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Comforting Big Sister

Comforting Big Sister
by Eager46 (address withheld)

Fourteen year old Brad passes his 16 year old Sister's bedroom and spots her standing half naked and crying. He comforts her and then takes his virginity. (mf-teens, youths, inc, 1st, mast, oral)

Brad had just returned from a long run with his best friend, Pete. He arrived home all hot and sweating and as he normally did after a run, stripped off naked in his bedroom and walked across the hallway to the Bathroom. He knew that his 16 year old Sister Beth was in the house somewhere, but he did not know where.

The distance from his bedroom to the bathroom was only a few feet and he just normally went from his room to the bathroom naked. He entered the shower cabinet and adjusted the Temperature of the water, and began to soap down his young hard body. Taking a shower after a hard run always made young Brad hot and very horny, and soon his strong young penis was standing stiff and proud, all 5 inches of it, from his tanned young body.

"Ohhh, I feel like cumming," he said to himself, but the Sun was shining in the back garden and he really
wanted to get some all over sunbathing in as his parents were away all day.

He rinsed off his body, his cock still rock hard, and dried off. Stepping out of the Shower, he wrapped a
towel around his waist and tied it. He looked in the full length mirror and could plainly see the big vertical ridge of his erect cock under the white towel, and hoped that he did not meet Beth on the way outside.

He walked back to his bedroom and picking a pair of swimming trunks from a drawer, headed out and down the corridor and the stairs. He noticed that Beth's room door was open and he glanced in as he went by. He stopped dead in his tracks at the sight that met his eyes. Beth was leaning against the window ledge looking out. She was wearing a very short nightie, and very plainly nothing else.

As she was leaning forward, her cute bottom was pushed back and her nightie rode up her waist revealing the fact that she was naked underneath. Brad had seen his big Sister naked before, but it was aver 4 years ago when Beth was just about 12 years old and he was just 10. They always took a bath together on a Friday night.

Lately Brad had noticed that his big Sister was filling out a little. Her little chest had began to swell, ever
so slightly, and he noticed that her little nipple things were sometimes a little swollen and he also noticed that the lips of her smooth hairless fanny, were beginning to look a bit puffed out sometimes.

Every Friday when they bathed together Brad took in her lovely little naked body, and at night he felt this
strange tingling in his little cock. A few weeks before Beth turned 12 years old, their Mum announced that they were no longer to take a bath together. When Brad asked why, he was told that Beth was too old now for being naked with her little Brother.

Of course soon after that Brad began to notice big changes in his big Sister's body. She was soon  sporting real if slightly small breasts, and her whole body took an a more rounded and shapely look. When they went on holiday in the summer, and they were all at the beach, Brad could see her lovely firm tits and under the fabric of the bikini, her erect little nipples pushing out and he shape of the little fanny under the bikini bottoms.

When Brad turned 12 he soon sprouted black hairs at the base of his cock, and he knew that Beth would have a good growth of black hairs around her fanny too. Brad stood at the open door of the bedroom and gazed at his Sister's naked buttocks. Beth was standing with legs slightly apart and Brads wide open eyes took in the little valley that started at the base of Beth's spine and ran down between her tanned arse cheeks. He saw the her little Pink anus and lower down the Black hairs of her fanny lips.

Brad had never seen a naked girl since those nights in the Bath, 4 years ago. He had seen plenty pictures in horny books, but had never seen a real live naked pussy. Suddenly Beth turned round. Brad flushed red with embarrassment.

"Sorry I was not staring."

"It is ok, come in I need a shoulder to cry on," sobbed Beth, tears running down her face.

"What is wrong?" Brad asked going over to her.

"Harley and I are over," she sobbed back at him.

Harley was her boyfriend. He was 17 years old and Brad thought that he was a total pratt. His parents were very wealthy and had just bought him a new car for passing his driving test. Secretly Brad believed that the only reason that he went out with his Sister was that Beth was a good fuck. He was convinced that they were fucking regularly, and was a bit jealous in a way as he had never had any more than a kiss from his girl friends, and the thought of Harley and Beth humping away on a bed, made him horny.

Beth came over to him and put her arms around him and holding on to her Brother tightly sobbed into his naked shoulders. Brad put his arms around his big Sister and comforted her, but to his horror, found his hands holding a firm naked cheek each. He slid his hands back up over her nightie, "Sorry," he mumbled.

"It is ok, it felt very good, actually, Beth whispered in his ear.

"I should not have touched your bottom, you are my Sister."

"I know, but I need comforting right now and it felt really good to be touched."

"Really, you don't mind?" Brad replied his mouth dry with excitement and lustful feelings filled his head.

