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Mike And Maggie Family

Mike and Maggie's Family (family, org, ws, inc, ped)
by TJ (

Mike and Maggie were raised in incestuous families so it's only natural that their children follow in the
footsteps. (Chapters 1 through 8)

Chapter 1

My name is Mike and my beautiful wife's name is Maggie. We are in our mid 30s and both work in the local schools. Maggie teaches sex education (a natural for her) and coaches the girls' cross-country team. I work with the talented and gifted program and coach the boys' cross-country team.

We have three beautiful children. Molly is the spitting image of her mother at 16. She's very mature for her age and is a wonderful girl. Mikey is 14. Just last summer he really left behind his "boyish" look and is beginning to take on the chiseled look of his grandfather. Missy is the youngest. At 11, going on 12, she's becoming quite a young lady.

To everyone in the community we must seem the typical American family, but they don't see what our family is really about. You see, Maggie and I aren't your typical couple. Our father's were both professional athletes. Our parents were also swingers.

My folks were always sexual around us. My sister, Peg (four years my younger), and I were constantly catching them in some sex act. About the time Peg began to become young woman, my folks began including us. It was just a natural progression of our family life and I loved it.

Almost every day I found my hard teen-age dick inside either my mother or my sister's hole. Often, I would wake up to the sound of Peg begging for Dad to fuck her harder (she has always been a morning person). Sometimes I would wander into her room and let her blow me while Dad finished reaming her bare little cunt.

One summer we went to a "family camp" attended by other swinging families like ours. My Dad and Maggie's Dad knew each other and had played together on the same team early in their careers, so naturally our families got together. I'll never forget the first time I saw Maggie. She was probably fifteen, but she already had a body grown women would die to have. We walked into their cabin. Maggie was
on all fours. Her Dad's long, thick dick was pounding at her asshole while she held her older brother's cock in her mouth. Maggie has always been a screamer - like my sister. She was in a sexual frenzy.

"Fuck me Daddy! FUCK MY ASS! Fill my ass with your COCK!" she'd scream whenever she let her brother, Brad's cock fall from her mouth. I was in love.

We did marry just a few years later. Maggie became pregnant right away and gave birth to Molly. Over the
next several years we had the other two kids. Our families helped us take care of the kids and we lived
with both parents for a while as we attended and finished college. We then got on with the local school district and have been working here for ten years.

Maggie and I have certainly not lost our sexual fervor. We live for it. In fact, there hasn't been much that we haven't done or tried sexually. After ten years, we've established a strong group of friends who join us in our sexual exploits. For Maggie's 30th birthday, I organized friends and family for a special gang-bang with 30 men.

Maggie has several fetishes, one of which is golden showers. So, after each of the 30 men fucked and sucked on every one of her tight orifices they all took turns pissing on her, which drove her crazy with lust - which turned the men on again, and the gang bang continued. I've never seen a woman covered in so much cum and piss in my life (and I've seen a lot!). Maggie loved it.

As our kids have grown, they've been very curious about sex. Of course, we've been very open about it. We've treated it as a wonderful, exciting thing and answered any questions they've had. We know they have caught us more than once and, to be honest, it excited us that they would want to watch. Since sex was part of our families growing up, we never wanted to hide it from them. We figured that if the kids were interested in continuing the family's incestuous tradition, then it would happen naturally. And it did.

It was a Saturday afternoon. Molly was working at the local gym, Mikey was at soccer practice, and Missy was playing down the street with Shelly (a gorgeous little brunette). Maggie and I took the opportunity to enjoy the empty house. I was in the living room watching football when Maggie walked into the room. She was wearing black, fish net stockings, a garter belt and a cupless bra. Her more than ample tits poured out of the bra - her nipples were like bullets. She turned off the TV.

"On your knees, Mike. Time to take care of your hot and horny wife," she commanded.

My cock immediately sprang to attention as I slipped off the couch and onto my knees. Maggie came over and stood over me, her wet pussy was inches from my face. "Stick your tongue in my cunt. NOW!" she screamed. I love it when she plays the dominant one. I leaned over and lapped up the folds of her swollen pussy lips. I could taste the tangy sweetness of her sex. Maggie was definitely hot and ready. Reaching down, she pulled my head toward her, forcing my face against her sloppy cunt.

"Suck my cunt, Mike! SUCK MY WET CUNT!" she screamed as she ground her clit against my face. I poked and lapped and sucked with as much fervor as I could muster. She was almost suffocating me with her pussy. It was heaven. A few minutes later she began to flow. Her breathing became short and intense. Her body began to tense and convulse. Then it started.

"Oh yeah. SUCK ME! Oh FUCK! YES! I'M COMING! OH SUCK MY CUNT!" she screamed as her juices poured into my mouth and down my chin. Her orgasms lasted for several minutes.

As soon as she came down from her climax she knelt and began to lick her own juices from my face and chin, occasionally moving to kiss my deeply with her tongue. Her hand moved down to play with her still aching pussy and then to squeeze my raging hard-on.

"You did so good, Mike. Such a good boy. You want me to suck that cock for you? Sucking my cunt got you all excited, didn't it?"

"Yeah!" I replied. "I love to suck your cunt. You tasted great."

"Thatta boy!" she cooed. "Now take those clothes off and sit on the couch. I'm gonna give you the blowjob of yourlife!"

What an offer! I did as I was told. I have a pretty nice cock, if I do say so myself. It's about nine inches long and is enough to intimidate some women. Not Maggie. She practically worships my cock. As soon as I was seated on the couch Maggie began to kiss and lick the swollen, bulbous head. Her tongue flicked underneath the rim of my cock head where it's most sensitive. She then enveloped the entire length of my cock, deep throating me as only she can do. Having coated my entire shaft with her saliva, she grabbed the shaft and began to work it up and down as she went back to focusing on sucking the head. Then we were both surprised shitless.

"Jeez, mom, you never taught us that in sex ed."

It was Molly. Her boss told her to take the rest of the day off, and in our sexual frenzy we didn't hear her come in the back door. There she was, standing a few feet away, staring at my erect cock as her own mother sucked on it. My heart raced and I was immediately shocked. But not Maggie. She was perfectly calm as she responded to our eldest daughter.

"There's a lot of things I didn't teach you." She said. "But it's never too late to learn. You wanna learn how to suck cock?"

"Oh my god, dad." Molly responded. "You're HUGE." She walked over towards us.

"Come here, baby." Maggie said. "Feel how big Daddy is."Molly looked down.

"Is it alright, daddy?" she asked. I could tell there was excitement in her voice.

"Sure, Molly. I want you to."

Molly knelt down next to Maggie and reached out, grabbing the lower shaft of my erect manhood. I gasped in ecstasy, knowing that my very own daughter was touching me sexually. Her hands were soft and warm. She began jacking the shaft up and down. "Oh my god, Dad. It's wonderful." She said softly.

"Suck on it!" Maggie encouraged.

With that, my little girl leaned over and placed her mouth over the head of my cock. It was everything I could do not to come from the excitement of it.

"Mmmmmmm." She cooed as she rolled her tongue around my head, then bobbed her mouth down around the shaft.

"That's it, baby. Suck daddy's cock." Maggie said as she moved to kneel behind Molly. Maggie placed her hands on Molly's back and then rubbed them around her sides until she was cupping our daughter's generous breasts. Under-neath the white cotton blouse, I could see Molly's nipples harden.

"Mmmm. Mom, that feels great." She moaned between sucks.

"Let's get these clothes off of you." Maggie said as she lifted Molly's shirt off. I about gagged as Maggie undid Molly's bra and let those beautiful, young breast's free. I leaned forward, reached down and fondled them gently.

"Oh yeah, dad. That feels good." She said as Maggie continued to take off Molly's shorts and panties. Then she was completely naked, kneeling in between my legs, sucking on my cock with more and more passion. Maggie reached down and rubbed at the crack of Molly's ass, then continued to move down until she was feeling our daughter's wet cunt.

"You're so wet, Molly. You really like sucking dad's cock." Maggie said.

"And having you rub my cunt." Molly responded.

"How would you like me to lick it?" Maggie asked.

With that, Molly got up on her knees and spread her legs. Maggie lay down between her legs so that Molly could lower her cunt to her mother's face without stopping her wonderful blowjob.

I watched as Molly lowered her ass so that her cunt rubbed against her mother's face. Then I heard the sound of licking and slurping as Maggie began eating out our daughter.

"Oh yeah, Mom. Suck it. Suck my cunt. Oh god, yeah! This is so great! I can't believe this is happening."

"Do you like it?" I asked Molly.

"Oh god yes, daddy!" I've wanted to feel your cock for so long. I used to spy on you and mom. I always wished I could feel your cock like mom."

"Well, you got your wish, sweetheart." I said.

"But what about me???" another voice said.

I looked up to see our youngest daughter, Missy, standing in the doorway - her hands in her pants. Missy has just begun turning into a young woman. Her tits are just beginning to grow, but she still has a bit of little girl in her.

"Do I get to suck on your cock, daddy?" she asked cheerfully.

"Uh, Missy - what are you...?" I fumbled.

"Sure Miss!" Maggie said. "Get over here and join your sister. But take all of your clothes off!"

I couldn't believe it. With a squeal of joy my little baby peeled off her clothes. Her titties were budding,
but barely. Her pussy was just beginning to show the signs of pubic hair, but her folds were swollen with
excitement. In a flash she was next to Molly with her tongue and mouth all over my swollen rod as Molly
continued to pump the shaft with her hands. Maggie came out from under Molly, her chin glistening from Molly's cunt juice.

Maggie knelt up next to Molly, who was busy watching her baby sister gleefully gagging on my cock. "Kiss me, dear." She said, leaning over.

Molly looked up and kissed her mother deeply, lustfully. I watched as Maggie shoved her tongue in her daughter's throat. Molly quickly accepted it and then licked her own juices from her mother's chin. A few moments of that and Maggie moved behind Missy. She rubbed her hands down the crack of Missy's little ass and into her pussy, just as she'd done with Molly. She then leaned over and ran her tongue down the long crack, around the tiny rosebud of an asshole then licked up at Missy's cunt.

"Oh mommy!" Missy moaned. "That feels good. Lick me some more mommy. Lick my pussy like you did to Molly.

"You're such sweet little sluts!" Maggie said lustfully.

"We are, mommy. Molly and I are sluts. We love having our pussies licked and sucked."

"You do? Who has been licking them?" Maggie asked.

"Mikey does most of the time, but Shelly likes licking my pussy too!"

"You've been having sex with your brother?" I asked.

"Sure, dad." Molly said. "Watching you and mom go at it all the time got us horny. We wanted to do it too, so we did. We've been fucking each other for about months!"

"Yeah!" Missy said. "Mikey has a big cock, too. But not as big as yours!"

"My god. You are sluts. Well, if you're going to act like little sluts, we'll treat you like little sluts! Both of you, lay on the floor."

The girls immediately obeyed and lay on their backs looking up at us - smiling. Molly was voluptuous and
beautiful at sixteen. She had the body most grown women would die for. Missy's sweet little budding body was just as sexy with her flat little chest and hard nipples and her naked, pouting cunt lips. Maggie continued to take charge.

"Spread those legs my little sluts." She demanded, and they obeyed. "Now, finger fuck yourselves."

They obeyed again as Maggie pulled me over them and began fisting my still erect cock. I couldn't believe what was happening. "That's right you cock hungry little bitches. Fuck yourself while you think of your daddy's big cock fucking your tight little cunts."

The girls began frigging themselves with passion as they stared at my meat, both of them were moaning and I was incredibly turned on by the desire in their eyes.

"You want daddy to fuck you don't you?" Maggie asked.

"Yes, mommy!" Missy cried. "I want daddy to stick is cock in my cunt!"

"Oh yeah!" Molly echoed. "Dad, please fuck us. Oh god, I'm gonna come! I'M GONNA COME!" she cried as her body shuddered in orgasm.

"That's it, Molly. Make yourself cum just thinking about this cock spewing hot jizz in you fuck hole!" Maggie said as Molly screamed. "Missy? Get over and suck your sister's cunt and drink her pussy juice."

Missy immediately went to a 69 position, leaning over to lick her sister's pussy while Molly reached up and pulled her little sister's cunt towards her own mouth. Maggie and I watched as the girls sucked and licked themselves to at least two more orgasms. Then I had enough. I wanted to fuck those little cunts and Maggie read my mind.

"Girls? Turn around and grind your pussies." Maggie said. Missy rolled over and turned around so that she was looking down at her older sister.

Both of their faces and chins were soaked with each other's juices. Missy leaned down and French kissed her big sister, sharing their cunt cream.

I knelt down and placed the head of my cock between Missy's little crack as it ground against Molly's own
cunt. With a little work I split her tiny cunt opening.

"Oh god, Molly. Daddy's cock is in my cunt! Daddy's fucking me! He's fucking me!"

With that I shoved my cock in the tight opening. I've never felt anything like it. Missy yelped in surprise and then began bucking her hips back at my cock. "Fuck me daddy! Shove it in! Shove it all in my pussy! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

I stroked at her for another minute or so, then pulled out. I pushed my lubricated cock lower, to the opening of Molly's cunt. It was a bit looser, but not much. What a hot cunt. I pushed my cock in her love hole.

"Ohhhhhhh." She moaned. "He's fucking me now, Missy. It's so fucking BIG! Oh yeah, dad. Fuck me!"

Maggie stood watching for a minute. "Hey Missy. Are you a nasty little slut, or just a good little slut?"

"I'm a nasty slut, mommy. I love being a nasty little slut."

"Then get back here with me." Maggie said. Missy got off of Molly which gave me full access to Molly's beautiful rack. I leaned over her and took one tit in my mouth as I continued to pound at her cunt.

"Suck it, Dad. Suck my tit! Fuck my pussy! Oh god, I'm gonna come again! OH YEAH FUCK!"

Maggie positioned Missy behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart. "There you go, Missy. Nasty little sluts like to lick assholes. Lick your daddy's asshole."

Then I felt a tiny, warm tongue at my back door. "Mmmm. I like it mommy! I like daddy's asshole. Am I a nasty slut?"

"You are, Missy." Maggie said. "Do you want mommy to lick your asshole?"

"Yeah mommy. Lick my asshole while I lick daddy's."

I couldn't see what was happening, but I could feel Missy's tongue trying to force itself in my bunghole.
Between that and Molly thrashing in her third or fourth orgasm, I couldn't hold it any longer.

"I'm gonna come!" I moaned. Maggie instantly took charge again.

"Missy? Molly? On your knees like good little sluts! It's time to drink your daddy's cum!"

The girls obeyed. Missy pulled away from my ass and quickly moved around as I pulled out of Molly's cunt and stood. The girls knelt in front of me. I placed my cock above their faced and began to jack myself.

One thing that the men in my family are famous for is large loads of come. Something in our genes causes our balls to produce three times the cum that most men do. Because of this, thick streams of gooey sperm exploded from my cock and splattered on Missy's face.

Then the next explosion hit Molly partially in her waiting mouth and partially on her cheek. I came and
came, my jizz covering their cute, young faces as they moaned and giggled. Then they began instinctively to lick each other's faces and French kiss to share my cum as is dripped from their chins.

"Mom? Dad?" the voice came from behind us. It was Mikey. Maggie turned and stared at him.

"Young man?! Get over here and take your clothes off!"


"Now Mikey! Take your clothes off."

Mike slowly obeyed, trying to make sense of what he was seeing. His sisters covered in their father's come. His mother in a cupless bra, stockings and garters. His cock was already stiff as it came into view.

"You've been fucking your sisters and you haven't shared your cock with your mother?" Maggie asked.

"That's going to change right now!" She sat on the couch. "On your knees Mikey and suck mommy's cunt!"

Mike knelt before his mother and slowly lowered his face toward her well-trimmed cunt, which was swollen and wet from what she had been witnessing. Maggie grabbed him by the back of the head and rammed it into her cunt. "I said SUCK MY CUNT YOUNG MAN!"

With that, Mikey began to feverishly lick and lap at his mother's pussy. She went wild. "Oh yeah! Mikey - it's so good! Suck mom's cunt. Oh yeah! Oh YEAH! OH GOD SUCK MY CUNT!" she screamed as she quickly climaxed. Mikey continued to passionately suck his mother's clit and stick his tongue into her slit. Maggie came hard and fast as she pulled Mikey's head into her crotch. She had barely come down from her orgasmic high when she pulled Mikey up to his feet and grabbed his ass. "Fuck me, Mikey. Stick that cock in my cunt!"

Mike put an arm on either side of his mother and placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt. In one swift move he impaled the hold he came out of fourteen years earlier. "Oh yeah!" Maggie moaned as his cock entered to the hilt. "Fuck mommy! Fuck me hard!"

Mikey leaned over and sucked one of Maggie's hard nipples. "Yes Mikey! Suck my tits like when you were a baby. Mommy always got hot when you'd suck my tits!"

Mike thrust his cock in his mother like a jack hammer, but was so turned on he couldn't hold it. "I'm gonna cum mom!" she cried almost in fear.

"On my face, baby! Cum on mommy's face!"

Mikey pulled out and straddled Maggie's chest, placing his cock at her chin. At that moment a huge load of cum burst from his throbbing cock. More and more cum exploded from his adolescent prick. Yep, he had the genes. When he was done, Maggie's face was covered and cum dripped off of her chin and onto her tits. She licked as much as she could and lifted her tits to her mouth to lick the dribbles.

Missy and Molly went over to help out and the three of them shared tongues before both daughters licked at their mother's tits.

"Do you want to see what a real nasty slut does?" Maggie asked the girls.

"Yeah, mom!" they groaned passionately.

"Follow me!" she said as she stood and walked to our large, master bathroom.

The kids followed behind and I brought up the rear. I knew what was coming.

Maggie lay in the bathtub.

"Dad? You know what to do!" she said as I stood on the side of the tub. Maggie played with her tits and rubbed her clit as I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her tits. In a moment, a long stream of yellow piss left my cock and splattered off of Maggie's tits. A warm river of yellow flowed down her cleavage. I moved the flow up to her chin and then to her gaping mouth. My piss filled her mouth and seeped over her lips.

She guzzled some before I moved my piss stream down to fall on her clit as she rubbed it violently. She looked up at her three children.

This was the ultimate exhibitionism - her children watching as their father pissed on her. She began to come in screams of pleasure as my piss stream subsided. In a moment, her climax ended.

"That was awesome!" Missy said. "Can I have someone pee on me?"

"I'll do it!" Mikey said. "I've got to piss."

