Aunt Margaret Stable

Aunt Margaret's Stable
by Emily Rose (address withheld)

Three redheaded nymphomaniacs, three horses with a craving for human cunt. (F/ff-teens, ped, nc, beast, inc, 1st, voy, bd)

I always dreaded having to stay with my Aunt Margaret. She was always so strict, and she really looked the part of a stern aunt. She always wore proper herringbone tweed skirts that accentuated her long,
strong legs. Her blouses were always buttoned to the top, an effort to camouflage her enormous breasts. Her long red hair was always worn up in a severe bun, and I never saw her without her black rimmed glasses. I was really not looking forward to my parents' European vacation this summer; almost wishing seventh grade would never end. Three whole months of staying with that mean old bitch!

Upon my arrival, Aunt Margaret insisted I immediately bathe. I disrobed, and bent over to adjust the water
temperature. It was then that I felt two heavy paws on my back. Haagar, my Aunt's Great Dane had his paws on my back, and I felt something slippery work its way between my thighs to my virgin pussy. I was terrified. In Margaret's deluded eyes, the dog could do no wrong.

Surely, if I were caught, she would blame me, and I didn't want to face the inevitable call to mom and dad.
I had no choice but to let the huge dog have his way with me and hope I could remain quiet. His slick dick
pushed past my hymen, and I felt a sharp pain and the trickle of blood down my leg. I bit my lip to avoid
crying out. He began humping me wildly, and his penis grew inside me, each thrust more excruciating, yet more pleasurable than the last.

I began enjoying my violation by the enormous beast. He pounded me for what seemed like an eternity, driving that growing cock deeper and deeper inside until the base of his meat began to swell incredibly. I nearly passed out from the orgasm I had as his huge cock locked inside me, and began spurting what felt like an ocean of cum directly into my womb.

Haagar stayed locked in and cumming for fifteen minutes of non-stop mutual orgasm. I had heard sex was good, but I had never heard about anything this amazing from any of my friends. Finally the swelling subsided enough for Haagar to remove his still spurting prick, his cum spraying all over my engorged clit as his cum poured out of my pussy like a babbling brook.

"Cheyenne, it's not polite to use your Auntie's sex toys without asking!" Aunt Margaret exclaimed.
Unbeknownst to me, she had obviously been watching for a while. She was dressed quite differently than usual. She was wearing thigh high black leather boots, a black leather corset, and aside from a wicked looking riding crop in her right hand, nothing else. Her long flaming red hair was down, and her blue eyes flashed frighteningly at me from behind her glasses. "Just imagine what your parents will say when I tell them what you were just doing."

"Please, don't tell them!" I begged. I could never face my folks if they knew that Haagar had deflowered me, and that I had clearly enjoyed it. I felt my freckled face blush bright red. "I'll be good! I'll do anything,
just don't tell Mom and Dad!"

"Oh, you will do what I want, all right!" my Aunt said menacingly as she slapped the riding crop against her muscular thigh. "You can start by licking that mess up," she said, gesturing at the puddle of dog cum on the bathroom floor.

I wanted to protest, but I knew my Aunt would be only too quick to call my parents if I did. Reluctantly, I
got down on my hands and knees, and touched my tongue to the cum on the floor. Surprisingly, I found I loved the strong salty taste. I greedily licked Haagar's semen from the floor, feeling myself become aroused all over again. Aunt Margaret started to play with herself, watching me licking the cum up.

Suddenly, she got on all fours, and called for Hagar, who obligingly mounted her, and began fucking her even harder than he had fucked me. I had long since licked up every last drop of Haagar's delicious seed from the floor when at long last the Great Dane turned himself around with his cock still lodged deep inside my aunt, and she moaned deeply as he filled her with more of the luscious nectar.

Aunt Margaret milked every last drop of Haagar's seed from his huge cock. When he pulled out, he was fully limp, and only a tiny bit of his cum escaped my Aunt's experienced pussy. She ordered me to lie down on the floor. She then squatted over my face, told me to lick her cunt.

I obeyed, gingerly tonguing her slit. Then she let her pussy open, and began flooding my mouth with hot salty dog semen. I drank it all down as if my life depended on it. The mixture of the taste of Haagar's cum and my Aunt's pussy juice sent me over the edge. I needed to cum. As if on cue, Haagar stuck his big flat tongue deep inside my cunt, driving me wild with orgasm after orgasm.

