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Little Jamie Wants Daddy's Cock

Little Jamie Wants Daddy's Cock
by Jones (

Little Jamie is a beautiful 14 year young girl, looks like her mother. As her hormones kick in she becomes
aware of her daddy's big cock. (Mg, ped, inc, voy, 1st, oral, mast)

Little Jamie is only 14 years old but she already looks like her mother. Tallish and slender with long black
hair. She can almost fit into her mother's short and sexy dresses.

Her hormones have exploded inside her young body and she has started noticing things that she never paid attention to before.

For one thing, as soon as her mother, or father tuck her into bed and close her bedroom door she stands in front of her mirror and lets her nightie drop to the floor. It feels so naughty and good to play with her
nipples and feel them harden with one hand while she lets the other hand explore her swollen and very wet

She gets so turned on watching herself that she then lays on her back in bed, spreads her long legs and
finger fucks herself to deep orgasms.

For another thing she remembers skipping home from school in her short little skirt and white blouse and
jumping on to her daddy's lap and straddling him and kissing him hello. Daddy would kiss her back and put his hands on her hips and pull her to him and she would feel a hardness in his pants. This was fine unless her mother came in at which time daddy would sort of push her off his lap.

Now she has become aware of her daddy's rather large cock swinging in his p.j.s in the morning. She wonders what it would look like hard and, dream on, feel like in her newly horny cunt as she frantically finger fucks herself and fantasizes each night.

Also, she now notices how her mommy dresses to go out at night, sometimes with daddy and sometimes alone. Red lipstick, eye shadow, black mesh stockings and a short red party (fuck) dress.

One night, as her mother was getting ready in the bathroom, Little Jamie walked past and saw her mother
leaning over the sink applying make up and daddy was standing right behind her in his p.j.s. He was gently kissing her neck and rubbing her leg just above the top of her stocking. As he rubbed a little higher her short dress pulled up and Jamie saw her mother's cream colored skin and bare ass cheeks, no panties.

Her mother reached behind her and rubbed his big boner in his p.j.s. She told him to keep his hard cock ready for a good fucking when she got home. This all happened quickly as Jamie walked by and her parents never saw her.

Jamie hopped into bed just before her mother came in to tuck her in. Jamie smelled her perfume and noticed her mother's hard braless nipples. Her mother said she was going out with friends but her father would be home. As she left the room Jamie could easily see bare leg between her short dress bottom and the tops of her stockings. She looked so hot.

Jamie couldn't wait for her door to close so she could start her finger fucking and wonder if her mother was fucking other guys. If so, her dad's boner as he kissed her mother goodnight at the door was exciting.

Jamie decided to try to stay awake till her mother got home and peek in their window. The thought of watching her parents fuck excited her. The thought of her daddy's big cock in her cunt was even more exciting. Her hormones were on overload.

She must have dozed off from her orgasms but she woke when she heard a noise at the front door. She peeked out and saw daddy going to the door. He was naked and his huge hard on was bouncing as he walked.

As daddy helped mommy in she could see she was drunk. Mommy giggled and grabbed his big cock as he helped her to bed. Jamie ran around the house, naked, and peeked in their window. Mommy was trying to get out of her wrinkled dress as daddy lay on the bed stroking his hard cock. Mommy finally got her dress off, standing there in just her stockings.

Daddy said, "Leave the stockings on you unfaithful cock sucker, now it's my turn to fuck your slutty cunt." She straddled his face and told him to eat her cum filled fucked cunt. As she humped his face and coated it with cum she giggled and asked if he could tell how many cocks fucked her hairy cunt. He said he didn't care how many studs fucked her but he wished he could have watched while they took her.

Then she mounted his raging cock and her tits bounced as she rode him until they both had giant orgasms and he pumped his hot load into her whore cunt.

Jamie finger fucked her horny turned on cunt as she went back to her room. Fuck but she was turned on. She wanted daddy's big cock to fuck her and fill her with his fuck load. A plan started to form in her perverted little brain.

One day she over heard them talking. She had been offered a trip to accompany a wealthy older gentleman to his estate by the ocean with friends of his for a huge week party. Jamie was peeking in their window and mommy was sucking daddy's cock when she told him this. A huge stream of cum shot out of his huge cock into her mouth. She gulped his load and then smiled and said she guessed that was his answer.

She had been gone several days and Jamie could see daddy was really horny, thinking of his wife getting
fucked. She watched him beat off at night in his room. She had to have his cock. A plan developed.

One night she got him drunk as they watched some TV show. She also made sure he noticed her hard nipples and long legs in her nightie. He finally gave her an off color kiss and staggered off to bed rubbing his crotch.

Jamie went to her room and applied mommy's make up and put on her black stockings and short red party dress. Her cunt was practically steaming.

When she was ready she opened and closed the front door and heard her daddy ask if her mother was home already. It was quite dark as Jamie entered his bedroom and stood in the shadows. She felt like a fucking slut in her mother's clothes. Of course, her mother was a fucking slut.

Jamie said, in her mother's voice, "Look at that fucking hard cock. Good thing I came home, I could use
another good fucking. I wish you could have seen all the wealthy men fuck your little slut wife. My fucking
cunt is full of cum but still ready for more. By the way, I noticed Little Jamie paying close attention to the hard cock you let swing in your p.j.s, you dirty old man. Oh my, what have I said, look at your cock, it
just got harder. Fuck, I don't care what you do."

Jamie sat on the edge of the bed, still in shadows and spread her long legs so her daddy could see her bare leg over her stockings and almost to her cunt. She took his throbbing cock in her hand. She finally had control of a cum filled horny cock.

She bent over and took the wet cock in her mouth. Fuck but she was horny. She sucked him for awhile and tasted his pre cum and then pulled off and said, "My cunt needs some hard fucking but I have an even greater surprise for you, you perverted mother fucker. I've seen the way you and Jamie look at each other. I'll bet you'd like some of her young virgin cunt." She started sucking again.

Totally misunderstanding the trap he said, "I didn't know you felt that way, you fucking slut, she makes me
as fucking horny as you do. I'll bet you'd like to see me fuck her."

Then he said, "Fuck but you are a fucking good cock sucker. But, you usually undress when you cum back and let me eat your fucked cunt while you tell me about the cock you sucked and fucked."

Jamie said, "Now for the big surprise, you horny fuck." As she kept sucking his dripping cock she turned on the bedside lamp. He saw his daughter sucking his cock and wickedly smiling at him.

She pulled off of his cock, pre cum dripping from her mouth and said, "Oh daddy, I love you so. I've been
watching through the window as mommy comes home and you eat her fucked cunt while she tells you the most exciting stories. I heard what she is doing and I need your big cock so much. Daddy, fuck me and love me."

With that she stands up and pulls off the party dress, leaving the stockings on. As she straddles his
throbbing cock his eyes are wide with lust. He takes his cock and rubs it back and forth on her swollen wet cunt lips. As she takes his cock to the hilt in her naughty cunt her young tits bounce as she starts riding her first cock.

She says, "Fuck me daddy. Fuck my slut cunt and you can eat your cum out, just like mommy."

Daddy, "You are a fucking sexy little slut and we'll fuck each time your whore mother is out getting fucked.
Fuck but you are fucking perfect. I'm getting close my little love, are you ready for your daddy's hot fuck

Jamie, "Oh fuck, I'm getting close too. Fuck my cunt until I'm full of your cum. Then I'll suck you hard and
you can cum in my cock sucking mouth."

With that they both came powerfully and held each other as they drifted off to sleep.

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