"Piss on both of us!" Molly said. The two girls knelt in the tub and Maggie knelt next to them. Mikey held up his cock and began to pee. At first he peed across their tits as Maggie and Molly held them up for him. Then he moved up and began to pee at each of their faces. They opened their mouth's to receive his golden shower. They then took turns sharing his piss between them. When all was said and done. The girls were hot and ready, and so were Mikey and I.

We watched as they took a shower and cleaned each other off. Then we began the very first day of family sex together.

Chapter 2

Mike has already written about a few of our experiences (see Mike and Maggie's Family). Mike and I are teachers in the local school district.

Mike organizes the Talented and Gifted program and I teach Sexual Education (while I absolutely love!). Mike and I grew up in families that enjoyed incestuous love. Recently our own children have joined us in our sexual adventures. Molly is our oldest; she's 16 with a body to die for. Mikey is 14 and becoming quite a stud at his young age.

Our youngest, Missy, is 11. Missy has more sexual energy than the rest of us. Anyway, I thought I'd share with you a great experience I had recently.

It was a long holiday weekend. Mike and the kids were out enjoying the time off and I was home getting some things cleaned up and put away. The doorbell rang, which surprised me, and I went to answer it. Looking through the peephole I saw Betty Criswell from across the street. Betty and I have spoken several times and have had coffee together. She's a beautiful brunette with ample breasts and a face that most models would envy.

I've wished several times to get Betty into bed, but she's never seemed the type. Betty is a single mother,
raising her daughter Shelly, who is 11 like our youngest Missy. Betty also has an eight-year-old son, Tommy. Tommy is a really cute kid. We've sat for him several times through the years.

I opened the door to find Tommy at Betty's side. We greeted each other warmly and I invited her in.

"I need to talk to you professionally." She said, as she sent Tommy off to our family room to play video games.

"Professionally?" I asked quizzically offering her a seat on the couch and sitting close to her.

"You teach Sexual Education," she said.


"Well, I have some questions about...Tommy."

"Sure!" I perked. I wanted to put her at ease so I gently put my hand on the top of her thigh.

"Please, Betty. Ask me anything. I'm happy to help."

Betty sighed and smiled at me. God, but she was hot. When she placed her hand on mine and squeezed, I felt a shot of electricity down to my pussy.

"Well, the other day I walked into Tommy's room to put away some laundry. Tommy had my Victoria's Secret catalog on his bed and he was masturbating. Which is fine. He's a cute, All-American kid and he's going to have his sexual urges."

"So what's the problem?" I inquired.

Betty adjusted herself to face me more directly. Her brunette hair hung over her shoulders. As she leaned over to confide in me her shirt opened to reveal her generous cleavage and a very sexy white lace bra. I felt a warming sensation building between my legs, but I did my best to concentrate on what she was saying.

"I decided to talk to Tommy about sex. We started talking about what it was and it was going very well. But then he asked me to show him."

"He wanted to have sex with you?"

"Well, yeah. He asked me to show him. Of course, I told him that we shouldn't, but he begged and pleaded with me. As I started thinking about it later, I wondered if there's an appropriate way to physically demonstrate sex with your kids."

I smiled warmly at Betty and put my hands in hers again. "Betty, first of all you and Tommy are both feeling very natural things, although we don't talk about it in our society very much. Let me ask you some questions. Tommy asked you. It was his desire, not yours."

"Yeah. He brought it up."

"So it's not as though you are manipulating him. He wants to."

"What are you saying, Maggie?"

"Let me ask you another question. How did you feel when you saw him jacking off?"

Betty shifted uncomfortably. "Well, embarrassed."

"And what was beneath the embarrassment?"

"What do you mean."

"Was he naked?"

"Yes. He was."

"Did you actually see his cock?"

Betty paused. I looked straight into her eyes and she stared back. "Yes I did."

"How did it make you feel, Betty? How did it feel to see cute little Tommy's hard cock?"

"I hate to admit it, but I felt horny. I felt horny as hell."

"And what did you do that night?" I smirked.

"I finger fucked myself to an incredible orgasm." She admitted, laughing.

"And what were you thinking about?" I laughed along.

"Tommy's cock."

I let things soak in for a moment. "Good. At least you're admitting what was going on. You have a gorgeous young son who honestly wants the woman he loves most in the world to teach him about the most natural act in the world. You love him and want to both give pleasure to him and receive pleasure from to him."

"So you think it's okay?"

"As long as you both want to. Go for it, Betty. Enjoy it."

"I'm just so nervous about it," she said.

I figured this was my moment. I had always wanted to be sexual with Betty. Perhaps this was the way of opening the door. "Look Betty. We're alone and Tommy is here. Why don't you let me help you? I'll guide you into it and give you some moral support."

"Would that be weird for you?" she asked with a pained expression.

"Not at all. Believe me, Betty. Sex is one thing I have no inhibitions about."

Betty looked at me knowingly - sexually. I could tell she was undressing me with her eyes for the first time. I just gave her a mischievous grin as I told her to yell for Tommy.

Tommy came in. As I said, he was a cute little 3rd grader with dark brown hair.

His boyish looks hid the man who would be emerging in a few years. "Yeah mom?" he asked. Betty told him to sit next to her on the couch.

"Tommy, do you know what Mrs. Nelson does?"

"Yeah. She teaches sex."

"Yeah. She does. You know how we talked about sex the other day and you wanted me to show you?"

"Yeah," he answered nervously.

"Well, I talked about it with Mrs. Nelson and she thinks that it would be okay.

Since she teaches about sex, she's going to help us learn. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure. I guess," he said.

"Have you ever seen a woman naked, Tommy?" I asked.

"Yeah. In pictures."

"Would you like to see your Mommy naked?" I pressed.


I nodded at Betty and she began to unbutton her blouse, pulling it off to reveal her wonderful breasts cradled in a knockout sexy bra. She then stood and pulled off her slacks and panties to reveal a well-groomed cunt. I smelled her sex as she threw her slacks on a lounge chair and reached back to unclasp her bra. She pulled it off and Tommy and I both gasped. She had a beautiful set of tits that were large for her small frame with perfectly proportioned dark nipples that jutted out in sexual excitement.

"Now, Tommy. Let me see you naked." Betty said as she sat on the floor, spreading her legs. Her hand wandered down to her clit and she began to rub her fingers across her cunt as Tommy stood and quickly peeled off his clothes. He stood and his young cock stood straight out from his body.

Surprisingly, it was a good six or seven inches long, which seemed big on his boyish frame. It looked as though he might end up with a foot long cock to rival my husband, Mike's.

"Oh what a beautiful cock." I said. "You have a gorgeous penis. And so big for a young man your age. Don't you think so, Betty."

Betty's eyes were fixed on the throbbing cock. She was smiling and a lustful look had glazed over her eyes. "Oh Tommy. It's wonderful. Mommy really loves your beautiful cock." Her hand was slowly rubbing at her swollen clit.

"I bet you'd like to feel your Mommy's tits and her pussy. Wouldn't you, Tommy?"

"Could I Mom?" the boy asked with excitement.

"Come here little man." She said holding out her arms. She hugged the boy's naked body then pulled away and grabbed the underside of her mouth-watering breasts. "Here, Tommy. Do you want to feel them?"

Tommy grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed before running his small hands over the soft globes of flesh. Betty closed her eyes and moaned.

"Mmmm. That feels good." She purred as she received the lustful attention of her own son.

"When you were a baby you used to suck on my tits. It always felt so good. It's really sexy. Would you like to suck on them?"

Tommy bent over and placed his mouth over the nipple of Betty's left tit. Gently he sucked on it. Betty closed her eyes and pulled his head into her tit flesh as she encouraged him. "That's it, baby. Suck on Mommy's tit. Oh that feels so wonderful."

Tommy then shifted over to the right breast. Licking gently over the hardened nipple, he then sucked it gently into his mouth as his hand reached up to grab and tweak the nipple of the left tit. Betty was in ecstasy. She watched her little boy sucking on her tits and her hand continued to play at her wet cunt.

The pungent smell of her sex continued to grow in the room.

"What are you doing between your legs, Mommy?" Tommy asked.

Feeling left out of this hot scene. I decided at this point to jump into the role of the sex teacher. I got down on the floor next to the two of them.

"Here Tommy." I said as he backed away from his mother. I looked up at Betty briefly to make sure what I was doing was okay. She was glazed over with passion and lust and stared at me as she smiled from ear to ear. I reached down between her legs and spread them apart, revealing her neatly trimmed bush and swollen pussy lips. I pulled her cunt lips apart to reveal Betty's hard clit.

"This is your Mom's cunt, Tommy. This hole down here is where you stick your hard cock when you're fucking. It gets really warm and wet so you slip in and out. And this little thing right here is her clitoris - or clit. It feels really good when your clit is rubbed or licked. Just like when you rub your hard cock. Let me show you."

I then leaned down and ran my tongue over Betty's hard clit. I tasted her tangy sweetness. She was really hot and wet. Betty moaned and grabbed the back of my head, pulling it closer to her cunt. I licked it for a few more seconds before pulling away and looking at Tommy. "Would you like to try?" he asked.

"What does it taste like?" he asked.

I leaned over and kissed the boy full on the mouth. I parted my lips and forced my tongue into his mouth. He stiffened at first, but then relaxed and played with my tongue, tasting his own mother's juices.

"Did you taste her?" I asked.

"Yeah. That's kind of cool."

"Your Mommy wants you to lick her cunt. Don't you Betty?"

"Oh yeah, Tommy. Lick Mommy's cunt for her. It would feel really good."

Tommy lay on his stomach and placed his mouth over his mother's cunt. Betty reached down to spread her cunt lips for him and he eagerly began to lick up and down the length of her sopping wet pussy.

Immediately she began to respond to her son's exuberant cunt licking. "Ohhh baby. Oh Tommy that feels good. Oh sweetie. Lick my cunt. That's it. Suck on Mommy's pussy."

Enjoying the show, I moved behind Betty and allowed her to lean back against me as she began building toward orgasm. I reached around with one hand and began fondling those gorgeous breasts. I put my mouth to her ear and sucked gently on the lobe before sticking my tongue gently into her ear. I then whispered. "You are so fucking sexy, Betty. I want to suck your hot cunt just like your son is doing. I want drink your cum and stick my tongue up your ass. I want you, Betty. I want to strap on a dildo and fuck you 'til you come."

The combination of her son's cunt lapping and me whispering sweet nothings in her ear carried Betty into
an earth shattering orgasm. "Oh god I'm gonna cum, Tommy. Suck my cunt, baby. Don't stop. Mommy's juices are going to come out. Drink them in honey. Keep licking. OHHHH YEEEAAAHHH!"

Betty began bucking her hips wildly forcing her flowing cunt towards Tommy's little tongue as it licked up and down on her hard clit. I grabbed her tits from behind and rolled the nipples between my thumb and finger, feeling them hardens as she climaxed.

"Oh SWEET BABY! OH! OH! SUCK MY CUNT!" Betty screamed as her orgasm peaked and she began to come down.

Tommy looked up from between his mother's legs. His chin and face were covered in his mother's juices. He grinned. "Was that good Mommy?" Betty was panting She was too flushed to answer.

"You did great, Tommy. You know how it feels when you stroke your cock and look at pictures of women. That tingly sensation?"


"You just made your Mommy have that same feeling."

"Really? Cool!" he said with boyish pride. I smiled at him affirmingly.

"How's that cock of yours, Tommy?" I asked. "I bet it's really hard."

"Yeah. I'd really like to come."

"Would you like your mom to suck on it?"

"Jeez. Would you mom?"

Betty had come down from her climax and nodded to her son, who was still kneeling, between her legs.

Betty nodded at her son. "Oh, Tommy. That was wonderful. Sex has never felt that good. You made Mommy feel really good!"

"You tasted really good, too!" he said and promptly leapt up to kiss his mother just as I had kissed him. Betty was surprised, but quickly relaxed and accepted her son's tongue into her mouth, tasting her own cum. They kissed deeply and passionately for a minute as Betty reached out to grab Tommy's hard, hairless penis.

"Mmmm. That feels good Mom." Tommy said as he pulled away from his mother. "When you came in the other night I just wanted you to touch my cock so bad."

Betty admired her son's bare cock as she gently stroked her hand up and down the shaft. "It's so soft and

"Will you put it in your mouth like Mrs. Nelson said?" he asked.

Betty lowered the boy down on his back and then got on all fours between his legs. She lowered her head down to his young loins and licked slowly around his tiny ball sac. Tommy moaned and then giggled.

"That feels funny, Mom."

"Does it feel good?" Betty asked her son as she giggled with him lustfully.

"Oh yeah! Suck on my cock, Mommy!" he begged.

"I will. I will" she teased as she lowered her head down and licked up the bare shaft. Her tongue slowly moved up the length of her son's pulsing cock. All the time, she stared at her son to watch the expressions of sexual arousal on his face.

Tommy thrust his hips upward, fucking the air and physically tempting his mother to lower her mouth down on his throbbing prick.

Finally, Betty gave in. First, she rolled her tongue around the bulbous red head, taking care to flick at the
sensitive underside.

"Ohhhh Mom!" Tommy moaned.

Betty then lowered her mouth down to the base of his cock, taking it all in with one movement. Then sucking furiously while rolling her tongue along the underside of his cock head, she began to slowly pull back. I had to admire her technique. I've given many a blowjob in my life and have watched a million more.

This woman knew how to suck cock. It was, however, too much for her young son.

It was the first time a woman had touched his cock, and now he was having the wonderful fortune to feel and watch his own mother sucking on his virgin hard on.

"I can't help it Mom! OHH YEAHHH!" Tommy screamed as his hips bucked wildly.

"It's okay, Tommy." I reassured the boy. "You're coming. Go ahead and feel how wonderful it is." That's it, Betty." I then whispered to his Mother. "Suck it up. Drink Tommy's cum!"

And she did. Betty sucked and bobbed on Tommy's little pecker as he blew his small, virgin load into his
mother's warm mouth. Tommy jerked and thrust his hips upwards until his climax subsided. Then he relaxed.

"Ohhhhhhh." He moaned.

Betty smiled at her young son. "How did that feel, baby?"

"Great, Mommy! You swallowed the stuff that comes out of me when I do that."

"It's called cum, sweetheart - and yes, I did swallow it. It tasted wonderful."

"What does it taste like?"

"It's kind of salty and gooey. Here." Betty then moved up and hovered over her son, her breasts pressed against his bare chest. She lowered her head and stuck out her tongue, which still had cum covering it. Tommy then stuck out his small pink tongue. Their tongues touched and Tommy playfully flicked at his mother's before she lowered herself to kiss him fully on the mouth, letting her tongue explore his mouth. After a few seconds she pulled away and smiled at her son.

"Did you taste it?"

"Yeah. That's wild. I like it when you kiss me, Mommy. And when you suck on me.

But there's just one thing..."

"What's that?" she asked.

"Now I won't be able to put my cock into your cunt like Mrs. Nelson was talking about."

I butted in. "Well, Tommy. You're young and strong. You're cock will be hard and ready to fuck in no time.
You just need a little time and encouragement."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

Fortunate for me, Betty picked up immediately on where I was going.

"Why don't you help Mommy make Mrs. Nelson feel good."

"Can I see you naked?" Tommy asked.

"I would love to have you see me and feel me and do anything else to me that you'd like." I said as peeled
off my clothes. In a moment I was on the floor naked, lying on my back.

"Doesn't she have beautiful tits, Tommy?" Betty asked.

"Yeah. I'd like to suck them." He responded.

"Me too, baby. Let's suck them together!"

"Please. Suck on my tits. The nipples are so hard and they need to be sucked on." I said.

With that I saw more than my fantasy coming true. I had fantasized about my neighbor, Betty and now I was feeling her warm, moist lips as they engulfed my hard nipple. But I never dreamed of having a sweet young stud like Tommy sucking my other tit at the same time. My cunt had been on fire and now I reached down.

God, was I wet. I began to work my clit as the mother and son duo sucked and licked on my sensitive boobs.

"Tommy?" Betty said looking over my heaving chest at her son. "Would you like to help me lick Mrs. Nelson's pussy like you helped her lick mine?"

"Yeah!" Tommy squealed with all the excitement of a kid going to an amusement park.

The two of them got down between my legs and immediately I felt two tongues poking at the entrance to my sex. I pulled my cunt lips apart to give them access to my clit and then watched Tommy descend into my hot, wet crotch. His little tongue began to make little circles around my clit. "Oh my, Tommy. That feels wonderful! Suck my cunt like you did your Mommy's! Oh yeah! You're a good cunt licker!"

The encouragement made Tommy lick even more feverishly. He was soon joined by his mother, who took her turn at my cunt. Tommy moved up to my tits and placed his cooze-covered mouth over my nipple and began to suck. I placed one hand behind his head and pulled him tighter into my chest as I placed the other one behind Betty's head and pulled her tighter into my flowing pussy. Betty then stuck a finger up into my cunt and began to massage the upper wall sending me into a glorious climax. Waves of sexual passion flowed through every one of my limbs as my climax lifted me into a euphoric state.


I bucked my hips in order to grind my pussy against Betty's face. One orgasm led to another as the mother son tandem continued to eagerly suck and lick, encouraged by my response to their attention.

As I came down from my climax, Tommy and Betty were renewed in their own passions. Betty looked up to see Tommy's cock, once again hard. Laying back against the rug and spreading her legs, she looked over at her son.

"Get over here with that precious cock of yours young man! You're going to fuck your mother!" Tommy jumped up and moved over on top of his Mom. Pulling her cunt apart, she led the tip of her son's cock to the opening of her sopping slit.

"That's it, baby. Now stick that cock into Mommy's cunt and keep pushing it in and out."

I watched from behind as Tommy's hips and little buttocks fell onto his mother.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh" she moaned in pure delight.

"Mommy! It feels great!"

"Good, baby. Fuck Mommy good. Fuck Mommy with that cock of yours!"

Tommy went to work burying his cock into the womb from which he came into the world. Betty, charged with the experience, immediately began to convulse in orgasm, grabbing Tommy's butt cheeks and pulling him into her. From behind, I could see the boy's cute little asshole as his mother pulled his butt cheeks apart. I couldn't help myself. I crawled over and put my tongue against his little shit chute. I began to poke at the tight opening and lick it forcefully.

This sent Tommy over the edge immediately and I felt his ass muscles tighten as his balls sent cum into his mother's cunt.

"Mommy! She's licking Mommy!" he cried.

"You're making Mommy COME! OH BABY! FUCK ME, TOMMY! FUCK ME!" she cried.

