Danny Mom Makes Him A Motherfucker

Danny's Mom Makes Him A Motherfucker
by MuffDiver (h.landers1961@hotmail.com)

A teenage boy is seduced by his mother, marking the beginning of a lifelong intense and vigorous sexual
relationship between them. (F/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

I was born on my mother's 18th birthday. We shared the exact same birthday and I can remember as I was growing up how she would always tell me how much she loved her birthday gift and how lucky she was to have such a beautiful smart son for her birthday. It always made me feel good and warm all over to hear my mother talk about me that way. I knew that she and I together were very special and I loved her with all my heart. I would have done anything to please her.

She in turn constantly doted on me and used to spend a lot of time with me after school and on weekends and during summer vacations taking me with her every where she went– shopping, to the park, and sometimes to see some romance type movies, and I loved being with her.

I could see how men would stare at her and I knew it was because she was so beautiful and that made me
proud. (At the time I was still too young to imagine the kind of sexual lust she stirred in those staring men. All I knew is that she was a beautiful, desirable woman to other men, but that she was my mom and belonged to me, and not to them).

My earliest meaningful memories of my mom go back to when I was about six or seven years old. She would have been about 24 or 25 at that time and I think that was when I first became consciously aware of the fact that my mother was a beautiful woman– kind of tall for a woman at the time at 5' 10" with long shapely legs attached to curvaceous hips with a small waist topped by large soft tits with big nipples.

She had long, soft, and silky light brown hair that fell just below her shoulders which she used to comb
and let hang over one of her eyes in that sultry Hollywood style of the 40's and 50's with large almond
shaped brown eyes and full pouty lips which she always painted with bright red lipstick.

She loved to wear tight blouses and sweaters like the Hollywood movie stars of that era and I remember how her tits used to jiggle under her blouses and sweaters when she moved and you could see where her nipples were by the way they were poking out against the thin fabric of her clothes. (When I got older those jiggling tits used to turn me on so much that I would fantasize about sucking them while I jacked off). In short, my mom was a knockout– a real sexpot.

Mom and Dad got married when she was a little over 17 I think, but I really don't know. It's just a pure guess on my part by working backwards from my birthday and adding at least nine months for when she was pregnant with me. The truth is that I really know almost nothing about how they met or how they came to be married since Mom never wanted to talk about it, and Dad never talked about anything much at all.

All I know is that Dad was a soldier during the war (WW II) and met my mother around 1945 just before he was to go overseas. The war ended before he had to go and he stayed in the Army for about another 18 months before he was discharged and during that time continued dating mom until they were eventually married.

I don't have any special memories about my Dad. It seems like during my formative growing years he was
either working or sleeping. Dad was a big 6'4" tall handsome man who had to drop out of high school at 16 to help his mom and dad make a living for their family and of course he never went to college. I think he was basically a good man that never got a break.

He was a plain factory laborer with no particular skills who was always working, and often worked the
night and mid-night shifts back to back (night shifts paid more than day shift) to make enough money to
support my mom and I. So dad and I never really had a "father-son" relationship. He never treated me badly but he just never had time for me to treat me any way at all. Mom was my love and total support.

We didn't have a TV at home when I was growing up, and when we were at home and not out together on one of our outings to the park or the movies and the like, mom used to read a lot of magazines full of mushy romantic love stories and articles about rich and glamorous Hollywood stars and their escapades. Sometimes she would play cards or board games (like Gin and Parcheesi) with me to pass the time away.

Her favorite pastime was to play records of romantic songs and ballads of that day and dance slowly by
herself with her eyes semi-closed and this dreamy, languid expression on her face pretending she was
dancing with a man. I used to love to watch her dance that way and wished that I were the man in her arms. By the time I was nine years old I had grown just tall enough that mom started to ask me to dance with her when she would play her records. She said that she would teach me how to be an expert dancer so that I would be a big hit with all the girls when I started dating.

I wasn't thinking about girls yet and so I really didn't care whether I learned how to dance or not, but I was ecstatic about the idea of holding my mother close and being in her arms with my head resting on her
stomach. By the time I was somewhere between 10 and 11 years old I was just tall enough that when we danced my head came to about the level of the middle part of her tits and I could feel their warmth and softness when I laid my head on them as we danced.

How I loved that feeling. I could feel how soft they were on my cheek and could feel her nipples through her clothes pressing on my face. I know mom loved it too because she would put her hand on the back of my head caressing it and pushing it against her tits to make firmer contact.

That's when I began to get these strange warm feelings in the pit of my stomach that extended all over my body and made my stomach tingle. At the time I didn't know exactly what all that meant. All I knew was that I loved being in my mother's arm with my head resting on her tits.

It was also about that same time when I was about 10 or 11 that I became aware that Mom and Dad were not entirely happy together. They frequently had disagreements and arguments in low voices so I couldn't
hear what they were fighting about, but I heard enough at various times to understand that it had something to do with sex. Exactly what, I had no clue at the time because what I knew about sex at age 10 or 11 you could put into a thimble.

I knew that girls and women didn't have pricks, but instead had a hole between their legs called a pussy
and that babies were made when a man stuck his prick into a woman's pussy, and that was about the extent of my knowledge. Remember, this was the middle 1950's and there was no such thing as sex education in the schools, and polite people didn't talk about sex at all. Whatever it was, it was something that happened behind closed doors by married people.

My sex education took place on the playground where I learned from older kids who tried to act older than
they were and talk dirty and brag about how much they knew about sex using words and terms such as fuck, screw, cunt, clit, hitting the moon, shooting a wad, cock-sucking, beating-off, etc. Most of us, including me, didn't know what all those words and terms really meant (and neither did the kids that were using them 95% of the time), but we sure weren't going to open our mouths to ask and then get laughed off the playground.

Anyway, we lived in a simple small two-story, three bedroom wood frame house. The three bedrooms were all upstairs on one side of the house in a row with a long corridor that ran from the head of the stairs at the front of the house to the back of the house where there was a bathroom at the end of the corridor. My Mom and Dad slept in the front bedroom at the head of the stairs and I had the back bedroom next to the bathroom. Mom used the middle bedroom as her sewing room.

I could almost always tell when my parents were having sex at night because sounds traveled easily through the thin wooden walls of those bedrooms and I could often hear the squeaking bed springs and my Dad's grunting from time to time. Of course, I didn't know exactly what he was doing to her at that time, but it's clear now that he was fucking Mom.

Every once in a while, when I was laying in my bed at night not yet asleep listening to Dad fuck Mom, he
would suddenly stop and I would hear his feet hit the floor followed by their bedroom door flying open and
his heavy footsteps coming down the hall heading to the bathroom. When he would pass my open bedroom door I could see him holding his hard cock in his hand and sometimes he was stroking it.

(During hot summer months it was common for folks like us to sleep with our bedroom doors open and windows up to get a cooling night breeze to flow through the room. We didn't have air conditioning. Even my parents would sleep that way unless they were fucking. It didn't take me long to figure out that whenever their door was closed, that was a good indicator that Dad was going to fuck Mom.)

When he would get to the bathroom he would stay in there for about 5 to 10 minutes and I could sometimes hear him grunting followed by the toilet flushing then after another a minute or two I could hear him take a piss and then the toilet would flush again and he would go back to bed. I later came to understand that whenever that happened he was beating off after fucking mom and shooting his cum into the toilet.

After I became aware that my parents were probably fucking when their bedroom door was closed at night, I used to sneak down the hall and put my ear to the wall where their bed was and listen to them fucking. Most of the time all I would hear is the bed creaking and my dad occasionally grunting as he pounded Mom's pussy and if I was listening carefully I could sometimes hear when he was cumming when he would usually grunt 3 or 4 times quickly in succession followed by a long aaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Then my mother would usually say something like "Ok Herb, now get off me so I can go clean out my cunt."

One night I remember they argued while he was fucking her. My mom said, "Dammit Herb, what's taking you so long to cream. Hurry up. You're heavy as lead and I'm tired."

Dad said, "Listen bitch, I'll shoot my wad when I'm damn good and ready to. You know if you would move that ass of yours once in a while instead of just laying there like a cold slab of meat it might help. Now shut up and tighten up those cunt muscles of yours. I feel like I'm ramming my cock into an empty cave."

And Mom replied, "There's nothing wrong with my cunt asshole. It's still the tightest cunt you'll ever find.
Did you ever think the problem might be your skinny little pencil thin prick? Why don't you just go down to
the toilet and beat it off, that's if you can find it?"

