onto her father's lap underneath the blanket and bent to hug him. Marie's hand was rubbing johns balls and the base of his dick. While rubbing his dick she was telling him about tomorrow's trip. Acting sly, Marie casually lifted john's dick up between Mandy's legs. Mandy felt when her mother move her fathers dick, her pussy was pressed against her father's hard cock, but she continued to lay pressed up on top of him.

John groaned at the contact of his daughter's little pussy and he pressed against Mandy, he wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug and brought her pussy tight against his big cock. John prayed that Marie's hand would stay on his balls. Mandy felt herself being press down until she felt the head of her fathers cock press lightly between her pussy lips. She pretended that nothing was the matter. John made small talk with Marie while slyly pressing his dick up against Mandy's pussy.

Finally John felt the head of his dick spread Mandy's pussy and slide inside. Her tight little pussy clasped the head of his dick like a vice. He acted like he was adjusting his hips, which launched another inch into his daughters tight little pussy.

Marie was rubbing on his balls was making the head of his dick ride back in forth into Mandy's little cunt. Before John could stop himself he groaned and he exploded into Mandy's little pussy. Marie felt his balls throbbing and knew that he had just shot a huge load of sperm into their baby's little pussy. When John felt the last drop shoot into Mandy, he knew that Marie had to know what had just happened.

Marie whispered into john's ear "She made you cum on her stomach, didn't she?"

John nodded yes. "Don't be embarrassed, I know you were hot and at least it wasn't in her."

John nodded his head with relief and told Mandy to go to sleep, but he knew he'd cum in her for the second time that day.

As Mandy raised up to turn John gasped as another inch slid in her tight pussy then she was off. Marie squeezed her husband's dick and rolled over to sleep.

 After an hour of pressing his hard dick against his wife's soft ass John turned over on his side and without realizing it felt his hard dick press up against his daughter's ass. John not wanting to wake his wife pressed forward until the head of his dick was wedged between the cheeks of Mandy's ass.

John knew it was wrong to feel like this but he just wanted to fuck Mandy one more time. His dick throbbed as it slid between the wet cheeks of her ass. After a couple of minutes of pressing against Mandy's ass John tensed when he felt his wife's hand slide around him.

"John are you hard," she asked, as her hand slid down his belly to his cock. John started to say something when her hand wrapped around his hard dick, as Marie stroked her hand up and down John's dick she felt where the head was lodged in Mandy's butt.

"Did Mandy make your dick hard again honey?"

John just groan. He started to turn over when Marie told him to lay still. "I know she got you excite, here let me help you rub it against her soft little ass."

John was shocked when he felt Marie start sliding the head of his dick between the cheeks of their daughter's little ass.

Mandy felt her mother rub her fathers dick against her butt, but didn't want to let them know she was awake for fear of being made to go back to her bed.

John was getting very nervous and told Marie they better stop before they woke Mandy up.

Marie told him to relax that she was sleeping and it would take just a minute. After a couple of minutes of rubbing his dick against Mandy's ass and pussy lips. John told his wife that if they didn't stop soon, he was going to cum. Marie told him don't waist his load, and preceded to place the head of his cock between the lips of Mandy's pussy. John loosened up and let Marie guide his dick down between Mandy's legs.

"Push your hips," Marie's whispered. John completely lost to the sensation of his daughter's soft pussy and the stroking of his wife's hand pushed his hips forward, Mandy's pussy being so lubricated spread easily around the head of her father's cock. Marie started jacking harder on John's dick while pushing him forward.

"Does this feel good John?" Marie asked. "Yes? Then push a little more."

John wrapped his arms around Mandy and pulled her little soft body to him, and with a slight tilt shoved his cock all the way into her tight little pussy.

Mandy grunted but laid still.

John lost to the feeling of Mandy's pussy wrapped around his dick started humping his hips in and out, his dick sliding in and out, in and out. Her pussy gripped his dick like a glove. She was so tight that he couldn't hold out another moment and he exploded into his daughter's tight little pussy once again. Marie felt John's dick shooting cum into Mandy's pussy and stroked his dick until her husband finished.