Tommy had come down from his climax, but Betty continued to grind against her son, the orgasms coming one after the other. Then I noticed Tommy squirming as I continued to rim his cute little asshole.

"Mommy? I've got to pee!"

Quickly I moved up and placed my mouth next to Tommy's ear. "It's okay, Tommy.

Go ahead and pee inside your Mom's cunt."

Betty who was still moving her cunt against Tommy's softening prick opened her eyes and looked at me in

"It's okay." I continued. "Let your pee go into your Mommy."

Just then Betty's eyes grew wide and her hips began to buck wildly against her son.


Her finger flew to her clit and she frigged herself violently as another mind-blowing orgasm racked through her body. Tommy's cum and piss began to seep from her cunt. The boy's cock was now completely soft and it plopped out of his mother's body. He then sat back as I moved in and began to lick and suck his piss and cum from Betty's pussy. The combination of tangy cunt juice, salty boy cum and piss was intoxicating. I drank it up gleefully and savored the moment as Betty went into another orgasm.

Several minutes later Betty and I were getting dressed, having sent Tommy to the bathroom to get washed up.

"Thank you so much!" Betty said. "How can I ever repay you?"

"It was my pleasure." I responded. "Literally! Just make sure you and Tommy come over more often. I have some other lessons I'd like to teach the both of you."

Betty leaned over and kissed me warmly. "I liked what you whispered in my ear about the strap on dildo. Do you really have one of those things?"

"I have a collection!" I laughed.

"One more thing, Maggie. I'm wondering about Shelly. She's Missy's age and I don't know how to deal with her."

"Well, Betty." I cajoled. "Missy told me a few weeks ago that they've been sucking each other's cunts for a couple of months now. They seem to enjoy it."

"Are you serious?" She said in astonishment.

"Quite serious. Missy seems to be the most sexually charged member of our family. Anyway - I'd suggest that you get Tommy and Shelly in your bed tonight for a little family time and see what happens. Just be sure to tell me all about it."

Later that day Mike came home from golfing.

"What have you been up to, Maggie?" He asked as he reached around and grabbed my tits from behind. I felt the lump of his foot-long cock rubbing against my ass.

"I gave a sex lesson." I replied.


I then told him the whole story. By the time I was done we were both so hot that we ended up on the couch enjoying a passionate fuck. We agreed that we needed to invite Betty and her kids over for a little family get together. As soon as we do, I'll let you know all about it!

Chapter 3

"We have a favor to ask you." My daughter Molly said as she and her friend Amy walked into my office at the high school. It had been just weeks before in this very office that we introduced Amy to our family's incestuous activities. Amy watched along with my wife Maggie (who teaches Sex Ed at the same high school) as I fucked my beautiful 16-year-old daughter on my desk.

Amy even gave me a nice blowjob and the whole affair led to a pretty incredible experience (read Mike and Maggie and the Dinner Guest). My cock twitched in my pants as I remembered the occasion. I looked with appreciation at the girls' gorgeous tits and hard nipples as they jutted out from their tight, white cotton shirts. Just then Maggie entered the office and shut the door behind her.

"Well, this brings back good memories." She said coyly as she saw who was in the room. "What did you girls want?"

"I was just telling dad that we wanted to ask you guys a favor. Well, Amy does."

Molly said as she turned to her friend who seemed a bit nervous.

"Well, it's just that I've been wanting my family to be like yours. My brother, Andy, and I already have sex all the time, but I would just love to have my dad's cock fucking my pussy like you do with Molly. I'd even love to get a taste of my Mom's cunt. I know she's had sex with women before. I just don't know how to break the ice. I was wondering if you would help."

My cock was almost fully erect as I listened to Amy describe her desire to share herself sexually with her
parents. I looked over at Maggie and she looked at me with that sexy smile she only gets when she's turned on and thinking really nasty things. I looked again at Amy. She was leaned over in her chair and I could see down her generous cleavage and the sexy bra she had on underneath her shirt.

"Can we do something, Mom? Dad? Please?" Molly pleaded.

"Let Mom and I talk about it. We'll try to come up with something." I answered.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Amy shouted as Molly sighed in agreement. They came over and gave us each big hugs. As they each bent over to hug me in my chair I felt their tits against my chest, then I felt two hands reaching down to stroke the bulge in my pants. Neither girl let go of the hug as I let my hands slip around their backs and stroked gently along the side of their breasts, moving slowly toward the front where I brushed my palms over the ever-hardening nipples. Both girls sighed with pleasure as Maggie moved over to wrap her arms around the three of us.

Molly moved her mouth over to mine and kissed me deeply - passionately.

"Thanks, Dad. You're the greatest." I returned her kiss as Amy whispered in my ear.

"The thought of having sex with my parents makes me so hot. I can hardly stand it." With that she squeezed my cock as it ached to be free of its confines.

"Does anyone have to be anywhere for the next half hour?" Maggie whispered as she moved her hands down across the girls' breasts and then down their backs and across the curves of their beautiful teen-age asses.

"Not me." I moaned as my tongue slid from Molly's mouth over to Amy's inviting lips.

"We're on lunch break." Molly said.

"Well then..." Maggie said as she got up and locked the door. "Mr. Nelson, you're in charge of the talented and gifted program. Let's have these girls show us what they're talented and gifted at..."

The girls made plans for Amy and her family to join us for dinner a few nights later. The girls were cheering for a JV game and the plan was for everyone to head back to our house for a bite to eat. In the meantime, Maggie and I made a few calls to friends in the local swinger community to see if we could find out anything about Alex and Anne Hoyt, Amy's parents.

The news was encouraging. Alex was a hot- shot attorney in town - partner with one of the prestigious firms.

Anne was the typical trophy wife, beautiful, graceful and socially astute. The couple was wealthy and well
connected, but they also had the reputation of an adventurous side.

Anne, it seemed, was part of a group of attorney's wives who got together on a regular basis. This group of ladies, however, wasn't interested in civic issues or charitable causes. This group got together for a lesbian free for all. Anne was one of the leaders of the group.

When Maggie heard about this group of horny women and their orgies she immediately wondered if she could be an honorary member. If Anne lets Maggie at her snatch, she'll probably beg her to join! Alex also had the proclivity for sexual escapades and had been known to take advantage of his open marriage by sleeping with several prominent women in the community.

With this information, we figured it wouldn't be too difficult to convince them to open up their sexual
activities to include their gorgeous, sex crazed children.

When we met them, Anne and Alex were everything we expected. They were graceful, dignified and well
manicured. Alex was tall - about 6' 3" with dark hair that showed flecks of gray. Anne was petite with strong facial features and a healthy figure for a woman in her early 40s. Maggie and I wondered if Anne's tits were real or if Alex's money had bought her a boob job. We were hoping to find out for sure.

We met Amy's parents while watching the girls cheer at the JV game. Having a daughter on the cheering squad is a great excuse to watch all of the gorgeous young women as their tits bounced up and down and their skirts blew up in the air. I had a raging hard on just watching Molly and Amy, and thinking about their delicious young pussies.

Maggie was hot, too. More than once she would sneak the palm of her hand over the bulge in my jeans and squeeze gently. We all met back at our house after the game. Missy, our youngest, was off at Shelly's house (no doubt with her sweet little tongue buried in Shelly's cunt or Betty's asshole). The adults had a cocktail before dinner. A few glasses of wine with dinner and then an after dinner liquor had the adults feeling pretty loose.

We retired to the family room to sip our drinks and enjoy some conversation.

The Amy and her brother Andy sat down on the fireplace and nervously listened in on the conversation. Molly and our son, Mikey, sat on the floor at our feet. It didn't take long for Anne to ask Maggie the inevitable question.

"So, Maggie. What's it like teaching sex education?"

"It's wonderful." Maggie answered. "I love teaching sex."

"What kind of education do you have to have to teach sex ed?" Alex quickly asked.

"Which do you mean, Alex? Academic or real life?" Maggie gave both of them a knowing smile.

"Well..." stammered Alex. "I meant academic."

"I have a masters degree in human sexuality. But I also grew up in a very sexually open family. It has given me a very open, honest view of sex which has really helped."

"What do you mean by 'open'?" Anne asked. I caught just a hint of edge to Anne's question.

"I mean that my family didn't have many taboos when it came to sex. In fact, they didn't have any taboos. It's given me a rather open view of sexuality."

"For example?.." Anne pressed.

"Take...incest for example." Maggie answered.

"Some ancient cultures saw no harm in family members sharing sexual pleasure - in fact, some reveled in it. It's well known that many of the royal families in Egypt regularly practiced incest.

We all know how sexually liberal the Greeks were. Eudipus wasn't the only one fucking his mother. In fact,
Alexander the Great's mother sought out her son for incestuous pleasure. Alexander, however, was gay and it is doubtful that he had much interest."

It was quiet in the room as the sexual tension began to mount. Maggie just sat with a coy smile on her face as she let her sexual history lesson sink in. Finally, Anne jumped in.

"What about today's culture?"

"Every person must follow his or her own desire and boundaries, of course. One should never force sex on a person who doesn't consent. Many children, however, have their first sexual feelings towards their parents or siblings. They seek a safe, loving environment to experiment with the most intimate of acts. If the child is eager and the family member is open and willing - incest is not always a taboo."

"That's a pretty liberal thought." Anne said as she crossed her legs awkwardly.

I could tell that Anne was getting warm between the legs. Alex also had a bulge growing in the front of his dress slacks. "Theory and practice are two different things, however."

"Well, Anne. With our family it's no theory. Our children were anxious to experiment sexually with us. Weren't you kids?"

Molly and Mikey looked up and smiled, nodding. There was another long silence.

"Oh my god. You mean you've actually had sex with each other?" Anne asked.

"Yes. And it's wonderful. Would you like to see?" Maggie asked.

That was the cue for Molly and Mikey, who had planned on the upcoming display of incestuous affection. Molly crawled up into my lap facing Alex and Anne. Leaning back, she placed a long, slow, passionate kiss on my mouth as she lifter her cheerleader skirt. She was not wearing panties and she flashed Amy's parents as she guided my hand down to her warm, inviting sex. Her bare pussy lips were already hot to the touch and wet with the sweaty, pungent aroma of her juices.

Mikey, meanwhile had stood next to Maggie so that she could feel his healthy hard on beneath his jeans.

"Do you want to suck my cock, Mom?" Mikey asked.

"Yes, baby. I do. Let me see that beautiful prick." Maggie responded.

Mikey quickly unzipped his fly and produced his ten-inch manhood. Maggie grabbed the long, thick shaft and slowly pumped her fist up and down the throbbing prick. Slowly she leaned over and ran her tongue slowly up the underside of our son's cock before enveloping the bulbous cockhead into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around the head and flicked gently at the sensitive hood. "Oh man, Mom.

That's great."

Anne and Alex stared in disbelief and excitement. It was obvious that they were turned on. Molly rubbed her tight, young ass up and down against the erection in my jeans as my hand slid in and out of her tight cunt. Molly looked up lustfully at Amy. "Hey, Amy. Your dad looks like he's got a huge hard on. Why don't you suck his cock like you told me you wanted to.

Alex looked at his daughter with shock. Amy then got up and stood in front of her adoring father. She lifted up her cheerleader skirt to reveal her neatly trimmed black bush and her swollen pussy lips. Slipping a finger up and down the crack of her wet cunt, Molly hoarsely whispered to her father who sat with his mouth agape. "It's just like Mrs. Nelson said, Daddy. Some kids want to fuck their families. I know I do. I've been dreaming about fucking you for so long and watching Amy and her Dad has me really wet. Can I see your cock, Daddy?"

There was silence. Alex seemed turned on, but paralyzed. It took the encouragement of his wife, of all people, to break his shock. "Well, Alex, you've been telling me how hot our daughter's become. Why don't you help her with that wet pussy of hers."

"Did you say that, Daddy? You think I'm sexy?" Amy asked.

Finally Alex spoke. "Oh yeah, honey. I think you're incredibly sexy. Come here."

Amy moved closer and Alex reached out to touch his daughter's cunt. Amy's kneels buckled under with
excitement and her entire body shook as she felt her father's fingers rub gently along the crevice of her
pussy. She moaned as she fell to her knees between her father's legs. She opened her old man's fly and pulled out his cock. It was a good-sized piece of meat - nice and thick. Amy grabbed it by the base of the shaft and fisted it slowly as her father leaned back and closed his eyes.

"Oh, baby. That feels wonderful."

"Oh, Daddy. You're cock is so beautiful. I've dreamed about this for so long. I can't wait to have your cock in my pussy, Daddy."

With that, Amy leaned over and took the entire length of her father's cock into her mouth, deep throating the thick sex organ and slowly pulling back to coat it with her saliva. "Oh my god, Amy. Where did you learn that? That feels so good."

Amy giggled like a little girl as she bobbed her head up and down on her Daddy's dick while fisting the shaft expertly with her soft, young hands. Everyone watched in awe as the incestuous scene unfolded.

"Well, Andy. What do you think about this - having a nasty little slut for a sister?" Anne said to her young
son. "Are you as nasty as she is? Are you wanting to have sex with your mother?"

Andy stood nervously. "Geez, Mom. It's like Amy said about Dad. I've been jacking off thinking about fucking you for a couple of years."

Anne raised an eyebrow and stared down her son. It became obvious that Anne, just like Maggie, was a take-charge woman when it came to sex. "You're a bad boy. Get over here." As Andy approached, Anne peeled off her slacks and panties.

She sat on the couch and spread her milky white thighs, revealing a neatly shaved cunt. She pulled apart the lips of her cunt and rubbed her finger around the swollen knob of her clit as she looked up at her son. "Get down here, boy, and suck your mother's cunt. If you want to be a nasty, sex crazed-maniac like your father then I'm going to treat you like one. GET DOWN HERE!"

Andy obeyed and lowered his head between his mother's thighs. Anne grabbed her son's head and pulled it into her dripping delta. Bucking her hips forward, she ground her son's face into her snatch. "SUCK MY CUNT, ANDY!"

Andy began to lick and suck with wild abandon as his mother responded in an almost immediate climax. "Oh, Son. Oh. YES! SUCK MY CUNT! OH MY GOD! Make me come, Andy. YOU SWEET FUCKING CUNTLICKER! OHHHHHH YEEAAAHHHHHH!" Anne's body rocked and convulsed as she bucked her hips violently into her son's active tongue. Her climax sent a wave of cunt juice flowing into Andy's waiting mouth.

Another wave poured onto his face as Anne continued to scream in ecstasy. "OH FUCK! OH FUCK - YEAH!"

I continued to watch the scene with excitement as Molly slowly rubbed my rock hard cock and I returned the favor by gently rubbing my fingers up and down her increasingly wet cunt.

Amy and her father undressed. Alex gasped with astonishment as Amy pulled off her cheerleader sweater to reveal two perfectly proportioned breasts - firm and round - with dark brown nipples erect and inviting.

Alex sat back down on the couch and invited Amy onto his lap. Grabbing her father's cock in her soft hands, Amy positioned herself above his lap and guided the stiff prick to the entrance of her cunt. Father and daughter stared at each other with lust and anticipation for what seemed like an eternity. Then Amy plunged her hips downward, impaling herself fully on her father's sexual lance.

Immediately she kissed him deeply and the two shared groans of pleasure as their tongues danced together. Alex reached up to fondle his daughter's breasts, rolling the erect nipples in his hand. This drove Amy wild with lust as she began violently fucking herself up and down on her fathers cock, one hand dropping down to diddle her swollen clit.

Molly's grip on my own cock tightened with the excitement and it was all I could do not to cum right there myself. Molly's own cunt was really flowing now and she closed her eyes, laying her head back on my shoulder and moving her hips to meet the strokes of my finger in her wet love hole.

I looked over at Maggie and Mikey. They both had undressed and Maggie was on the floor on all fours as
Mikey slowly fucked her from behind. This allowed both of them to watch our friends' first incestuous orgy.

Anne now had Andy undressed and he stood before her as she sat on the couch. One hand rubbed her own clit as the other fisted Andy's youthful cock.

She lowered her mouth to suck on the boy's cockhead and licked at the pre-cum that oozed from his dark piss slit. "Mmmmmm. You taste good, Andy. Mother is going to have to feast on you more often!" She looked up at him - she was in a sexual trance - absolutely intoxicated with lust. "You'd like that wouldn't you? You want your Mother to suck your cock? SAY IT!"

"I want you to suck my cock, Mom!" Andy responded. "I want you to suck it sooo bad. Suck it for me!"

"Say PLEASE!" she demanded.

"Please! Please! Please!" he responded.

"Good boy." She whispered as she pulled the length of his prick into her mouth, moving her hand down to cup the boys balls. She moved her mouth up and down the length of the shaft, rolling her tongue excitedly around the circumference of the throbbing cock. Her finger moved back up the crack of his ass, searching for the tight puckered orifice of her son's asshole. She found it and began to push her finger into her son's bunghole.

"Ohhhhhhh" Andy moaned in response as his cock began to plunge forward to his mother's waiting mouth. Anne pulled her mouth away from his cock for a moment and looked up at him.

"You like that don't you? Of course you would, you dirty boy. You like having things shoved up your asshole. Well, we'll take care of that. Don't you dare cum yet. I've got other plans for this gorgeous cock."

With that, Anne leaned back on the couch and thrust her hips forward so that her cunt was even with the front edge of the cushion. She grabbed both legs and hoisted them back towards her shoulders giving maximum exposure of her swollen pussy which glistened from her own juices and her son's saliva. "Get down on your knees, boy. I need your cock in my pussy! FUCK YOUR MOTHER GOOD!"

Andy obeyed, falling between her legs and ramming his cock into her waiting cunt. One fast thrust and he was in all the way. "OHHHHHH YEEEAAAAAHHH!" Anne screamed as Andy began stroking his youthful cock in and out of his mother's pussy.

thrusts, then reached around and grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling him harder and faster against her. It didn't take long for either of them to climax. Anne began first and did she ever let her son know it.

"OH GOD I'M COMING! I'M COMING! OH FUCK! YES! YEESS! YEEESSSSS!" and then she screamed in a shrill shriek as her body convulsed.

Andy couldn't hold out. "I'm coming too Mom!" he shouted and then began thrusting in short quick strokes as his body tensed and he spilled his mother load of cum into his own mother's cunt.

His eruption started Anne on another short climax. The two of them hugged, their sweat-covered bodies heaving on top of one another. Then Anne pushed Andy down between her legs.

"Suck your cum from my cunt, Andy. I want to watch you drink your own juices from my pussy! SUCK ME!" She then grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her cunt.