Dad would say, "Why should I? It looks like that's what your cunt is for, since every time I stick my dick in
it, it feels just like I'm beating it off anyway. Now start moving that big ass of yours or I'm going to pull out of your cunt cave and ram my cock up your tight little ass. Maybe I'll get some action that way.

And Mom finally said, "Listen Herb, I'm tired of this shit now and I need some sleep. Just get off me and let me beat it off right here so we can both get some sleep." And I could hear my Dad rolling off the top of
her and then hear the sounds of her jacking off my Dad's cock until I could hear him grunt followed by his
long aaaaahhhhh as he would cum all over my mother's hand.

Then my mother would say, "Dammit, now I got your slimy cream all over my hand and arm. I'm going to have to go scrub it off." That would be my cue to quickly tip toe back down to my room before Mom could get out of bed and head for the bathroom.

On another night I heard Dad trying to get my Mom to let him fuck her.

Dad: "C'mon Angie, roll over and spread your legs, I need a piece of ass."

Mom: "Not tonight Herb. It's the wrong time, so leave me alone."

Dad: "Whadda ya mean not tonight? I'm ready now! And when I'm ready, it's never the wrong time! Now roll your ass over dammit and open up that cunt."

Mom: "Go away Herb. I said not tonight and I mean it. Why don't you just go down to your favorite street
corner and fuck that little whore you're so sweet on and leave me alone. I know you've fucked her lots of
times before."

Dad: "Now give me one good reason why I should pay for a piece of ass with that street whore when I have a free piece of ass right here with a whore I've already bought and paid for."

Mom: (Sobbing) You lousy son of a bitch. You're a real bastard Herb. I'm not a whore and don't you ever forget it.

Dad: Oh yeah, well what do you call it when you fucked and sucked almost every cock in the whole damn platoon before I met you and then after we met and you were telling me how much you loved me and how I was the only man for you, you still pulled a train with almost half of them one night– 15 of them no less. Shorty told me that you fucked each one of them one right after the other and then went back around again and gave each of them a cum swallowing blowjob- only five days before we were married!! Five fucking days!!!

How do you think I felt when I found out about it four months later when some of the guys were asking how I liked the married life and getting a free blow job every night. When I told them you weren't that kind of woman, they laughed their asses off and asked if I didn't know that you were the best whore and cocksucker in town bragging to me about what a great cocksucker you were. That's when Shorty told me how you pulled their train.

You whoring bitch. You made me look like a stupid, hillbilly hick that didn't have any better sense than
to marry a whore. If that's not a whore then I don't know what one is. Accept it baby. You're a whore all
right. So start acting like one and spread your legs and open up that cunt cave of yours."

Mom: (sobbing heavily) "You rotten son of a bitch. I didn't make you look like a stupid hillbilly hick
because that's what you already were asshole. And that's what you still are. One of these days I'm going
to cut your balls off then you won't even need a whore anymore." (more heavy crying)

Dad: "Aw shit, what's the use. I'm going to sleep."

And on yet another night they seemed to be fucking without any distractions and Mom seemed to be really enjoying it by the sounds of her moaning and little squeals of pleasure when my Dad started his grunting just before cumming and all of a sudden I heard my Mom cry out, "Damn you Herb. I told you not to cream in me tonight. It's not the right time. Now I'm going to have to go and flush out my cunt 3 or 4 times real good and that's going to take almost an hour and make a big mess."

Dad said, "Quit your bitching Angie. What did you want me to do, cum on the bed or all over your tits? You would have bitched more if I had done either one."

Mom replied, "You know Herb, you're a first class asshole. You could have just pulled out of my cunt as
you started to cum and caught your cum in your hand, and it would have been easy to just go down to the
bathroom and dump it in the toilet and wash your hand.

Dad answered, "Listen cunt, it will be a cold day in hell before you ever catch me cumming in my hand.
That's sick."

Mom said, "No Herb, you're the one that's sick."

Dad sneered at her, "How about it Angie, if next time, I just jam it in your mouth and cum down your throat. I bet you'd like that wouldn't you. It would remind you of your whoring days as a first class cocksucker."

Mom sneered back, "You'll be sorry if you ever try that you bastard because I'll bite the damn thing off."
Shorty was right. I was the best damn cocksucker in town, but you will never know it asshole because it'll
be the same cold day in hell when you cum in your hand that you will ever get me to suck your cock.

Dad said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." And he evidently rolled over and went to sleep.
As the days and months passed and I got older and all these things started to coalesce in my young mind I began to understand that my mother was not happy with her life in general and for sure not with her sex life. I didn't understand a lot of the things they said to each other and what they meant when they were fighting in bed like "whore" and "pulling a train" but I instinctively knew that they must be bad and they were saying those things to hurt each other and I didn't understand why.

Sometimes during the day I would observe her crying very quietly to herself trying to hide it so I wouldn't
notice. Sometimes I would try and cheer her up by asking her, "What's wrong Mom? Did I do something
wrong? Please don't cry."

She would almost always put her arms around me and hold me tight against her bosom and say something like, "Oh, no, no Danny. Of course you didn't do anything wrong darling. You're my precious angel birthday gift and I love you so much. You're so good to me. Mommy was just thinking about a very sad thing that happened a long time ago and it just made me sad for a little while, that's all. Everything's fine. Why don't we put some records on and dance a little bit, ok? Would you like that honey?" And of course I always said yes.

One day about a week before my 14th birthday and my Mom's 32nd birthday was just like I described above. Mom had been sitting on the sofa softly crying and I tried to comfort her and she held me tight to her body with my head on her bosom with her nipples pressing on my cheek. That felt really good but after a while she said, "Why don't you dance with me a little honey. That will cheer us up." So we started to dance like we always did when she was especially sad or unhappy.

By then I had grown to where I was almost the same height as Mom and I couldn't easily rest my head on her tits anymore. But I held her close so I could feel her soft tits and nipples against my chest, which always made me feel good. It was a warm summer day and Mom and I were both wearing shorts.

As we danced closely together she held me so close that her pussy mound was pressing against my cock and balls and our bare thighs were rubbing against each other. I started to feel that warm little feel-good sensation in the pit of my stomach like I had always felt whenever we danced, and then I started to get a hard-on, but that didn't particularly concern me.

I had gotten hard-ons many times before while dancing with Mom but nothing ever happened when I did, and Mom always ignored them as nothing out of the ordinary. About the only thing she ever said was when I got a hard-on and it stuck straight out against my pants instead of lying flat against my stomach or running straight down my pant leg against my leg. Then she would smile at me and say, "Danny honey, when your penis gets hard like that and sticks straight out, you need to either make it lay flat against your stomach or push it down your pant leg. It's not polite to let it stick straight out like that."

And I would say, "I know. I'm sorry mom. It's just that sometimes the tip gets stuck against my pants as it
starts getting hard and then it just stays there as it gets bigger."

She said, "I know it's not your fault dear. But don't worry. All young boys and men get hard-ons. It's a
normal thing to happen. But proper young gentlemen do not call attention to their hard-ons by letting them
stick out like a flagpole. Whenever that happens just reach down and either pull it up or push it down,
whichever is easier, but don't let it stick straight out. If it embarrasses you to be handling your penis
like that, then make out like you're adjusting your belt or something like that. No one will pay any attention to what you're doing."

So this time when my cock started to get hard it was already pointing up laying flat against my stomach and I didn't think any thing was out of the ordinary. I was just enjoying that beautiful feeling that I always got when my body was pressed up tight against my mother's body whenever we danced together.

But as we continued to dance and Mom was swaying her hips to the rhythm of the music her pussy was rubbing the underside of my now rock hard cock. We were pressed up so tight against each other that the shaft of my cock had spread her pussy lips slightly apart and was nestled in the valley of her pussy. The feeling in my stomach spread to my legs and thighs and was beginning to intensify a little. I was loving it because I knew what that feeling meant.

I had been masturbating for over a year by then and I recognized the feeling that was beginning to suffuse my body as I danced with Mom as the same feeling I would get whenever I would look at the pictures and read the letters to the editors in my stash of porno magazines and fantasize about fucking beautiful women and having them suck my cock.

Whenever I got that feeling I would start stroking my cock and after a few strokes the feeling would quickly intensify and focus on my groin area and make my balls start to tingle and my cock to throb followed by the most exquisite firing of every nerve ending in my body as my cock would erupt with massive jets of cum. But this was the first time that I felt that feeling spread from my stomach to all over my body as I danced with my Mom and it was really making me excited inside to know that she was making me want to masturbate.