"That was very good, Cheyenne!" Aunt Margaret's praise felt like benediction from God Himself. "I won't tell your parents, but I still have to punish you for using my sex toy without permission. Come with me into the basement."

I was terrified. My Aunt had always forbidden me from ever entering her basement. Once, she had taken my Mother down there to show her something. I could have sworn I had heard my mother screaming in pain while they were down there, and both women had been flushed upon coming back upstairs.

My terror increased when Aunt Margaret opened the door, and I looked into a room with shackles, various
restraints and a collection of torture devices that would have shamed the Spanish Inquisition. There were
whips, gigantic dildoes (including one shaped like a human arm ending in a large fist), knives, stocks, and
even an iron maiden. Those were just the things I recognized.

Aunt Margaret fastened me to what she called a "St. Andrews Cross", which was like a wooden "X" with
shackles for my wrists and ankles. "Now its time for you to pay for your sins, Cheyenne" my Aunt announced in a mocking tone. She then struck my left nipple with her riding crop, hard.

The stinging sensation was unbelievable. What was more unbelievable was the way my pussy got wet all over again. My fear of my Aunt was becoming mixed with a new feeling of lust for this beautiful older woman. Aunt Margaret kept smacking my nipples with her wicked crop, each stroke making me wetter. "You want to please me, don't you Cheyenne?"

"Yes Aunt Margaret, please let me please you!" I cried. I was hoping she would loosen my restraints and let me explore her voluptuous body, but she had other things in mind.

"You haven't earned the right to please me, little bitch!"

"How can I earn the right, Aunt Margaret?"

"That's for me to know, and you to find out."

Aunt Margaret reached into an antique armoire, and pulled out two mousetraps. She armed them, and let them clamp down viciously over my budding titties. The pain was excruciating, but as each breast was placed in its mousetrap, I inexplicably came. Then Aunt Margaret put two fingers inside my burning snatch. Then another, and then another. I was shocked at how easily her thumb joined her four fingers inside of me.

Haagar had definitely expanded my vagina, and Margaret was able to make a fist inside my pussy. Then she drove it in deep, sliding easily halfway to her elbow. I screamed as my world exploded in orgasm and pain as my Aunt drove her arm into my cunt, stopping at the elbow before pulling almost all the way out and then- she shoved all the way back in rapidly, going past her elbow. I had no idea I could stretch so much, but amazingly my Aunt was able to get her whole arm inside my spasming cunt as I nearly passed out from pleasure.

"Do you really want to please me, Cheyenne?" My stern Aunt queried.

"Yes!" I more growled than spoke.

"Are you willing to be my slave?"

My heart sang as I answered her clearly "Yes! Yes Aunt Margaret, please make me your slave!"

Aunt Margaret pulled her arm out of my pussy, and smiled at me. "That pleases me, slave! Now you may give me pleasure."

I was unshackled, although the mousetraps stayed on my titties at my own request. I loved the pain. Aunt
Margaret laid spread eagle on the floor in front of me, and commanded "Lick my clit, slave!"

I complied, lavishing her long hard clit with worshipful attention. Her juices poured out of her pussy, and I licked them up savoring the sweet taste.

"Give me your fist, slave!"

I wasn't sure how to do it, but I made a fist, and was amazed at the ease that it entered her and how my arm slid smoothly up my Aunt's wet and open hole. When she commanded, I sped the strokes up, driving my whole arm hard and fast as my Aunt bucked her hips against my shoulder and wailed in orgasm. I was so turned on, I just had to use my free hand to rub my own little clit, cumming several times before my Aunt said, "That's enough, slave!"

I pulled out my arm, and helped my Aunt to her feet. She carefully removed the mousetraps from my breasts, and kissed them like her sister, my mom, would kiss my boo boos. Aunt Margaret then kissed me on the mouth, her tongue darting between my parted lips. I swooned, and began to fall deeply in love with my Aunt.