Amy was bouncing up and down on her father's cock and the two of them had been hard and heavy at it as they watched their fellow family members climaxing right beside them on the couch. Amy, in fact had been through several orgasms as her father sucked on her generous tits and lifted her up and down on his thick cock.

But it was Alex who now began to heat up.

"Oh god, baby. I can't take it any more! I gotta cum!"

Amy quickly jumped off of his lap and knelt between his knees, taking his cock - still coated in her tangy cooze - into her mouth. She fisted his cock like a porn queen while sucking on the bulbous head of his cock. "Ohhhhhh Amy! Oh YEAH! Oh FUCK! HERE IT COMES SWEETHEART! HERE DADDY COMES! OH SUCK IT!"

Anne joined in at that point as Andy continued to suck his juices from Anne's pussy. "COME ON AMY YOU LITTLE SLUT! SUCK YOUR FATHER'S CUM! I WANT TO SEE HIS SPUNK ON YOUR SLUTTY LITTLE FACE!"

Alex erupted. Huge streams of sticky white jism jetted out of his cock onto Amy's outstretched tongue - into her mouth - onto her cheeks and hair. Cum dripped down her chin and onto her chest. As his climax subsided, Amy enveloped the throbbing tool in her mouth and sucked the last drops of cum from he father's balls. She then smiled up at her father with an innocent, yet lustful grin. Her tongue rolled around, licking cum from her chin and cheeks.

"Thanks Daddy!" she giggled.

I still sat on the chair - I had finger fucked Molly to several orgasms while we watched this. I then looked over at Mikey who had blown his load all over his mother's stomached and tits. I was so enthralled watching our guests that I hadn't even noticed what was happening with them.

"Maggie? Do you by chance have a strap on dildo?" Anne asked Maggie. Maggie grinned back at her with a mischievous grin.

"I have several! I'll show you my collection while you tell me what you intend to do with it!"

The two women got up and left the room for a moment while sat down on my cock, lowering her flowing cunt onto my waiting manhood. "Oh Daddy. I've come so many times from your fingers, but I need a cock in my cunt!"

"That's fine by me, Molly. You know how much I love to fuck my sweet slut of a daughter."

"I am slut Daddy! Oh man, your cock is so big. It fills my pussy so good!"

With that, Molly began pounding herself up and down on my cock as I leaned over to take her beautiful teen-age tits into my mouth.

Just then, Maggie and Anne came into the room, each
wearing a strap on dildo with nine inch, life like cocks
jutting out.

"Alright families!" Anne announced. "The moms are in charge here! You will do as we say!"

"Girls?" Maggie continued. "On the floor on your back. Spread those legs and show us your cunts!"

I groaned in disappointment as Molly pulled away from me, but she gave me a sweet, long kiss and her heartbreaking smile which told me she'd make it up to me later. The girls did as they were told.

"Fathers?" Anne now demanded. "Get down and feed your daughters your meat. You may fuck their tits or fuck their mouths. Your choice!"

Alex and I climbed down and straddled our daughters' abdomens.

"Come on, Daddy!" Amy said. "Put your cock between my tits. Let's get it nice and hard again!"

"You do the same, Dad!" Molly encouraged me as she lifted her tits upward in invitation. I didn't need any more encouragement. As Alex and I began to slide our cocks between our daughter's tits, Maggie announced the next part of the plan.

"Alright, sons." She said. "Down on all fours and suck those sibling cunts! NOW!"

Andy and Mikey immediately dropped down to their hands and knees and lowered their faces to the inviting cunts. Both girls purred their approval as brotherly kisses touched their swollen cunt lips and hardened clits.

By this time I knew what was up. Anne and Maggie knelt behind their sons and spread the boys ass cheeks apart. Leaning over, they tongued the puckered openings of their son's assholes.

The boys squirmed and yelped into their sister's cunts, but neither objected. After a minute or two of getting their bungholes rimmed by their mothers, the women placed the rubber cocks strapped around their waists at the entrance to the boys' exposed asses.

Maggie and Anne rubbed down the dildos with lube oil and then poured a generous dose down the crack of the boys asses. They then pushed their dildos against the tight openings. Groans of pleasure laced with pain came from the boys, but again they didn't object.

"You nasty little boys - fucking your sisters - fucking your mothers. You need to be taught a lesson - and now you're going t feel what it's like to be good and fucked!" Anne said as she pushed the dildo deeper into her son's ass. He groaned as the rubber cock penetrated deeper into his bowels.

"That's it, Mikey." Maggie said as I watched her push her own strap on into our son's ass. "Just relax and let Mom fuck your ass. Take it in, Mikey. Let Mommy fuck you good."

Mikey was able to relax his ass muscles quicker and didn't fight the invading dildo like Andy did. In no
time, Maggie had that rubber cock buried into Mikey's rectum.

"Oh that's it, son. Let me fuck you!" Maggie moaned as she pulled the dildo out half way and rammed it into his again. Anne continued to slowly plunge her own strap on into Andy's ass. He finally began to relent and let the invading dildo have its way.

"That's a good boy." Anne said. "Let me fuck your cute little ass. If you're going to be a nasty, sex-maniac
then you need to know what a good fuck feels like. You like it, don't you. You like to be fucked in the ass! SAY IT!"

"Oh god, Mom. I like it. I like you fucking my ass."


"Fuck me harder, Mom!"

With that Anne rammed the cock deep into her son's inviting bowels.

It went on for several minutes. Two families in a chain of lustful sex. Mothers fucking their sons in the ass
with dildos. Brothers eating out their sister's cunts while Fathers tit fucked their little girls. The smell of
sweaty, heated sex hung in the air as each of us moaned and groaned in our pleasure.

It didn't take long for a chain reaction cum to begin. It started with the daughter's cumming from their brother's tongues. Their squeals of orgasm set off Alex and I and we spilled our spunk all over our daughter's tits and faces. Amy and Molly then turned their heads and shared their father's jism in a passionate kiss. The ladies began to climax from the nubs of the dildos rubbing their clits as they fucked their sons violently in the ass.

Once everyone else had come, the ladies pulled out their strap on cocks and rolled the boys over. Their son's young, hard cocks stood at attention, turned on by the family orgy and their first butt fuck.

The women straddled their sons and impaled themselves on the young pricks, fucking passionately and vigorously until both boys cocks erupted in streams of gooey white cum. Mothers and sisters converged on the spewing rods, licking the salty cum from the throbbing cocks.

And so it went well into the night. Parents shared children and children shared parents. We fucked and
sucked in almost every conceivable combination. I thought my cock was going to shrivel up and wilt it had cum so many times, but Amy coaxed one last slow, loving fuck. As I shoved my cock deep into her tight, teenage cunt she looked up at me and winked.

"Thanks, Mr. Nelson. This has been the greatest night of our lives. We'll never be the same. Thank you."

"Thank you for letting us share it with you, Amy. And now let me share this with you!" With that, I came into her warm pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in. When I was finished we embraced and rolled over - my cock still shrinking inside her pussy. She lay on top of me, her head on my shoulder. I felt her heartbeat on my chest as her breasts squeezed against me. With that, I fell asleep.

Chapter 4

It was Saturday afternoon. Our oldest daughter Molly was working at the local health club. Mikey, our son, was out with his friends playing soccer. Missy, our hot little girl, and her friend Shelly were soaking in our hot tub. Just a week or two before, Maggie had an incredible experience with Shelly's mother, Betty and her little brother, Tommy.

As the girls ran from the bathroom out to the hot tub we watched them scamper by in their little bikinis. Their bodies were slowly becoming mature, but still retained a bit of that little girl quality. Shelly was a raven-haired little beauty with the face of an angel. Missy shut the patio door behind her. Her blonde locks bounced up and down as she skipped towards the hot tub.

"Man, what a sweet little ass," Maggie said as she sipped her coffee. We had been enjoying a relaxing day at home. I watched out the window as the girls splashed into the hot water.

"Yeah. Shelly's really sweet. Have you talked to her mother since you had that threesome with her and Tommy?" I asked.

"Just once. She said that they had all had quite a talk later that week and she would get together with me to tell me about it. I haven't heard from her," Maggie said with a twinge of disappointment in her voice. I could tell that she was hoping to get her tongue back into Betty's cunt. Maggie looked at me knowingly.

Just then the patio door opened and the girls ran in.

"Mom? We're hot and hungry!" Missy said, climbing into the chair next to Maggie at the kitchen table. Shelly jumped into the chair between Missy and me.

"Well," Maggie answered, "How about a Popsicle?" She rose and went to the freezer and pulled out four fruit flavored popsicles and each of us tore off the wax paper.

We all sucked silently for a moment before Missy giggled. "This is like one of mom's dildos," she said to Shelly who rolled her eyes and giggled in embarrassment. "You know that one green rubbery one?" Missy continued.

"Have you two been playing with my toys?" Maggie asked in mock irritation.

"Yes!" Missy giggled and Shelly giggled with her.

"Do you like that green one, Shelly? It's shaped just like a big penis!"

Shelly giggled again. "Yeah. It feels pretty neat."

"Have you ever seen a real penis?" Maggie inquired.

"Umm. My little brother's," she answered with pride.

"Did you feel it?"

"Yeah. I sucked on it, too. Just like my Mom showed me. Then he put it in my pussy."

"How did that feel?" Maggie pressed.

"It felt good. Mom likes when Tommy fucks her, too."

"You know what I think would feel good?" Maggie asked mischievously, leading the girls exactly where she

"What Mommy?" Missy asked.

"Since you're so hot and since you think that these popsicles look like a dildo.

Why don't we cool off by rubbing these on our pussies!?"

Missy jumped in without hesitation. "That sounds really cool, Mommy." With that she reached down and pulled off her bikini bottoms. I watched as she spread her legs and revealed her bare, swollen pussy. She placed the bright green popsicle between the folds of her cunt and rubbed it slowly up and down. The heat from her cunt immediately began to melt the sugary, frozen treat and her pussy shone with the mixture of sugar water and her own pussy juice. "Mmmmm. That's cool. Come on, Shelly!"

Shelly laughed and pulled the crotch of her bikini bottoms to one side, revealing a gorgeous, bare cunt. My cock was hard and throbbing like mad beneath my jeans. Maggie looked at me lustfully and smiled before looking back at Shelly, who was now rubbing her own popsicle up and down her pussy.

"Mommy? Aren't you going to do it, too?" Missy asked.

"Should I, Shelly?" Maggie asked the neighbor girl.

"Oh, yeah, Mrs. Nelson. It feels really cool," Shelly said.

With Shelly's consent and encouragement, Maggie stood and shed her own running shorts and panties. Maggie straddled the chair just like the girls and rubbed her popsicle up and down her wet, shaved cunt. "Ohhhhh. You're right, girls. It feels really good," She moaned.

"Look at this!" Missy said with a grin as she pushed the popsicle into her little, tight cunt. I watched with
incredible excitement. Maggie knew that I was going crazy.

"Hey girls, I think you've given Missy's daddy a hard on over here!"

"Did we Daddy?" Missy asked. "Is your cock nice and hard!?"

"It sure is, Miss. I love watching you girls. You're so beautiful and so sexy," I answered.

"Why don't you rub your popsicle against your cock, Dad? I bet that'd feel great. Hey, Shelly, do you want to see my Dad's cock. It's HUGE!"

"Yeah!" Shelly said as her melting popsicle was now getting pushed in an out of her tight little fuck hole.

I needed no more encouragement. I stood and pulled off my jeans, letting my long, erect pole fly free. Shelly gasped audibly as she saw it and she increased the pace of the popsicle rubbing against her hard little clit. "Oh my god," Shelly said. "Oh Missy - you were right. It's so BIG!"

I rubbed my popsicle up and down the shaft of my cock. The sensation of the cold treat on my hot meat was incredible. The sugary stick began to melt against my cock shaft. Maggie knelt down as she pulled off the rest of her clothes. She licked the sugary residue off of my cock. "Mmmmmm. It tastes goooood. Missy, why don't you let Shelly watch you lick your Daddy's cock?"

Missy threw what was left of her melted popsicle on the table and knelt next to Maggie. She grabbed the shaft of my cock with her little hand and licked slowly along the underside. I watched Shelly as she fixed her stare on Missy's blowjob.

"Do you like what you see, Shelly?" I asked.

"Oh YEAH!" she cried as she rubbed her little clit with her hand. "I wish I had a Dad like you who would let me suck his cock!"

"Why don't you let me adopt you as my honorary daughter?" I asked. A smile came to Shelly's face and her whole face glowed as she realized what I was saying.

"Will you let me suck your cock, too?" She asked quietly.

"Certainly. If you want to!" I answered. "Come on over. Missy will share!"

Shelly slowly moved down to her knees and Maggie moved Missy out of the way. "Come on, Missy!" Maggie said. "Let Shelly get a taste of your Daddy's cock while I treat myself to that sugar coated cunt of yours." Missy lay on the floor and spread her legs, inviting her mother to eat her young pussy. Maggie lowered her mouth to our little girl's cunt, which was covered in sticky, sugary goo.

She licked up the length of the cunt slit and then back down towards Missy's anus.

Shelly, meanwhile slowly grabbed the base of my cock. "That's it, sweetheart.

Just like a popsicle. Lick it just like Missy was doing - then suck on it!" Shelly's dark hair flowed over her
shoulders as she raised my cock and licked lustfully from the base of my shaft up to the tip of my cockhead.

I then watched as her small mouth opened and she sucked the head of my cock into her warm, young mouth. Her tongue swirled around, and flicked quickly against the sensitive underside before she pushed her mouth further down the long, narrow shaft.

My cock touched the back of her throat and she briefly gagged, but didn't let go. She simply pulled back a bit and then began fucking my cock with her mouth as her small, soft hands jacked up and down on my cockshaft. Missy had obviously been giving Shelly lessons with Maggie's dildos - and Shelly had learned well.

Missy's cries interrupted my concentration as Maggie had brought our little girl to climax. Maggie had one finger in Missy's cunt and another in her tiny little ass as she licked and sucked on our daughter's hardened clit. "Oh Mommy! Oh SUCK ME! OH! Your finger in my ass. STICK IT IN DEEPER MOMMY! Oh I'M COMING! I'M COMING! OH MOMMY!!" Her pelvis thrust upward to meet her mother's active tongue.

Missy's orgasm only served to excite Shelly, who began to suck harder on my cock. "That's it, Shelly. Suck on Daddy's hard dick! What a sweet little girl you are! SUCK IT SHELLY!"

Shelly loved the encouragement and she began to work my cock harder, cupping my balls with one hand while the other one jacked my cock forcefully. Maggie, having brought Missy to climax, moved over to kneel behind Shelly. She pressed her firm tits against Shelly's bare back and hugged her from behind, letting her hands wander down the girl's soft belly towards the swollen lips of her pussy.

Maggie lowered her head to Shelly's ear.

"That's it, dear. Suck Daddy's big dick. You're a good little slut like Missy, aren't you!? You're doing so
good, Shelly. Daddy's cock looks so good fucking your sweet little face!" Maggie's hand was now on Missy's cunt and she spread the girl's cunt lips. She rubbed her index finger into the slit and slightly penetrated the girl's cunt as she rubbed against her little clit. Maggie's finger was instantly covered in the girl's juices. "Oh baby!" Maggie whispered.

"You're dripping. You must want Daddy's cock in your sweet little cunt. Do you?"

Shelly pulled her mouth away from my cock. "Could I? Could I, please?"

"Yeah Shelly!" Missy squealed. "Let Daddy fuck you! His cock feels SOOOO good in your pussy!"

Maggie and Missy helped Shelly get up on the kitchen table and held her legs up and apart as I positioned
myself between them. Maggie leaned over and gave Shelly a long, slow, passionate kiss. I watched as her tongue descended into the girls' mouth. Shelly seemed awkward with it at first, but then relaxed and accepted the kiss before returning it passionately. Missy rubbed her hands up and down her friend's soft body. As Maggie broke off her kiss she smiled at Shelly. "Are you ready for Daddy's cock, sweetheart?"

Shelly nodded as she looked up at me longingly. "Are you gonna fuck me Daddy?"

"Here you go, Shelly!" I said as I positioned the head of my cock at Shelly's cunt hole. Maggie held the girl's cunt lips apart as Missy grabbed and pinched Shelly's soft, undeveloped tits. I pushed my cock into the opening. Shelly tensed up and her tight cunt clamped down on my cock head. Maggie leaned over to lick Shelly's clit, which helped Shelly to relax.

"Oh it's sooo BIG!" Shelly gasped.

"It's okay!" I answered. "You're cunt feels so good, Shelly. Daddy loves your little cunt." I pushed my cock
slowly in and the pulled out a bit. Her cunt was as tight as I've ever felt. Her juices lubricated my penetrating rod and her own muscles relaxed to accept the long, hard shaft. I pushed in and pulled out until I could tell Shelly was relaxed. She then began to move with me, her hips rising to meet my thrusts.

"Ohhhhhhh," she moaned. "Soooooo goooooood. Soooooo biiiiiiiig. Oh YEAH!" The combination of my fucking and Maggie's tongue licking her clit sent Shelly into climax. Her hips moved quickly and forceful against my cock and I felt her muscles spasm. She grabbed Maggie by the hair and ground Maggie's face into her cunt. "I'M COMING!" she squealed. "OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!" she chanted as
waves of sexual pleasure racked her body.

I thrust my cock deeper and harder into her young, tight twat as I verbalized my encouragement.

"That's it, sweetheart. Fuck Daddy's cock! FUCK ME SHELLY! FUCK DADDY HARDER!"

This served to excite her further and another powerful orgasm shook through her small frame.

Missy now jumped up on the table and lowered her cunt to Shelly's face. "Suck my cunt while Daddy fucks you, Shelly!" Shelly unconsciously obeyed.

Maggie moved up to suck on Shelly's tiny, hard nipples then spread Missy's ass cheeks and rimmed our daughter's tight bunghole. Then she went back to Shelly's cunt.

Both girls came again. I watched as Missy's juices coated Shelly's face and chin. As Missy climbed off, Maggie leaned over to kiss the girl again and to lick the juices from her face. I was surprised at how long I had held off, but now I had reached the point of no return. My cock began those familiar sensations as tingles rose from the depth of my body and my cock began to throb forcefully.

"That's it, Shelly! Daddy's gonna cum! You're making Daddy COME! OH YEAH!"

I pulled out and stepped back as Maggie pulled Shelly from the table. "DRINK HIS COME, SHELLY! OPEN YOUR MOUTH!"