I decided that when the song that we were dancing to ended, that I would excuse myself saying that I had to go pee and would be right back, and then run to the bathroom to masturbate real quick before the feeling left me. But before I knew what was happening the feeling suddenly greatly intensified and I could sense my cock starting to throb and then without warning I had a massive orgasm and my cock began shooting out a torrent of warm, sticky cum that flooded the front of my shorts and started running down my legs.

My cock kept pumping out more and more cum until the orgasmic feeling reached an exquisite peak greater and more pleasurable than I had ever felt before when I masturbated by jacking off my cock with my hand. It flooded every part of my body and I involuntarily let out a loud groan and exquisite sigh of sheer pleasure.

My mother's body tensed a bit and she exclaimed in a surprised voice, "What happened Danny?"

I knew what had happened for sure, but I didn't want my Mom to know that I knew all about orgasms and cumming and stuff like that. I would have been mortified and embarrassed if she knew that I was enjoying having an orgasm with her. She would surely find out that I knew a lot more about sex than she thought I did and would discover that I regularly enjoyed masturbating myself to pictures of naked women fucking and sucking, and I didn't want her to think that I was some kind of pervert.

All of those thoughts raced through my mind as she asked that simple question, "What happened Danny?"

In that split second, I decided to pretend that I didn't understand what had happened and maybe she would think that orgasms and cumming was a brand new experience for me and I tried to act surprised as I stammered, "I-I'm sorry mom. I don't know exactly what happened, but I think I accidentally peed my pants. I'm so embarrassed."

Then mom pulled away and looked down at my pants and leg and her leg where some of my cum had rubbed off on it. She reached down and scooped up some of the cum off her leg and on to her finger, looked at it, tasted it with her tongue, and then smiled broadly and said, "Oh no sweetheart, you didn't pee in your pants. You creamed yourself!

I said, "What do you mean mom? What do you mean I creamed myself? How did I do that? I didn't do
anything! It just happened by itself! What's cream anyway?"

Mom pulled me back close to her and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then said, "Calm down Danny. It's ok sweetie. Really, it's ok. But do you mean you really don't know what happened? Hasn't dad talked to you about girls yet and what happens between girls and boys?" I said, "No ma'am, he hasn't. Dad never talks to me about anything."

Mom looked up and away muttering under her breath to herself, "That SOB. That's just like the bastard, only thinking of himself again." Then she looked back at me and held my face in her hands and kissed me again quickly on the lips and said, "No matter darling. I think what just happened is that you just took your
first step into manhood. I know you're confused right now but everything is wonderful.

You have started to become a man and I'll explain everything to you soon and help you through this
confusing period. But first, let's get you up to the bathroom so we can get you cleaned up and then we will
have a little talk about the birds and the bees. It's way past time for you to learn about these things so
you don't accidentally get some girl in trouble, or worse have some hot little honey take advantage of you.

I was ecstatically relieved. I had pulled it off! Mom wouldn't find out about how much I loved to fantasize
about fucking women and having them suck my dick while I beat my meat. All I had to do now was to let her explain all about sex to me, and that really excited me.

Mom took me up to the bathroom and stood me up in the bathtub and told me to drop my pants and shorts so she could wash me off. I started to resist at first and said, "MOM, I can do that! You're not supposed to see me naked!" Mom chuckled at me and said, "Be quiet silly. I'm your mother. Don't you think I haven't seen you naked plenty of times before? I used to change your diapers. Now drop those pants so I can clean you off." And I said, "Oh, alright," and dropped my shorts and underwear.

Mom started running warm water into the tub and got a washcloth to start cleaning me up. When she looked over at my groin area to start, she got a good look at my cock and everything else. By then my cock was not rock hard anymore, but neither was it completely limp. It was sort of hanging down in an in-between state of semi-hardness and was about 6-1/2 inches long. (It was only about 7-1/2 inches long when hard at that time. Today it's a respectable 8-1/2 inches when hard.)

My cum was spread all over my stomach area, pubic hair, cock, balls, and down my thighs and legs. Mom said, "Well sport you sure did a number because you have cream spread all over yourself. You really shot a huge load, but from the size of you I guess I'm not surprised."

Then she giggled a little and said sort of to herself, "It won't be long before you will be beating the girls
off with a stick when they get wind of the size of your cock. That is some impressive weapon baby, and you're still growing." Then she started to wash my stomach and clean out my navel since some of the cum had gotten in there. As she was washing me she began to talk to me.

"Honey, now what I think just happened when we were dancing is that you had your first real orgasm. Do you know what an orgasm is honey?" "No ma'am, I don't think so. I mean I'm not sure, unless it means spitting cum out of my cock into a cunt."

Mom said sternly, "Don't use those kinds of words Danny. They're not nice. The correct word for your cock is penis, and the correct word for cum is sperm, and the correct word for cunt is vagina. And your penis does not "spit" out sperm when you are sexually exited. It ejaculates sperm.

Words like cock, cum, cunt, and others like them are vulgar words that young boys and men and sometimes girls and women use when they want to talk dirty and disrespectfully to try and impress people with how manly, or sophisticated, or worldly they think they are. But all they accomplish is to display how
uncultured and common, and vulgar they really are.

I'm your mother Danny, and because I am also a woman I have a vagina. How would you like to hear people refer to me as a 'cunt' all the time?"

I said, "Oh mom, you know I wouldn't, and if anyone ever did I would punch their lights out." Mom smiled,
"I know you would darling and I love you for it. I'm just trying to make sure you understand the difference.

I know you are going to use these kinds of vulgar words among your young friends as you banter among yourselves to impress each other, and tell dirty jokes, and brag to each other about your conquests with the young ladies. And later when you start making love to girls and are having intercourse with them, you and they both will probably use them because vulgar or dirty talking often raises the level of excitement and pleasure when you're having intercourse with a female. But you must never use them in public with people who you want to think well of you and respect you."

I acted very contrite and said, "I understand Mom and I'm sorry and I won't do it again, but Mom, you use the word cream instead of sperm. Why is that ok?"

She answered, "I know I do Danny and that's a good question. I started using that word years ago because I was, and still am, very shy and embarrassed about talking about sex with anyone that I didn't know real well, and so I got in the habit of finding innocent words to use in place of the real words when I
absolutely had to talk about sex matters with someone like my mother, or a doctor or someone like that.

Cream is not a vulgar word. It is a perfectly good word that is used to describe many ordinary things like face cream, cream from milk, whipped cream on cake and ice cream, and stuff like that. I have other innocent words that I sometimes use like you might sometimes hear me say "your thing" instead of your penis. But words like cum and cunt have only one meaning. They are intended to be a dirty, vulgar reference to something that is perfectly normal. So cum is just a vulgar substitute for sperm to describe the milky like fluid that is ejaculated from a penis during orgasm and cunt is a vulgar reference to a woman's vagina. Do you understand the difference dear?"

"Yes Mom. I really do," I said.

Mom continued, "Now, do you understand what happens when a man ejaculates his sperm into a woman's vagina and why women like for men to put their penises into their vaginas?"

I answered, "I think so Mom. Women need a penis in their vagina to make a baby, don't they?"

Mom said, "Well that's the general idea son. But the conditions have to be just right for a baby to made.
You see a woman's body produces a little tiny egg every month that is deposited deep in her body at the upper end of her vagina.

That egg needs to be fertilized before it can grow into a baby. But there are only a few days after the egg is produced that it can be fertilized, and if it isn't, then it is washed out of the woman's body through her
vagina. And about a month later her body produces another egg.

The sperm that a man ejaculates into the woman's vagina is the fertilizer that the egg needs to grow into a
baby. The sperm contains millions of tiny little bits of fertilizer that look something like polliwogs under a microscope. Those little sperm polliwogs swim up the vagina looking for the egg, and when they find it, they fertilize the egg so it can grow into a baby.

The right time for an egg to be fertilized by sperm happens for just a few days during a woman's monthly
cycle and then she has her period. Her period is when the process of flushing an egg out of her vagina that has not been fertilized occurs. It usually lasts for a few days and happens on average about once a month. That's when she wears a Kotex, or sometimes a Tampax to soak up the fluid discharge that flushes out the old egg from her vagina.