Mandy could feel her dad's cum squirting deep into her, but she continued to play being asleep while her father pump his dick deep inside her.

Marie kissed her husband and told him to make sure he pulled out of her before morning. Mandy went right back to sleep with her fathers dick trap in her pussy.

Next morning John found his wife at the stove cooking breakfast. "Marie I don't know what to say" he said.

"Then don't say anything as long as you enjoyed it, but honey I want you to fuck her today in the car and see how far she'll go when she is awake." Marie said with a smile.

"But Marie she doesn't know what happened."

"I know, but just try."

Just then Mandy came down the stairs, there was dried sperm between her legs. "Did you sleep okay Mandy?" her mother asked with a smile.

"Yes." Mandy blushed.

"Go a head and get a bath so we can go dear."

"See John, everything is okay."

John smiled and left to get dressed. While dressing he slipped on a loose pair of slacks without underwear. Marie was in the bathroom with Mandy.

"Mandy lets put on some more KY just to be safe and no underwear this weekend to let air between your legs."

Marie picked out a short blue pleated skirt for Mandy and then brushed her long blond hair into a pony-tail. After Mandy finished dressing, her mother had laid her down on the bed with her legs spread wide. Marie was surprised to see how wide Mandy's pussy opening was, as she applied the KY on Mandy's pussy, she gradually ran her fingertip across the clit, then running her finger through the lips Marie started slipping her finger into Mandy's little pussy opening. Working her finger in and out until it was all the way in.

Mandy gasped as she felt her mom's finger slide in and out, without realizing it Mandy started lifting her hips to increase the feeling of her mother's finger going deep into her, just when Mandy was starting to really enjoy it, her mother told her to go get into the car.

Mandy climbed into the front seat with her dad because the back seat was full of luggage. Marie started out driving to the cabin for their vacation. While driving Marie noticed that John had placed his hand on Mandy's thigh, she also could see a tent in his pants. Mandy all this time was involved in a coloring book in her lap.

After about five minutes John reached to the floorboard and pulled a coke out of the ice chest, while sitting back his hand casually slid up Mandy's skirt. Mandy pretended to not notice that her father's hand was an inch from her pussy. John could feel the KY between his daughter's legs. While Mandy continued to color, John lightly started rubbing his finger on her thigh gradually sliding his fingers upward. Finally his small finger brushed up against the lips of his daughter's pussy. He heard Mandy take in a deep breath but she continued to color. He started rubbing his finger up and down Mandy's slit, increasing the pressure until the tip of his small finger entered between her pussy lips.

Marie kept watching out of the corner of her eye she was surprised at how calm Mandy was. John becoming bolder inserted his finger all the way inside Mandy's pussy, her pussy was so wet and hot John started running his finger in and out, rubbing over her clit every time his finger shoved into her slit. Marie finally pulled over to the side of the road. John, thinking Marie had changed her mind quickly pulled his finger from Mandy's wet pussy.

"What wrong dear." John asked.

"Nothing sweetheart, I just need to get these pamphlets, Mandy would you mind sitting in your father's lap so my papers don't get wrinkled. Mandy thinking nothing of sitting in her fathers lap said okay. While Mandy was gathering up her crayons John casually unzipped his pants.

Mandy after climbing into her father's lap resumed her coloring. She was leaning forward over her coloring book page when she felt her father's dick get-ting hard between her legs. Suddenly her daddy stretched his legs, which popped his hard dick out of his pants and between Mandy's legs. Mandy with her legs straddle on each side of her fathers thighs felt her father's dick slap up against her pussy, she could feel the head of his big dick laying against her stomach under her skirt.

After a couple of minutes of having his dick laying against her wet pussy, John pulled Mandy up next to him and told her to lean back to take the pressure off his legs.

Mandy ever obedient, leaned back and let her father adjust her in his lap. John lifted Mandy up in his lap slowly feeling his dick slide down her stomach until it was pressed right against her pussy lips. Then he told her to stay like that for a while. Mandy sucked in her breath when she felt her fathers big hard dick press against her pussy lips again, she knew what was going to happen.