Shelly fell to her knees and opened her mouth. I placed the tip of my cock an inch or two from her sweet, red lips and pink tongue. Shelly reached up and grabbed my cock away from me, jacking the shaft quickly near the cockhead. With that cum erupted out of the piss slit and coated Shelly's forehead. Shelly lowered the aim and the next burst of semen landed on her outstretched tongue.

She drank in my salty white cum as another jet of jism rocketed against her lips and cheek. Missy and Maggie both cheered as Shelly opened her mouth and pulled in my cock so as to drink the finale of my sexual eruption.

Sensing that I had finished, she looked up at me with her beautiful, crystal green eyes and smiled with my cock still in her mouth. Her cute little face was covered with my cum. She giggled.

"Well, my little girl. How do you like Daddy's sweet cum."

Shelly licked her precious red lips. "I love it, Daddy. Let's do it AGAIN!"

Maggie and Missy knelt on either side of Shelly and the three of them shared kisses and licks as they shared my cum. Maggie slowly placed Shelly down on the floor and moved down between the girl's legs. She began to passionately lick and suck on Shelly's swollen fuckhole and clit.

"Ohhhhhh. That feels so good. Can I suck your cunt, too?" Shelly moaned.

"Oh, my sweet little slut!" Maggie groaned as she repositioned herself in a 69 with the girl. Missy
attacked Maggie's pussy with ferocity. Maggie went wild as she felt the small, young tongue lapping at her clit. She bucked her hips to meet Shelly's tongue as she pulled Shelly's cunt tighter to her face. Missy sat on the floor, her fingers flying against her little clit and moving her to yet another climax.

The sight of Maggie in a 69 with this dear young neighbor girl and my own little girl frigging her own bare young pussy quickly filled me with lust and my cock was soon hard and ready for another fuck.


Maggie's juices flowed and Shelly's face was coated. Maggie came down from her climax and looked up at me lustfully. "What a tongue! Shelly, you are wonderful at sucking my pussy!"

Again, Shelly giggled with pride. "My Mom sure thinks so, too!"

"Well, you and your mother can come over anytime! You tell her that!"

"Did someone say something about wanting to be fucked again?!" I asked.

Missy and Shelly both squealed with delight as they clamored up on the kitchen table. They laid down in the missionary position with Missy on the bottom. This gave me ample opportunity to fuck both of these precious pussies. I began by thrusting my cock into Missy's tight, hot cunt.

She yelped with joy as I buried my prick as deep as it would go then gave it several thrusts while Shelly ground her clit against Missy's. I then pulled out and pushed my way into Shelly's loosened fuck hole. Now it was Shelly's turn to scream with delight. Back and forth I went - in and out of both hot, wet cunts. Maggie stood next to me and whispered her encouragement.

"Oh you sweet cunts. Look at Daddy's cock fucking your pussies. It's so fucking beautiful. It feels good,
doesn't it? It feels good to have this big, hard cock filling your hot little cunt?"

The girls only moaned in agreement as they alternately came several times. As they did, Maggie rubbed her hand up and down Shelly's ass crack and even gave her a brief rim job. Shelly responded with wild moans of ecstasy as she shared a deep French kiss with Missy. Maggie lubricated her finger with the girls' own cunt juices, then pressed her slick digit into the girls' tight bunghole.

"What a sweet ass, Mike. You've got to fuck this beautiful little asshole!" Maggie said.

"What do you say, sweetheart. Do you want Daddy's cock in your ass?" I asked.

Shelly pulled away from her French kiss with Missy. "Oh yes. Please, Daddy. Fuck my ASS!"

I pulled my cock from her dripping cunt and Maggie helped her to position her ass just right. I placed the head of my prick against the puckered hole and gently pushed.

"AHHHHHHH," Shelly moaned. "Oh, Missy! It's even BETTER than that dildo!"

Maggie grinned down at Missy, who still lay beneath Shelly. "You've been fucking Shelly in the ass with my
dildos?" She asked.

Missy giggled. "Yeah. Shelly wanted me to."

"You fucking little sluts. You are so sexy. So hot."

I pushed my cock deeper into Shelly's bowels as her muscles relaxed to meet me.

In no time she was pushing her ass back to meet my thrusts. Her own hand reached back beneath her legs to frig her clit.

"Oh! It's so BIG! It's in my ASS! OH I'm gonna come AGAIN!" Shelly screamed as her body convulsed in orgasm. Her tight ass muscles massaged my cock.

I've never been in a hole so tight, and it drove me over the edge. Without warning my cum exploded in a massive orgasm that filled Shelly's bowels. I felt the warm cum against my cock as it filled her hole.

Shelly instantly exploded in another rocking climax as she felt my cum inside of her. I continued to thrust my cock deep into her ass until the last pulsing sensations of my own climax subsided.

I sat there for a moment, with my cock still buried in Shelly's tight hole, feeling her muscles continue to
massage me. Then I pulled my cock out. It was coated with my own cum and Shelly's ass spunk.

Missy, ever the nasty little slut, quickly crawled out from beneath Shelly and began licking the mess off of my deflating prick. Maggie, meanwhile, had quickly descended on Shelly's ass hole, to lick and suck my cock cream from Shelly's ass.

A few minutes later we all sat at the kitchen table, sweaty and panting for breath. We looked at each other
and together erupted in laughter. "You are two very sexy girls," Maggie said proudly.

"Thanks!" Shelly said. "That was AWESOME!"

"Welcome to the family!" I said. "I'm glad you wanted me to be your surrogate Father."

"Thank YOU, Daddy," Shelly said. "Can I call you Daddy from now on?"

"Sure!" I responded.

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I told Shelly that she wouldn't be a member of our family unless Daddy gave her a golden shower, just like he did to Molly and me," Missy said.

"You want Daddy to piss all over that sweet face?" Maggie asked Shelly.

"I've never done it before," Shelly said.

"Come on," Maggie responded, taking her by the hand. "You're gonna love it!"

Maggie winked at me as we headed for the bathroom. Needless to say, it was a long, wonderful afternoon.

Chapter 5

Mike woke up to the sound of the front door slamming. It was Saturday morning and he had been enjoying sleeping in since he had the house to himself. Maggie had taken Mikey to a soccer tournament for the weekend. They were staying in a hotel in a distant city - and no doubt using the time away from the family to enjoy their oedipal pleasures.

Mike had even jacked off the previous night thinking about Mikey pounding his young cock into his own mother's cunt. Maggie would be loving it having Mikey to herself and was, no doubt, making Mikey pleasure her in every way imaginable.

Molly, their 16 year old - was already off at the local health club working. She had been out with friends till
late - and Mike hadn't heard her come in - nor had he heard her leave. He half-wished that she had woken him up with a blowjob in the middle of the night - but she was probably worn out from a night of partying. That left Missy - their 12 year-old. Missy had spent the night with her friend Kara. Mike figured it must be Missy's footsteps he heard walking through the house towards his room.

"Hi Daddy!" the blonde little sprite said as she bounced into his room and up onto the bed.

"Hi baby." Mike answered. "How was Kara's?" he asked - not hiding the fact that he was looking his little girl up and down lustfully.

"Oh Daddy! It was incredible! Wait till I tell you what I did!" she said with youthful exuberance.

"What's that sweetie?"

"Well, I've been wanting to teach Kara about sex. We've talked about it - but it just hasn't been right. You
know, how you and mom have told us never to do anything unless we were sure they were really wanting to?"

"That's right sweetie. So what happened?"

"Well she started talking about sex n everything? So I asked her if she masturbated and she said she'd done it a few times. So I asked her if she wanted me to show her how it could feel really good? And she said she was nervous but she wanted me to. So I started playing with her pussy - and Daddy - it got so wet so quick - I knew she was like really turned on. So I asked her to do what I was doing to her to me. So I got over her in like a 69 and she started playing with my pussy."

"So did you suck her pussy, sweetie?"

Missy's eyes lit up. "Oh my god, Daddy. I did! I just leaned over and Started licking her pussy and it tasted sooooooo good. And she LOVED it! She started bucking her hips and then she started sucking my pussy! The she started Cumming - and she was so wet."

"Well that's great, Missy! So you've got another friend to get off with!"

"But Daddy - it's not over!"

She started wondering what it would be like to fuck. AndI told her that I had fucked Mikey - and she couldn't believe it - but I told her it was awesome.

Well she was so horny that I dared her to invite her brother, Kevin, into the room. His cock was pretty small and everything, but he was so amazed that we wanted to have sex with him. So I taught her to suck cock - and he even came a little bit - so she got to taste cum. Well then when he got hard again - I helped them learn how to fuck. Oh my god, Daddy! It was so hot!"

Mike's cock was rock hard now - listening to his little girl talk about having sex with her young friends and
teaching them about incestuous pleasure. He gave his daughter a mischievous grin. "You are quite the little slut aren't you? Just like your mother!"

Missy gave him a mischievous grin right back and raised her eyebrows. "I'm even more of a slut than mommy - or so she says - she said that I've done more than she had done at my age - and she said she wants to teach me to be the most sex crazed woman of the family."

"Well you're on your way, sweetie!" Mike smiled.

Missy came over and straddled Mike's body over the covers - letting her tight pussy press against his hard on. "Mmmmmm - Daddy - you're hard under there!" she whispered.- grinding her crotch against his and looking at her father lustfully.

"Yeah baby - you've got Daddy all hard from your story."

Missy leaned over and kissed Mike slowly. Mike felt her tender young lips against his - then felt her warm, tiny tongue slipping into his mouth. He closed his eyes and savored the kiss - feeling her tongue exploring his mouth. Then she pulled away and looked at him - a delicious evil grin on her face.

Missy pulled off her T-shirt - exposing her small, adolescent tits - just beginning to develop. She then
stood over her father and pulled off her shorts and her Barbie panties - allowing Mike to gaze up to her hairless slit - already swelling with anticipation. Mike threw back the covers - revealing his massive cock - long and hard and thick. Missy then knelt down by his side and reached down with her young, soft hands to grab the shaft of his cock. Looking at him lustfully she began to jack her fist up and down the entire length of his manhood.

"Daddy? You want to know what a slut I am?"

"Tell me baby." Mike asked.

Missy continued to fist her Daddy's cock - never taking her lustful gaze from him. "After we wore Kevin's little pecker out - Kara and I sucked each other off all night, Daddy. She was so horny, Daddy. I fucked her with the handle of her brush - then I licked her ass. She went wild Daddy. So I finger fucked her ass while I pushed the brush into her pussy. It was soooooo nasty."

Mike closed his eyes - imagining the sight as his little girl described it.

"Oh baby, you're such a fucking little slut."

"I am, Daddy. I'm a fucking little slut - and you love it don't you - it's making you hard!" Missy whispered.

"Oh baby - it's making Daddy very hard!" Mike groaned - feeling Missy's little handgrip tighter around his huge cock.

"Wanna know what else we did, Daddy?" Missy asked.

"Tell me you nasty little slut."

"Well, Kara's mom served us breakfast in Kara's room - since we'd stayed up so late? She made us pancakes and sausage - with cream filled donuts. So I took and put one of the sausages in my cunt and made her eat it out of me, Daddy."

"Oh my god baby. She did that?"

"Yeah, Daddy. I turned her into a slut just like me. She ate the sausage from my cunt like it was some boys cock. It was so awesome. Then she licked my pussy till I came."

Missy got up and straddled her father once again, lowering her pussy to his massive hard on. Her small
hands lifted the cock straight up in the air and pointed it to her bare twat - sliding the large, round head in
between her pussy lips. She then slowly lowered her small frame onto the huge dick.

"Oh Daddy - your cock is so big - I LOVE IT! I love how it fills me up." She moaned as she lowered herself further onto his manhood.

"That's a good little girl - be a good slut and sit on Daddy's cock." Mike moaned as he watched his cock slowly disappear inside of his daughter's cunt. He could feel the tightness of her pussy envelope his cock - he could feel her heat surround him - her wetness dripping down the sides of his shaft as she slowly worked her way down the length.

"Oh daddy! Oh yeah! Oh I needed this cock in me! That's why I came home so early! I wanted to fuck you - to be your slut."

"Mmmmmmmm. Good for you, Missy. I'm glad you did. You're making me feel so good." Mike reached out and moved his hands across his sweet little daughters shoulders - slowly moving them down across her chest - taking care to play delicately with her small, hard nipples. She shuddered when he did that and he laughed at the thought of her being so turned on. His hands continued down her belly and across to her slender hips. He firmly grabbed her hips and pulled her down further onto his cock.

"Oh FUCK daddy! Oh FUCK it's so Big!" Missy wailed.

"That's it my little whore - stick daddy's cock deep inside you!" Mike groaned."So is that all of your story with Kara?"

It took a moment for Missy to relax - letting her muscles accept her father's thick cock - then she finally
loosened up and her eyes finally opened. She looked down with lust once again at her Dad.

"No - Daddy. After Kara ate the sausage out of my pussy? She was going nuts cause she was so horny. So she spread her legs and spread butter on her cunt and poured syrup over it - then she told me to suck her off!"

"Oh that's so hot - sweetie!"

"Oh my god, Daddy. It was so cool. It was sweet and hot and creamy and she was cumming in no time at all! And then we were both just crazy - so we grabbed the cream filled donuts and squirted the cream out all over each other. I licked it off her pussy and her asshole! She squirted it on my tits and sucked it off!"
Missy was now fucking up and down on Mike's cock. Holding her hips - he helped her move her hot little cunt up and down on his hardness - feeling her pussy muscles tighten around him. Missy reached down between her legs and began diddling her clit with one hand as she steadied herself with the other.

"Jeez Missy - you ARE a little slut! But you love it don't you? You like being the family's nasty little whore!"


With that Missy bounced violently up and down on her father's cock as Mike pushed his cock as deep and hard into his little girl's pussy. Missy rubbed her clit furiously and Mike knew that her climax was near. Her tiny frame shuddered and Mike felt her pussy clenching against his cock as the waves of orgasm rocketed through her body. Missy didn't breath for what seemed like minutes as she moaned and wailed.

"OH YEAH! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she screamed as she rode the orgasm for all it was worth. Finally she exhaled and her body relaxed. But the little girl wasn't satisfied. She quickly pulled off of her father's prick. It let loose with a loud "plop." Missy stood and turned away from Mike - then got down on all fours - sticking her dripping pussy and puckered little ass into his face.

"Lick my ass, Daddy. I want you to fuck my ass - but I need you to lick it first."

Mike didn't need any more encouragement. He stuck out his tongue and ran the tip along Missy's swollen pussy - still dripping with her sweet cum. He moved his tongue back and poked it at her tight rosebud of an asshole - then lapped generously - spreading his saliva across the brown opening.

"Spit on it Daddy - get it good and wet so you can FUCK it!" Missy ordered.

Mike spit on her asshole and could see Missy already working her ass muscles in preparation for his cock's invasion.

"Oh god Daddy. It was sooooo cool. After Kara and I got done licking the goo off each other we needed a shower. So we went to the bathroom together. I told her we should shower together and so we got in together. But just as she started to get in the shower she said she had to pee!"

Mike continued to lick Missy's asshole - then traced around the tight opening with his finger - pushing gently to exercise the orifice as his tongue concentrated on her warm young pussy.

"So I told her that it would be really sexy if she would pee on me! She thought it was crazy - but everything else we'd done was so hot - so she agreed. I got on my knees in the bathtub Daddy - just like Mommy has me do. And Kara spread her pussy lips and she started to pee. It went all over me, Daddy. It was so cool. We'd drank a lot of pop the night before so she peed a lot - all over my face and my chest - it dripped all over - I even drank some of it. .... I'm ready Daddy - Fuck my ass!"

"Okay baby - just keep talking - tell me what happened next." Mike said - thoroughly intoxicated with lust.

Mike got on his knees behind Missy as she lifted her small little ass in the air. Mike spread her ass cheeks
to reveal her wet little hole. Missy reached beneath her legs and played with her cunt as Mike placed the head of his cock at her tight asshole. Pushing it gently - he was surprised at how easily Missy's ass accepted the large head.

"You've been practicing you little slut!" Mike said.

Missy laughed. "Yeah - Mommy's been fucking my ass with her big strap on dildo every day after school while you're at your meetings."

"What a pair you are!" Mike answered. "So Kara pissed all over you huh?"

"Yeah - but then she got on her knees in the tub with me and I kissed her! I stuck my tongue in her mouth while it was still covered with her pee! Then she said, 'Do it to me!' So I stood and I pulled my pussy lips apart and I sprayed pee all over her. I hit her neck at first but she opened her mouth and I moved so it went into her mouth - then when her mouth was full it poured out over her chin and across her chest and down between her legs. She was rubbing her clit good and hard then Daddy!"

Mike pushed his cock deeper into his little baby girl's ass.

"Oh FUCK my ass Daddy! Oh FUCK ME!"

"You little slut!"

"I AM Daddy! FUCK ME! I'm your little SLUT!"

Mike fucked quick and fast into Missy's ass. He was surprised to find that her ass had taken his cock more easily than her pussy had - if that was possible. He fucked hard and deep.

"OH YEAH!" Missy screamed - pushing her ass back to meet every stroke of his hard cock. "FUCK ME IN THE ASS DADDY! OH FUCK I'M CUMMING!"

Missy's finger flew across her little cunt as Mike pounded his cock deep and fast into her tight asshole. He
felt her body spasm - her ass muscles gripping his cock. Her small frame convulsed in another orgasm and he knew that he was about to lose it himself. He pulled his cock out quickly.


Missy quickly spun and knelt before him. Her mouth enveloped the throbbing head and her tongue began to lick the combination of her pussy and ass juices from the sensitive underside of his cockhead. Her hand grabbed the thick shaft and began to fist it violently.


Missy pulled her fathers cock head from her mouth and held it just inches away. "Cum on my face Daddy!"


Missy fisted her father's huge cock as cum erupted from the swollen, throbbing head. It exploded across Missy's face - coating her face and her outstretched tongue. Gooey white globs of cum dripped down her cheeks and poured off her chin onto her tiny tits. And still cum continued to jet from her Daddy's throbbing cock.

Missy placed her tongue at the base of the cockhead and allowed the final spurts of cum to fill her waiting
mouth. She drank in the salty cooze and let it slide down her throat - filled with lustful satisfaction that she
could make her own Daddy feel so good and cum so hard.

Mike exhaled deeply feeling his cock throb in Missy's tender little hands. She looked up at him with lust. "Feel good Daddy?"

"Oh my sweet baby," he replied. "You're just the most wonderfully nasty little girl. You do our family proud!"