That usually means she has not had a penis in her vagina to ejaculate some sperm while she had an egg
waiting to be fertilized, but at times even when she has had a penis ejaculate sperm into her vagina with an egg waiting, none of the sperm polliwogs are able to successfully find and fertilize her egg.

So, making a baby is also partly a matter of luck. And the more often a woman has a penis in her vagina
ejaculating sperm during her monthly cycle, the better the chances are that one of those little sperm
polliwogs will find and fertilize her egg at the right time.

So to make sure that men and women like to engage in lots of intercourse that will result in lots of babies
being made- intercourse is what it's called when a man sticks his penis in a woman's vagina to ejaculate his sperm, the vulgar word for that is fucking - anyway, nature, or God, created the orgasm as an exquisite pleasurable feeling that men and women experience in order to make them want to have lots of intercourse with each other.

The peak of a man's orgasm occurs when he ejaculates his sperm, and the woman's orgasm is caused by the man's penis rubbing the inside of her vagina and hits a peak when she feels his sperm filling her vagina. You remember the feeling... "
As Mom was talking to me and washing the cum, I mean sperm, off my body, my penis once again had gotten rock hard as Mom kept handling it and moving it around as she was washing around my groin area and getting all the sperm out of my pubic hair.

She was just starting to explain to me what an orgasm was like while she was on her knees facing my penis and holding it in the palm of her hand as she was cleaning the sperm off the top of it, and asked me if I remembered the exquisite feeling I had when I began to ejaculate my sperm.

I said yes, it was a fantastic feeling, and as I was saying that, I could sense that same feeling starting
to build in me again. And right at that time Mom raised up my penis and started to wash the underside with soap using her hand to rub the soap up and down it's 7-1/2 inches of rock hard, hot flesh.

I knew I should interrupt her to tell her the feeling she was describing was starting to build in me again,
but she was talking non-stop and washing my penis and it felt so fantastic that I didn't want it to stop and
so I kept telling myself – "just a little longer and I'll tell her, just a little longer," and then as the feeling intensified, "I'll tell her just before I start to orgasm," and before I knew it, I lost all control and my penis began to ejaculate again when it was pointing right at her face.

The first big wad of sperm hit her square in the mouth as she was talking about orgasms and before she could react two more wads hit her, one on the right side of her nose just above her upper lip and the other one on her upper left cheek.

Mom jerked her head back as my penis spurted a few more jets of sperm on her chin and throat, looking
completely surprised and stunned, and then exclaimed "Oh my goodness! What a surprise! Aren't you the randy one now. I didn't think you would have another load ready for another half an hour at least."

I was terrified at what I had done because I was afraid that she would discover that I was not as innocent and inexperienced as I was pretending to be and she would realize that I was enjoying letting her make me cum. I could see that the first big wad of sperm had entered directly into her mouth and I could see the thick white cream coating her teeth, gums, and tongue and puddling in the back of her mouth and I immediately started babbling and crying,

"I'm sorry mom, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do it, I couldn't help it, Please forgive me, Please don't hate
me... " And then the most amazing thing happened that stopped me cold in my tracks.

Mom looked at me and smiled and then took her tongue and started licking her teeth, gums and lips saying, "Mmmmm, very tasty."

Then as the wad of sperm that hit on the right side of her nose began sliding down on to her upper lip she
took her tongue and directed the flow of sperm into her mouth which she swallowed. I recovered my senses, and resumed my acting and yelled, "Mom what are you doing? Stop! That's cum that you're eating. It's dirty like piss."

She gave me a dreamy smile as she took her finger and scooped up the third wad that had hit on her left cheek and then put her finger into her mouth and sucked her finger clean, letting the cum slide down her throat then she replied very calmly,

"No it's not honey. It's not cum and its not dirty. It's sperm. It's your sperm my darling- my baby's good
clean sperm and it tastes delicious. It's the best tasting sperm I have ever eaten and I love it."

Mom finished scooping up all the remaining cum off her face, chin, and throat with her fingers and sucking it down her throat with her mouth and then took the tip of my penis and put it in her mouth and sucked out all the creamy sperm that was still in my piss hole and then wiped her face with the washcloth and said, "Now where were we? Oh yes, orgasms. But I think you already know what an orgasm is now don't you sweetie?"

I was still semi-stunned at what I had just seen her do and all I could say was, "I sure do Mom."

Mom said, "I'm sure you do too my sweet." Then she kind of shook her head like she was clearing cobwebs or something and said,

"Well, now back to business but first there are a few things that we need to discuss about what has just
happened today. I want you to understand that everything that has happened today is not your fault
Danny – especially this last orgasm. It's all my fault, even though I'm not sorry it happened. I should have
known better.

You see Danny when a man has an orgasm and ejaculates all his sperm it usually takes at least 30 min to an hour before he can have another orgasm because it takes his body that is his testicles that long to replenish his supply of sperm.

I thought that in view of the huge amount of sperm you ejaculated when we were dancing that it would be at least an hour before you would be ready to ejaculate again. So when I was washing your penis and it got hard again, I wasn't worried. I didn't think you would be ready to ejaculate again for at least another half hour.

But I was wrong because what I forgot was that young virile men just entering manhood with a super intense sex drive just like you have, frequently can have orgasms every 10 or 15 minutes for hours at a time. So when I was washing your penis, I was rubbing it with my hand and the wash-cloth which was just like I was masturbating it, and of course it reacted like any normal penis that was being masturbated and generated another big orgasm as it ejaculated new sperm into my mouth and on my face.

So what just happened is my fault honey not yours. You reacted exactly as any normal healthy young man who was having his penis rubbed by a woman would react. You have nothing to be ashamed of or sorry about. Do you understand that?"

I nodded my head yes, but Mom said, "NO. I want to hear you say it Danny. I want to hear you say that you understand it wasn't your fault that you ejaculated your sperm into my mouth. It's important."

I said, "I understand Mom. I know it wasn't my fault that I ejaculated my sperm into your mouth and face.

Mom smiled and said, "Good Danny. I love you very much my darling son. As you grow into a man Danny, you will learn that many women, including me, love the taste of a man's sperm and it's not unusual for them to want to suck it out of a man's penis. There is nothing wrong with that honey. It's just a normal part of making love.

And just like a lot of women like the taste of sperm and enjoy eating it, so do a lot of men like the taste
of the juices that are produced by a woman's pussy and her vagina, and they like to suck it up with their
mouths and eat it too. That's what is usually called "eating pussy", or sometimes, "sucking out a cunt."

I'll be teaching you all about these things, baby as I help you through this transition from being a boy to
becoming a man. Now give me a big kiss and hug sweetheart."

And so I kneeled down in the tub and put my arms around my Mom and held her tight and gave her a big kiss and then told her, "I love you Mom with all my heart. I want to always be with you forever."

I could see a small tear roll down her cheek as she replied, "And I love you too with all my heart and I
always want to be with you as well my darling."

Then she said, "Now let me finish washing the sperm off your body. Don't worry, I won't be washing your penis again. I already cleaned all the sperm off of it from your first ejaculation and it didn't get any more on it the second time since all of it ended up in my mouth and on my face. But we still have to get all the sperm out of your pubic hair and off your legs because it gets hard when it dries and it will hurt to wash it out if you wait until then." Then she continued washing me off and took up where she left off before I shot my sperm into her mouth.

"Now Danny it's obvious why you had an orgasm while I was washing your penis, but can you tell me why you had one when we were dancing? I mean, what were you thinking about that got you so excited? Do you have a girlfriend that excites you and lets you feel her up... were you thinking about her... maybe her breasts, Have you started masturbating yet and were thinking about that? The reason I'm asking these questions Danny is to understand what caused your orgasm so I can know how to best help you through this time of transition from being a little boy to becoming a man."

I replied, "I wasn't thinking about anything Mom. If masturbating is the same thing as jacking-off or
beating meat that I have heard some of the guys talking about, then I have never done anything like that yet. I'm not even sure how to do it and I'm not going to ask any of my friends either and look like a dork. And I don't have any steady girlfriend either, although I have been interested in a few girls in my class who already have big tits and I have thought about how much fun it would be to feel them and maybe suck on their nipples but I haven't had the nerve to try yet."

Then Mom chuckled, and said, "Yeah, you're normal all right but it sounds like this is the first time you
have ejaculated sperm out of your penis as the result of an orgasm. Later I'll teach you how to masturbate so you can make your own orgasms when you don't have a female to make love with."