"It will be our little secret if you like, Brad."

"What secret? We haven't done anything, apart from me touching your bum by accident."

"No, but we can do, at the top of the little valley between my cheeks there are some stiff hairs and rubbing them makes me really horny," she whispered. Brad reached his hands down until he felt the stiff hairs at the top of her arse crease and began to rub them. Her skin was hot. "Oh god that is so cool," she sighed, and reaching between them, Brad felt her hands undo the knot on his towel and slowly pull it away, laving him standing totally naked, with his 5 inch erect penis standing out proud.

"Jesus! Brad your cock is much bigger than I thought it would be."

"How big did you think my cock would be?"

"Not sure, but not as big as that, wow!" Beth said gazing at her little Brothers cock inches from her hands.

"Have you ever had it in a girl?"

"No never, I have only ever had a lot of kissing, nothing else," he replied, face right red, and feeling very hot now.

"We could soon put that right then," Beth sighed and reaching out took her Brothers rock hard cock in both hands.

"Ohhhh, Betthhh, mmmmmm, that's nice," Bradley moaned as Beth stroked up and down his throbbing cock. She began to wank it, slowly at first , then a little faster then soon he hands were pumping up and down her little Brothers tool. He was gasping and panting as new and intense feelings coursed through his young virgin body.

"You'll make me cum, ooohhhhhh," he gasped.

"That is the idea, then when you fuck me you will not cum right way."

"You want me to fuck you?"

"Unless you are not up to it," she smiled wanking away at his straining cock.

"I don't know what to do,"

"Leave that to me, are you nearly cumming?"

"Ohgod! YES!" Brad was almost hopping from one foot to the other as his hot flushed body twisted and turned on the carpet as his orgasm approached. With a loud, "Oooohhjeeeeesssuuus!" his cock spat a huge rope of thick boy cream all over her hands, followed by about 4 more lesser spurts.

Brad collapsed against his Sister, as he almost passed out.

"Well then, as that good or what?"

"Ohhh Beth, I have never cum like that before."

Beth took his hands and guided them to her wet, hot eager little fanny. "Slide a finger up and down my
slit, and at the top is my clitty, rub my cunt juices all over it and make me cum."

Without a word, Brad slid his fingers up and down Beth's slippery cunt lips. He explored her silky hairs,
and then he found a little swollen lump near the top of her slit. He smeared it with the hot juices pouring
from her hungry little fanny.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Mmmmmmm, Oh yes, rub me oh please make me cum, oh yes Brad, rub it hard."

Brad did as he was told and soon Beth's body tensed in orgasm and she collapsed against her little Brother. After a few minutes holding on to him tightly she pulled her nightie over head. "Lie on your back on my bed, Brad," she ordered. Brad got up on the bed, and lay down on his back. His young strong cock was already stiff and ready to work. Beth climbed on to the bed and straddled her little Brother.

Reaching between her legs she guided his hard tool to the entrance to her waiting soaking fanny, and sank down on him, just an inch. Her Brothers cock felt huge in her little fanny. Harley and her had fucked a lot, but his cock never felt like Brad's. Brad took in a deep breath as he felt the walls of his Sister's fanny slip down the length of his tool.
Beth rose up and then slid down a little more. She repeated her motions several times, getting her fanny
used to the thick cock in side it , and more importantly getting the cock inside her used to a real hot wet fanny for the very first time.

Slowly Beth began to fuck her Brother, leaning over him and letting her hard nipples touch his mouth.

"Suck my nipples," she moaned as she bounced up and down his rock hard tool. Brad began to thrust up with his slim hips into her cunt, and at he same time sucked on her hard nipples.

"Ohgod Braddddd! You're so goooood! Ooohhh FUCK ME! I'm on the Pill so I won't get pregnant," she Beth panted as she felt her orgasm approach. She fucked Brad like a crazy person, her hot cunt juices spewing out every time she sank down on him. She felt his pubic hairs tickle her bottom, and this sent her over the edge.

"Ooh I'm cummminnng!" she screamed as she came. Brad thrust upwards deep inside his Sisters cunt, and he felt his cock jerk inside its tight home, and spurted load after load of boy spunk deep inside her.

"Wow! So that is what fucking is?" he panted.

"Yes little Brother, that's what fucking is, and you are fucking amazing at it too," she sighed kissing Brad
on his lips.

They lay locked together for about 15 minutes, before Brads cock slipped out of his Sister's cunt and he felt her juices and his spunk dribble out after it. They got up and showered together, and later on that afternoon, when they were outside in the hot Sun, Beth got her Brother hard again and enjoyed his big boy cock inside her hungry little fanny for the second time that day.


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