Missy laughed - as she wiped her father's cum from her face and licked it from her fingers.


"What sweetie?"

"Have you taken your morning pee?" she asked looking at him with that slutty little grin of hers.

"No, babe - I haven't," Mike answered.

"Well this cum would taste so much better with your pee!" she said.

"Well come on baby!" Mike said and led her into the bathroom. Missy immediately climbed into the bathtub and lay on her back. Mike got in and stood above her.His cock was still swollen but his hard on was mostly gone - even then it looked huge. He held the increasingly flaccid tool with one hand as Missy looked up at him. She reached down and spread her pussy lips her finger rubbing over her clit and dipping into her tight pussy. Mike looked at her face - still partially covered with his cum. Mike relaxed and felt the warmth of his piss moving down his bladder - through his groin and into his cock. The warm liquid moved slowly through his cum filled shaft - and then erupted. The long golden stream arched out through the air and landed on Missy's chest. The salty piss splattered as the thick hot stream gained force.

"OH DADDY!" Missy moaned her fingers moving faster across her clit. "ONMY FACE!"

Mike moved the stream up Missy's chest across her small neck letting it hit her chin - at that point Missy
strained her face forward so that the piss stream landed squarely in her mouth. She let the golden drink fill her mouth - and overflow across her chin - dripping down her chest. Her hand moved quickly across her clit and she began to arch her back as the power of yet another orgasm raced through her body.

Mike's pee let up and he moved down to let the final drops fall onto Missy's hand as it furiously worked at
her clit. Her orgasm subsided just as Mike's urination finished. Missy got up and knelt - pulling his now
flaccid cock into her mouth and sucking the remaining drops of his piss from it. As she did she looked up at her father - giving him her mischievously little slut look.

"I love you Daddy!" she said as his cock plopped out of her mouth

"Love you too baby." He answered - looking down at her cum and piss-covered face. "Ready for a shower?"

"Yeah! And then I want something to eat! I'm starved!" she said as she stood to her feet - turning on the

"What do you want, Miss? Pancakes and sausage?" Mike asked laughing.

Missy turned to face him as the water sprayed out over both of them.

"Mmmmmm, that sounds good - if I can stick YOUR sausage in my cunt this time!"

"Anytime baby. Anytime!" Mike said - as he grabbed the soap and thought about the fun morning he was about to have.

Chapter 6

The week after we had our first family experience.

I was sitting in my office around lunchtime. Maggie had finished her 3rd period sex-ed class and came into my office, shutting the door.

"Nice blouse," I said - commenting on her white, form-fitting blouse that accented her curvaceous figure and hard nipples. It was also sheer enough to see her lacy bra underneath.

"Thanks. I thought I'd see how many hard-ons I could create today."

"How'd you do?"

Maggie smirked lustfully. "There was plenty of wood poppin' in every class."

"How does it feel knowing that most of the boys at Taft High are thinking of you when they jack off at night?" I asked.

"Horny," she said with that gleam in her eye. She began walking over to my side of the desk. "Very horny."

Just then the door opened and Molly walked in with her friend Amy. Molly, our 16-year-old daughter is a gorgeous girl with long, sandy blonde hair and a body that most grown women would die to have. Amy was also looking fine. Amy has raven black hair with crystal green eyes and a beautifully proportioned body.Amy and Molly are on the junior varsity cheerleader squad together.

"Hi dad. Hi mom. I'm glad you're both here. I want you to settle something."Molly said.

"Hi Mr. Nelson. Hi Mrs. Nelson," Amy added. "You look great Mrs. Nelson. You'll give all the guys hard-ons with that outfit."

"That's the idea, Amy!" Maggie said smiling.

"What do you need baby?" I asked Molly.

Molly closed the door. "Well, Amy was bragging this morning that she fucked her own brother - you know Andy - he's in your 2nd period sex education class, Mom."

"Yeah. I know Andy. He's cute," Maggie said.

"You should see his cock!" Amy said.

"Well, I saw a rather large bulge in his pants this morning," Maggie responded.

"Well," Molly interrupted "I told Amy that I'd fucked my own dad. She didn't believe me. So she told me to prove it - and well - here we are."

Maggie, quickly picking up on what was happening, slid over to my office door and locked the bolt as Molly came over and sat on my desk. She spread her legs and placed a foot each of the arms of my chair. Then she leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth. Her tongue immediately pushed it's way into my mouth as I instinctively reached up and cupped her ample breasts through her cheerleader sweater.

"Oh my god," Amy said. "This is so fucking nasty. You did fuck your own dad."

"We haven't proved it yet," I said as I stood and pushed Molly back onto the desk. She pulled up her cheerleader skirt and I pulled down her panties revealing her shaved pussy. I then unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out. An audible gasp came from Amy as she saw my prick.

"It's beautiful. Isn't it?" Maggie asked Amy.

"It's wonderful. She's so lucky," Amy responded.

"Why don't you go over and suck it before he sticks it in his little girl's cunt," Maggie suggested.

"Are you serious?"

"Come on, Amy! Suck my dad's cock!" Molly said. "Suck it before he fucks me."

Amy moved over and knelt before me. She pulled my cock into her warm mouth. She sucked forcefully as her tongue bathed my cock head. She took as much of my shaft as she could into her mouth before backing it out and focusing on the head while she jacked my shaft.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned.

"That's it Amy. Suck it. Suck it good!" I said.

Not wanting to miss out on the action, Maggie moved over to the desk and kissed Molly deeply before removing our daughter's sweater and bra. She then began sucking on Molly's hardened nipples. After a couple of minutes of enjoying Amy's blowjob I glanced at the clock on my desk.

"I've got an appointment with a parent in a few minutes. We better make this quick," I said.

"Come on, dad. Fuck me," Molly said.

I pulled me cock from Amy's mouth. "Sorry Amy. It was feeling so good. You give great head."

"Thanks Mr. Nelson. I'd like to finish the job sometime."

"Anytime, Amy. Anytime."

I placed the head of my cock, still covered in Amy's saliva, at the entrance to Molly's cunt. In one swift
movement I impaled my daughter's tight hole.

"Ohhhhh," Molly moaned. "Ohhhh yeah. Fuck me daddy! Fuck me hard." She looked lustfully into my eyes as I began ramming my cock into her cunt with rapid strokes. Maggie continued to suck on Molly's tits and silently offered to let Amy join in. Amy obliged, moving over to share a nipple with Maggie. Their tongues tangled as they licked and sucked on Molly's generous tits.

"Yeah Amy. Suck my tits. Oh dad. FUCK ME!" she whispered.

I forced my cock faster and deeper into her cunt. I felt her muscles contract as she began to come.

"Oh god I'm gonna COME! OHHHHHH YEEEAAAAHHHHH." Her body convulsed in climax and it drove me over the edge.

"I'm coming too!" I groaned, pulling my cock out of her sopping cunt.

"Let me have it!" Amy shrieked as she quickly knelt before me, once again. She grabbed the shaft of my cock and began pumping it quickly as she opened her mouth. The cum welled up in my balls and then exploded out of my throbbing dick.

Amy was unprepared for the amount of cum my balls produce. She swallowed the first three bursts of jizz,
but it kept flooding from my cock and shot against her chin and cheeks. Swallowing to quickly recover, she quickly stuck my cock back into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum out of me. My jizz covered her face, but she didn't seem to mind, but continued to suck the combination of my jizz and Molly's juices from my cock.

Maggie leaned down and licked my cum from Amy's face. Amy turned and enjoyed a long, passionate French kiss with my wife. Molly climbed from the desk and joined them.

Once my cum had been cleaned from Amy's face, everyone gained their composure. Molly pulled her panties and sweater back on as I placed my cock back in my pants.

"That was awesome," Amy said. "You have the coolest family."

"Thanks, Amy," I said. "And thanks for the blow job."

"Thank you, Mr. Nelson. You can come in my mouth anytime you want."

"Believe me, Amy. I'm going to take you up on your offer to finish that blow job."

Maggie put her hands on Amy's shoulders. "I think you'd better come over to our house for dinner after the game tonight, Amy. Why don't you call your folks and see if it's okay."

"Okay, Mrs. Nelson," Amy smiled.

"Bye, daddy," Molly said as she leaned over and kissed me deeply. "Thanks!"

"Thank you!" I replied as she and Amy headed to the door.

"Come anytime!" I said as they walked out of the office. I heard their giggles as they headed out into the
hallway. Maggie looked at me with that gleam in her eye she gets when she's up to sexual mischief.

"What a beautiful piece of ass," she said of Amy.

"Yeah," I said. "I can't wait to see what's under her uniform."

"My either. In the meantime, I've got to get back to class."

"Have fun," I said.

She looked back and winked. "All those young, hard cocks and nothing I can do about it."

"I know you," I responded. "If you had your way, Sex Education would become Gang Bang 101."

"You're married to nasty slut."

"It's what I love about you."

Maggie and I got home that afternoon from Cross-Country practice. Molly and Amy were cheering at the JV game, but Missy and Mikey were at home. We found Missy on all fours in the middle of the living room. Mikey was plugging her ass from behind.

"Fuck my ass, Mikey. HARDER!" Missy squealed as Mikey filled her bunghole with his fourteen-year-old cock. Missy was still flat chested, but Mikey reached down to squeeze his little sister's hard nipples.

"Oh, Mikey. I'm COMING. OHHHHH FUCK!" Missy shrieked as her older brother slammed his cock into her tight ass. Missy was reaching back with her hand to feverishly rub her little clit as her ass was being reamed.

"Here I come Miss!" Mikey groaned.

Instinctively, Missy pulled away and turned around, taking her brother's scum covered cock into her small
mouth. "Mmmm - Ohhhh - Mmmmm" she moaned as she pumped the shaft vigorously.

"Oh FUCK!" Mikey cried as Missy pulled his cock from her mouth, letting his spunk cover her face and lips. It poured out of his cock like someone opened a faucet. Missy's face was literally covered in the jizz and it dripped off of her chin.

Maggie and I enjoyed the show. Maggie walked over and knelt down next to Missy.

Grabbing Mikey's twitching cock she gave it a quick suck. She then leaned over to lick some of our son's spunk from Missy's chin and to share a slow kiss.

"Looks like you two have been having fun."

"We have, Mommy. Do you want to lick my cunt?" Missy asked with a pleading look on her face. Our gorgeous little girl leaned back on her elbows and spread her pouting pussy lips.

"I'd love to, Missy. And I will. But right now we have to get ready for dinner and for now I want you to put on some sweats. Molly's friend Amy is going to join us for dinner."

"Amy Reynolds?" Mikey asked. "She's hot."

"She really is," I replied. "And if you're lucky. You might just get a piece of her tonight."

"Sweet!" Mike said.

"Me too?" Missy asked.

"You too. Now got get dressed."

Amy and Molly arrived shortly thereafter and we all sat down at the supper table. Maggie had fixed bratwurst and hotdogs. They always remind Maggie of little cocks, and the sight of the girls sticking them in their mouths like a blowjob would get her hot. And it did. The conversation was a little stale for a while, but I finally broke the Ice.

"So, Amy. Molly said you and your brother have been fucking for a while." Amy turned a bit red as she looked at Mikey and Missy - they smiled back at her.

"Yeah. Andy and I were wrestling around one night while our folks were out. One thing led to another."

"Does he have a big cock?" Missy asked.

Stunned, Amy laughed in surprise. "Yeah, Missy. He has a really nice cock."

"Did you suck on it?" our little one asked.

"Yeah, I did."

"Did his cum taste really good like Mikey and Daddy's?"

"Well, I haven't tasted Mikey's but it was good like your Dad's."

"You fucked Dad?" Mikey exclaimed.

Molly and Amy erupted in laughter before Amy answered. "No. I just let him cum in my mouth after he fucked Molly today."

"Jeez, Dad. You fucked Molly at school?"

"Yep, son. It was a quickie in my office. And as I remember, Amy, you promised me that you'd finish that
blow job you started."

"You name it, Mr. Nelson."

"How about now!" I said as I stood and pulled down my sweats. My cock was already beginning to stiffen from the conversation. Amy looked a bit sheepish. "Here? In front of the kids!?"

"Don't worry, Amy. If you haven' figured it out by now, our family is very open about these things. Now, please get over here and suck this cock."

At that, Maggie stopped us and suggested that we enjoy the impending orgy as a dessert. Everyone agreed and we quickly cleared the table, then everyone stripped. I sat back in my chair as Maggie and the girls rummaged through the refrigerator. In a moment, they set several things on the table, including a bowl of chocolate pudding. Maggie then spooned a generous dollop of pudding on the head of my cock as Amy began to smear the cold, brown goop up and down a long the length of the shaft and around my balls. She then leaned over and licked, ever so gently at the head of my cock.

"Mmmmmmm, and I thought your cock tasted good before, Mr. Nelson," Amy purred.

Everyone watched excitedly as Amy continued to lick up and down the long, thick shaft of my throbbing fuck stick. The sensation of the cold pudding and the warmth of her tongue was incredible. Amy swirled more pudding around my balls and then I felt one of her cool, chocolate covered fingers worm its way beneath my balls, searching for the entrance of my ass.

Just as her fingertip reached my puckered bunghole she enveloped as much of the shaft of my cock as she could take without gagging. She sucked forcefully on my cock, letting her tongue roll along the underside of my sensitive cock head while at the same time pushing her index finger gently into my rectum.

"Oh baby," I groaned at the sensation. Amy smiled as she stared up at me lustfully.

"Look at that!" Maggie exclaimed. "She's got her finger up your father's ass! She's as much a slut as you girls."

With that, Maggie came over and grabbed two handfuls of pudding. She crouched down behind Amy and reached around to cup the girls' tits. Chocolate pudding oozed between her fingers as she squeezed the teenager's tits. She then spread the chocolate mess around her chest.

"Come on, Mikey. I know you want to get a piece of this slut. Come have dessert on her tits," Maggie said. Mikey and Maggie then got on either side of Amy and began licking and sucking the pudding off of her tits as Amy continued to suck on my cock. Her finger was pushed to the hilt up my ass and she was massaging my prostate and driving me absolutely wild. Amy was enjoying the new attention, too. Mikey let his hands wander down between her legs from the front and was playing with Amy's naked cunt slit while Maggie had slid her hand down from the rear to rub her pudding covered hand over the girl's tight asshole.

"Oh god that feels incredible!" Amy moaned between sucks on my cock.

Molly and Missy, not to be left out, got behind Mike and Maggie. Missy poured some chocolate syrup down the crack of Mikey's ass. She then leaned down, spread his ass cheeks and went after his chocolate covered asshole with her small, young tongue. Molly grabbed a banana off of the table and reached down beneath her mother's ass, to find the sloppy opening of Maggie's cunt. She slid nature's dildo up into her mother's cunt as Maggie cooed her approval.

What a sight I had on the floor in front of me. Everyone enjoyed this position for several minutes. Until Mikey finally had to have his cock in Amy's cunt. He moved around and positioned himself doggie style, thrusting his throbbing cock into the raven-haired teen's pudding covered cunt.

"Ohhhhhhh" Amy yelped as his cock drove in to the hilt.

"That a boy, Mikey. Fuck her good," I encouraged him.

"Oh yeah, Mikey. Fuck me good and hard!" Amy agreed.

Maggie grabbed a banana of her own and she and Molly got into a sixty-nine position, fucking each other's cunts wildly with the cooze-covered fruit. Missy, her face covered with chocolate from her brother's butt licking came over to me with a big grin on her slimy face.

"Kiss me, Daddy!" she said as she covered my mouth with her messy lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth and I tasted the sweetness of the chocolate laced with the tangy taste of Mikey's ass.

"You dirty little slut!" I said as she backed away giggling.

"I am a slut Daddy. And I want my cunt licked!" With that she grabbed some whipped cream off of the table and covered her sweet little, hairless cunt with the sweet white cream. Standing up on the arms of the chair, She lowered her cunt down to my face. Amy was still sucking feverishly at my cock and finger fucking my ass as Mikey pounded his cock into her cunt from behind. Maggie and Molly were working each other into their second or third orgasms. It was an incredible orgy.

"Ohhhhhhh. I'm gonna cum! This is so fucking nasty! OH YEAH!" Amy squealed as Mikey pounded his cock into her cunt. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!" she screamed as Mikey drove his hard on into her with piston like efficiency. Amy squeezed my cock with her hand and drove her pudding and saliva covered fingers up and down my cock in a feverish pitch. I continued to suck hungrily at Missy's little cunt as her tangy juices flowed into my mouth and down my chin. She bucked her hips and rubbed her clit
harder against my mouth and face.

"I'm coming too Daddy! Suck my cunt! Lick my clit! I'm gonna cum, too! Oh YES!" her sweet little voice rose in sexual crescendo.

It was too much. I felt the cum welling up inside my balls as Amy pounded her fist up and down my cock shaft.

Then we came like dominoes. Missy's juices flowed into my mouth as my cock erupted into Amy's mouth and onto her sweet face. Mikey blew his load into Amy's cunt - exploding torrents of white-hot jism into her climaxing pussy. This sent Amy into another mind-blowing orgasm. Maggie and Molly quickly came over to join the rest of us. Maggie began to lick my cum from Amy's face and shared some long, passionate French kisses with the sweet girl as Molly bent over to suck Amy's juices off of her brother's cock before leaning down to suck his cum from her friend's well fucked cunt.

"Will you pee on me, Daddy?" Missy asked, knowing that I usually have to piss after I come.

"Sure, sweetheart," I said as she scrambled onto the kitchen table and lay down.

"What?" Amy asked incredulously.

"Haven't you ever had a golden shower?" Molly asked her friend mischievously.

"Are you serious?" she asked.

I got up on one of the chairs and positioned myself above little Missy, who reached down and spread her pussy lips, still glistening from my cunny licking.

"Start at my clit, Daddy. Then give me a drink," she asked excitedly.

I felt the warmth well up in my loins as my golden juice made it's way up the shaft of my semi-hard prick. Missy began frigging her hard little clit in anticipation.

"Come on, Daddy. Pee on me. Pee on my clit and let me drink your piss!"

With that a thick golden stream sprang from my piss slit and hit Missy on the stomach. Piss splattered as I
adjusted the stream and pissed on her hand and clit as she continued to masturbate furiously. Slowly I moved the stream up towards her face, still crusted with chocolate syrup from licking her brother's ass. My piss continued to flow as I moved to the target of Missy's waiting mouth.