Then she said, "You know Danny, I noticed several months ago that your testicles had started producing
sperm when I noticed sperm deposits on your under shorts a couple of times when I was washing them so I knew that you were entering puberty. But I thought it would be another year before you started to get really randy. You were probably having wet dreams and didn't notice it. And that explains your building interest in girls with big tits.

That's going to get a lot stronger dear, and you're going to start noticing other things about girls as
well like their pretty legs, and soft round bottoms. And you're going to start having great big urges to
want to stick your penis into a girl's vagina and have orgasms with her."

By then Mom had finished cleaning me off and had dried me off with a towel and said, "Ok dear, all clean and fresh now. Let's go in to my bedroom now to continue this discussion." "Ok Mom, but shouldn't I put on some pants first?" "No, not right now son. It will be easier for me to explain and show you some things that it's important for you to understand without clothes getting in the way.

And I said, "Ok Mom, let's go." I was fast losing all my inhibitions with my mother and looking forward to
what was coming next even though I had no idea what it was. I was excited to say the least.

When we got to Mom's bedroom she said, "Lets sit here on the bed facing each other and get comfortable, and then I want you to tell me if you can Danny, since you weren't thinking about anything special while we were dancing, maybe you can tell me what you were feeling?"

I began to explain, "I was having the same warm tingly feeling that I always get when we dance together, only this time it kept getting stronger and stronger and feeling so much better than it ever has before that all I wanted was for it to never stop and then all of a sudden my penis started ejaculating and I didn't even
know it at first until I felt the sperm sliding down my legs."

Mom smiled and said, "I think I understand that feeling Danny. It really is a wondrous beautiful feeling.
That's the feeling you get when your body is building up to an orgasm. But can you tell me when you first
started having those tingly feelings when we dance? Did you have them from the very beginning of when we started dancing together or did they start later."

I replied, "Not from the very beginning. I think they started when I was about 10-1/2 or 11 when I got tall
enough to rest my head on your tits. Your tits are so soft Mom, and I used to love to just lay my head on
them while you stroked the hair on my head and feel your nipples pressing on my cheeks.

I really wanted to suck on your nipples then Mom, but I knew enough to know that I was to old to be doing that. That's when I would get this warm feeling all over my body and then get these little tingly feelings in the pit of my stomach and down below in my ... you know... my balls.

I guess when we were dancing today I really was thinking about something. I was thinking about your
tits. I was thinking about how good they felt rubbing against my chest and their nipples were hard and I
could feel them pressing on me and I was thinking about how good it would feel to suck on them.

But as good as that felt, it wasn't as good as when I could rest my head on them and feel your nipples on my cheek and I was wishing I was shorter again so I could still rest my head on your tits when we dance."

"Oh sweetheart," mom said. "You don't know how good that makes me feel. I never suspected that you felt
that way about me before. It excites me tremendously. But before we explore this some more I want us to try a little experiment to try and demonstrate something to you. I don't know if this will work, but lets try

I want you to scoot around so you are looking to the right of me." I did what Mom asked and then she said, "Now I want you to try as hard as you can to clear your mind of all thoughts and look at your penis and concentrate on making it get hard. Don't look up. Just keep staring at your penis and don't think of anything else. Just say to yourself over and over in your mind, "Get hard penis, Get hard penis, Get hard penis."

My penis at this time was completely soft and limp at it's normal shriveled up size of about 4-1/2 inches and I said, "Ok, Mom I'm concentrating." I stared at my cock as hard as I could and concentrated like Mom asked me to do for two minutes but nothing happened. I thought I saw it twitch a couple times, but that was about all. Finally I said, "It's no use Mom It's just not getting hard."

And Mom said, "That's ok Danny. Now I want you to scoot back around to face me and look at me." I did as she directed and then looked up and for the second time that day I was stunned. Mom had taken off her blouse and bra and had both of her big soft tits lifted up cupped in her hands with her nipples pointed straight at me and then she began taking her thumb and forefinger on each hand and began squeezing and twirling her nipples making them get hard and stand up. In less than 10 seconds my cock got as hard as rock.

Mom said, "You see Danny how quickly your penis got very hard when you saw my bare tits with me squeezing the nipples, and you couldn't make it get hard at all when you were just concentrating on making it get hard. All I'm trying to show you darling is that it takes more than just willing your penis to get hard. It also helps to have a powerful stimulus like having your penis rubbed against by a pussy like mine was doing when we were dancing, or seeing a woman's naked body, or maybe some visual stimulation like watching a woman play with her tits or sometimes her vagina, or even do some very sexy, vulgar talking about making love. Then while I was transfixed staring at her tits with my mouth open Mom started talking to me,

"Do you like mama's tits sweetie?" Then she stared at my hard cock, "Ooohhh baby, I see one big hard man that likes these big beauties. I bet he would like to spray his hot love juice all over mama's titties." Then looking back at me, "Would you like to spray your hot cum all over mama's titties baby? Do you like those big brown nipples standing up hard sweetie? Would you like to put your head on mama's titties and feel and kiss their soft flesh and lick their nipples? Huh? Would you like that darling? Would you like to suckle on mamas nipples?"

I had never seen my mother like this. She was so tantalizing sexy. I was inflamed with desire for her
and all I could say was, "Oh god yes mama... I want to bury my face in them... to lick them... and suck those beautiful nipples and then cover them with my hot cum..."

"Well come on baby. Come to mama. I want to feel your soft lips sucking on my nipples. Come on my sweet little man... tickle mama's titties with your hot tongue..." and she laid back on the bed.

I quickly slid across the bed and laid down on my side next to mama with my hard cock laying across her lower stomach and reached up with my left hand to cup my mama's right tit in my hand to gently massage the smooth warm flesh and then nuzzled my face into that soft tit licking the creamy smooth flesh, working my way across the luscious brown aureole straining my lips toward her big nipple and finally latching on to roll my tongue around that beautiful nipple that looked so hard but felt so soft on my tongue and then settled down to softly suckling on that enticing piece of flesh while with my free hand I was caressing her other tit and rolling the nipple around between my thumb and finger.

I was in heaven. Mama was flying. Her head was back, mouth open, breathing in short deep gasps of breath, looking at me but not seeing me through eyes glazed over in sexual ecstasy, licking her lips and crying out, "Oh god that feels so good baby, suck mama's titties, don't stop sucking... I'm so wet...
ooooooohhh," and she reached down and pushed her shorts and panties down around her thighs and began rubbing her pussy and fingering her clit with her right hand.

In just a few seconds her hips began writhing and started to thrust up and down against her hand and then mama reached down with her left hand and wrapped her fingers around my cock sending an electric shock shuddering through my body. I broke my lip lock on mama's nipple and said, "Oh mama that feels soooo good, oooohhhh I think I'm going to shoot my cream again, I want to shoot it on your tits..."

Mama gasped between her labored breathing, "Yes baby, yes... cum on mama's tits, spray that delicious cum all over them... cover my nipples with your cum angel..." and then she shimmied her bottom down toward my feet while pulling my cock up towards her nipple until it was almost touching it and began stroking my hot rod, and also started bending her head down until her mouth was just a few inches away from the same nipple.

At the same time mama's hips were bucking wildly as she had thrust several fingers into her vagina and was furiously pumping them in and out of her cunt, and then my cock began shooting big wads of cum all over mama's tit and nipple.

Mama strained to reach my cock with her mouth open and finally managed to wrap her lips around it to catch the last two big wads of sperm in her mouth but not before the first three shots had hit all over her nipple and were spreading in all directions, up towards her throat, down toward her stomach and belly button and sideways into the valley of her tits.

Then just as she was starting to let my cum start sliding down her throat she began cumming and started
to holler wildly, "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! DANNY I'M CUMMMMIIINNNGGGGG!!"

Then without warning she started to choke and cough violently and shot straight up into a sitting position
coughing and choking and gasping for breath. It scared the death out of me as her sudden violent movement made me fall off of her body as by then I had been laying sort of half on and half off of her stomach and tits.

As I picked myself up to ask her what was wrong she looked at me and wrapped her arms around me tightly pulling me up tight against her tits and began laughing and rapidly planting kisses all over my face, neck, and, forehead with her cum laced lips while falling back on the bed with me on top of her still laughing and telling me between laughs.

"Oh god that was wonderful Danny. I've never been made love to like that ever before in my life. And I've
never had such an excruciating orgasm like this one. It was beautiful, just beautiful. You are some fantastic stud my little man."