Aunt Margaret held me close in her arms, my face pushed into her mountainous breasts. She kissed me again, and then spoke "You know, I have always loved you, Cheyenne. I have only been hard on you all these years to get you ready for the special relationship we can have now that you are becoming a young woman." She then took me to bed, and we made gentle love till we fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day, Aunt Margaret took me for a country drive. She kept one hand on the steering wheel while
her other hand was up my skirt, masturbating me into a state of continual orgasm. After an hour, we arrived at a stable she owned. She was taking her new slave to care for her horses.

"We have a stable boy to clean up, but I need you to help me make my stallions happy." Aunt Margaret removed her clothes, and instructed me to do the same. We made our way to the stable, stopping first at a stall with a beautiful white stallion. My Aunt squatted, and took the horse's penis in her hand. She started licking the head of his cock, and commanded me to do the same. It tasted pleasantly of hay. His penis grew, and Aunt Margaret took it in her mouth, pumping the shaft with both hands as she gave the horse expert head.

After a while, she ordered me to take over. I wasn't able to take his cock as deep as my Aunt, but I was
amazingly able to open wide enough to give him a good solid blowjob. Aunt Margaret began licking my pussy, and I came right away. The head of the white horses cock began to expand and flatten on the top. I kept sucking, delighting in the feeling of his huge meat in my mouth. Suddenly, he erupted, quickly filling my mouth full of thick jism.

I tried desperately to swallow it as it came, but I couldn't keep up, and his cum dribbled from my mouth. I
pulled him out of my mouth, and he showered my naked young body with his sticky goo, soaking my hair and covering every inch of me. My Aunt hungrily licked me clean, and then aimed the horse's massive cock at her mouth, drinking from it like water from a drinking fountain.

We then made our way to the next stall, inhabited by a brown stallion. After my Aunt and I got him hard, she instructed me to bend over under the horse. She eased the head of his penis into my vagina. As thick as Haagar's knot was, it was no match for this horse's fat cock, and my cunt burned as my Aunt worked the enormous cock in and out of me.

After she had done this a while, she backed off. Then the horse pulled out. Then something incredible
happened. The horse's huge cock aimed itself at my pussy, and with one thrust, he was inside of me, and my world exploded in pain and pleasure. He braced his front hooves against the wall, and began fucking me harder and faster than Haagar had. I fainted several times from the force of my orgasms, but Aunt Margaret woke me up each time with a hard slap to my face.

After fucking his cock in and out of my pussy savagely for over half an hour, the horse filled my cunt with
his thick cum, and then some. He shot so much that the internal pressure made his cock fly out of my cunt, covering Aunt Margaret and everything else in the stall with white goo. Aunt Margaret positioned her face under my cunt, and I drained what felt like a few gallons of horse seed right into her waiting mouth.

After I recovered from my erotic ordeal, we made our way to the next stall, which housed the most perfect
black stallion. Upon making eye contact with Aunt Margaret, the black stallion's penis began erecting. Aunt Margaret and I brought him to full arousal with our oral attention. His cock was even bigger than the
brown horse that had just had his way with me, and I couldn't get my mouth around it. Aunt Margaret could, and she sucked him for a while. She stopped, bent over to reveal her pussy to him, and his cock swung up and into her.

Aunt Margaret screamed in ecstasy as the enormous stallion ravaged her, cramming nearly every inch of his gigantic cock in and out of her pussy. Aunt Margaret wailed as the horse rammed her for nearly forty
minutes. Finally, he came, filling her. Again, the cock was shot out still creaming, drenching me again in
horse cum. Aunt Margaret fed me the cum from her pussy, and we writhed in the hay, making love with our bodies coated in thick, sticky horse seed.

Three months later, my mother came alone to bring me home. When she arrived, Aunt Margaret kissed her deeply, clutching her large breasts in her strong hands. "Don't worry Katie, Cheyenne is in on this now too!" My mother reacted by sitting close to me on the couch, and stroking my thigh.

As I made out with my beautiful mother, my Aunt watched. My Mother soon was kneeling on the floor; her
face buried in my peach fuzzy snatch as Haagar mounted her. Aunt Margaret gave me her pussy to lick as my mother savagely sucked on my little clit. I did a little math in my head. Three redheaded nymphomaniacs, three horses with a craving for human cunt.

Soon we were all in the car, making our way to Aunt Margaret's stable.


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