She opened her mouth and accepted my salty offering as it filled her tiny mouth and poured out the sides. I looked down to see Amy feverishly working her own clit as she watched. Maggie was sitting behind Amy, her legs on either side of the teenager and her tits pressed against Amy's back. Maggie was reaching around playing with Amy's tits as she whispered nasty phrases in her ear.

"Isn't that nasty?" she whispered. "So fucking nasty. What a sweet little slut drinking her own Daddy's piss. So sexy. You should try it, Amy. You're a slut just like Missy. You'd love to be covered in piss, wouldn't you?"

At that point Missy began coming in a screaming orgasm. "Yes Daddy! Oh YES! OHHHH FUCK!" she gurgled, my piss still streaming down her chin and onto her tiny little nipples. Maggie urged Amy up to the table and told her to watch as Maggie leaned over and kissed Missy deeply, passionately - their tongues tangling to share the taste of my golden shower. As she kissed Missy, Maggie looked lustfully at Amy, tempting her to join.

Amy was quick to accept the wordless invitation and the three of them shared a long French kiss. Then Amy moved down, licking the salty residue off of Missy's tits and down to her naked, sticky cunt. She licked up and down the folds of Missy's cunt and Missy responded by beginning another climax. Amy licked and sucked lustfully at our little daughter's pussy as Missy writhed in glorious orgasm.

As Missy came down from her climax, Amy looked up from between our little girl's legs; her chin covered in Missy's come cooze.

"Are you ready for a golden shower of your own, you wonderful little slut?"Maggie asked.

"Oh yeah. I'd love it," Amy said in acceptance of the challenge.

Missy quickly got off the table and Amy climbed on. "Who's going to do it?" She asked.

"All of us!" Maggie responded ordering all of the kids onto chairs around the table. Everyone stood, hovering over Amy as Amy began once again to masturbate - grabbing a banana and stuffing it into her cunt. What a sight. Maggie, Molly and Missy all stood, spreading their cunt lips and Mikey stood with his cock dangling over Amy's face.

As if on cue, all four of them began to cover Amy with their piss. Four steady streams of golden liquid began to coat Amy - her tits, her cunt, her face. Up and down her body the piss mixed with the pudding and slime from our earlier food-fuck. Amy went ballistic, pounding the banana into her cunt as she began screaming in orgasm. "Oh NASTY! SOOO FUCKING NASTY!" she wailed as climax racked her body.

By now I was hard as a rock and I moved over between her legs. Throwing the banana to the floor, I thrust my cock into the teenager's wet cunt in one swift motion. My thick foot-long split her tight cunt and Amy immediately shuddered as her cunt clamped down on my manhood and spasmed in one long orgasm. I pulled back and rammed my cock in again and began. "OH FUCK ME!" she screamed in
sexual abandon.

The sexual fever was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Mikey, hard again pushed Molly down on all fours and began pushing his cock into his older sister's asshole as she begged for it. Missy got on all fours in front of Molly and squeezed caramel syrup down her ass crack, inviting Molly to dive in for more sweet desert - which Molly did with pleasure.

Maggie climbed onto the table and straddled Amy's face, piss still flooding from her tiny slit. Grabbing Amy's piss soaked head she pulled the teenager's face toward her cunt and clit.


Amy, still climaxing from my cock ramming into her cunt, did her best to suck and lick Maggie's cunt while
swallowing Maggie's golden offering, which was now down to a trickle.

It was so nasty, though and Amy reacted with such lustful abandon that we were all turned on. Immediately we all began to climax. All of us. Missy began to scream, "SUCK MY ASS MOLLY!"


Mikey screamed "FUCK ME SIS! FUCK ME! I'M COMING!"

Maggie continued to pull Amy's face against her flowing cunt. "That's it AMY! SUCK MY CUNT BITCH! You men get over here and cover this sweet SLUT with your CUM!"

With that I began to explode again. Pulling out of Amy's tight ass, I joined Mikey on either side of the
teenager's face. It was a slimy mixture of cum, cooze, piss, pudding, chocolate syrup and now cum. Mikey and I both began to pump a shit load of our white hot jizz onto Amy's face as she opened her mouth and grabbed both of our cocks. Cum spilled into her mouth and ran down her cheeks and chin.

As our climax subsided, her face was literally covered in our sticky sperm. She pulled both of our cocks into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum from our balls. We then backed up and made way for Maggie, Molly and Missy who were anxious to help lick our cum off of Amy's face. They all went at it and it was a panting, sweating, moaning bevy of beauties licking, kissing and sharing the male delicacy.

When everything was said and done we all began to laugh and come down from our incredible orgy.

"This was the most awesome thing that's ever happened to me!" Amy said. "Thank you so much. I hope you'll let me join you again."

"Anytime!" Maggie said. "Although, for obvious reasons you might want to keep this to yourself. Most people don't understand."

"That's fine." Amy responded. "But I understand. You guys are the coolest."

"Why don't you all get cleaned up in the shower while Dad and I clean up this mess." Maggie said, winking at me. "Knowing Mikey, he'll be ready to give each of you a soapy fucking before you're done."

"Let's go!" Molly said taking charge and the four of them headed off to the bathroom. A minute later we heard giggles - then moans - then screams of pleasure. Maggie came over and hugged me lovingly before giving me a long, wet kiss. "We've got a great family," she said as I pulled her closer.

Chapter 7

It was the first holiday season since our three young kids -- Molly, Mikey, and Missy -- had joined in the
family's incestuous tradition. Maggie and I were excited about my family's visit, knowing what it would mean to them.

My parents were in the their early fifties and in great shape. My dad, Paul, was once a professional athlete and has always taken care of his body. My mother, Jan, is a gorgeous brunette with large tits and a great figure for her age. My grandmother, Grace, who is in her mid-sixties (she was only 14 when she became pregnant with my mother) was also planning to visit, along with my sister, Peg. Peg is 30 and although she's never been married, she has a baby boy just over a year old.

We hadn't seen any of my family in over a year, so it was going to be good to have them all at our house. We told the kids about our family's sexual adventures and they were anxious to be included. My family didn't know that the children had become involved in the family tradition, so this was going to be a big surprise to them.

The family all arrived on Friday and we enjoyed a leisurely dinner together in the dining room. My folks
were interested in the kids and all of their activities, as was Grandma Grace. After dinner, we explained that we had gifts for the family to open and - after cleaning up the dishes and putting Peg's baby to bed - we all gathered in the living room.

My parents and Grandma Grace were gathered on the couch. Peg sat in the recliner next to the couch, and Maggie and I sat by the fireplace. The children all stood off to one side of the room. I announced that there were three gifts and that they would be opened one at a time.

First, Molly walked over to Grandma Grace. Molly was wearing her red velvet Christmas dress and it hugged the voluptuous curves of her teen-aged body. Molly is gorgeous and I know the family has been dripping with anticipation to get a piece of her.

"Great Grandma Grace?" Molly said with excitement. "Since you are the eldest here - the first gift is for you - and since I am the eldest mine is the first to give." With that, Molly reached down to grab the hem of her dress, and in one swift move, she pulled it over her head to reveal her tight, teen-age body. She wore a black, sheer bra that showed off her firm, round tits. A garter belt hugged her slender waist and garters held up sheer black stockings that matched her bra. There were no panties, however, and Molly put one foot up on the couch next to Grandma Grace as she reached down to slide her hand across her shaved pussy.

There was a gasp from the family as they looked upon this lustful vision of beauty. Grandma Grace quickly reached up and ran her hand up Molly's thigh toward her youthful cunt. "Oh my dear. What a beautiful, sexy thing you are. I couldn't ask for a better gift. Let me feel your pussy, child."

Molly withdrew her hand as Grandma Grace's hand slid up to feel her Great Granddaughter's warm sex. Her experienced hands pulled gently on Molly's cunt lips to reveal our daughter's hard clit and moist fuck hole. "Ohhhhh how beautiful, child. May I?"

"Please, Grandma!" Molly said hoarsely. "Do whatever you'd like!"

Grandma leaned over and licked her aged tongue up the length of Molly's cunt.

Again, there was an audible moan from the family as they watched in lust.

"Mmmm, feels good Grandma!" Molly said hoarsely.

Grandma Grace stood and moved her hands up to cup Molly's young, firm breasts through the sheer bra. "Let's take this off, shall we?" she said as she tugged the bra straps over Molly's shoulders. Molly reached around and undid the clasp of her bra and it fell to the floor.

"Will you suck on them, Grandma?" Molly asked.

"Oh my, yes," she responded as she bent over to place her mouth on her Great Granddaughter's hard nipple. She rolled her tongue around the light brown areola before sucking in as much of the tit into her mouth as she could. Grandma Grace then began to peel off her own clothes. She was in very good shape for her 64 years with large tits and a beautiful face. She pulled off her lacy support bra and silk panties to reveal a neatly groomed pussy mound.

My mother looked over at me as we all watched with anticipation. "This is wonderful, Michael. We've dreamed of this day." She reached over and grabbed my Dad's cock, which was bulging from his khakis.

"Just wait, Mom," I said. "Your gift is coming up." I winked at her and we turned our attention to Grandma
Grace, who lay on the floor.

"You're in for quite a night!" Maggie added with encouragement.

"Bring that wonderful cunt of yours down to me, sweetheart," Grandma Grace said as Molly straddled the
older woman's face. Molly lowered her hips until the lips of her cunt, now dripping with heat, barely touched her Great Grandma's lips.

Grandma Grace immediately began to lick Molly's cunt up and down, sticking her tongue as deep as possible into the girl's fuck hole as possible before rolling it around the hardened clit. Grandma has had a lifetime of experience at learning to bring pleasure to other women and she's done it for her own daughters and daughters-in-law, her granddaughters and granddaughters-in-law, and now she was doing it for her Great Granddaughter. Maggie had told Molly how great Grandma Grace was at getting another woman off and Molly was quick to ask if she could be the Christmas offering for her Great Grandmother.
Molly now began to realize what Maggie meant.

"Oh god, Grandma. Of FUCK! That's... Oh's so good...SUCK ME...OH YES!"

Molly cried as Grandma Grace worked her magic. Molly ground her pussy into Grandma Grace's face as the older woman licked and sucked feverishly.

Grandma Grace then reached up and around to grab Molly's ass cheeks and pull her tighter against her face. I thought the old woman would have suffocated, but still she pulled harder. Molly's cries of ecstasy grew louder as she neared climax.


With that she screamed, as I've never heard her scream. Her body shook all over and her cunt ground itself against Grandma Grace's sloppy face as cunt juice poured down Grandma's cheeks and chin. Molly had several orgasms before either of them let up on their fevered pace. Molly pulled away and immediately crawled down between Grandma Grace's legs. She dove her face passionately against the matriarch's cunt and began to return the favor. Grace reached down and gently placed her hands over Molly's head.

"That's it, dear. Do it to me just like I did it to you. That's it... what a beautiful piece of ass...ohhhh yes...suck Grandma's pussy...make Grandma feel good."

Molly just moaned as she went after Grandma's cunt like a woman possessed. She reached up and plunged her middle finger up the experienced pussy, massaging the hot geriatric cunt. Grandma responded to the attention of Molly's active digit.

"Oh, darling!" Grandma Grace moaned. "Oh you sweet cunt licking dear! OH YES!"

Grandma Grace bucked her hips to meet Molly's tongue and finger as her body convulsed in orgasm. Molly then reached down and grabbed the older woman's thighs pushing her legs up against her chest and exposing her tight ass hole.

Without hesitation, Molly licked down from the flowing cunt to the puckered hole of her Great Grandmother's ass. She poked her tongue at the tight opening and rimmed it energetically. "I love to lick assholes," Molly said. "Oh Grandma. It's so wonderful."

"Then lick it, dear!" Grandma responded. "Lick your Grandmother's asshole. Oh what a sweet little slut you are!"

I looked around the room and everyone was in a sexual trance as they watched the scene unfold. My Dad had his cock out and was stroking it slowly. My mother was rubbing her cunt through her dress. Peg and Maggie were even bolder. They had just stripped off their jeans and panties and were outright finger fucking themselves. My own cock was begging to be freed, but the show wasn't over and I knew that Maggie would have a hold of it soon enough.

"Come on!" I cried. "They could be at this for hours! The next gift!"

With that, Mikey walked over in front of my mother. My mother is a gorgeous, 50 year old blonde. Her body is in excellent shape for her age and she could easily pass for a woman ten years younger. Mom has a healthy pair of tits and an appetite for sex that is largely unrivaled by any woman I know (I think that's where Missy gets it!). "Oh, Mikey. Are you gonna give Grandma your nice, hard cock?" she asked as he approached.

"Grandma Jan," he said as he peeled off his shorts and T-shirt. "My cock is yours."

My mother just about climaxed right there. She quickly grabbed Mikey's hard number and pulled him to her mouth. She sucked in the entire length, coating it with her saliva. "Oh Mikey," she said after it was good and lubed up for her stroking hands. "It's beautiful. You have a beautiful cock. I want this in every hole as much as possible while we're here. Do you understand me, young man?"

"Yes, Grandma," Mikey responded.

"I mean it, Mikey. I want it in my mouth, in my cunt and in my ass. Would you like to stick your cock in Grandma's ass?"

"Yeah Grandma!" Mikey said.

"Good. Grandma loves to be good and fucked in the ass by young studs like you."

With that, my mother stood and peeled off her clothes. She hugged Mikey and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. Mikey was completely unfazed by the gesture, in fact - he seemed to relish it and returned the affection as their tongues danced together. This pleased his Grandmother, as did his hands reaching up to cup her generous breasts in each young hand.

Mother knelt down before her Grandson and began to give him a blowjob that would rival that of any porn queen. Her mouth enveloped Mikey's handsome rod, coating it with her saliva. She then sucked on the bulbous cockhead as her hands stroked the length of his shaft. Mikey stood there, his eyes closed, moaning with delight. "Oh man, Grandma. That's incredible!" he groaned as her tongue rolled around his cockhead. You could now see that his prick seeped a sticky, clear pre-cum.

"I've had plenty of practice, sweetheart" was my Mother's throaty response to Mikey. "I've got a lot to teach you, young man! But right now I want this gorgeous cock in my cunt. Lay on the floor Mikey."

Mikey obeyed his Grandma and lay on his back. Grandmother began by straddling his face in a 69 position. "My cunt is really wet, Mikey. Suck some of my sweet pussy juice for me." With that, she leaned over to give more attention to Mikey's throbbing cock, careful not to make him come. Mikey's tongue rocketed out of his mouth and into his Grandma's dripping snatch.

Meanwhile, Molly and Great Grandma Grace were still in a 69 of their own on the floor. Under the Christmas tree Maggie and I had placed three candy canes - the long, thick straight ones - for each of the kids. Of course, we knew that they would eventually be used as surrogate dildos and Molly had quickly picked up on this. She and Grandmother Grace were fucking these huge candy canes into each other's cunts and then licking the juices off as if they were blowing a cock.

"Stick it in my ass, dear!" Grandma Grace said and Molly obliged, rotating the colorful stick into the elder's tight bunghole.

A few feet away, Grandma Jan had now moved down to place her cunt above Mikey's cock. Holding it in place, she lowered herself slowly down his long, throbbing shaft. "Ohhhh sweetie!" She said in a whisper. "Your cock feels sooooo good in Grandma's pussy." She began rocking herself up and down as Mikey reached up to cup her huge, meaty tits in his hands. "Oh, thatta boy," she said approvingly.

"Daddy!?" Missy whispered at me. I looked over and could see the anticipation in her eyes, as if it was Christmas morning and time to open the presents. "Can I do it now? Pleeeaaase?"

"Okay!" I said so all could hear. "The final gift ready to be unwrapped."

Missy sprang over to my Father, still on the couch with this dick in his hand.

Dad is a strapping man who has grown more graceful and dignified with age. His cock, while not as long as mine, is much more thick. Missy approached him coyly, staring with hunger at the hard dick in his gentle hands.

Slowly Missy reached down and pulled up the hem of her red velvet Christmas dress to reveal her young, bare pussy. "I'm your present, Grandpa. Would you like to fuck and suck my cunt?"

"Oh my little darling," Grandpa said as he reached out to run his finger along the hairless, swollen slit of his young Granddaughter's pussy. "Come on up here!"

Missy literally jumped up into her Grandfather's lap and he helped her lift her dress up over her head so that she was completely naked. Missy then began to undress him and he obliged, setting her aside long enough to pull off his khakis. He sat back down on the couch as Missy crept close and grabbed onto the base of his cock. "Oh Grandpa. Your cock is so big! It's not long like Daddy's, but it's bigger around."

"Can you get your pretty little mouth around it, Missy?" he asked her.

Missy stuck the cockhead into her mouth and it stretched her precious lips to do so. She slowly bobbed her head down as much as she could as Grandpa stroked her blonde hair. "That's it, Missy. What a precious little cunt you are. Suck Grandpas cock, baby." As he continued to encourage her he reached down her back and ran his hand in between her sweet, soft ass cheeks, feeling for her tight ass and cunt. Missy squirmed in response and moaned in delight as his cock continued to stuff itself into her young mouth.

That left just Peg, Maggie and I to watch the spectacle in front of us.

Grandma Grace had two candy canes working - one in Molly's cunt and the other one in her ass. Molly was still sticking her candy cane alternately into both of Grandma Grace's holes. They seemed to be coming in an endless stream of orgasms.

Grandma Grace, in particular, was getting quite verbal.

"Fuck my ass, dearie. Oh god, Molly! YES! FUCK MY ASS! SUCK MY CUNT! YOU SWEET FUCKING SLUT!"

My Mother was now on all fours as Mikey fucked her doggie style. Mikey was reaching around her to grab her flopping tits. "Does it feel good?" Mikey asked as sweat poured off of his adolescent body.

"Oh yeah, Mikey. Fuck me good! FUCK ME HARDER!" Grandma Jan responded. Mikey responded by moving his hips with piston like efficiency.

Peg then looked over and Maggie and me. "I've got a present for you two. Get over here!" She then reached up and cupped her milk-engorged tits and gave them a squeeze. Small streams of sweet mother's cream exploded from her delicious nipples. "Get over here and have some milk!"

Maggie got on one side of the lounge chair while I planted myself between my sister's legs. As Maggie
joyously began to suck on one tit, I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to Peg's hot and ready cunt. "It's been a while, Sis," I said as Peg spread her cunt lips to accept my cock.

"Too long, big brother - stick that long cock in my cunt before I go crazy!"

I thrust my long dick swiftly into her wet cunt and felt her cunt muscles clamp down on it as I entered. I then lowered my head to Peg's tit and began to suck on the hard, inch long nipple. Sweet warm milk filled my mouth and Peg screamed in delight as her hips rose to meet my pulsing manhood.