And I said, "You mean better than with Dad?" "Miles better than him. He isn't even in the same league with
you darling." Then she got quiet and pensive for a while as she continued to hold me close as if the
mention of Dad had intruded on her thoughts. After a little while I said, "Mom, why did you start coughing
like that at the end? Did I do something wrong."

She looked at me and started laughing again and said, "No, no sweetheart. You didn't do anything wrong. You were perfect in every way - a magnificent lover. What happened was just as I was swallowing your thick, creamy, delicious cum and it was sliding down my throat, that's when my orgasm hit it's peak, and as I went over the top, I sucked a lot of your cum into my windpipe causing me to choke and gasp for breath.

"No, you didn't do anything wrong my darling. I can't wait for you to fuck me baby. I've never wanted a cock in my cunt as much as I want your magnificent cock deep in my cunt. But first I need to recover my strength. So now let's just lay here for a little while and relax and gather our strength back. Ok, dear? I feel like every muscle in my body has been wrung out."

"Me too Mom," I said. "Besides I love feeling your body up against mine," and laid my hand on her still wet pussy. Mom giggled softly, reached down and took my hand and brought it up and placed it on her left tit and said with a smile and a giggle, "No you don't you little horny conniver. I know what you're after now,
but that's a lesson for a little later.

Now you just rest that restless hand of yours right here for a while. And if you can't be still then you can gently twirl the nipple around between your thumb and forefinger, or you can suck on it for a while. It
feels a little neglected anyway because it didn't get any sucking. Now I mean it sweetie. Let's just rest
awhile. You really gave your old mom a real workout."

I giggled softly in return and said, "You're not old mom. You're the most beautiful woman in this city and
could run circles around any of those silly girls in my school. But I'll be good, even if it's hard when I have
the sexiest and best mom with the most luscious suckable tits in the whole wide world and I can't wait
to fuck you mama. You really meant that promise didn't you? You are going to let me fuck you, aren't you?" and I laid my head on her chest just above her left breast.

And she sighed, "That kind of talk will get you everywhere my love. Now be quiet before I lose my will
power and let you have your way and completely ravish me with that magnificent monster cock of yours. Mama really needs some rest after the ride you gave her. And if you be good now and let me just get a little rest, I really, really promise I'll teach you how to have intercourse with me, that is to fuck me hard and deep in my heavenly cunt, and, as an extra treat, also eat my pussy and cunt for desert after you fuck me." And then she quietly fell off into a soft slumber in my arms.

I lay there next to my mom with my hand on her soft tit gently massaging the nipple and watching her sleep with an angelic smile on her face that still had my cum smeared on her lips. I was going over in my mind the amazing wondrous things that had just happened to me.

I had just had three massive orgasms with my Mom and she had eagerly sucked my cock and ate my cum from the last two times. My wildest fantasies had been realized when she inflamed my lust by baring her tits and played with them, squeezing her nipples, and then begged me to suck them and stroked my cock making it cum on her tits and even sucked on my cock while I shot my cum in her mouth. And then she promised to teach me how to fuck her and eat her pussy and cunt after she rested.

I was excited at my fantastic luck in being able to make my Mom believe that I was still a raw,
inexperienced little kid that didn't know anything about sex and that she was going to have to teach me
all the things that my Dad should have taught me. I couldn't believe it when she promised to teach me how
to fuck her and eat her twat after her nap, and it took all my willpower to keep from waking her up before she was ready to get started on my lessons.

Of course, the truth was that I already knew a lot more about sex that my mom even dreamed I knew. At almost 14 years of age, besides all the masturbating I did, I had already had my cocked sucked many times and been given hand jobs by my girlfriend, Sue Ann Stressman. And I, in turn, had been finger fucking and eating Sue Ann's pussy and cunt on a regular basis for six months. The only thing I had not yet done was to actually cock fuck Sue Ann, or any other girl, in her cunt. But it wasn't for lack of trying.

I had been trying for months to get Sue Ann to let me fuck her but she was afraid of getting pregnant and
gave me blowjobs and hand jobs instead. I enjoyed the hand jobs and blowjobs even though Sue Ann would not swallow my cum, but instead would always spit it out and then rinse out her mouth from a little bottle of mouth wash she always kept in her purse, especially when we dated.

But blowjobs and hand jobs were, for me, not a complete substitute for cock in the cunt fucking and I kept
trying to get her to let me fuck her. I already knew all that stuff about eggs and periods that Mom had
explained to me and I tried to convince Sue Ann that we could time our fucking to when she didn't have an egg in her cunt waiting to be fertilized by my little polliwog sperms, but she just wouldn't agree to try.

If I had wanted to, I could have easily fucked several other girls in my class at school who were real sluts
who fucked and sucked anything on two legs that asked and would have been happy to fuck me, but I really liked Sue Ann a lot and didn't want to lose her as my girlfriend. Those sluts would have squealed on me and told her if I had fucked one of them, so I waited.

I lay there next to mom gently feeling her tits and nipples for about an hour and a half with my eyes
closed in a state of delicious anticipation imagining what it was going to feel like ramming my cock deep
into my mom's cunt when I felt her fingers starting to roam over my cock and she gently closed her hand around it and began gently squeezing it.

I opened my eyes and looked at her face and she was looking back at me and licking all the old cum off her lips with her tongue and said, "I just love the taste of your cum baby. I hope you have a big load of cum for mama's mouth sweetie. That little nap has made me ravenous for your cock."

My cock was hard and throbbing now, and I could feel the cum boiling in my balls and knew that it would soon be racing up into my cock to explode in a massive orgasm. I said to mom, "Oh God mom, I feel like I'm going to cum any second now. Please, please can't I fuck you first. I thought you couldn't wait for my cock to be stuffed deep into your cunt?"

Mom giggled, "I can't wait either baby, but it's more important to me that your first ever fuck with a woman
be a really memorable one that you will never forget. And if I let you fuck me now in your current state of
excitement, you will shoot your cum in less than 10 seconds after you get in my cunt and won't get to
experience the joy of really fucking a hot, tight cunt like mine. So trust me sweetie, I know what I'm doing.

Now the first thing I'm going to do is to suck that wonderful cock of yours and milk that big load of cum
into my mouth to relieve your immediate urgency to ejaculate. Don't worry. You're so randy that you'll
have another load ready to go in less than 10 minutes. Now stick that beautiful cock of yours in my mouth."

I quickly rammed my cock into her gaping mouth and she wrapped her lips around it and began sucking and licking the head and glans with her tongue. Mom wasn't completely right because my cock didn't explode with cum in less than 10 seconds like she said it would. It took almost 18 seconds of her sucking and tongue swirls for my cock to explode in huge jets of cum into her mouth that she struggled to swallow without choking. But she managed not to lose a drop with my help in helping her to maintain the seal between her lips and the shaft of my cock.

When she had finally sucked out the last drop of residual cum left in my piss hole, she finally removed
her mouth from my cock and ran her tongue all over the end of my cock and into my piss hole, smacked her lips and smiled at me and said, "That, my love, was the sweetest and best tasting load of cum that I have ever had pass my lips to slide down my throat, and I have had lots of prior experience eating cum so I know what I'm talking about. You responded perfectly baby with a huge load, and waited patiently until I swallowed all of it before breaking my lip seal on your cock. Are you absolutely sure you haven't had your cock sucked by anyone before today?"

I said, "Awww mom, I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to think that I was a bad person, but
Sue Ann has sucked it a few times when we were making out a little. But she never acted like she really liked it and would always spit out my cum when I finished shooting my load and would then rinse out her mouth with mouth wash she always carries in a little bottle in her purse.

Sue Ann and I haven't really done anything else mom except some heavy kissing and feeling each other up. She would let me feel up her tits and pussy and massage her pussy lips and pussy slit valley and she would suck my cock for me. But we've never fucked. I promise."

Then she said, "Then you have had a little bit of experience before today, haven't you? But it doesn't
matter. You still have a lot to learn baby and I'm just the one that can teach you. Now you're going to learn
all about how to eat a pussy and suck out a cunt and savor the delicious juices that a woman can produce. Hand me that other pillow next to you."

I handed her my dad's pillow and she slipped it under her ass elevating her pussy a few inches up off the
bed. She said, "Now slide down between my legs so you can see my pussy real good and I'm going to explain all the parts for you before you start eating. We'll start at the top and work our way down."

She then took both of her hands and put her fingers on both sides of her pussy lips and gently pulled the big puffy outside lips apart revealing the delicate inner pussy lips and the moist slit valley with the clitoris
at the top under it's sheath of flesh and the entrance to her cunt at the bottom of the valley.