Marie looked over and asked her if anything was the matter. Mandy not wanting to be a problem told her mother no and pretended to color. Meanwhile, John spread his legs to widen Mandy's thighs. As he widened her legs apart he felt Mandy's pussy lips spread around the tip of his dick. He lifted his hips slowly until he felt the head of his dick totally surrounded by Mandy's tight little pussy.

Mandy's breath quickened as she felt her father's dick split her pussy open again, but acted like nothing was the matter.

John let out a silent groan at how tight Mandy's little pussy felt. He held still to let Mandy's tight pussy accommodate his big dick. Mandy being in an awkward position tried to stiffen her legs to keep from having more dick slide into her, but after a while she felt her legs weaken.

When her legs grew tired Mandy relaxed and gradually settled down on her father's hard dick. John felt when Mandy's legs loosened and shoved up slowly until he felt the great that Mandy's pussy clasp his dick. He casually lifted Mandy up then let her slide down again, he felt another two inches slide into her tight wet pussy. John wanted to see how much Mandy could take so slid his hands under her legs and lifted his daughter until her little pussy was posed right over his dick.

"Here, Mandy let me move you off this leg."

Marie looked over with a smile when she saw what John was about to do.

Mandy held her breath when she felt her father lifted her over his dick, she was glad it was dark and her mother couldn't see. Mandy felt embarrassed at her father for doing this in front of mother. John success- fully stuffed another four inches of his dick into her. John not want to hurt his little girl, slowly eased her unto his dick. He felt his fat dick spread the girl's pussy lips down around his huge dick. John groan when he felt two more inches spear into her little pussy. He was able to get all seven hard inches into Mandy's tiny tight pussy before he bottomed out.

Mandy was afraid to move with such a big dick in her. She felt like her pussy was split wide open. John held his dick buried deep in his daughters belly, she was so tight he couldn't move. After a while he tried to move his dick within Mandy's pussy but couldn't because she had clamped down on his dick. John tried to with-draw his dick but Mandy grunted and John knew he was stuck tight in her pussy until he shot his load.

After fifteen minutes John knew he could not cum with Mandy's pussy so tight around his dick so he just sat still. Marie wondered why John had stopped, so she pulled over into a wide spot by the road area and asked Mandy to come sit by her.

"I can't mommy." Mandy said with her head down. Mandy began to cry and Marie asked her what was wrong.

"You'll be mad with me, "Mandy cried.

"I promise I won't."

Mandy looked down at her lap.

"Oh," Marie said.

And gradually slid her hand under Mandy's skirt until she felt her little pussy spread around John's big dick.

"We seem to be struck, honey." John said.

Marie couldn't help but laugh. She made John lay his seat back, wrapped her hand around the base of his dick and started to pull his dick out of Mandy's little pussy until she felt it move out an inch. Mandy was glad when she felt her father's dick start sliding out and began to climb off his lap when her mother told to her stay where she was.

Marie explained to Mandy that it would be better to leave her father's penis in her and might be better if she slid up and down on his dick. Mandy believed her mother and placed her hands on her fathers lap and with help from her mother, slowly raised herself till just the head of her father's dick was in her pussy. And then with a deep breath Mandy slowly eased her pussy down the shaft of her father's dick. It felt so big in her.

John was in heaven, in his position he saw Mandy's cute little body and his big dick lodged in her pussy. As Mandy slid down his dick her daddy started lifting his hips up burying himself in her tight sweet little pussy. John felt Mandy's pussy loosen and grabbed her around the hips and shoved every inch of his hard dick into her pussy and shot a huge load of cum into Mandy's cunt.

Mandy was shocked when all seven inches ripped into her pussy, she tried to pull off but her father was holding her tight. Mandy felt his dick twitching inside her cunt, then she felt his cream flowing down her thighs. Mandy sat very still on her father's dick and felt it loosen inside her. Finally her mother pulled her off and asked her if that felt better. Mandy nodded as they preceded to drive to the cabin.

Mandy was confused.

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