I looked over to watch as little Missy stood on the couch and straddled my father's lap. What a beautiful sight to see my sweet young baby lowering herself onto her grandfather's thick prick. "It's so big grandpa. It's gonna fill my pussy up so nice!"

She slowly lowered herself onto the cock head. Her face contorted as her cunt stretched to accept the thick hardness of his incestuous dick. "Ohhhhhhh she moaned."

"Oh god, Missy. You're so fucking tight! That a girl, keep going."


Her cunt continued to descend and the sight made me so hot that I pummeled my own cock deeper and harder into my sister's flowing sex as I continued to suck torrents of her mother's milk from her tits.


Molly and Grandma Grace had moved over to join the others. Mother was still fucking Mikey's cock as he
played with her tits. Grandma Grace moved over and lowered her cunt to Mikey's face demanding that he suck her cunt. "Here you go, Mikey, dear. Suck Granny's pussy for her." At the same time, Molly got up on the couch and straddled her grandfather's face as Missy continued to work his cock into that tight little cunt of hers. "Here you go grandpa!" Molly said as she pushed her cunt into his mouth. "I've been waiting a long time to feel you sucking my cunt. You have no idea how long I've fantasized about this." Her beautiful firm body and perfectly proportioned tits looked so succulent as she rocked her body above her grandfather's upturned face.

My dad licked his tongue up and down his teen-age granddaughter's cunt. "Oh sweetie. I would have had you anytime you wanted. You should have said something. Mmmm you taste so good. That candy cane made you taste like peppermint! What sweet little sluts you girls are." With that he went to work on Molly's cunt as she pulled her pussy lips so as to grind her clit into his mouth and nose.

Meanwhile, Missy has miraculously taken almost all of her grandfather's thick meat into her small cunt and was beginning to move up and down on the huge cock as her pussy became more lubricated. "Oh yeah!" she moaned in a high-pitched squeal. "Oh Grandpa! Fuck me! IT SO BIG! YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!" With this, Missy became bolder as she impaled her self violently against her grandpa's dick. Her fingers went to work on her own clit.

"Mother, I think he's about to blow!" Grandma Jan said to her mother. In no time the two elder women were on their knees in front of Mikey's hairless cock and balls. His long, throbbing shaft glistened brightly like a Christmas ornament from his own grandmother's cunt juices. The two older women alternately sucked and licked his young cock as they pounded his shaft with their fists.

"Oh god, Grandma! Here I come! OHHH YEEAAAHHH!"

His hips jerked up and down frantically just before his muscles tightened. Just then a huge glob of white semen burst into the air. Both older women yelped with excitement and placed their mouths just over the bursting cock head. Stream after stream of gooey white jizz erupted from the depth of his balls as he coated his grandmother and great-grandmother with the liquid fruit of his sex.

The older women were ecstatic to see that whatever gene caused the men in the family to produce large quantities of cum, Mikey had it too. They squealed and giggled with delight as they licked the cum from each other's faces.Meanwhile, after Missy came two or three times from Grandpa Paul's tree trunk of a cock, Molly asked that they switch places. Missy pulled herself from Grandpa's thick dick, which was now coated with our little girls' pussy juice. Molly straddled the thick meat and facing Grandpa, she lowered herself slowly down onto it as she gave her grandfather a passionate, sensual French kiss.

"Ohhhhhhhh SHHIIIT," she moaned with delight as the thick cock filled her cunt.

"It's big, isn't it?" Missy asked as she lowered her cunt onto Grandpa's face.

"Ohhhh Missy. How did you get this in that precious little cunt of yours?" Molly exclaimed as she pushed
herself lower. Missy didn't answer because my Father had now begun to suck Missy's swollen cunt and she was already starting to cum again.

What a sight. I was so hot as I fucked Peg in a steady pace. Peg had already cum once or twice and I had an idea. "Maggie, why don't you and Peg enjoy each other here. I've got a nasty idea." They didn't say a word, but as I pulled my cock from Peg's cunt, Maggie moved between my sister's legs and dove her face into the flowing pussy. Peg grabbed the back of Maggie's head and pulled my wife's face against her.

I walked over to where Molly had filled her cunt with my Father's cock.

"Lean over, sweetheart," I said as I gently pushed on her back. "Daddy's gonna give you your first real double penetration." Molly did lean over, which put her face right into her little sister's ass crack as Missy
continued to get her pussy eaten by Grandpa. Molly instinctively began to rim her little sister's sweet
puckered asshole.

I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to Molly's asshole and began to push. It was loosened up from when Grandma Grace had fucked it with the candy cane, but I immediately felt the thick hardness of my Dad's cock through the thin membrane separating Molly's cunt and ass. Molly immediately responded to the sensation of having two cocks inside her.

"Oh Daddy! OH! That feels GREAT! FUCK MY ASS! TWO COCKS! OH YEAAHHH!" she bucked her hips to fuck her Grandfather with her cunt and to meet my penetrating cock with her ass. It took a few minutes, but eventually I had most of my long cock into her ass as my Dad's thick cock continued to pummel her cunt. "OH MY GOD!I'M CUMMMMMING!" she screamed as I felt her muscles contract in spasm like fashion on my intruding rod.

Mikey, was now hard again from the sight of his sister getting reamed in both holes, as well as from the oral encouragement of his grandmother and great-grandmother. He came over to the couch and waved his cock into Molly's face. "Come on, Sis! Let's fill all your holes."

Molly immediately opened her mouth to receive her brother's prick. Grandma Jan and Grandma Grace, not wanting to miss out, joined us. My mother knelt behind me and spread my ass cheeks, driving her tongue into my tight ass. Grandma Grace did the same to Mikey. The sensation was incredible. Peg and Maggie now joined the family fuck fest. Maggie knelt behind Grandma Grace began giving the elder lady a lusty rim job as her fingers explored the old woman's sopping cunt. Peg did the same to Grandma Jan. There we were - the whole family was a sucking, fucking, licking mass of sexual ecstasy.

Just then Missy began to scream in orgasm (again), but it started a chain reaction climax. Molly, heated by hearing her sister's screams of delight, began to spasm in a violent orgasm. My dad then began to moan from between Missy's cunt lips as his cock rocketed into Molly's flowing snatch. I felt the heat of his cum pouring into Molly's cunt and I couldn't hold it any longer. Cum exploded from my cock into the depths of my daughter's bowels, sending her into another shattering orgasm. Mikey, who is normally very controlled, couldn't hold his own orgasm and another mother load of semen burst from his cock into Molly's mouth and onto her face and chest.

The men pulled away from Molly, who quickly fell to the floor on her back. Cum from Mikey's orgasm covered her face and tits as her gaping cunt and ass holes dripped from my Dad and my generous offerings.

"Oh my little slut!" Maggie said proudly as she surveyed her cum covered daughter. "You look absolutely
delicious." With that she descended on our daughter, giving her a long, French kiss before licking our son's cum from our daughter's tits. The other women than joined Maggie, licking and sucking cum from her pussy and anus. Molly went nuts as she received the attention of the other four women.

It was all capped off as Missy stood above Molly's chest. "Here you go Molly!" she said as she spread her pussy lips. A small stream of golden pee arched out and onto Molly's face. Molly opened her mouth to receive the offering, but the other women, who wanted a taste for themselves, soon intercepted the stream. The piss covered all of the ladies faces and tits before Missy was done. Peg then stood and, cupping a tit with each hand, began to cover the other female family members with her mother's milk. The ladies all cheered and giggled as they accepted the creamy offering. They then went to work cleaning each other up with their tongues.

This was just the first night of our Holiday together! Can you imagine what the rest of our week together was like?

Chapter 8

Fourteen year-old Mikey Nelson came into the house from school and headed immediately to the kitchen for an after school snack. Upon entering the kitchen, he found his gorgeous older sister, Molly, with various bowls and cooking ingredients strewn across the kitchen counter.

"Hey Sis!" he said as he passed by her reaching out to run his hand across her firm teenage backside. He briefly let his hand feel down the crack of her ass.

"What are you doing?"

"Watch out little brother. You're gonna get me distracted and I won't finish my project."

"What project?" Mikey asked, pulling out a gallon of milk and pouring a glass.

"It's for Home Ec. I'm supposed to bake a cake and decorate it." Molly stirred the sweet white cake batter
with a wooden spoon. Mikey walked over next to his sister and dipped his finger into the mixture, then licked it off.

"Mmmmm. Tastes good," he said.

"Let me try," Molly said as she continued to stir the batter.

Mikey put his finger back into the thick batter and held it up to his sister's mouth. She pulled his finger into
her mouth and sucked gently, but instead of quickly letting go she rolled her tongue around the batter-covered digit.

"Jeez, Molly. Quit it! You're gonna get me turned on!"

Molly let his finger go. "And what's wrong with that. You're turned on every minute of the day anyway!"

"Of course I am - between you and Mom and Missy teasing me all day!"

"Poor baby!" Molly mocked.

"Shut up or I'll cover you with that bowl of batter!" Mikey laughed.

Mikey grabbed the bowl quickly from the counter and held it out of Molly's reach as she laughed and struggled to reach it. Mikey used his other hand to both hold Molly off and grab the collar of the ragged t-shirt she was wearing. The two of them struggled and giggled playfully, Molly reached down for her little brother's crotch, hoping to distract him, but it gave Mikey just enough time to make his move. In one swift move Mikey yanked on Molly's shirt, tearing it quickly away from her body and revealing her beautiful, firm breasts held by a lacy white bra - he then moved the bowl of cake batter over his head and dumped it down the front of his sister. Molly screamed and backed away.

"You little shit!" she said half-laughing and half-angry. "Now you're gonna get it!"

"And what are you gonna do?" Mikey asked mockingly.

Molly moved slowly toward her little brother. "I'll tell you what you're gonna do - you're gonna lick all of this
batter off my tits. I don't know about you, but this feels awfully sexy!"

Molly grabbed Mikey by the back of the head and pulled his face into her tits.

Immediately she felt the warmth of his tongue as it began to lick the gooey mess from her cleavage. His hands reached up and grabbed hold of her tits through the now soaked brassiere. Mikey felt his sister's nipples harden against his palms as he cupped her restrained tits and licked greedily at the sweet cake batter that covered them. His face was covered with the sticky goo, but he didn't care.

He was turned on and his cock sprang to life in his shorts. "You are so fucking hot, Sis."

"That's it, Mikey. Taste me. Lick me."

Mikey reached up and pulled the straps of Molly's bra off of her tanned shoulders and then pulled the gorgeous globes of tit flesh free from the cups.

Molly reached back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the ground. Mikey now spread the sweet cake batter over the tops of his sister's breasts, rubbing carefully around the sensitive nipples that jutted out in sexual excitement.

"Suck my tits, Mikey. Oh my god I want you suck them."

Mikey leaned over and flicked the tip of his tongue lightly over the erect nipples as Molly squeezed the tits
together - presenting them as an offering to her brother's tongue. Mikey's mouth then enveloped one
nipple, sucking lustfully and tasting the intoxicating mixture of the sweet cake batter and the salty sweat of
his sister's sex charged body. He moved to the other nipple as Molly ran her young, soft hands through Mikey's sandy blonde hair. "Oh yeeaahhhh. Suck my tits!"

Mikey moved up his sister's cleavage and began kissing her neck - first at the front and then to one side -
moving slowly up to her ear lobe. He sucked on her ear lobe softly - knowing it would drive her crazy. Molly quickly pulled Mikey's batter covered face to hers and kissed him deeply and passionately. Their tongues danced together and they tasted each other just as their hands moved down to explore each other's young crotches. Molly rubbed the palm of her hand up and down her little brother's stiff prick as it bulged beneath his shorts.

Mikey reached beneath Molly's running shorts and her silk panties to discover that his sister's shaved pussy was already wet from her feverish lust.Their kiss continued, but they stopped long enough for
Molly to pull off her brother's t-shirt. She rubbed her hands across his young, but muscular chest. She admired how Mikey's physique had become so mature over the previous months.

Her hands played with his nipples briefly before moving back down to help his shorts.

Mikey returned the favor, reaching down and pushing his sister's lightweight shorts and white silk panties to the floor. He stared at her beautiful, sandy blonde hair as it fell over her shoulders and looked lustfully into her crystal eyes. The siblings had never felt so much love and so much lust for each other.

"Sit up on the counter!" Molly whispered playfully - and Mikey obeyed, wondering what was up.

Molly grabbed a stick of butter that she had on the counter and unwrapped the foil cover. She took the cold, golden stick and began to run it up and down the shaft of her brother's long, hard cock.

"I've never had hot buttered cock before - but I'd like to try it!" She said looking up at him lustfully. Mikey
just moaned his pleasure as he watched the slick buttery film build over his hard on. Molly continued to run the stick of butter over and around his cock, then down to his balls. Her hand then moved up to pump up and down the slippery shaft as she leaned over to lick lightly up the sensitive underside and into the small piss hole which was already dripping Mikey's salty pre-cum.

"Oh man, Molly. That's incredible!" Mikey exclaimed as Molly grabbed the sugar bowl and powered the white crystal substance over the butter-covered cock. The sugar melted into the hot butter and coated Mikey's ten-inch manhood with a granular glaze. Molly knelt between Mikey's legs and stared up at her little brother.

"Mmmmmmm. What a sweet treat!" she said as her mouth enveloped the length of the boy's gargantuan cock sucking it deep into her throat before pulling her mouth off, sucking powerfully as her tongue licked the sweet butter and sugar combination. She then went to work, licking and sucking her brother's prick like it was the fountain of life itself. One hand pumped the shaft of his long rod as the other played with his balls and worked slowly back to find his tight anal opening. She didn't penetrate, but playfully moved her finger around the puckered entrance of his asshole.

This drove Mikey insane with lust and his hips began to buck upward to fuck his sister's face.


Molly just purred her pleasure as she continued, but sensing that her little brother was about to blow his
load, she backed off - wanting to save it. She needed to be fucked eventually - and fucked hard.

The siblings traded places and Molly climbed on the counter, spreading her legs wide to reveal her
beautifully bare shaven cunt. She began to play with her cunt with one hand while the other hand reached up and pulled her sticky tit to her own mouth so she could lick the sugary residue of cake batter from her nipple.Meanwhile, Mikey grabbed the decorating bag from the counter, opened up the can of frosting and filled the canvas bag. He then attached the stainless steel nozzle.

"And what do you plan to do with that, little brother?" Molly asked mischievously.

"Just watch, Sis. Pretend this is a nice hard cock - and it's about ready to blow its load all over! Now open up for me!"

With that, Molly reached down and spread her cunt lips wide, letting one finger reach up and rub the hardened clit while exposing her wonderfully tight love hole. Mikey slid the silver nozzle of the decorating bag into Molly's cunt and gave the bag a squeeze - letting the sugary frosting fill the entrance to her deep cunt. Still squeezing, he pulled the bag back and up so that a long, thick strain of frosting poured into the crevice of Molly's wet cunt.

"Oh god, YES!" Molly cried as she watched. "Oh FUCK! That's so HOT! PUT SOME ON MY TITS!"

Mikey obeyed and placed a large dollop of frosting on each nipple. Molly immediately lifted one of the coated tits to her mouth and began to lick the sweet frosting off. Mikey then bent down and began to lick slowly down the crack of his sister's cunt. The mixture of her tangy pussy juice and the sweet frosting was unlike anything Mikey had tasted and he loved it. Lustfully he continued to lick up and down the length of Molly's cunt as Molly worked feverishly to clean off her own tits. Mikey covered the entrance of Molly's cunt with his mouth and sucked the gooey mixture of frosting and cooze from the depths of her pussy. He savored the flavor and the sticky texture as it rolled over his tongue. He then moved up and licked furiously at Molly's clit - feeling the hardened nub against his tongue. Molly's hips began to thrust upward to meet her brother's tongue. She reached down and pulled his slimy face harder against her as she felt that familiar tingling sensation building inside her depths. She ground her cunt against her brother's face as he struggled to lick and suck and breathe.


Molly's body convulsed as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through every limb. Her head was spinning and she felt light headed as her body continued to spasm in an earth-shattering climax. But she wasn't done.

"I NEED TO BE FUCKED!" She shouted as she clamored off of the counter and turned around, thrusting her ass back at her brother. "STICK THAT COCK IN ME NOW!"

Mikey positioned himself behind his sister and thrust his long, stiff prick deep into her dripping cunt. Molly
screamed as her brother's cock rammed into her. It was so hard and so fast - but the pain was pleasurable and she wanted MORE.

Mikey reached up and grabbed Molly's long hair and pulled back on her head as he thrust his cock violently into her clenching pussy.

"Here you go, Molly! OH FUCK! YOUR CUNT IS SOOO HOT!"


With that Molly's cunt clenched around Mikey's cock as it continued to rocket in and out of her. Her muscles contracted and her body convulsed once again. The sensation of his sister's cunt tightening around his cock sent Mikey over the edge.

Cum welled up within his balls and his cock began to throb with that familiar orgasmic sensation.

"OHHHHH I'M GONNA BLOW!" He cried as he thrust once more deep into her cunt.

Molly quickly pulled away and fell to the floor. She grabbed Mikey's ass cheeks and pulled his cock into her mouth just as the first giant gush of his cum exploded into her throat. She almost gagged, but was used to the sizeable loads that Mikey and her Dad produced. Another and another wave of salty cum mixed with the sugary frosting and her own juices. She loved the thought that this cock had just been in her cunt and was now blowing its sweet reward into her mouth.

Mikey's orgasm was subsiding and Molly looked up at him as she pumped the last few drops out of his cock and onto her outstretched mouth. The siblings stared at each other for a moment - their bodies struggled to catch their breath - sweat covered them as well as the sticky mixture of their messy adventure. The laughed as Molly stood and they embraced warmly. Molly gave her little brother a warm, sensuous kiss and let him taste his own cum from her tongue. Finally, they separated.

"I think I ruined your Home Ec project." Mike said laughing. Molly smiled back at him.

"Do you think Ms. Jensen will believe me when I tell her I couldn't turn it in because my brother poured it all over my body and licked it off?"

"Sure beats telling her that the dog ate it!" Mikey replied as they laughed and hugged once more.

"Come on. Let's take a shower and get cleaned up." Molly said, leading Mikey by the hand towards the bathroom.

"Well, Mom and Dad always said that when they're not home - you're the boss."

Molly looked at her brother wickedly once again. "I like the sound of that, little brother. I can think of all
sorts of things to order you to do."

They entered the bathroom and shut the door.

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