She patiently explained the function of the clitoris known as clit for short, and how to properly lick and
suck it and how it gets excited by the friction of a man's cock and body rubbing against it when he moves
his cock in and out of the cunt.

She explained how the little glands just under the skin of the inner lips secreted a delicious liquid making
the pussy very wet when it got excited and described how to lick it up with my tongue. It really was
delicious. Then she showed me the fleshy gates of her cunt. She called them the gates of heaven because she said that behind them inside her cunt was heaven.

She took a little extra time with her cunt and said, "Watch carefully Danny how the fleshy gates of heaven
fold back when I push my finger against them as I slip it in my cunt and see how the gates close down tightly around the finger and make a tight seal. Right behind the gates at the top of my cunt there is a little
fleshy area that is called the G spot.

In some women this spot generates a wonderful orgasm whenever the movement of a cock inside her cunt rubs against it. Next time you finger fuck Sue Ann, see if you can find it and very gently massage that area and she will come like a house afire and will be yours forever. She will be begging you to fuck her with your cock after she experiences a G spot orgasm.

Now when a woman knows she is about to get fucked there are glands just behind the inner walls of her cunt that begin to produce lots of slippery liquid that floods the inside of her cunt. This liquid is lubrication to make it easy and pleasurable for a man to slide his cock in and out of the cunt as he builds up his orgasm to shoot his cum into her cunt.

That liquid is called cunt juice and sometimes cunt sauce. Most men love to suck it up and eat it up. But
when it's mixed up with cum right after she has been cock fucked is when it is usually the best tasting
sauce you have ever put in your mouth. I love to eat it that way myself. When I was a young teenager my girl friend and I used to love to suck out each other's cunts after they had been filled up with cum from our
boyfriend's cocks after being fucked by them.

In many women, when you start eating her pussy, her cunt starts to get ready to be fucked and starts making cunt juice, and then when you start sucking on her cunt instead of fucking it first with your cock, it begins to make cunt juice even faster and in such great quantities, that some times it shoots out of her cunt like a fountain. When a woman does that it's called squirting cunt juice sort of like when your cock
squirts cum when you have an orgasm. If you find a woman who is a good squirter, keep her Danny. She will give you lots of pleasure and great tasting cunt juice.

Ok. That's the basics darling. Now why don't you try it for a while. Start by putting your mouth up against the gates of heaven and stick your tongue through the gates swirl it around the inside of my cunt and suck on the gates at the same time. Try and see if you can reach my G spot with your tongue. Then lick out my slit valley with your tongue and suck up the pussy juice and finish up with some light flicks of the tongue on my clit and some gentle sucking with the fleshy part of your lips.

I dove right in to her inviting cunt and immediately started sucking and licking the inside of her cunt. It
was indeed just like being in heaven. Mom's cunt was full of cunt juice and I gulped mouthfuls of it down. I
came up for air and said, "Gosh Mom, your cunt is already full of juice. I didn't have to wait at all for it to make some. It really is delicious. It is heaven just like you said."

Mom laughed with joy and said, "I know Danny. It's been full of cunt juice for the last 20 minutes in eager
anticipation of welcoming your magnificent hot cock. Keep on sucking it darling for just a little while
longer but don't forget my pussy slit valley and my clit. We're almost there darling- your first experience
at fucking a woman's cunt, my cunt, my love. Hurry now."

I dove back into that delicious cunt and continued sucking up that delectable cunt juice and Mom was
beginning to moan and started humping her cunt up against my mouth. I moved to her pussy slit and lapped up her pussy juice with my tongue sliding it up and down the length of her slit valley while Mom was moaning and whispering, "Oh God baby. You're a fast learner. That feels fantastic... .just keep licking and sucking... your mouth and lips are magic... now suck my clit darling... and then the big event... your cock stuffed deep in my cunt... oooohhh God I can't wait!"

I moved up to Mom's clit and gently began swirling my tongue around that magic little bud emerging from it's protective sheath and then sucked it with my lips. Mom was going crazy under me writhing her hips and arching her back to raise her cunt up to me looking for a cock to pull into her cunt. She said, "Now is the time baby, now is the time to taste my cunt with your hot piece of beautiful meat... scoot up so I can guide it through the gates of heaven into my heavenly cunt chamber."

I quickly scooted up so she could grab my hard cock with her hand. She took it and placed it in the valley
of her pussy and rubbed pussy juice all over it and then took the head and placed it up against the gates
to her cunt and said, "It's well lubricated now baby with my pussy juice. You're at the gates of heaven now
darling, don't ram it in sweetie. Ease it in nice and slow and feel the gates open and close tight around
your hard shaft as it slides into the warm tight chamber of heaven. Feel the walls of the chamber close
tight around your hot throbbing shaft."

I began pushing my cock into her cunt. It felt incredible. I couldn't believe it! My cock was in my mother's cunt. Mom was moaning and saying, "That's it honey. I can feel it penetrating me now. Oh God it's
wonderful, thick, hot, hard love rod stretching the walls of my cunt... drive it in deep baby... oh God I'm
in heaven... fuck me baby, fuck me hard and fuck me deep... fuck my brains out lover... don't ever stop!"

I began pumping my cock in and out of Mom's cunt as she humped her cunt hard against my cock meeting my every thrust with a hard thrust of her cunt.

Mom said, "Now follow my lead baby. Let's take it nice and easy and let that beautiful feeling start to build
and match the pace of our fucking with the increase in it's intensity. It's just like riding a wave darling.
Ride the wave until it crashes in a flood of delicious, painful, ecstatic feeling of sheer excruciating
pleasure. Then shoot your hot, creamy cum deep into my cunt. Fill me up with that magical hot cock sauce of yours."

It was magic the way Mom and I were in perfect synch with my thrusting cock against her humping cunt. We slowly increased the speed and intensity of our fucking as our building orgasms increased in intensity. It was the most beautifully satisfying feeling I had ever experienced. My cock was home again back where I came from!! My Mom was moaning with pleasure and begging me to fuck her hard and deep and fill her cunt with my hot cock sauce. God I was flying and in sheer heaven.

I could feel the cum starting to rise up out of my balls and said to mama, "I can feel it starting to cum
mama. I can feel it boiling in my balls and starting to move up into my cock. Ohhhhhh, god it feels good, it
feels so good mama."

Mama answered, "Let it come baby. Shoot me that sweet hot cum of yours... fill my cunt angel... I want to
feel your tasty love juice in my womb, my stomach, my throat, and my mouth... oh God I can feel it too
Danny... I can feel my cum starting to hit it's peak."

I started groaning hard and cried out, "I'm cumming mama, I'm cumming, I'm cummmminnng," as my cock began shooting powerful jets of hot cum into mama's cunt.

Mama was screaming, "Oh god Danny I can feel your hot cum filling me up baby... keep shooting me that hot, creamy love juice... I'm cumming Danny, Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I'm cummmminnnngg... DANNY!!"

Mama arched her back and bucked her hips up in a powerful thrust that lifted me up off the bed into the
air and held me there as she shrieked in the throes of the exquisite pain and pleasure of her massive orgasm and then suddenly collapsed and dropped down on the bed and went limp.

We both lay there totally motionless with me on top of her and my cock still in her cunt but now beginning to return to its flaccid state. We lay there for about five minutes just trying to regain our senses and
strength not saying anything, just holding each other.

Finally Mom said, "Danny my darling love, of all the men that I have ever fucked, none of them have ever
come even close to fucking me with such passion and intensity and power as you have my darling. That was the most exquisite orgasm that I have ever had. God you are good baby. Promise me you will never leave me baby. I can't live without your cock sweetheart."

I was gloriously happy. My Mom was in love with me and never wanted me to leave her! I answered her and said, "I promise Mom. I promise I will never leave you. I love you Mom more than anything in the world. I will always be here for you." Mom kissed me and hugged me to her closely and we continued to lay there basking in the afterglow of my first fuck with a woman, my mother.

After a few minutes Mom whispered to me, "Danny dear, my cunt is filled to overflowing with your cum and my cunt juice. Would you like to have a taste and suck some of it out?" I grinned at her broadly and said, "Oh boy, you bet I would Mom. I didn't think about it. I'm sure glad you did!" I quickly moved down to Mom's cunt and started sucking. She was right her cunt was overflowing and I quickly sucked up a mouthful of that savory mixture of cunt juice and cum and swallowed it.

It was really delicious and I looked at Mom and said, "You're right Mom this is really tasty. I love it," and
as I started to suck up some more, Mom said, "Suck up another mouthful sweetie but don't swallow it. Bring it up here and empty it in my mouth and let me taste it."

I quickly sucked up another mouthful and Mom opened her mouth and I let it drain out of my mouth and into her mouth. She rolled it around on her tongue and then let it slide down her throat and exclaimed, "That's the best tasting cum and cunt juice mix I have ever put in my mouth. You and I make a great team baby. If we could make enough to bottle and sell it, we could make a fortune."

I laughed and said, "Well we'll never know unless we try will we Mom?"

She laughed also and replied, "It would be a lot of fun to try wouldn't it baby? But Danny, let's get serious
now for a few minutes. Ok darling? Dad will be home from work in a couple of hours and I think we need to talk a little bit."

I said, "Sure Mom. But what do we need to talk about?"

Mom said, "Are you sorry Danny about what you and I have done today? What I mean is, do you feel ashamed or embarrassed about all the sex we have had with each other? Does it bother you that I am your mother and I sucked your cock and ate your cum and then literally fucked your brains out?"

I was confused by all these questions and said, "Oh my god no Mom. Absolutely not. I loved it more than you will ever know. I have had a secret desire to fuck you for a very long time. You have made my dreams come true and I want to keep fucking you and eating your pussy and cunt for as long as you will let me. Why are you asking these questions Mom? Are you ashamed of what we did?"

Mom replied, "Of course I'm not ashamed darling. You know I loved being fucked by you and sucking your cock and eating your cum and I hope you will want to keep on fucking me and eating my pussy and cunt far into the future. But Danny honey, there are two reasons why we need to be serious right now. The first is a word for what we have done today and its incest. Do you know what that word means?"

I replied, "Sure Mom. It means when parents and children or even brothers and sisters fuck and suck
each other. But so what? I don't care about any old word. I loved the sex we had with each other and I
don't care what they call it."

Mom replied, "That's generally the correct idea my love and I feel the same way you do. But sweetheart we have to care because incest is against the law and if it became known that we were having sex with each other, there are some people who could make a lot of trouble for both of us.

The second reason darling is because you are only 14, or almost 14, and not yet legally a man. In the eyes of the law you will be a minor child until you're 18. When an adult, like me, has sex with a minor child that is called pedophilia and that is a very serious crime in the eyes of the law even when it happens as loving incest between a mother and son. If we were caught and reported, I could be charged with rape and be sent to prison and you would be sent to foster care or maybe even a juvenile home for abused children. This is not a game darling and we have to care about these things.

The sex that we have had today with each other and the sex we will have together in the future must always be our secret darling. No one must ever know. And even if you accidentally let it slip out sometimes about what a great piece of ass I am, like maybe when you and your buddies are bragging to each other about the cute girls you have fucked and gotten blowjobs from, you must say you were lying about it and were just bragging to impress your friends if someone in authority questions you about it. Do you understand what I'm saying darling?"

I said, "I do understand Mom. Believe me I do. I know how serious it would be for us if people knew we were fucking and sucking each other. I promise I will never tell another soul about us. You can depend on me Mom. Even if someone makes a lucky guess and tries to trick me into admitting that we regularly fuck and suck each other, I will never admit it. They will have to catch us in the act because if they don't they will never be able to prove it, will they?"

Mom smiled and said, "That's exactly right darling. If anyone ever suspects or makes a lucky guess about us they will never be able to prove a thing unless they can physically prove we are lovers by either having
more than one person catch us or by having some kind of physical evidence like movie film or pictures of us fucking or sucking each other. So if it ever happens that we are accused of incest or pedophilia then never admit to anything. Just deny everything.

Now that that is settled, let me have your cock one more time darling before we have to break this up so
dad won't catch us. I want to suck it one more time to taste another load of your wonderfully tasty cock
sauce. I think I'm going to be addicted to your cum darling."

I gladly gave mom my cock to suck and she hungrily went to work on it with her mouth and tongue and soon brought me to another massive orgasm and I gave her four huge wads of cum which she eagerly sucked up and swallowed. When she sucked the last drop of cum out of my piss hole. She sighed deeply and said, "I just can't get over how rich and velvety smooth your creamy cock sauce is darling. It really is without any exaggeration the thickest and best tasting cum I have ever eaten. Get ready for many, many blowjobs in the years ahead baby. Now let's get up and get cleaned up before dad gets home from work."

That was the beginning of four and a half years of almost non-stop, daily, glorious fucking and sucking
with my Mom until I left home for college. I didn't find out until many years later when Mom and I were
reminiscing about that day one afternoon after a good fuck and suck session that she finally confided in me that it was no accident that I came in my pants when we were dancing.

She said that by then she and Dad had an almost non-existent sex life and when she saw my huge hard on one afternoon when I was napping, it made her so horny that she decided then that she had to fuck me and had been plotting for months on trying to come up with a strategy for fucking me without my knowing that she was trying to intentionally turn me into a motherfucker by seducing me, and when I got that hard-on when we were dancing she saw her opportunity and made the most of it.


During those wonderful years Mom filled me in little by little about her early years before she met Dad. Her own father was the first man she ever fucked when she was 13 years old. Her mom was a real holy roller church going woman who believed sex was the work of the devil and was happy when Mom got old enough for her dad to fuck her so her mom wouldn't have to fuck him any more.

She said her dad was a great cocksman and taught her how to really fuck and suck a man to drive him wild with lust for her body. She grew to love fucking men so much that when she was 16 she actually tried out being a whore for about a year and a half. That's what she was doing when she met dad, whoring for the soldiers out at the Army post near her home.

She would go to the beer garden right outside the post on Friday and Saturday nights where the young soldiers would come to drink beer and get drunk. The beer garden had about a dozen rooms in the back that the soldiers could use to fuck whores. Mom said that on a good night she used to make up to $200 selling herself for $15 a fuck or $8 for a blow job and she loved every minute of it. Back then $200 was a lot of money, probably equivalent to $800 to $1000 in today's dollars.

Dad had only been on the post for about ten days when she met him at the beer garden. She said he was a big naïve country boy right off the farm who had no idea that mom was a whore and he fell for her. She had already fucked just about all the soldiers in dad's platoon, and they thought it was a hoot that this hick
farm boy was in love with a whore so they strung him along and didn't tell dad mom was a whore. Mom said he was such a sweet guy then, that she fell for him also and when he asked her to marry him she agreed and decided to quit the whoring life.

But some of the soldiers in dad's platoon insisted on one last gang-bang with mom before she got married and threatened to tell dad she was a whore if she didn't agree. That's when she pulled the train with fifteen of them five nights before her wedding that I used to hear dad bitch at her about when I would listen to them fucking.

Of course, he didn't find out about it until a number of months later after they were married when some of
the guys in his platoon told him about it. That's when he finally realized he had married a whore. But by then mom was already knocked up with me and dad had such a simple country boy's sense of honor and belief in the words of the wedding vows, that it never crossed his mind to leave mom.

I'm a grown man now and work as a freelance software developer, which requires me to travel a lot. During my travels I have had many very satisfying sexual relationships with many women and I owe it all to all the things my Mom taught me about how to make love to a woman instead of just fucking her. We are both a lot older now than that time when she took my cherry and we became lovers, but our love for each other is stronger than ever.

After I left home for college Mom started to have affairs with other men, lots of them she said. She had
gotten so used to having great sex with me that she just couldn't stand going back to just being fucked by
dad and being treated as just a cheap hole for him to stick his dick into whenever he felt like cumming.

She didn't even try to hide her affairs from him and even started part time whoring again to earn some money on the side for herself. Eventually they broke up and Mom became a full time professional whore again. But she did it right this time and she became a very famous, high priced, and very successful whore making a whole lot of money so that today she is financially secure for the rest of her life.

I have no problem with her being a whore. I'm proud of the way she took charge of her life and made the best use of her assets and skills to carve out a good life for herself. We still enjoy fucking each other whenever we can, and I'm in town where she lives and works as a whore.

Mom's fucked a lot of men since she and dad split up and she became a whore again, and her pussy is not as tight as it used to be, but her mouth is just as magic as it's always been and she still loves to suck my cock and eat my cum. I'm always happy to oblige. She will always remain the number one love of my life and one of the best pieces of ass I have ever had and by far - the best cocksucker.


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